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Muslim Exposing The Danger of Ilhan Omar & CAIR’s Agenda | Dalia al-Aqidi | POLITICS | Rubin Report

– I’m a journalist with a cause. And I’ve been so active
against oppression, against radical Islamism,
against the Muslim Brotherhood, and against CAIR, which is the Council on American-Islamic– – Relations.
– Relations. – Yeah. – That are the, I call
them terrorists in suits because these are the front
of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, who groomed Ilhan, groomed Rashida and many others. And by the way, in 2020, we have more, CAIR has been grooming more than 120 Rashida, Ilhan alike. (upbeat music) – This is The Rubin
Report, and I’m Dave Rubin. Quick reminder, guys, if you
wanna see all our videos early and ad free, join us at rubinreport.com. But more importantly, joining me today is a first-generation
American, a journalist, and now a candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s 5th District, you know, the one currently
represented by Ilhan Omar. Dalia al-Aqidi, welcome
to The Rubin Report. – Thank you, Dave, thanks
for having me here. – I am very glad to have you here. There’s gonna be a lotta stuff that we’re gonna unearth here today. But first let’s do a little background. You are a first-generation
American from Iraq. You lived under Saddam, you
have a really interesting story. So I hand it to you. – Thank you. – Who is Dalia? – Dalia is a journalist. I grew up in a very secular family, I grew up in a family of arts. Both my parents are considered pioneers in Iraqi modern theater, and my uncle. So I’ve been in, like, TV
business since I was a kid. And I grew up loving arts, I grew up dancing ballet. And then in 1988, while, yes, people say I haven’t suffered personally from the regime, we had everything that we wanted, but we didn’t have the freedom. And life without a freedom is, it’s not worth to live,
life without a freedom. – So what does that mean? You’re living a secular life, your parents are secular and successful, but you’re not free. What does that actually mean? – We weren’t, we didn’t just fear Saddam. The way his regime was, it made you fear from your family members or from your relatives,
or from your neighbors. You couldn’t even joke or
mock Saddam or his family or his government. You’ll be dead. So you had everything,
but you can’t speak, you can’t give an opinion, you can’t– – So for people in the arts, this has gotta be doubly difficult. – Definitely, definitely. And this is, yes, my family didn’t suffer, but millions of Iraqis had suffered, and that’s the question. Is it just about me or it’s
about the whole country, or it’s about the whole people? And that’s when we decided to leave, my mother, my little, very
little brother, and myself. Even when we decided to leave the country, we couldn’t speak at home. We would go, mom and
I, would go somewhere, you know, to a park and
park our car and walk just to plan how are we
going to flee the country. None of my family knew
that we were leaving. – Meaning that if you had talked at home you think your family members would have ratted you out?
– Or it could be bugged. – Or bugged, wow. – Yes, because my mom
is a very famous actress and you never know who’s
listening to your phone calls, who’s listening to your
conversation even at home. – Wow. – So you’re too scared to say
anything or to do anything. And we had friends that
their houses were bugged, and they disappeared, they were executed, for sometimes saying a joke
or criticizing something. I mean, we couldn’t even criticize the wars that Saddam decided to wage. We couldn’t criticize the
way he, the mass murder that he did in Kurdistan, which, I’m half Kurdish. We couldn’t. So this is not the life that
anybody would want to live. It’s suffocating when
you cannot do something and when you want to make a
difference, but you can’t. So that’s how we decided to leave. And we just, each one
of us took two suitcases and that’s it, we left everything behind. – Yeah, I mean, did you
just hop on a flight or what do you have to do to actually get out of an oppressive regime? – Thank you for asking this, because in Iraq, you can’t just– – I may have to know in
case the progressives take over in America, how you get out. – It’s gonna, that’s, yes.
– You know what I mean? So I’m doing this for–
– So you need– – Self-preservation. – Yeah, so if they, which
they will never win, but if the socialists win,
you, if you need to travel, you have to get a permission to travel, and they would write in your passport. Like, if I’m going to Athens, let’s say, they would write, she will go to Athens. I cannot go anywhere else. If I go somewhere else and come back, I’ll be in trouble, I’ll be in jail. So what happened is, I was, back then, because I studied stage
acting and directing, so I was going to perform in
Tunisia in Carthage Festival. So I had the permission to leave. Mom had something, I think it was a movie or something in Cairo, so they didn’t notice that because we were in different delegations,
that’s what they call them, so they didn’t notice. So mom, because the
baby, she had a baby, so, and she was supposed to
stay more than one month, so she could take the baby with her. And we both left. I, after the festival, I ran away from my team,
from the people I was with, and I sent, I gave the Lebanese delegation or, my two suitcases. So nobody knows where I’m going because the head of
this delegation told me, “Dalia, somebody is going from
the embassy to stay here.” So I had to run away and it
was like, I was 20 back then. And for me, it was like
the longest journey. I didn’t know because I left before mom, so I didn’t know if mom left or not. I was too scared sitting, I was flying to Athens,
and from Athens to Beirut because that’s where my aunt
is, that’s where I’m supposed to reunite with my mother and my brother. And until, because the embassies, the Iraqi embassies during Saddam’s era, they were the centers of intelligence. So it’s so easy for them to
grab you inside the embassy, put you in a box and ship you back home. So anyways, to make the story short, I got my luggage at the airport
from the Lebanese friends, and then I sat down and I was like, “Please God, please God,
please God,” until we took off. And when we took off, that was the freedom for, my flight to freedom. – So that’s when you flew. So you flew from Lebanon
to America at that? Oh, no, no, no, sorry. – No, I flew from Iraq to Tunisia. – Yeah, I got that one.
– And from Tunisia to Athens– – To Greece. – And then, yes. And because I was Iraqi, I couldn’t fly to the airport because it was, back then, it
was controlled by the Syrians. So I had to stay eight hours in Greece and then take another
flight to Larnaca, Cyprus, and then take a 12-hour boat to Lebanon, to the Christian area. And then, I mean, it
took me like three days, alone, not knowing anything at
20 years old, but I made it. When I reached there,
nobody was waiting for me, not my aunt, not, I had the address. “Okay, take me there.” I went there, it was during,
you know, the mess in Lebanon. So I reached the apartment, it was on the 16th floor, no electricity. I left my suitcases after
three days of non-sleep. I took the stairs to the 16th floor, knocked on the door,
mom, holding my brother, opened the door.
– Wow. – I just looked, and I was like, “My suitcases are down,”
and I slept for two days. – Unbelievable. – It’s like, it should
be a movie, by the way. – It should be a movie. Well, that really seems to
be only act one of the movie. Okay, so now you’re in Lebanon. You’ve reunited with your mom. Now what’s the plan? – And I got an offer from, in UAE, from TV in Sharjah. So we went to Sharjah and that’s when the, Saddam invaded Kuwait. So I decided to do a show, to show solidarity with the Kuwaitis against Saddam, of course. – So this is like ’91 or something? – No, 1990.
– ’90, okay, yeah. – And then we were contacted
by the Iraqi opposition to work together to topple Saddam Hussein. Our part was to open a radio station, called Radio of the, of Free Iraq and radio of the Iraqi opposition. So we went to Saudi Arabia, and we were broadcasting from there. And that’s when I met Chris
