April 9, 2020
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Peace Devotions – Waiting: The Posture of Faith

God has graciously granted me
and my wife six children. And I don’t tell you that
because I’m about to open up a Go Fund Me page,
not yet anyway. I do tell you though
because on a daily basis my children astound me. Sometimes with their
thoughtfulness, sometimes it’s with
their memory, sometimes it’s with their humor, but almost every day they amaze
me with their impatience. Almost every day. Maybe many
times each day. I probably don’t even have
to belabor you with all of the different
ways that can show itself. After I told you I have six kids
you might have just gotten tired thinking about
the impatience. Maybe the only thing
that amazes me even more than their impatience on a daily
basis would be my own. My own impatience. Whether it’s with them
or with work or with members of congregation
or brothers or sisters. My own impatience. Maybe you experience
the same thing. Impatience at the heart
of that sin, there is an arrogance. A pride that assumes
that I know exactly what I should have
and even more, when I should have it.
Curiously, or maybe not so curiously, the Scriptures put that patience
to rest. In fact, they call upon us in faith
to do the opposite. To wait. The Psalmist writes Waiting is the life
of the Christian faith. It is the posture of faith,
if you will, it’s how faith sits. It waits. It waits for that which it does
not yet have in grasp. In faith, we wait for the things
that are uncertain, that we desire, or ask
the Lord for. So we might pray
while we wait Lord, Thy will be done. And for those things
that are most certainly promised to us,
faith says Amen. Yes. Yes. It shall be so. And so in faith granted
by God and through His Word we also then pray
with the psalmist. In Jesus. Amen.

Jean Kelley