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P2 - The True God! Hashim vs Christain | Speakers Corner | Hyde Park

did he believed himself to be good as well I like the way you said only hundred percent man why you listen why are you telling me that Jesus did you do you actually are you trying to tell the people here and delete them into believing yes because the way you said it he was as a hundred percent man he believed in God yes himself haki please one method when you when he was listen listen Tony Tony when he was 100 percent man was he also hundred percent God so so as a hundred percent man and as a hundred percent God what did Jesus say is the only true God good so both as a man and as God as your God he believed that he had a God who was superior to him his mouth is sealed now what you wanted me examine and very much I'm very much interpret my point your top of your points yes no problem but I said what Jesus this point not your point your point is I've already been refuted by Jesus himself I'm here I'm here court doesn't do that I'm here to talk to you about the truth yeah that's what I'm talking to you about but you somehow even opposing Jesus Christ how you gonna believe me worst way in the way that Jesus when he was on earth he was preaching to people right yes was he preaching about the true God yes so when he was preaching should he not have told them to please worship the God that Tony believes in today yes oh did he go about telling people you're doing it again so we have one person say Tony so if you feel wasting time why are you enjoying this hypocrites okay so what I'm saying is this if Jesus Christ was for the main purpose to save people yes by showing them how to pray how to worship did people ask Jesus how to pray yes what was this is a response our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory so you know the law seriously mind boggling so the question is this he says our Father in Heaven this is the only the father did he say our Father Son and Holy Spirit like the way Tony believes thank you very much so once again when people ask Jesus how shall we pray he directs them to whom he won through God not the Trinity the one true God is a father only do you agree it's quite a gainer no doubt when we asked him questions is arising here asking you come I'm just playing with you we know that you know we know each other for a while we know each other for a while so the question is this once again should I believe what should the people believe Jesus Christ showed me believe Tony who believes in a Trinity which is a conclusion of the church about what the true God is you think it's funny but on the day of judgment trust me when Jesus tells you get away from me you evildoers yes like he says in Matthew doing anyone any two and then you will know you won't be laughing doesn't know God I know the god I said the true God no your father 100% I they come here for religion these are religious preaching religion by the way you came into I'm here to tell you that I have all the answers I came to tell you that the true God is interested in you he was the true God according to me or according to Jesus that's the question I keep asking you but you somehow don't seem to get it because you have already made up your mind religion religion religious people came to Jesus and they said to him we are they mentioned something jesus said to them you of your father determine either you're a child of God or you tell them again which one are you why do you go get Jesus God ones remember our Father in Heaven not our Trinity in heaven no our Father exactly and when he said our Father and he included himself yes and many seasons forgive us our trespasses he included himself so the question is this again so many opportunities to now answer the question once again who is the only true God the Father I didn't come here for religious exercise I came here because the true God wants your heart but you don't even acknowledge who the true God you don't you always go against Jesus crisis teaching when Jesus tells you whom to pray to he directs it to the only the father whereas Tony directs you to the Father Son and the Holy Ghost when Jesus said you wanted to God hold on hold on why he's been denied you quoted to me hold on who's what he said you said yes pray to the Father yeah according to the Bible he questions me from the book of John thank you the same book of John he said in the beginning was the word even the Word was with God and the Word was God he said the word was the bosom of the Father is very good reporter says small things were created by him Krishna says without him was not anything made that was made the same book he quoted says the life became the life of men and the light shines in that the true girl was your heart for the guy who said he not come here to preach a child of God you keep saying that but do you know you know that piece of knows God better than you and me do you know do you believe Jesus Christ knows God better than you and me in Christian land why are you comparing because a human being as well I'm comparing a human to human do you agree he was a human being like you and me no you said use 100% human you said it yourself lots of people know God more than I do even on earth you should agree also me God is my father there are many people that know more than all the people you should agree