Stevens, the late ambassador. – Yeah, so can you
explain how Chris Stevens, so the ambassador to Libya, who obviously died in the Benghazi attack, can you explain a little bit about your relationship with him? – I’ve met him in Riyadh. I was in Jeddah, so
I’ve met him in Riyadh, and we became friends. And whenever he comes to
Judah, we would get together, and he’s the one who made it happen. Because, at that time, we weren’t like, okay, we’re living in Saudi Arabia, we had a residency in
UAE because of my job. But because of our
background, my mom, myself, and I had a death sentence
issued against me when I was 20. And he’s the one who was
convinced and convinced me that I should go to the US. People like us should be in the US. to have a brighter future. And he worked so hard
with the state department to grant us political asylum. – [Dave] Yeah. – And it’s so sad that today I live here and he’s not there, and I can never, never
forgive Hillary Clinton for the last hour for
American patriots there. And at the end, she said, “At the end, what
difference does it make?” I’ve watched her hearings
and it was so sad. – What else should we
know about Chris Stevens? I mean, there were three others as well, but he’s the name that most people know. – He was such a beautiful human being. He learned Arabic, and he has that self part that would… He’s very, not emotional,
but he understands, you know, and he’s the one who, when
we talk, he’s the one. And since then, I’ve been twice to the US as a tourist, because back then when we were in Saudi Arabia, we had Saudi passports
because we were doing this high-profile work during that time. He just was one of the
best people I’ve ever met. He felt for the people. And that’s, for the past
three years I’ve been, I was doing a show from DC, a weekly show for three years, it’s called “USL,” “US Libya.” It’s about US foreign
policy and US strategies in North Africa in general,
in Libya in particular. And the people I’ve
worked with, the Libyans, that they remember him. And every Libyan I’ve met has
told me stories about him. And he was so committed to this country and to the people, the Libyans people, and he never, he wasn’t scared that this might kill him. – Yeah, what is going on in Libya now? Can you do, like, a quick recap? Because it’s sorta, we
did this military action, Benghazi, the whole thing, and it’s like, is even a functioning country anymore? – It’s not so far, and the problem is because the GNA, which is the NGA, the GNA, Government of National Accord, is mainly controlled by
the Muslim Brotherhood. And then you have a general who was here in the United States as a refugee forever, General Haftar, who is so against radical Islamism. And then it’s still, there is still a civil war, kind of, and the UN, as we all know, it’s a failed, a very failed organization
that couldn’t do anything. And it’s just back and
forth, back and forth. But hopefully meetings are
coming with the Europeans, especially, that could reach
or could convince the Libyans to at least sit together. – For the average Libyan though, do you think things were
better under Gaddafi, Or now?
– It’s never, ever, it’s never, ever, better under a dictator. Never, never. And I would say that about Iraq as well. – Yeah, all right, so let’s
get back to your story here. So when did you move to the United States? – So I moved to the United States in 1993. As soon as I moved, I started working in the
media, my mother as well. And then I started doing US media in Arabic. And it’s so funny because
I was the youngest one. Well, you know Voice of America– – Mm-hm, of course.
– And Voice of America is a federal entity. So when I applied for it,
there were like 400-something, and I just went and I
did my test, whatever. And then a week later, I was, because there was only one opening, and I got it, so even– – Not bad.
– I know. (both laughing) – I’m like, really? But the first day I was at the office, all of them were so much older than I am. And they looked at me, it was like, who is she? But the first hour I went on air, everybody came, and it’s
like now we can say, welcome to VOA. And that was a wonderful,
wonderful experience. Don’t forget, I came
here, I speak English. So I came to the US speaking English, so it wasn’t that hard
for me to just be there. Plus, I love the culture,
I love this country, and it’s home. It’s, that’s where my heart is. – But I don’t understand. I thought we’re told all
the time that America is an evil, racist, patriarchal state that no dark-skinned
immigrant could come to and be treated fairly,
especially if they come from the Middle East, a place like Iraq, something like that.
– You listen a lot to Ilhan Omar.
– Are you telling… (both laugh) – Are you telling me that’s not true? And you, if you’d love
this country and work hard, you might be able to make it, is that what you’re telling me? – I’ve been here three decades. It was very easy for me
to move somewhere and live if I didn’t like it. Why would I stay here if I didn’t like it? It’s one of the most,
it’s one of the greatest, it’s the greatest country in the world. And– – Is it shocking to you, as someone that lived under what you lived under, had to do everything
that you just laid out to even get here? When you hear all of this endless, ridiculous craziness about
how horrible America is, is it just mind-blowing to you? – It provokes me that, first of all, let’s talk about Ilhan Omar,
and that’s very important. – We were gonna get there,
– Okay. – There’s a lot of Ilhan Omar stuff here, yeah.
– Okay, yes. Because I truly believe that when you go to a new country and this country becomes your home, I mean, at least be grateful that you have, you live in a country
that you have the right of every single American, you’re no different than anybody else. You have the right and you have the duties and that’s how you should deal with it. Yet there are immigrants
from different countries. I’m not saying from, it’s, or from, that they come here and
they don’t integrate with the communities. So they still live in small
area that it’s basically, they brought everything from their country and they’re not willing to participate or willing to be part of the community. And that’s when I feel
that organizations and, should work on these
communities to build bridges, to make them feel integrated in schools and at workplace and others. I mean, can you believe that someone who lives in, for 20 years, in a country that can’t even speak the language? – [Dave] Mm-hm. – How? – You mean it’s not racist to say that maybe you should speak the language of the country you live
in, or at least try to? – I mean, (laughs) this
is ridiculous, racist? No, this is the country, this is the language of this country. You wanna be a part of this country, part of the communities, you wanna be, you want to provide, you wanna fulfill your duties
so you get your rights. I mean, this is, come on. I mean, at least speak the
language, at least read a sign. I mean, this is ridiculous.
– All right, okay. So we can link all of this to Ilhan, but before we get specifically into her, just tell me a little bit about what your general
political philosophy is. Because, now that you’re
running for Congress, obviously that’s, it’s
can’t just be about, I’m against Ilhan. – No, of course, not.
– We’ll get to that. But just tell me a little bit about your own sort of political beliefs. – A question that I’ve
been asked so many times, thinking that all immigrants and they’re, they should be Democrats. I’m a conservative person. I have conservative principles since I came here. So being a journalist, I know exactly what these two political parties are. So it’s easy for me, I
mean, to be conservative and to be Republican,
and that’s what I’ve been since I came here. I truly believe that
decency should be back in our political arena, in our lives. We’ve lost it. We’ve lost it, and this is so bad. I mean, the hatred that we see now, this was never the narrative
in the United States. Yes, we disagree, but we
don’t hate each other. I don’t hate somebody
because he’s a Democrat. Maybe I would never marry a Democrat, (Dave laughing)
