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One Mistake Destroys Islam

Hello everyone and welcome
this is the apostate prophet In current news I have been
banned from Instagram again for hate speech or singling out
people based on their religion Ethnicity, race, disability and so on Apparently that rule also goes for Muhammad A suicidal warlord who lived 1,400 years ago A proud 50 year old husband
of a six year old girl But that’s nothing new and shocking The suicidal prophet is a great video title, by the way In other news, we have recently destroyed the Quran
with absolute proof that it is wrong I made a video last week in which
I presented a clear mistake in the Quran Since I titled it absolute proof,
the Quran is wrong. Some people who acknowledge
that it is indeed a huge mistake wondered if one such mistake is enough to conclude that the Quran
and therefore Islam is wrong I then realized that not
everyone is perfectly familiar with what Islam claims,
especially regarding the Quran So I want to take some time
to talk about how one mistake one mistake alone can destroy the entire Quran All the scripture and the religion itself. First of there is not only one mistake in the Quran There are so many many of them are undeniable and I will soon release an episode A giant project, in which I will present
and explain all mistakes in the Quran. That was my promise for 100.000 subscribers and we are there.
Thank you so much The one mistake we are talking about
is a very clear mistake and can’t be countered by Muslim apologists Let’s briefly look at the mistake I present it last week in order
to understand what a big flaw it is and what it tells us about
the Quran and its Author there are two Mary’s
in Abrahamic belief and history Mary the mother of Jesus
and Miriam the prophetess sister of Aaron and Moses, and
daughter of Amran, or in Arabic Imran The two lived at least a millennium apart
from each other, possibly much more The Quran describes Mary, Mother of Jesus three times in three different cases of the wrong way and confuses her with Miriam the prophetess Once it calls her sister of Aaron which is wrong Then it calls her daughter of Imran. Mary who was given a child
from God: Jesus The third time it even lengthy describes Amran The father of Moses and Aaron
whose wife gives birth to Mary Who then gives birth to Jesus 1,500 years later Mary was obviously involved in time travel In fact if time travel was ever possible and
we invented a time machine in the future Muslims would probably point
at this verse and say: “Look the Quran predicted time travel very much.” As you can clearly see The Quran mistakes these two Mary’s for each other. What apparently happened here is that because
both characters share the same name Miriam or Maryam in Arabic And the author of the Quran possibly Muhammad or someone after him wasn’t familiar enough with these characters and apparently Muhammad didn’t
understand who Imran or Amran was and since in biblical stories there is Miriam the prophetess
who shares Mother Mary’s name and she has a father called Amran who is
also the father of Aaron and Moses Muhammad treated Amran or Imran
as the father of mother Mary Something went really really wrong here A regular Christian or a Jew in these
traditions who knows his traditions would never make such an absurd mistake Muhammad and his followers come
from an Arab pagan background and Muhammad had lots of interactions
with Christians and Jews in his merchant life and some misinformation made it
indeed in the Quran This mistake is so huge that Muslim apologists can’t get out of it
without creating new theories and fantasies in order to let people hold on to Islam Most apologists only address
one of these three mistakes and say that sister of Aaron
was only a saint Common practice which
by the way is also wrong But they won’t make a sound
or won’t make any sense when the discussion comes to why the Quran explicitly describes Mary as the daughter of Amran Some even say well it was only used to
refer to her as daughter of Imran, you know Metaphorically, like she’s the descendent of holy people but not only is that a very very big coincidence That the Quran uses both sister of Aaron and daughter of Imran Only as a saying just to confuse us just
because Allah wants to mess with us one of these mistakes also explicitly explains
that Mary was the daughter of Imran’s wife Amran’s wife and that she gave birth to Jesus There is no way out of this In fact, I want to challenge
every Muslim apologist out there to respond to this without omitting anything I said
and anything the Quran says and explained to us how
the Quran makes no mistake here. There is no chance I challenge everyone. Now that we established what a big mistake this is. What does this mistake tell us about the Quran The holy book in the centre of Islam Well, the Quran is considered the word of Allah the all-mighty God but in the most literal sense when people call The Bible
The Word of God, for example They mean that it was written with
the inspiration of God by different people Because it is clear and part of the belief
that the Bible has multiple authors The Quran however is
considered the direct word of Allah The product of Allah Allah the Almighty God Created the Quran word-for-word as it is Gave it to Gabriel, who then recited it to Muhammad,
who then recited it to his people Who memorized it and wrote it down I’m sure that went totally right Every single word that you find in an Arabic Quran today
is believed to come directly from Allah So the author is Allah Translations are only interpretations
of what Allah wrote and the translators are on Allah’s payroll You can already understand what this means, right? Allah is the almighty perfect all-knowing creator of everything this is why Muslims so firmly believe that everything in the Quran is absolutely true truer than anything else If this book has one mistake however that can be clearly seen and clearly observed and proven That means that Allah is not perfect,
not Almighty, and not all-knowing It means that Allah is probably flawed Which is an unacceptable thought in Islam
and gives you a ticket to hell One mistake in the Quran means
Allah is not all-knowing and Almighty Which means that the Quran is wrong
when it claims that he is Which means that everything else
it says is probably wrong Which means you can’t trust the Quran on anything it says which means it is the product of a flawed human somewhere 1400 years ago, which means Allah is a fabrication Which means Islam is a big lie. This means everything was fabricated
and spread rapidly through hearsay and propaganda Mostly through military forces people were conquered and imported
into Islam who gave birth to children who believed Islam to be the absolute truth and spread it diplomatically
or militarily to others and quickly everyone around believed in
Islam without ever thinking it through because you shouldn’t question
the faith and go to hell forever and you should silence and possibly kill those who dare to question Until we are finally at an age where information
can freely flow through the walls and people can see for themselves That they were raised in an illusion
brought to them by others who got it from others again without ever questioning why Islam is the delusion It is false and one mistake
reveals this and destroys Islam And soon I will show you
how more than a hundred mistakes destroy the Quran. Give me only a little bit time Thanks for watching Don’t forget to spread this like and share and subscribe If you want to see and hear even more most of these videos are not monetized So if you want to support me in this channel, you can consider supporting me on Patreon Thank you all so much for your contributions. I will be back soon Until then have a great day.
And for your own sakes Stay away from Islam

