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Onion Samosa – By VahChef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today
I’m going to make a samosa what is very much available in Hyderabad
we call it irani samosa these samosas are made with the roti with the stuffing of onions and a slightly different from the
regular samosas you get anywhere else in the world and the people who have
eaten this will vouch that these are one of the delicious of samosas that they have ever eaten. To make the dough add 1 cup of wheat flour and one cup of all-purpose flour 1
tablespoon of oil add salt add water to make a soft dough now just knead a
little bit make sure that the dough is soft because we’re going to make a very
thin chapati out of this let this dough rest for at least 15
minutes after which we’re going to roll it now let’s make the stuffing for the
samosas for that we’re going to use lot of onions and the same quantity of
pressed rice what we call atakulu this is a nothing
but poha just make this onions with poha what this poha does is you know when you fry these samosas this onions oozes out little bit of moisture and these
poha absorbs all that; add chili powder cumin powder chopped green chillies coriander
and a little bit of chaat masala you can also substitute chaat masala with a little bit of lemon juice also depending on what kind of flavor you like
and then just mix all this you know after a while this will look a little
bit different a lot of people cook onions to add as a
stuffing you don’t need to do it mix this poha
and you will have a perfect onion irani samosas; just sprinkle a little bit of
flour you know I have let this dough rest for
about 15-20 minutes it is very important that you rest the
dough because when you add maida to this dough you will not be able to roll
it easily if you use a fresh dough just like a roomali roti make this chapaties and slightly heat it on one side and then just heat the other side do not let it cook do not let it color
or anything this is kind of making your samosa sheets just cut them into thin sheets like this and you can make samosas with this here I’ve got maida and water I have mixed i made a paste that i’m going to use it to make this samosas; take a sheet take a little bit of this mixture apply this maida mixture on one side then just how you make this samosas into triangles so make into a cone put this onion and poha mixture inside this then press the mixture then apply a
little bit more off of this maida mixture on it and then seal it off this is slightly bigger than the samosa what we get okay i’m going to make them a little bit
smaller next as I told you earlier just apply a little bit of maida make into
cones and then take them back just put it in a medium hot oil do not
fry it in a very hot oil you want them to color slowly make sure
you cook them on a slow flame otherwise they will get you know dark dark patches when you cook it on a slow flame you will get this very even coloring unlike samosa these samosas will
get a little more color and that’s when this tastes really good usually when we need the samosas at
least you eat half a dozen that’s when you feel as if you eat the samosas in the evening; make six per person when you make this onion samosas when
you buy this onion samosas in the market you will see them as if they look a
little bit oily that’s because they double fry this
onion samosas you can do the same thing Fry these onion samosas for the first
time till you get half the color remove it off after five minutes fry them again till you get the full color
that way you will make sure that the onions inside are very well cooked and
you will get a crispy texture on the outside how look at the color of the samosas these samosas are one of the secretly guarded hyderabadi samosas a lot of people don’t know how to make
this today have revealed the secret for you all make it and trust me your kids
will go crazy about the samosas eating this crispy samosas with little
soft onion inside is really really awesome dear friends i hope you enjoyed to learn
how to make this onion samosas with your VahChef at but remember
vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes at so others can benefit from your great
cooking thank you

Jean Kelley



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