but that’s, we’d be fighting all the time. – Yeah. – But–
– An honest politician. – (laughs) Yeah, exactly. But you know what, it’s sad that you see in 2020 that hatred, the toxic narratives
coming from the far left. I wouldn’t say coming from
the Democrat, in general, the far left and the progressive that are trying to destroy this country. People don’t want this country
to be a socialist country. People don’t want to live in Cuba, people don’t want to live in Venezuela. People don’t want to
live in these countries, or even Russia, for this matter. So we have people that are
praising these other countries. I mean, if you praise it
and you like it so much, go be a Senator there, – Yeah. (laughing) – Or a Congresswoman. – Right, well, that’s what I always say, nobody ever leaves. – Exactly.
– Everyone still wants to come here, nobody’s leaving. We’re not stopping people from leaving, but they never leave. So was it seeing what was happening with the far left progressives
and the socialists, is that really what drove
you to get into politics, or was it specifically about Ilhan, and then we’ll talk more about her? – Well, being a journalist,
and I’ve been doing it for a long time, and I do foreign affairs, and I cover the whole world, and covering wars, conflict zones, human rights crisis, terrorist attacks all over the world, and especially in Europe, I’ve been there, done that, I’ve, so I know what kind of of outcome would come from a narrative like this. The oppression, the
hatred, the antisemitism. And I think Ilhan Omar made the
biggest mistake of her life. It was right when she got elected and she didn’t wait for long
to bring out all the ugliness. – Yeah, well, it was almost like day one, she suddenly flipped
on all of these things, even though a lot of us could
see it beforehand, obviously. – Yeah, but being there as a journalist, and I’m very active. I’m a journalist with a cause. And I’ve been so active
against oppression, against radical Islamism, against the Muslim
Brotherhood, and against CAIR, which is the Council on American-Islamic– – Relations, yeah.
– Relations that are the, I call
them terrorists in suits because these are the front
of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, who groomed Ilhan, groomed Rashida and many others. And by the way, in 2020 we have more, CAIR has been grooming more than 120 Rashida, Ilhan alike that we are going to see that. So what happened with
Ilhan that, of course, I saw a couple of her interviews, she’s always on Al Jazeera
with Mehdi Hosseini, Hassani, Mehdi Hassan, that I can’t stand because of his views, of course, and he’s so pro-Muslim Brotherhood. So I told my producers
I want to interview her. We were so ignored, and
I kept tweeting to her. I was like, okay, now
we’re Muslim to a Muslim, woman to a woman, a former
refugee to a former refugee, dah, dah, dah. Anyways, I was ignored, and definitely she would
not give me an interview. So I decided, you know what, because I was doing my
research on Muslim Brotherhood and on all this because
that’s what I write about when I’m not on TV. I decided, I said, you know,
I don’t want her interview, I’m going to her district.
– Hm. – And I went to her district, and I spoke to the people. And I was going back and
forth, back and forth, spending time there. And even sometimes on Twitter I would say, “I’m going to be in this
place from this time “to come and meet me,
journalists and others.” So I had all this research
about this district way before anything else. And then six months ago
I decided to move there. And I started thinking that, if I run, I would be the best, the only candidate, that could beat her because of my background. I’m immune to her brand
of identity politics, so I can push straight
for the important issues and important discussions. And I’m not a shy person at all. And I could say, you are, one, two, three. Why did you meet Turkish president Erdogan before you were elected? What promises did you give him? Why you refuse to acknowledge the Turkish ethnic cleansing against the Armenians? Why were you outraged
because President Trump decided to take justice
to Qasim Suleimani? Why are you close to
the Muslim Brotherhood? How much money have you been getting from CAIR, or through CAIR from Qatar and from the godfather of
the Muslim Brotherhood? I could do what no other
candidates could, basically. Because if you tell her this, ah, you’re white supremacist. – Yeah, oh, yeah yeah. – Yeah, you’re anti-Muslim. She cannot accuse me of that. So–
– Well, she can accuse you of it, and I’m sure
she will accuse you of it, it just won’t have–
– She could be my guest because not very credible. Because I grew up in, probably I know more about religion than she does, most likely. – Yeah. Do you sense she’s using
religion as a shield? – Of course, she’s using everything. And she has this victim
card that she throws at you. Oh, I was five, I have PTSD, I was five years old, and no girl should live at war because any war and every
war around the globe, it’s because of the United States. – Yeah, yeah. – So… – Can can you talk a little
bit about the tactics? So you mentioned this Muslim
Brotherhood-CAIR connection that we mentioned. We talked briefly before we
started about Brigitte Gabriel, who’s really been laying
this thing out for years, what the plan is to infiltrate. You’re now saying there’s
over 100 candidates that are being groomed by them. But I think one of the tactics,
which you sorta hit on, is this constant desire to make everything feel crazy all the time. And it almost seems like
every time Tlaib, in a way, Rashida Tlaib, who’s almost
worse than Ilhan in this way– – Oh, yeah.
– That everything she says seems to be designed
to make maximum chaos. And is that really part of what they do? – That’s the main thing that they do, and that’s how they get support. I mean, Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib, let me talk about each
one, because they have similar tactics, but on different issues. – Sure – Like Ilhan Omar, when she keeps feeding or tweeting or saying the same narrative over and over and over, that I represent every
Muslim in the country. First, she’s supposed to
represent the 5th District, she’s supposed to serve the 5th District, and she’s done zero, nada, nothing. So when she goes and tells all the Muslims that the Americans hate us,
the white people hate us, and they are so anti-Islamist,
and that the Islamophobe, that the term that was
invented by CAIR, so– – Can you, we’ve talked about
this a bunch on the show, but can you explain why
the term specifically, Islamophobe, was invented and why is it such a confusing term? – To counterpart the antisemitism. So it’s easier to say Islamophobe. So you could, okay, if
you are an Islamophobe, that’s why you’re with others that hate all the Muslims
in the United States. Well, number one, if they
hated all the Muslims, I’ve been here three decades as an adult. How come nobody hated me? Well, I’m sure they hate
me for different things. – People probably hate
you for your ideas now. Ilhan’s probably not thrilled with you. – I doubt that.
(Dave laughs) But even after 9/11, like 9/12, I’ve never felt threatened because I was a Muslim. I’m an American, regardless of
all these, I don’t use this. And the problem is, or I’m forced to use a Muslim former refugee immigrants just to, the identity
politics that she uses. And I stated it once on Twitter that was picked up by
everybody because she said, “I am a hijab,” which is, that is not the right hijab that she claims to. And I’ve spoken to
several American Somalis that this is not the Muslim hijab. I mean, she wears the hijab regard based on the people that she’s meeting. If she’s meeting Muslims, she would cover, but hijab as in hijab, you
cannot show your chest, you cannot show your hands. It’s, all, it’s, Muslims know that. – Right, well, also plenty of the policies that she’s for would not be policies that if you were a strict
Muslim you would be for I mean, health, abortion is a right.
– Yes. – Sorry, abortion is healthcare. – Exactly.
