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People would have no problem kept being convinced by it But as soon as you bring born into the picture or Islam into the picture or religion into the picture now suddenly It can’t be true now the excuses come in now the flawed rationale comes in now the Debunking of evidence comes in in the most flimsiness of ways, and I think that’s that’s a human trait that we all have Yes Yes I agree that can happen because Yes, of course it can you’re absolutely right it can work both ways But you know that is why the Quran says if you speak the truth Provide your evidence You provide your evidence I? Provide my evidence and upon the evidence we go wherever the evidence takes us So it doesn’t say believe just because it’s from God you have to believe it. No Unless if you are truthful provide evidence Say what it is that you wish to say and let’s let’s base our opinion upon not our predispositions Not our hunches not our love for something or our hatred for something But upon the evidence I would accept that Any gods anyway, sorry – yes any God Yes, it’s going to burn in hell Yes He took the same One possible yes Yes Yes Come closer come closer. What’s your name? Yes, Chris all the nice to meet you Chris? I’ve come come close, so you know you can be part of them talk from discussion all the Lydians yes Facing The same basic message God’s heaven hell yes, yes Yes the world Based on the same religion, I don’t So that’s your reason really reason for denying God is that we the same? Let me ask you something Because this is what we believe and I want to ask you whether this is a possibility or whether it’s an impossibility Could it be that The narrative in Islam, which is Allah says? We do not punish your people until we send them a Warner on a knoll don’t let me finish So we believe that Allah sent a Warner to Every people everywhere around the world Now could it be that human beings because unfortunately they are inherently corrupt have changed those messages and Allah then sent down another Warner to correct the mistakes that were being made and they then themselves through the corruption Through their deception through their greed through lies or whatever again change that message so Allah then once again sent down another Messenger now in Islam. This is what we believe he says what we believe What why is that not possible because God’s possible, that’s not that’s not what I asked you Would succeed he would not sense, but you’re now applying your reasoning. This is about a second and a second Yes, yes, but you are applying Whoa out of a second is basic. It’s not it’s basic logic to you. Yes, right if it is not empirical analytical and without you know without your own take on your subjective Reasoning on a second. It’s your subjective reasoning that tells you that this is how God should have done something Furnaces haier out of a second hold of a second you gonna burn in hell ah Are you gonna tell me old boy spare pillars failed all these poppies fail, so why don’t you come? Why would they what they oh? Why don’t you calm down? Hello Let’s have a look because I would make jail generally because generally would know how to not fail look my point was get it Right my point to you is this My point to you is this No, I’m not saying this you know what I’m saying to use this you are applying your reasoning. Yes reason hold on a second your subjective Reasoning as to what you feel was the best way to send down this message Now I’m telling you that we believe in the Koran which we hold on a second Which tells us that God sent a Warner to all people and it’s the inherent corrupt nature of human beings Well, and and that is where the choice lies That is where the choice lies The reality is this You can apply strengths and weakness to something Subjectively as you please now hold on a second But it does not make it inherently weak or strong because you say so or I say so right number two we believe that Allah says that he placed within every heart a fitrah a conscience to recognize the Creator that is why The second in a second. It’s not God that fails It is it is we It is it is we it is. It is. We good well most people we believe that this vector of this conscience We believe We believe Okay, we believe that this fit through this conscience Even if you even if you’re an atheist listen to I’m saying first look if you don’t hear what I’m saying It’s nothing you haven’t heard me yet this inherent conscience that we have within our hearts guides us even if no message reaches us Actually if I kill the animal and cause it pain that’s probably a bad thing to do if I kill my brother for his goat It’s probably a bad thing to do nobody has to teach us that there’s something inherent within us There’s something inherent within us That tells us that that is wrong and that is the fitrah that we believe that’ll are places in every heart Now if you as a human being hold on a second if you as a human being now Super impose your own greed and your own desires hold on a second time or your arrogance To to to go up to to fight against that fitrah that conscience, and then you do bad things Don’t blame God blame yourself Where does that come from Where does that come from your brain, so it’s a physical Manifestation of ethics and morals from from matter in your brain Okay, so consciousness and that ability to decipher good and evil or good and bad You’re saying is just a physical component of your brain Okay Consciousness is something that is widely and hugely debated today You’re claiming it comes from a from a physical manifestation of matter He journeys the plane physically you damage the mine right so you take the Inca, so you turn nice c’mon, what’s benefit So what benefit is there? from a point of view of just matter To be kind or just or fair to anybody what’s the point? How does it help you survive So if I for example commit mass fraud Steal ten million pounds from the government and go and spend the rest of my life in the Bahamas is that wrong why? Sorry we have a majority But what well is what I’m trying to say to you is what I’m trying to say to you is that that inherent belief of Good of doing good and not hurting people There’s no survival of the fittest So but no it doesn’t it Helps me survive I Could end up with 100 women and have 10,000 kids right with all that money generally And some people Look like my point to you is this though the majority took my point of view, but you see my point to you my point My point to you is this though some people get my point to you. Is