Jean Kelley



  1. Apostate Prophet Posted on March 8, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    We have just reached 100k subscribers! I'll be back with more videos in the coming days, but most importantly, I'll soon release "All Mistakes in the Quran" as promised.

    Thank you all!

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  6. D K Posted on August 19, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    There are hundreds of mistakes in Quran. Rules of Inheritance for example. The author doesn't know the basics of mathematics.
    Fasting in Ramadan is another point. The author doesn't know that the sun doesn't set in huge parts of the planet.

    Syrian Ex-Muslim

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    Allah is the Best Deciever;
    Qur'an 3:54 "Allah is the greatest of all deceivers."
    Qur'an 7:99 "Are they then safe from Allah's Deception? No one feels safe from Allah's Deception except those that shall perish."

    Qur'an 8:30 "They plotted deception, but Allah also Plotted Deception; and Allah is the Best of Deceivers."
    Etymology: Arabic Root Word is "MAKR" = (Deceive)

    Satanic Verse;
    Qur'an 22:52-53 "So Allah may make what satan throws in the qur'an a trial for those within whose hearts is disease and those hard of heart."

    The Sword Verse;
    Qur'an 9:5 "And when the sacred months have passed, then KILL the polytheists wherever you find them and CAPTURE them and BESIEGE them and Sit in Wait for them at Every Place of AMBUSH."

    Will of Allah;
    Qur'an 11:119 "I will surely Fill Hell with the jinns and the PEOPLE together."
    Qur'an 32:13 "I will surely Fill Hell with jinns and PEOPLE together."

    Purpose of Women;
    Qur'an 2:223 "Your Wives are PLACES OF SOWING SEED for you, so come to your PLACE OF CULTIVATION However you Wish and put forth Righteousness for yourselves."

    Qur'an 4:34 "Those Wives from whom you fear arrogance. first advise them; then if they persist, FORSAKE THEM IN BED; and finally, STRIKE THEM."

    Qur'an 2:282 "The witness of a woman is equal to half of a man, and the witness of two women is equal to one man."

    Muhammad Allowed Sex With Slaves
    Qur'an 4:24 "And [also prohibited to you are all] married women except those your right hands possess. This is the decree of Allah upon you. And lawful to you are all others beyond these, provided that you seek them in marriage with gifts from your property, desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual intercourse. So for whatever you enjoy of marriage from them, give them their due compensation as an obligation. And there is no blame upon you for what you mutually agree to beyond the obligation. Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Wise."

    Qur'an 23:5-6 "They who guard their private parts, Except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed."