– Abortion is healthcare. – And it’s human rights as well. So, but the problem with the people in the districts that they don’t follow what she does in DC on a daily basis. They don’t know that she
missed half of the votes that anyone else in the House. She doesn’t vote for the district. You know when she votes? When it comes to foreign
policies, that’s when her votes. And can you believe that she voted against sending aid to Somalia, and then she went
outside, 10 minutes later, giving a press conference,
saying, “Oh, we did it”? I mean, this woman is filled with lies, and again, her worst mistake that she didn’t give me the interview. That what made me go back and forth, and that what made me decide that I am gonna cross the line between being a journalist
to a politician. – So what are some of the other tactics that they use besides the just general, they want to cause chaos all the time and seem to always, everything they say seems to be designed
to deepen that divide. What else are they doing? – The free handouts, that
it, on reality, doesn’t work. How could you give free
healthcare to everybody? It doesn’t work this way. I mean, where would
they get the money from? How could you forgive
all the student loans? What would they do for people
that already paid their loans? – Yeah, we’re not getting
anything back, right? – No, no.
– Yeah. – How, I mean, all these handouts, and like free this and free this, and everybody’s gonna have a free house, and it’s gonna have a friend, I mean, this is ridiculous. We are not in China, and even in China, they don’t do that. – Right, so, but can you
explain a little bit more how the Islamists and CAIR
and Muslim Brotherhood, how they use the progressives? Like, it’s like, ’cause
this is what I think a lot of people, a lot of people see this match made in hell, you’re supposed to be for progressive, but all these other values are
completely anti-progressive. But I don’t think people
really understand them, how this thing fully ties together. – Because the progressive
don’t have minds, their right minds. The Muslim Brotherhood
is using the far left and the progressive for their own agendas. They’re not doing it for
the sake of the far left or the sake of progressive, no, they are using them big time. – Yeah.
– And– – Do you think Bernie just doesn’t get it, he just doesn’t see it, or he’s so deep down the socialist ladder that he feels he has more in common with the Islamist than with the average American, something like that? – I mean, supportive or the
BDS, what do you expect? I mean, if you’re an American and if you are worried
about what’s happening in that region in general,
you want to be close and you want to defend
your closest allies, which at this point is Israel. Now more countries are coming, like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt. Who’s going to counter Iran’s
influence in the region? Nobody. And I cannot understand
why someone like Bernie that does not care about our allies. I mean, imagine him being a
president, what’s gonna happen? Oh my God, we’ll have Iranian
influence all over the place. Forget about something called peace in the Middle East and we’ll
have wars in the Middle East between our ex allies and our new allies. – Yeah, is that the biggest weakness of what the progressives are selling? That it all, it all kinda sounds good, it sounds good, we’re for peace. Right, Bernie, I’m for
peace, we’re gonna sit down with everybody itself.
– Yeah, but how, how? I mean, when President Trump went to, or met with the North Korean
leader, everybody went crazy. Everybody includes,
including the Democrats, the far left, everybody went crazy, okay. He’s sitting and talking and
having dialogue for peace. So always, for them, it’s okay, for us, it’s a no-no. – So what else are you gonna do in Minnesota’s 5th District
to supplant Ilhan Omar? – Before that, I am planning
and I would represent every, every voter in this district,
and not even a voter, every resident of the 5th District because I am running to represent them. I’m planning to introduce Minneapolis and the 5th District to DC, not bring DC to Minneapolis
and to that district. She failed to do anything for them. And for me, this is, I mean, she’s supposed to be a public servant. A public servant means that
you serve your constituents, and that’s what I’m planning to do. I will represent every
resident of the 5th District regardless of color, ethnicity, faith and political affiliation. – What do you think the Somali
community thinks of her? – They are, seriously, they are sick and tired of her scandals, of her outside influences, of her narrative that… She is tarnishing every, the
reputation of every Muslim, every American Muslim,
and they know it now. And they, I mean, I speak to, I mean, to, in the district, I speak to Somalis, and I speak to Muslims. And they, the majority agreed that she tarnished their reputation. People there are not
waiting just for handouts. These are hard workers. All that they want is
to have better lives, to send their kids to better school, to have a safe district which is– – You mean the same thing
as every other American? – Exactly, exactly.
– Yeah. – We don’t need names,
we are all Americans. I don’t, when I travel, when people ask me, oh, where you from, I don’t say, I’m an American,
I am an American, period. And that’s the values that I
have, are the American values, and the people I love are the Americans. Doesn’t mean that I hate Iraq. It’s always my, that’s what I was born, and these are my extended families. But when it comes to my
heart, my heart is here. That’s why I’ve been
living here for 30 years and I’m not planning to go anywhere. And that’s why I have only one passport, which is the US passport. – Will you come on stage with me? I have a show in Minneapolis for my book tour in May.
– Oh, I would love to. – All right, all right, I’m
gonna bring you on stage, we’ll, we’re gonna do some stuff. – If you change your mind, I’ll sue you.
(both laughing) – Well, now it’s been recorded. – Okay
– All right, I’ll get you the date, but I’ll be in Minneapolis around the May 10th or so, something like that.
– I would be honored to do so. – That will be great
– I would be honored to do so. – Ilhan will not be happy with us. – No.
– I’ll invite her too, though. If she’s watching right now, she’s welcome to come on
stage with both of us, and we will see what happens.
– Well, Ilhan, I’ve been inviting you for– – There you go, yeah, you can talk to the camera right there.
– Yes a cup of coffee forever. So I think maybe we should have coffee in the neighborhood that
you don’t live there anymore because you moved to DC. So I’m in Minneapolis, where is she? She’s in DC. (chuckles) – Yeah, can you talk a little bit about some of the other
scandals related to her, ’cause there’s a lot of
weird stuff out there. And for the last two years,
it was only these very, I don’t wanna say very far right, it was seemingly far right outlet, or I don’t even want to say that. There were outlets on the right that are ignored by
mainstream that were saying there was this weird thing
with her and her brother and passports and this whole thing. Can you kinda get me up to speed on what we now know?
– I mean, usually I don’t speak about it, but it’s, I mean there are investigations
for about so many things, like three, four. For me, one is many. – Yeah. – And especially about
the immigration fraud. Because apparently, based
on a community leader in the Somali community came out and including pictures, and let me tell you what happened. And then, hopefully, the
investigation would lead to, because she would never talk about it. And it’s like, oh, this is so appalling. – Yeah, well, she’s under
investigation right now for immigration fraud.
– Definitely, definitely. – Yeah. – Apparently, she had a brother who lived in the United
Kingdom, in London, and according to her close
friends that went on the record saying that, because her brother was gay, so she decided to bring him to the US being inside the, within
the Somali community, so maybe he’ll get cured. This is the one who–
– Wow. – Who defend the LGBT community. – Yet she wants to cure her brother. – By being in this community. So he came as a British