that to have that notion of survival and reproduction If I take a huge amount of money from the government Steal it go in Procreate and have lots and lots of kids my genes get passed on. I have lots of kids That’s survival of the fittest, but okay fine issues to find out whether your neighbor is hungry Reality is we’re moving into many different areas which art which are useless right? The issue the main issue here is this your point was that? You feel because God Did not send a prophet and for each nation that message was not preserved that means God has failed yes, and what if failure and success are in relation to The one who is conducting their activity, and how they assess failure or success Know how you are I actually failure or success God’s success was to send the Warner and God success was to give out of the second God being successful was to give free will to those people To do whatever they want after they received a Warner That in God’s eyes is success it’s now in your eyes it might not be but that’s not a reason to deny God Existing there’s a lot of em ever since there’s a lot of evidence There’s lots of evidence nothing there’s a focus both Television messages in the countries across the world Let me ask your precious ask your precious if I was your neighbor One morning I wake up and I say and the prophet of God Believe me Don’t eat swine anymore. Don’t drink alcohol anymore. Don’t gamble anymore Get married before you have relationships Fast in the month of Ramadan you have to go Hajj at least once in a year. What would you say to me? Yes, you’d say. Are you crazy man? It’s like right? Just nobody would follow me would they nobody would right? Nobody would right right so clearly those people that came down With a message they came down to have millions of followers There must have been something pretty special That they came down with to convince all of these people and not only Hold on a second. Not only the people of that time Not only the people of that time but for generations to come including academics Including you know doctors and surgeons and scientists Convinced by that message by that man 14 centuries ago it must have been pretty special Anyone who does they says anybody who commits that act of shit, which is however the scholars however their scholars Say that this Aspect of shift the depth of it And what is in people’s hearts out in a second hold on a second week when you start talking about my religion? When you don’t know at least have the intellectual respect of asking me what I believe Or what the scholarly opinion of something is fitness for example because ok it’s in the Quran that you can’t eat swine Can I swine? Religiously am I I might allow to eat swine ever. Yes, is that in the Quran no, it’s not That’s in the hadith The hadees hadees hadees says it for three days and three nights You haven’t had any food and you need to survive you may consume that amount that will allow you to survive in a second so There’s a Quran saying that we have to pray does it say how we have to pray no, well that comes from the hadith the Example of the Prophet, so you see in Islam The Quran is from God. We accept that the literal word of God how we interpret the Quran is through the eyes of the prophets Allah Allah send them his understanding given to him by God and Of course how the scholars will look at what Prophet Muhammad did and said and how that then transpires? And how we should behave how all we should do it’s not just because we find a line in the Quran That we take it with the literalism because it may be specific it may be time specific it may be nation specific It might not apply in that way To all nations or all people it may be very specific about a particular people so that’s how we interpret the Quran But my point to you was this look you say that Hinduism and Buddhism Christianity Judaism We don’t regard that These religions did not get messengers So Hinduism in its core teachings in the oldest scriptures the Vedas. It says God is one God Is absolute God is eternal there is no statue and no likeness of God which is very similar to what the Quran says about God Now what what has manifested? In their actions after that is that they’ve made statues They’ve made these different gods, but in their core teachings. It doesn’t say that so to me on a second To me it sounds very like that they may well have had a messenger Who told them God is one God? Is absolute that there is no likeness on the Statue of God and to worship nothing other than God you know many of the practices of Buddhism for example of deep meditation of connection to What I’m trying to say to you My point to you is this but even the Christian even the one who believes in the Trinity He still says I believe in one God Doesn’t he or she? They don’t say I believe in three gods They now they find a way through linguistic gymnastics to make those three fit into one But they still claim that they worship one God Because they know to worship three would be worse Hamas the Jew His first commandment. Oh Israel your Lord your God is wanted For the Muslim la ilaha illa Allah. There is no deity. There is nothing worthy of worship Except the one and true God, that’s it These are the same messages No can’t we believe that all of the faiths in their original form? hold on a second But we do I tell you why we do I’ll tell you why we do whenever anybody makes a claim We send out Warner’s we send down messengers we taught the people that which they did not know You know we taught them that God was one God was absolute They transgressed they they they they they join partners with God when it when anybody makes those claims The first thing that you must do as a rational human being is validate the claim On in a second you validate the claim Don’t you right so what you do what you do is you say ok this Quran claims that it’s from God. Yeah, what’s the evidence? It’s a fair question You know the Quran claims to be a miracle What’s the evidence to say that this is a miracle? It’s a fair question? now Being born in this country You get to adolescence to 1516 or whatever and you do ask these questions that look my parents. Tell me that this is from God They say it’s a miracle of God Why should I really believe it? If I’m not convinced by the evidence I? Believe that the Quran has a multifaceted Evidence show a process that a logical rational human being can look at and can come to a conclusion Even if he or she does not accept it and adhere to it that this book could not

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