with Jesus knowing God better than you knew you shouldn't object it so many fools are no girls more than items other people I'm talk about Jesus Christ really know God better better than you and me they start turn I do agree with a simple solution no that's very relevant because it's very relevant to me compare that because jesus knows you and he knows the father according to believe we have not so if you know the father today I have not cast out demons or heal the sick having you do what Jesus did why should I he did it in the name of the Father the exactly yes yes exactly my point definitely thing he does in the name of the Father what you doing in the name of the Trinity in Jesus name a hundred percent man yes of course very god I do it in the name of Jesus Christ and Jesus does it in the name of Jesus Jesus ain't my name you will cancer demos you here to cigarettes again present in my name Jesus Christ where did you say that Muhammad doesn't tell you much okay I don't know realistic at all if you were realistic you would actually abide by what Jesus says you remember he said jesus said to cast out demons in his name yes jesus said shows one he's got a group inaudible no no no Genesis it's just after he broke but he seems like a nice guy one of those guys Jesus a book of Mark chapter 16 verse 17 and these signs shall follow them that believe my name they shall cast out Devils they shall speak with new tongues they shall take up serpents if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them they shall lay hands on the shocked 16 as much 16 okay most of these Christian scholars they'll tell you that from mark nine onwards everything that's written is it mark seven or mark 9 yes everything that's written is a later edition that is the reason they'll tell you they've written which one which one do you read the King James Version because the NIV actually has a photo for you so when you read the footnote of that mark 16 for example if I give you a poison will you drink it no no forget was poison that killed Mohammed the Jewish mind gave you are you going to change the topic now so you said you would not drink it but what do you just write there that those people do have faith they drink poison is not Honda so the guy thinks that he doesn't have enough faith in God much option he wasn't even listening she doesn't believe that one and when we are called unto him his called disciples he gave them power against unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal all manner of sicknesses and all manner of diseases he gave them power this thing what were you has he given you how has he given you the power this sign shall follow them that believe that includes me yes so can you heal the diseases yes so if somebody comes here with the disease can you heal them yes what if it doesn't work this and your false believer then if it doesn't work it doesn't matter of course it doesn't matter so basically when he cured them he doesn't cure them it really doesn't matter what is the bring of the poison understand okay sure now I came here to be round is the hospital that he went to question and finish is fine why Jesus wasn't yeah there were lots of very old brown okay much more dead people so much weight so much where did you go there I raised them all why who's will ask him this issue that boy who's win because my husband because we'll did he raised them up in the name of them why why does your God have to refer to his body no listen yes yes you don't like that do you see because when you do believe that Jesus Christ had a God do you believe that Jesus yes which is deceitful the Bible says he gave them power that then when he left he was no more around to give them power also give them oh Jesus are you sure about that already okay read read acts 2:22 and you know get the power actions Bible where Jesus was taking of this I will send the promise of the Father the Holy Spirit or the Holy Spirit but it was already there during the baptism was he lying no was he not that during the baptism it the disciples the Holy Spirit the rest was the Holy Spirit already that during the baptism yes or no the Holy Spirit was there from this beginning of the world why does Jesus say that he will come until I go well why did he say that well the father said yes from the inside Elizabeth because she said I can feel the spirit move inside me the Spirit of God oh yes so the Holy Spirit was inside Elizabeth before Jesus was even born the Holy Spirit has been he'll exists to you Sarah did not decide on the humans but Elizabeth was a human shake it to show you he's done with that point you know you won't talk about it did you think you said he was there and I suppose that's 222 check out okay the power to Jesus we men of Israel hear this Jesus of Nazareth a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs which God did by him in the midst of you see yourself noon he being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge enough acts 2:22 what you understand by the one that is just right OCC approval what do you understand by that yes yes what do you understand by it he was talking to them about Jesus Christ a man approved of God by through him okay so he says God did through him with God the Father again the father have you not realized by now using at the child of God on the son of God B doesn't know which car is the son of because