citizen, he cannot live here. So basically they got married and, to give him, well, it’s not
like for any other reasons. I mean, it’s committing
an immigration fraud, and that’s how he got his citizenship. She brought him to cure him. And basically she used to
say, according to her friends and to the people that went on the record, saying that he’s been around
the wrong crowd in England, so it’s better for him to
come here and be around us. – Right, okay, so putting aside the part about the gay
brother and the curing, which is bad enough in and of itself, especially by her own progressive ideals where she’s supposed–
– Exactly. – Supposed to be for gay people, but that’s not criminal in and of itself. Marrying your brother for
the purposes of getting his immigration status–
– Immigration fraud. – Is immigration fraud, and this is under investigation right now. – Yes.
– Do you think it’s bizarre the way the mainstream media
seems to be covering this up, or is that just sort of congruent with everything else that you think about the media now?
– I think we got used to the mainstream media, sadly,
but we got used to it. Have we ever heard anything about anybody about progressive, about a Democrat? No, it’s always about the us, the conservatives, the Republicans. It’s always about us. What about all the scandals that were around a large
percentage of the Democrats? (whistles) It’s, it goes under the radar. And they would, even if they mention it, they would mention it and in times that are not very popular, so, and then that’s it. And that’s–
– Right, well, instead the “New York
times” writes a piece about the new hip artist
in town, Hunter Biden. – [Dalia] (chuckles) Yeah. – You saw that one in the “Times”? – Yep.
– He’s the new hot artist in town. I’m pretty sure Donald Trump Junior wouldn’t get the same coverage in the “New York times.”
– No, no, not even. Not Trump, not his kids,
not, well, his children. – Does it feel in a weird way? So for someone that was a
journalist under a dictatorship, does that, or came from a
country that was a dictatorship, when you see the way our
media behaves right now– – Similar, similar. Exactly, exactly similar. I mean, having… They always try to defend,
all the mainstream media, they pretend to defend
the First Amendment, but what they’re doing is
so anti the First Amendment. Freedom of speech is the
most important thing. There are just doing, and I know it, I know what that narrative
of the progressives, and of Ilhan, or of
Rashida, what they bring. I’ve seen the consequences of the hatred. I’ve seen the consequences of
oppression and of division. I ran away from it and I was
fighting it for 31 years. And I am, as an American citizen, would stand against it from, I was standing against it and
I will until the day I die. – Yeah, does anything about the machine that you’re going up against
scare you in any way? Just, I mean, at the most human level. I mean, I know you’ve been
through worse in a lot of ways, but–
– I’ll tell you. – But it’s a big, it’s a huge machine. – And especially when it
comes to radical Muslims, and to the Muslim Brotherhood, and to the people behind
the Muslim Brotherhood. Dave, know if you hear or if you read that I committed suicide, I’m not suicidal, I’m very happy. (chuckles) So look for them (Dave chuckles) because definitely I’m not. We’ve seen suicides here and there lately. And the Muslim Brotherhood
is a terrorist group. And the first thing would be my priority when I get elected in November, that I will make sure
the Muslim Brotherhood would be designated as a terrorist group such as several countries. Egypt, that’s where the
Muslim Brotherhood was formed. Egypt consider it and other
countries in the region consider it a terrorist group. And we should, we should to… I’m not scaring, not
trying to scare people, but we shouldn’t be afraid
of name calling things with their real names. And that’s not Islamophobe, that’s not anti anything,
that’s being anti terrorism and anti radicalism. And if I don’t stand against it, who else? I know them, I’m from them. – Yeah, so as a conservative
and as a Trump supporter, I thought Trump was
supposed to hate Muslims. Doesn’t he hate Muslims,
doesn’t he hate immigrants? Doesn’t he hate brown people? That’s what mainstream media’s telling us. – Exactly, look what I’m doing
and where, where I’m running. And most of my friends, when most of them are Republicans
that are conservatives, that we’ve been friends forever. And I’ve been doing some
work with other think tanks, and especially when it comes to Islamism and the radical Islamism. And I speak to people, even to Muslims, and I speak to the Somalis in my district telling them that she is not helping you. If you think that she’s
helping you, she is not. And they agree because she
has done nothing for them. I mean, she’s for open borders. Do we, especially now with the
with the coronavirus, do we, what kind of was a country that
doesn’t control its borders? What kind of a country that is? – What do you think about
putting Ilhan specifically? So just be a first generation immigrant that comes to America
that sort of has the gall to then just try to undermine everything. – She’s doing it for herself, and she’s polishing her
international profile. I mean, she was more concerned
to be on the cover of “Vogue” than doing anything for her constituents. She is, I mean, I wonder
why is she sitting on the foreign affairs, the
House Foreign Affairs Committee? What does she know other
than the hatred to Israel? – She knows some people did something, right?
– Exactly. – She knows that one. – Yeah, and I sent her a message from CPAC when I spoke that, you know what, some people are going to do something that will make you a
one-term congresswoman. (Dave laughs) – So her endless hatred of Israel. You just spoke at APAC,
you gave a, what I thought was a pretty incredible speech. And one of the things you
really focused on actually was what’s happening to the
Christians in the Middle East, which is sort of a forgotten
piece of the whole thing. – Definitely.
– I guess, can you talk a little bit about just generally
her obsession with Israel? But then more just what’s happening with the Christians in the
Middle East and everything else. – Well, let’s talk about the BDS that she introduced to the house. I mean, her hatred to not only Israel, to all the Jews in the United States and to every American that
doesn’t follow her narrative or that supports Israel. There is a very big food company in our district in Minneapolis
called General Mills. General Mills does
business with Israel and– – They make Cheerios. Everybody loves Cheerios.
– Yes, exactly. And that company is employing more than 10,000 people from our district. Because of her hatred or
her obsession with Israel, she is willing to lose the jobs. I mean, to make the people off
her district lose the jobs. I mean, what does it take? 10 jobs, 10,000 jobs? She does not care. She wants to satisfy
her hatred to the Jews, to the Americans that support
Israel, and to Israel itself. One mistake she did when, if you remember when she and Rashida
were invited by Muftah, which is a terrorist group, to visit Gaza, and thank God the Israelis decided that this is not the good idea because Rashida Tlaib, in the name of the government, she would go to Gaza to bash Israel and bash Jews. – Again, place in the Middle East that has any of the
seemingly progressive values that they might share. I’m pretty sure Hamas not
very progressive, right? – (chuckles) Hamas,
well, define progressive when it comes to bombings and when it comes to missile attacks. Although, before that, Ilhan tweeted that Palestinians in
the Congress had spoken. Since when do we have
Palestinians in our Congress? She didn’t even bother
to say the Americans from Palestinian origins. No, “The Palestinians in
Congress,” which made me like, do we have Palestinians in the Congress? I thought just, we’re
supposed to have Americans in our Congress. – Yeah, the best one is, do you remember when
Tlaib tweeted the thing about being the first
Palestinian in Congress. And then Justin Amash, who’s
