January 19, 2020
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Parliament of World’s Religions – Devi Mohan’s speech

I feel greatly humbled to be here and greatly honored. Especially because I do not come only as Devi Mohan, I come as a representative of the global foundation called Mohanji Foundation, which is basically all about a man who is, for me, not just a man or my husband. He represents the very essence of the Guru principle. And it was through my own spiritual experiences that I have understood how the nature works and what this really means. So I hope I will be able to convey this to you in a few words.
 Mohanji is also for me a platform. Mohanji Foundation is a platform that brings joy, fulfillment, inner peace and transformative techniques to many, many people around the world. And I believe that only that what is experienced and that passes through the filter of our inner experience, is only real for us. We all honor various scriptures, teachings… But, do we really live them? That is the question. So, for today I have challenged myself not to have any written speech and not to speak anything that is not my own experience. Because I believe when we preach something, we should also live it. So even if it is one small tenet of one of the religions, we should live it, so that we have the right to preach it. So, we have to start with our own inner journey and it is beautifully explained in Islam. Jihad is the inner journey. Jihad is the inner fight with our enemy within. So, that’s one of the things.
When I understood that, I shifted from my postgraduate studies, from Peace Studies, I shifted to the science of Yoga. It was a profound moment – I was, in 2004, at the University of Notre Dame. I was brought there through the immense grace, immense grace through scholarships, the possibility to really educate myself and uplift myself, to align myself with my purpose. And yet, towards the end of the studies I come across this book: Autobiography of a Yogi. I don’t know if you have heard about the book. A very powerful book which, for me, is Guru Tatwa in itself. The essence of the Guru principle works through this book. It is not just a book. It touched me deeply, you know. It totally opened my eyes. It opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of being. After reading this book, all I was really, really passionate about was to somehow get across the world to India, get a hold of those masters and yogis and start working through Yoga, Kriya and various methods to actually start changing my energy blueprint, so that I can shine the way they shine, so that Divinity can manifest through me as well. If we want to bring peace, we need to first make ourselves so strong from within that when we encounter these people, when we encounter these situations of global craziness around us, like when suddenly the energy of war starts, the story of nationalism, this and that, we remain strong and centered in the heart. And this has a lot to do with awareness. A lot of these interfaith dialogues speak about dialoguing. This is mind. Mind dialogues. I would like to talk about the awareness, which is beyond the mind. Awareness is beyond the mind. And awareness is of vertical direction. And this is what I understood once I had one of my spiritual experiences, which kind of started happening to me after I had a near-death experience. I had a near-death experience in the year 2000 when I was working in Kosovo for the United Nations. Even though it was a scary looking experience, actually it was a big blessing and it has opened me to a whole new world of awareness and love for Divine. So, I choose not to fear Divine.
I do not have any fear related to Divine energies. That is why I turned to Yoga because I see God as Love and I see no fear in God. So when we turn ourselves into the vibration of Love, first thing that happens is the opening of the heart. So I feel that Divine has constructed us definitely in the image of Divine because when we start opening up in awareness, we start developing a light body and this light body is the Christ consciousness, it is the Divine consciousness in us. I met a saint who told me that he spent all his life meditating, he reached the bliss states, but towards the end of his life he realized he made a big mistake, he did not serve. He did not serve and his light body could not happen. So we are made in the image of Divine because we are meant to establish ourselves in that Love and we are meant to share that Love. We are meant to bring that vibration into here, into this body, into this experience, and that’s why it’s so powerful. And that’s why charity starts from that action, expressing love in action, and then it manifests into the words, it then manifests into the thoughts. And the purity of intention breaks all the barriers. So the thread, the golden thread that connects us, is that Love. It’s just how much can we live it, how much can we apply it, how much can we not be afraid in the moments when our life is threatened, when we can lose everything. Another experience happened one day. I just suddenly saw myself, I can’t really put it into words, but it’s like a tree, a tree which is made of energy, drawing from up and all the way down, and it’s alive. And it’s like a vertical creation of energy, running through my central axis, through my being. And I can see buildings falling apart, people screaming and running around. Complete chaos, fear, destitution.
And I’m within this vertical column. I exist in that energy, and I am untouched. So I somewhere understood that this is actually our aim. If we want to bring peace, if we want to ground the peace, it has to happen through our spine. Spine is the stairway to heaven. And that is why I turned to India and the ancient teachings because they have known it all along. That vertical dimension of our being is the answer to peace. This is a lady who is a victim of leprosy. And this is what I appreciate about India the most – when you come to India, when you see the poor people and then you see THIS kind of a smile on the face of a person whose fingers are falling off, whose eyes are popping out, who has no money and no help, no medical aid and nothing. But when she saw me, some white girl who came from another part of the world, she smiled like THIS. And in her smile I saw God. Mohanji always says “For the hungry, food is God.” And it really is that way. There is no point preaching anything if someone is hungry. So if we want to serve peace there is not one formula that works for each location. But the thing is – be aware, be centered. Center yourself in the heart. See what is the situation around you and see what you can do. So, what we can do is that we can selflessly, without expecting anything in return, share our talents, share our resources, share our love with those who are in need. So that is the point. When the war in former Yugoslavia started, if we had groups of people who were nurturing selflessness, awareness, spirituality beyond religiosity… I don’t believe it could have happened.
It wouldn’t hold ground. But, we were in a country that used to be communist, then suddenly nationalism became popular and all the ethnic groups belonged to their churches, and each church was fighting against the other, and the priests were blessing the killings and this whole thing was going on. We didn’t have the bridge. We didn’t have the bridge. And, I must say that two years ago we went to a place in Sarajevo in Bosnia, where some of the biggest atrocities were happening. And you wouldn’t believe, there is a pyramid there. You can check it on Discovery Channel. And anybody who has any basic sensitivity of energy will realize that there is great energy there. Just imagine, out of the mud of all that pain and war, there is this pyramid that has emerged. And it was there all along, but it’s becoming more and more active. So sometimes I guess it is necessary to destroy something to start anew, for the phoenix bird to come out. So, we were there at the Bosnian Pyramid, there is this spiritual Master Mohanji from India and there were people from all parts of former Yugoslavia, from different ethnic groups, who came to listen to him talk, who came to do meditation. You know, and I had tears in my eyes. Honestly, I’ve not seen this before. And Mohanji smiled and said: “It took an Indian man to bring all of you here together.” Because, in Bosnia they have, Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims, they have three different versions of history. They are learning, in the same schools, different histories. They all have their interpretations. Each one is pointing the finger at the other. So, whenever you blame another, you lose your power. You are not assuming responsibility. This is the point. So, that’s why we said that it is the Love and Responsibility. We need these two ingredients to make our peace happen. And for anything with longevity, the main ingredient is love. If you look at anything in history – where there was no love, it was not passing the test of time. In India, they call Maya as the illusion.
Maya means “that what is measurable” And love is unmeasurable.
It cannot be measured. It can only be experienced and radiated and shared. So I feel, as individuals, some people are not really drawn to work towards their spiritual awakening, but they can make initial steps. And the initial steps would be social service, assuming responsibility and sharing what you have. So instead of focusing on the resources, we focus on the Source. When we focus on the Source, the resource will come.

Jean Kelley