you see jesus also told those people who are lying about him yes he was saying yes yes he he says to them your father who is the Satan who is a devil yes because he recognizes those people who lie about God God the Son and the children of the devil now this is not my words this is the words of Jesus Christ we can keep laughing but on the day of judgment when you stand in for Jesus and is going then you realize that this way of impious sent me to you it sends me telling you about judgment I didn't come here for religious exercise but I can get charged the truth you got you to do that you know really children are denied you said the true God send you wish to God sent you you see the father yes already you know many turn I think call me for religion also I came here because everything is from the religious book what are you on about I know the truth the Gao says I don't please religion II preaches every week I was your heart that is the message you know because listen you sometimes have to understand what is saying when you say I am NOT here for religion do you not realize that everything is coded is from a religious scripture okay I came to tell you about the we deserve reach through God the Father and sure the Father Son Holy Spirit which one even if I'm not able to explain to your understanding that's a pleasure not able to explain to you but I came to tell you I know the true God he's my father and he wants you to know him he's your father yes whoa buddy buddy what worried about is your father – he's your father as well be very care because when you said my father you need to specify when you mean religious person you talk religion religion religion huh I use a universal religion has no power my religion is about the fastest growing religion for information is Islam Jesus said it before you can that that water creature will are bound many more people who hate God I know the devil many more people like the way right like the way the church told you that the to you is a true man jesus ever preached a triune God man no why do you always go according to the heads rather than the Bible version good boys your heart will you God you don't have to go to hell which God the devil is a liar I agree the table has stopped worshiping a true God is not a human being a true God doesn't tell you to say you believe in human sacrifice the only way for your atonement reiji's you control these things can you be a tone without Jesus sacrifice there you go so you believe in human sacrifice even the pagans have left this practice of belief in human sacrifice the only ones who believe in human sacrifice are guys like John you believe in the Trinity why are you believe in human sacrifices talks about is in the Bible yes anyone anyone who changes a religion according to the Bible yes the first person whose hands will be upon that apostate us will be his own family religion Allah the owner killing a population in the Quran hey you're very religious human sacrifice will not give you the truth human sacrifice is not saying but why do you believe in sacrifice wine why do you believe in it do you believe that God is not merciful enough to forgive your sin that you have to believe in the human sacrifice for you to be saved why what kind of a big religion Bible answer oh no you haven't deployed your knees you're speaking for the camera you know people who worship the devil have joy in the heart because they believe that is the true God so this delusion of you know in the Old Testament time in the Old Testament time good can you please listen can you please listen God in the Old Testament rebuked those people who indulged in human sacrifice and who actually followed in the footsteps of the devil of the Satan you my friend are still believing in your sacrifice because according to you that is the only ways for you that is the only way for salvation is the right you just branded me that I believe you're human suckers do you know I can heal do you not believe in human second so I can't kill him now you don't understand the question maybe I repeated my no can you be saved without believing in human sacrifice he's talking about fiction he knows that he knows her he wants to change the topic but I'm not falling for that

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    In Washington DC’s Museum of the Bible, a copy of the so-called “Slave Bible” sits on display. This Bible, used by slave masters in the early 1800s, is quite different than the one used in pews today. “The biggest thing is what it’s missing. The typical King James has 66 books, this one contains, in the Old Testament all or the parts of about 14 books,” explains Anthony Schmidt, PhD, Associate Curator of Bible and Religion in America. Bibles like this, along with catechisms, were used to push a specific message to enslaved people. “It starts off with the creation story…then it jumps to Joseph getting sold into slavery by his brothers and how that ends up being a good thing for him. We skip over the Israelites in slavery in Egypt being let out,” said Schmidt. Other references to freedom were also omitted. “They’re highlighting themes of being submissive, the same thing goes on with the New Testament as well,” he said. “The whole book of Revelation is left out, so there is no new Kingdom, no new world, nothing to look forward to!"

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