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New Zealand unites in prayer one week after shooting

the people of New Zealand are mourning today but also defiant it's a week exactly since the mass shooting in Christchurch that killed fifty Muslims who were attending Friday prayers today thousands of New Zealanders gathered once again in Christchurch indeed outside the mosque where most of the victims were killed they were there to pray to reflect and to remember the dead you know along it was the call to prayer outside the al-nour mosque followed by two minutes of silence observed not just there but across the country and broadcast on national television and radio among the thousands attending survivors of the attack some of them in wheelchairs right in the front of the crowd and at the back non Muslim New Zealanders standing in solidarity many of the women wearing headscarves including New Zealand's Prime Minister Justin to honor the believers in the mutual kindness compassion and sympathy when the any heart of the body suffers the whole body feels pain New Zealand mourns with you we are one her remarks at the ceremony were brief but I don't has spoken throughout this week in condemnation of the attacks and the racist ideology behind them she is also spoken and as again you just heard of peace and unity and a New Zealand that welcomes newcomers of all faiths the Imam of the Al Noor mosque spoke of the same things in his sermon following the prayer we have shown that New Zealand is unbreakable and that the world can see in us an example of love and unity we are brokenhearted but we are not broken we are alive we are together to the people of New Zealand thank you thank you for your theories [Applause] thank you for your haka thank you for your flowers thank you for your love and compassion let's bring in now David Killick who's a freelance reporter in Christchurch he was at that service today he heard those powerful moments David good to see you on our program thank you tell us more about the ceremony and how New Zealanders have been responding today good morning Heather well I think New Zealanders are usually fairly reserved kind of people probably a lot like Canadians but over the last week and today we've seen this incredible outpouring of emotion from New Zealand as they've all come together and said we want to stand with the Muslim community in New Zealand and as you heard the real message is kindness and love and Prime Minister just send Arden underline that saying we all mourn with you we are one and the Imam they spoke of love and compassion I also spoke earlier with one of the Islamic news New Zealand leaders Javed Khan and he wanted to say Islam does not represent extremists of any kind at all it's nothing to do with religion and we just don't own that at all extremists like is Islamic state has nothing to do with us so very much really coming together of people lots of flowers and massive floral tributes and messages and signs all around the city and not just Christchurch but around New Zealand too and around the country as well as we see in many of these images David women who are choosing to wear the hijab as a show of solidarity as well as that was happening I know there have been other events many of the families laying loved ones to rest so can you bring us up to speed on what else has been happening today and what is going to be happening in the days to come three days of funerals and they've been very hard and of course the Islamic faith once it's dead to be buried as soon as possible and that hasn't been very easy because they had to all be identified very scrupulously and they were buried over the last three days the most funerals took place today prayers were said at that site I know it's been very hard for people helping as well in fact some members of the Australian Muslim community came over to New Zealand to help with their a neighbor of ours has spent three days having 12-hour shifts each day helping people helping visitors to the funerals so that has now finished we have more events planned there's a so-called March for love organized by school students that's taking place tomorrow and then on Sunday evening just about five o'clock in the evening there will be another vigil also in the central city park near the mosque when people will bring candles and have two hours of quiet consultation at that time David thank you so much David Killick is in Christchurch a freelance reporter based there for us this morning Aloha it is part of the Muslim call to prayer that was yesterday sorry it was heard earlier today in Christchurch New Zealand thousands of people Muslim and non-muslim New Zealanders gathered there to memorialize the victims of last week's mosque attacks it was seen as an act of unity across faiths and Nations and in defiance of racism and violence to the people of New Zealand thank you thank you for you thank you for your haka thank you for your flowers thank you for your love and compassion some of the words from the Imam of the Al Noor mosque very powerful sermon he delivered his mosque was where 42 of the victims were killed last Friday testament to really the Solidarity that we have seen in these days following the attack and not only in New Zealand but around the world and indeed here at home and there will be further events similar here at home today one week after we're going to introduce you now to two organizers between a number of events that are being held in the City of Toronto Rabbi Ali's Goldstein on the Left you see she is the spiritual leader at city shul which is a reformed synagogue in Toronto but involved in a number of Jewish commemorations today and events and on the right Dariush khari the president and chair of the board of the Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre in Toronto as well good morning and and welcome to both of you thank you for being on the program thank you good morning mr. Cotter let's look begin with you for the plans at the Islamic Center 8:30 tonight how will you be remembering the most important part is that we need to somehow take advantage of the situation to bring people from different faiths different group and different beliefs together to show that we are into this together and we cannot leave anyone behind and we supporting constantly everybody we're not gathering because some incident happened to a Muslim community because something happened to just the community and to the people because they have a different faith so that's it and hopefully we can get together so an invitation for all to attend the evening service evening prayers tonight and earlier today Robbie goldstein I know that there are at a number of synagogues across the City of Toronto for the afternoon prayers at 12:30 rings of peace what are