the libertarian in Michigan, said, “Oh, well, actually, “my father’s from Palestinian descent, “I just don’t make a big deal about it–” – Exactly.
– “‘Cause I’m American.” – Exactly, exactly. Although I do feel for
the Palestinian people because I truly believe
that they are held hostages between Hamas, the terrorist group, between the corruption of
the Palestinian Authorities and the corruption of of Fatah. And it’s time for them, and they’ve tried–
– They’ve tried. – But they’ve tried,
and especially in Gaza where Hamas rules everything. You know what they do? Hamas, they would bring the truck in the middle of a residential area to launch missiles and
leave a minute later. When Israel countered the
attack, who would die? Of course, of course them. The Palestinian people are
sick and tired of this. They deserve and they want
to live in prosperity, and that’s what the new plan that President Trump offered. And of course it was rejected
by the Palestinian Authority and everybody else. I mean, look at–
– So Trump got basically 20-plus countries, if
not more, on board this. He basically got Israel on board it. But it was basic, it
was pretty much Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Ilhan and Rashida.
– And Rashida. (laughs) – And I don’t know, and a couple others that were against it. – Because this plan–
– And then it’s just dead on arrival. – It’s based on reality. It’s not like we’ve been
doing the same, you know, that the US has been doing the same plan and keeps repeating it
over and over and over expecting to have a different outcome. I mean, that’s so foolish,
because if you have this plan, it didn’t work, it hasn’t
worked for decades, so bring something else. And what’s great about this plan, I mean, it gives the Palestinian people the opportunity to prosper. And believe me, if they’re not hungry, if they have more job opportunities,
that’s what they want. They don’t want to wipe
Israel from the face. Well, Hamas does, Rashida does, Ilhan and Bernie definitely, these people. – Right, but not the average–
– But the Palestinians, no.
– Palestinian obviously, yeah. – No, do you think they enjoy their lives? No. And do you know how all these Palestinian
leaders are living? They’re living (speaking
in foreign language). They have the best houses,
the best cars, they have– – My boss has quite a castle over there in Ramana.
– Exactly, and Hana Nashawi as well, all of them. And people are begging for
for jobs, and this would work. And especially now more than ever that Arab countries and Muslim countries are ready to normalize the relations and ties with Israel. – Do you see that as like
a mind-blowing thing, that you’ve got all
these Arab countries now that are starting to have
different bilateral relations with Israel, and yet we
have American congresspeople who are further, who are more
against it than Arab countries who have technically
been at war with Israel? – Well, Rashida could
feel free to move to Gaza and fight the fight there. And Ilhan could feel free
to go to Qatar maybe, or Turkey with the godfather
of the Muslim Brotherhood. Just don’t spread your toxic rhetoric between us, because nobody’s gonna, nobody’s gonna stand this. And especially the consequences
of what they are doing. – Yeah, all right, so
what else are you gonna do for the good people of
Minnesota’s 5th District? I think we’ve laid out why
they shouldn’t vote for Ilhan. What else are you gonna
do for these people? – Oh, a lot. My issue number one is immigration reform, and that’s not anti
Muslims or anti immigrants, and that’s what President Trump is doing. I’m the best candidate to defeat her and to help the administration to implement all these laws. Because if I go talk to an immigrant or to an illegal immigrant and tell him, or tell her that, you know what, there are reforms are coming, and that doesn’t mean
that you’ll be thrown out. It’s just, we have to be fair for the people that came here legally. We have to be fair for the
people that waited for years, years and years, in order
for them to get the asylum. We’ll work on the immigration,
definitely reform. I am a 100% supporter of the wall, and especially now with
everything that is happening. And if you think just we’re just trying to stop
certain people from entering, no. Terrorists could go easily to Mexico or to other places and cross our borders. That’s number two. Safety is extremely
important in our district. Ilhan Omar, and I hate
to keep bringing her, but in, she calls for less
police presence in our district, while crime rate is going up sky high. We can improve the security
throughout a legislation that would provide more funds. We can use all these new technologies instead of just putting
people on the street. Security technologies are the best. There are programs that could tell you in, in this area where a gun
was fired right there live. We can do a lot. We can support the
people of this district. Healthcare, we, I could promise that I would work with the administration, but you have the right to
choose your healthcare provider. I’m not just giving handouts. We could push for several companies that provide healthcare
to their employees. The countries that there are companies that are treating the employees
as independent contractors. We can do something. If you work certain
hours for this company, you’re no more independent contracts. So we can work with these
companies to provide healthcare. And it’s the choice of the person. I don’t need to be
forced to go to doctor A, not to doctor B. I don’t need to be forced
to go to hospital C, not hospital D. It’s my, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s my choice. – Individual choice and
competition, you’re a real radical. – (chuckles) Well, yeah. And small businesses in our
district is suffering a lot, and we need to give the freedom of or the choice of being employed, of being a business owner. The district could use a lot. And it’s a beautiful, I fell
in love with it from day one that I arrived in Minneapolis. It’s such a beautiful
place, beautiful people. And it could, I mean Minneapolis should be just like LA, a metropolitan area that all tourists from all over the world would wanna come and see. It has all the ingredients we need to build more of the
infrastructure of this city. And it will be on the map like
Florida, New York, DC, LA. It should be on the tourism map. Maybe not with, now with
the coronavirus and stuff. Which, by the way, all the far left is criticizing the government
and the administration, President Bush, for not doing anything. Excuse me. I mean, asking for 2.6 billion, and I’m not sure it’s 2.5 or six, to support the research and to enhance all the medical research and medicine. That’s not good. Why not good? – I mean–
– Well, the orange man did it, so. – Yeah.
– You know. – This is ridiculous, and
I think, I think it’s sad. I mean, a long time ago
the Democratic Party used to be a decent party because it’s all about two parties. I’m willing, and that’s
what I’m going to do for my district, to build new coalition, to reach not to the other aisle, to the last aisle on this
planet if that what it takes to provide the services
that my constituents do. I don’t insult Democrats. I don’t keep insulting them like she. She keeps insulting the Republicans even though she had
Republicans in our district. So I’m willing to build
much bigger coalitions. I’m willing, and I will
do everything bipartisan. And that’s how the country should, I mean, it’s politics 101. – I have a feeling I’m looking
at the next congresswoman from Minnesota’s 5th District. – You are. – And as long as schedules line up, I’m bringing you on stage
in Minneapolis in May. I wish I could remember the date off hand, but we’re gonna link to
the event right down below so people can join us. And for more on Dalia, go
to daliaforcongress.com. If you’re looking for more honest and thoughtful
conversations about politics instead of nonstop yelling,
check out our politics playlist. And if you want to watch full interviews on a variety of topics, watch
our full episode playlists all right over here. And to get notified of all future videos, be sure to subscribe and
click the notification bell.