    Qur'an 33:50 "O Prophet, indeed We have made lawful to you your wives to whom you have given their due compensation and those your right hand possesses from what Allah has returned to you of captives and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who emigrated with you and a believing woman if she gives herself to the Prophet and if the Prophet wishes to marry her, this is only for you, excluding the other believers. We certainly know what We have made obligatory upon them concerning their wives and those their right hands possess, but this is for you in order that there will be upon you no discomfort. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful."

    Man was made:
    1. from blood. Qur'an 96:1-2
    2. from water. Qur'an 25:45 & 54
    3. from clay. Qur'an 15:26
    4. from dust. Qur'an 30:20
    5. from voice. Qur'an 3:47
    so from which of these was Man really made of?

    Moon was Split;
    Qur'an 54:1 "The Hour has come near, and the Moon has Split in Two."

    The Sun sets on a Mud near people;
    Qur'an 18:86 "Until, when he reached the SETTING OF THE SUN, he found it as if SETTING in a SPRING OF DARK MUD, and he found NEAR IT a PEOPLE. Allah said, "O Dhul-Qarnayn, either you punish them or else adopt among them a way of goodness."

    Allah stops the Sky from Falling to the Earth;
    Qur'an 22:65 "Allah has subjected the ships which run through his command, and he RESTRAINS THE SKY FROM FALLING UPON THE EARTH, unless by his permission."

    Allah uses Stars as Missiles for demons; Qur'an 67:5 "And We have certainly beautified the nearest Heaven with Stars and have Made from Them what is THROWN at the DEVILS and have prepared for them the Punishment of the Blaze."

    Qur'an 37:6-10 "Indeed, We have adorned the nearest Heaven with an adornment of Stars
    37:7 And as Protection Against every rebellious Devil"
    37:8 "So they may not listen to the exalted assembly of angels and are Pelted from every side,"
    37:9 "Repelled; and for them is a constant Punishment,"
    37:10 "Except one who snatches some words by theft, but they are PURSUED BY A BURNING FLAME, Piercing in Brightness."

    Sperm comes from between the Backbone and the Ribs;
    Qur'an 86:6-7 "He was Created from a Fluid, Ejected, Emerging from Between the Backbone and the Ribs."

    The Earth Is Flat;
    Qur'an 2:22 "The Earth a BED SPREAD OUT and the Sky a CEILING"
    Qur'an 18:47 "The EARTH as a LEVEL STRETCH"
    Qur'an 50:7 "The EARTH, we have SPREAD IT OUT"
    Qur'an 51:48 "We have SPREAD OUT the Spacious EARTH: How excellently we do SPREAD OUT"
    Qur'an 71:19 "And Allah has made the EARTH for you as a CARPET SPREAD OUT"
    Qur'an 78:6 "The EARTH as a WIDE EXPANSE"
    Qur'an 79:30 "The EARTH after that he blew and STRETCHED IT"
    Qur'an 88:20 "The EARTH, how It is SPREAD OUT"
    Qur'an 91:6 "The EARTH and Its WIDE EXPANSE"

    Islam Facts;
    There are 6, 666 Ayats (Verses) in the Qur'an.
    A Goat ate a page in the Qur'an with 200 missing Ayats (verses) in Sura (chapter) 35.

    These "Ayats" (Verses) are English Transliterations (Not Translations) of the "Qur'an" (Recitation), Confirmed by Two "Muslim" (Submissive) Scholars such as "Imam" (Teacher) Shabir Ally & Dr. Zakir Naik, from the Islamic (Peaceful) Hadith, an Arabic Commentary for Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

    I know you will say "YOUR TRANSLATION IS WRONG!! YOUR VERSION IS INCORRECT!!! ARRGGGHAKDIKFKDEJJCEJ!!!!" then please provide the "CORRECT VERSION" and Replace these so called "wrong verses" with your True Translations. I DARE YOU.

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    And for peoples who say mohamed war a men with no science in desert, just look who was he's "medical doctor", it was ibn harith kalada, a men who have study indo-persian, greeks and yemenite knowledges in the best academy who exist at this time : Gundashipur.

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    Back then, on your point is definitely inaccurate because you haven't any authentic justification outside the Quran. The wife of father Imran (Amram) was the mother of prophet Moses, Aaron and Maryam (Miriam) as the Quran told us. Maryam was a pious woman, she was the daughter of Imran who became the mother of propher Jesus that God inspired her into the holy spirit for the birth of a baby boy called Jesus. Prophet Moses and Jesus were chronologicall next to each other for prophethood, no known prophet between them in the Quran and other books of Christians and Jews.

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    Read this is order then u will understand

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