you planning well we the Jewish community together with the Christian community has planned to surround literally and physically many many mosques today and greet worshipers as they into their prayers this afternoon to show our support you know we remember that recent pieces are made around our synagogues just the week after the Pittsburgh massacre by Muslim and Christian groups supporting protecting and loving us and we want to do the same so that is at as I said at a number of mosques across the city including yours mr. Carey there is you actually share a parking lot with a synagogue your Islamic Center so one of those rings of peace will envelop you and other worshipers there at your mosque as you listen to the rabbi describe that and the sentiment behind it how does that make you feel and what impact do you think that has it's really important because we don't feel that we are alone into this and as a Canadian when it comes to being Canadian we are all into this together again the mosaic culture of Canada and Canadian society is supporting everybody and we need to constantly show our support and when the incident happened it so we went to the synagogue and as you mentioned we shared a parking lot with the synagogue next door here is violence an attack and with rabbi wise we concept it we have several meetings and for your information we supported the center we talked together and we supported to Styrian family and without will throughout the Canada so it's important and to know each other to have dialogue to have communication most of these events happening because the lack of communication and hopefully really working on so beautiful sentiment there of the of the need for this kind of interfaith outreach and and you said you use the verb need we need to do this rabbi Goldstein come back to you if we would because there was a vigil in Toronto yesterday similar to those which were going to say today and I don't know if you were heard this lovely sentiment but at the end a small group of extreme right protestors showed up began to show out at those who were remembering and paying tribute and I wonder what your thoughts on that are and whether it's in fact illustrative or reflects really what you have to deal with in terms of racism anti-semitism Islamophobia whether that's you help us understand what your community what you people are faced today it's true because you know hate is very generalized so if you hate one it's very easy for you to hate another we are really all in the same boat it pains me greatly to think that anyone would would would be so terrible as to not understand the human pain of suffering and loss and would inflict it on another person look as religious leaders we say we are all created in God's image it is impossible for me to imagine that someone cannot see that see the humanity and the divinity in the face of someone else and so we're going to be there today surrounding all these mosques to say we believe that all of us are created in the divine image whether you believe in the same God the same way of praying the same traditions as I believe whether you believe in different ones whether you believe in none at all we are all on the basis to men and that is the most important and we reject hate of any sort and that's why we're going to show that today which is such a beautiful sentiment and so critical and yet I asked mr. Carey why doesn't it last we'll see it in those gatherings today but why doesn't it last and how do we get it to last the most important part is we need to continue our conversations and communications and we need to move forward and I do believe I want to just step away from calling ourselves and minorities we are not minorities anymore those people that like rabbi God saying we are not minorities who those people that they are against these movements those people that tape spreading hatred around the city I do believe there are minorities not us not black people not Jewish people not Muslim people not people that they love other people but we do need to introduce different feeds and culture to our kids we need to start talking to our kids taking them to synagogues to mosque to churches to temples and introduce these different ideas weaves and feed to our cheese just jump in there because I'm gonna show it quickly something we had a beautiful story this week about a mosque that invited non-muslims in just to introduce them to the mosque to the service visit a mosque as a program and I'm wondering mr. Carey has there been have you seen in these days anyway any sort of uptick in outreach from non-muslim Canadians well absolutely we have lots of our neighbors they came and they shot to show their solidarity and so forth and definitely definitely we had direct support of our head sewing temple that our Jewish neighbor and the church at st. Luke's the church that close to us so lots of people to show that and they send us flowers and letters and absolutely they were supportive and Rabbi Goldstein last question to you we've seen obviously outpouring of emotion support reflection from people we've seen incredible show of strength and compassion from New Zealand's Prime Minister as we look at her just in Dadar really the world is admiring her response here in Canada what do we need to see from our political leaders oh we need to see an absolute rejection of any kind of racism any kind of homophobia anti-semitism Islamophobia anything you know the most important thing I would say to those who hate and who showed up yesterday to show hate is that we our love is only getting stronger and so I agree that you are those who hate are in the minority what is most important for us is to develop interfaith relationships with each other for our Canadian society to support this and to value this and to and to be a part of it in every way you know I don't want the rings of peace today to just be a drop-in event you know we're gonna go to an event today know as a result of this we also in the Jewish community are inviting people into our synagogues to come to understand us to come to be our friends and our partners in this work of loving the world you know much more than we are now and so I think the end result unfortunately there's hatred the end result of it is going to be more love if we as religious leaders if our political leaders insist on that and do not move away or be frightened or be in any way hesitate to continue our very strong and important work to show love as against hate rabbi goldstein and mr. Kai Reed are you Shikari in Toronto both I thank you both for your thoughts ahead of your events today thank you thank you

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    At-Tirmidhi reports from Adi ibn Hatim who said:
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