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    Leftists would be beside themselves if a conservative congressional representative claimed to be representing all white Christians, yet Ilhan Omar and Rashida Taliban claim to be the representatives for arabs & muslims, and nobody says a word…

  51. Konstantinos Konst Posted on March 16, 2020 at 7:38 pm

    Stunning and brave. Should improve her speech flow. Other than that I would gladly vote for her. Greetings from a greek immigrant in Norway who had a previous long term relationship with a christian lebanese girl. One of the best people I have ever met. I have conservative principles well. Well done Dave. You are a master, on the tracks of Larry King, truly curious and open and critical. Well done!

  52. alex frederick Posted on March 16, 2020 at 8:22 pm

    * Get Styxhexenhammer66 on your show! *

  53. I'm a Fish Posted on March 16, 2020 at 8:22 pm

    I'm glad she's speaking many truths…but leave Islam please. Islam is a cancer. Islam should be banned from civilized societies.

  54. SomaliSoulja87 Posted on March 16, 2020 at 9:30 pm

    Dave Rubin you fucking jack ass! She is has a cross on around her neck!

  55. RobT Posted on March 17, 2020 at 12:16 am

    This woman is ignorant about Libya. The people of Libya loved Qadaffi and they much preferred living under his rule compared to the mayhem of today.

  56. Fay A Posted on March 17, 2020 at 2:05 am

    She cant even speak English well lol go back to ur country if you dont like it here

  57. First Last Posted on March 17, 2020 at 2:18 am

    Wake up America. Muslim brotherhood has a plan, America doesn’t. Even in Egypt they realized the danger these people are presenting.

  58. Fay A Posted on March 17, 2020 at 2:29 am

    Is this the female joe biden? lol

  59. Patrick Ritchot Posted on March 17, 2020 at 5:24 am

    She is gorgeous, smart, and caring

  60. Christopher Leon Johnson Posted on March 17, 2020 at 7:13 am

    Sellout bitch!

  61. soverysleepy Posted on March 17, 2020 at 7:45 am

    what an awesome chick with an amazing story.
    sure hope she wins

  62. Rabolisk Posted on March 17, 2020 at 9:13 am

    What this woman does not realize is that she will be eaten by the right-wing mob. She is a useful idiot for them because she attacks RAchida and Ilhan. Once Rachida and Ilhan are taken out the mob will come for her, and she will be "surprised" at how her "allies" hate her now.

  63. Dog World Online Posted on March 17, 2020 at 10:10 am

    She's more patriotic than most born in USA

  64. GoodnessSake Posted on March 17, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    God bless Dave, Dalia, America & the world for that matter which needs lots of prayer for real love and all things good to counter this darkness trying to seep in.

  65. Gonzalo Azocar. Posted on March 17, 2020 at 8:44 pm


  66. Joe Posted on March 17, 2020 at 9:07 pm

    I like this lady. I strongly believe women should not be in politics, however anyone is likely better than that Incest committing terrorist.

  67. Olad Mohammed Posted on March 17, 2020 at 10:32 pm

    She is not able to challenge Ilhan Omar. She is decieving American public n does not represent muslims.

  68. Robin Luich Posted on March 18, 2020 at 12:51 am

    Cair groomed Barry who then changed his name to Barack.

  69. Robin Luich Posted on March 18, 2020 at 12:53 am

    Freedom to live is what life is about.
    What good is life if you can't live free but must live by others demands.

  70. matsfreedom Posted on March 18, 2020 at 12:58 am

    This dialogue is a good start. Much more is needed. In the near future, an American president will have to make the challenging but heroic decision to outlaw Islam in the U.S. The backlash will be fanatical, but it must be done before it's too late. Look at the U.K. today. Do we want what they have?

  71. Shilah Hutchison Posted on March 18, 2020 at 2:13 am

    This lady is awesome. More real Americans need to listen to this.

  72. munjiful Posted on March 18, 2020 at 2:25 am

    I wanna speak for my country when I say, thank you for speaking out against Saddam when he invaded Kuwait <3

  73. Daniell Barrera Posted on March 18, 2020 at 2:30 am

    She said "I am an American period!" ❤❤❤❤

  74. Jayzee Vanpelt Posted on March 18, 2020 at 2:41 am

    Dalia for MN-5 2020!! Get Ilhan Omar out!! We need a real American to represent the Ramsey-Hennepin County areas of Minnesota.

  75. Daniell Barrera Posted on March 18, 2020 at 2:56 am


  76. polce siagian Posted on March 18, 2020 at 3:10 am


  77. Wafae Dubow Posted on March 18, 2020 at 4:29 am

    Thanks u 100 percent true

  78. maxxon99 Posted on March 18, 2020 at 5:41 am

    One thing you really need to understand: The established press does NOT care about Freedom of Speech. They care about Freedom of the Press — and in their hubris they can't even see the difference.

  79. lewis irvine Posted on March 18, 2020 at 8:53 am

    I love this lady.

  80. Boqor Yare Posted on March 18, 2020 at 9:34 am

    She will beat Ilaan Omar without a doubt beacuse she is familiar with all her ways.

  81. Ase Morton Posted on March 18, 2020 at 11:17 am

    There's no such thing as "Radical" Islam, there only one set of Offical texts that if followed to the letter you get ISIS!
    It's communism with a God!

  82. vishnu v Posted on March 18, 2020 at 1:45 pm

    I am from India
    Love what you do
    I disagree with on socialism, i believe in socialism, I am a conservative right winger.
    I believe in Medicare for all and basic income

  83. Jerry Grassel Sr. Posted on March 18, 2020 at 9:25 pm

    CAIR should be declared a hostile organization and not allowed to operate in America!

  84. James Maher Posted on March 18, 2020 at 10:54 pm

    Naïve to think that the "divide" can be bridged. It is time to discuss partition. If we fail to engage in a serious discussion about partition and taking steps toward that, divisions shall harden and eventually civil unrest shall render society dysfunctional. Omar is an example of the cancer in America: there is compelling evidence of Omar's marriage, tax and immigration fraud and no action by DOJ has or will be taken. Omar like thousands of people in the FBI/DOJ/CIA/NSA and Dept of State have engaged in massive criminality and we all know these people will never be held to account. We all intuitively understand that such a society cannot continue.

  85. Don Kanis Posted on March 18, 2020 at 11:45 pm

    Another Republican posing as a Democrat. ………… sigh

  86. graham parker Posted on March 19, 2020 at 3:00 am

    i hope this true or just more Taqiyya with a new slant?

  87. Yosif B Posted on March 19, 2020 at 6:27 am

    brothers and sisters, I send a message to brother Dave advocating him to convert to Islam, I think my message was powerful and convincing, how can I get sure that he read it?

  88. novic5 Posted on March 19, 2020 at 10:55 am

    Dalia you do not know shit

  89. michael southam Posted on March 19, 2020 at 11:50 am

    All this proves is that the privileged are privileged. if you have money you have the opportunity to escape

  90. Native Veteran Posted on March 19, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    I love this lady. I hope she's the real deal. I can't stand Omar. She's anti-American and so hateful.

  91. Jacob Ben Gera Posted on March 19, 2020 at 3:12 pm


  92. Keyvan Rf Posted on March 19, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    an idiot interviewing an ex iraqi elite hating on muslims

  93. Roy D Posted on March 19, 2020 at 6:02 pm

    I'm not American but if I was, I'd vote for her!

  94. Heather Duncan Posted on March 20, 2020 at 12:30 am

    My prayers are with this woman. Watch for voter fraud. Hopefully the people of her district recognize a real representative when they see her.

  95. Бейшен Н Posted on March 20, 2020 at 12:34 am

    Why? Why are you allowed to put this title for sellout? Why do you u assume we are evil?

  96. sydIRISH Posted on March 20, 2020 at 2:14 am

    The American Dream….still exists, if you believe in it.

  97. Bon Summers Posted on March 20, 2020 at 3:55 am

    How does Dalia see her faith in Islam in relating to non-Islamic peoples?

  98. pablo rages Posted on March 20, 2020 at 3:59 am

    Damn … so many Muslim woman are HOT !

  99. Paul Kirshman Posted on March 20, 2020 at 5:21 am

    Please ask Ilhan Omar why she and her husband/brother refuse to be DNA tested to determine whether they are siblings or not . It is the same testing as paternity testing.