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Muslim Confronts and Destroy Christian Prince on Islam Live ON AIR

Hello, yes, my friend you are life on here, what do you like to say to us suppose you’re almost right Yes, yes. Yes So the topic is about who is who is the one who Allah wanted to slaughter Sacrifice. Yes Okay, first of all, you are you gave us the that quote from the Quran that Verse that you gave and you took it completely out of college one the one that you gave about the And we made him sacrifice five-day now Visiting a whim. Hmm. No, can you speak Arabic? Okay What about man? You took? And you didn’t talk about the other verse that said were calling me thereupon Allah or B Saye Dean not be him in a fall hint for Bashan a who be who lemon Halim hmm Okay, so we gave him the good news of a forbearing son. Thank you. Who’s that forbidding son? Can who you tell me? You tell me Okay, you speak Arabic that’s wonderful, here we go this is this is the serial port OB can you read for me in the screen Latency and we ransomed him with a great sacrifice no reading the screen in it’s in Arabic and you know you sit on you translate and you and you translate and you Translate go ahead. Okay, this is stuff. See nobody. This is our total This is alcohol to be for Cara xro Han read carefully, please from here for cada extra home Translates from there What is Ark for Alex our home as the vs Hawk game closed except translate And most of them said most sacrifices Isaac, okay who is most of them Shit okay Did you say most of them as shit first of all first no, no, no wait no no, no wait that doesn’t mean that most now you have to remember I’m Later I’m asking you most of them they say it is Isaac who is most of them? Who are they? The The scholars, okay But you just hold on but you just told the people here that I talk the world and the meaning out of context but What I meant what I meant is that You only took one to fear which is no I did not know I did not know Okay. No, I do not. I do not even if Nick a–they’re Tamika Thiele He could not hesitate to mention that this is his mission exactly and but because he didn’t agree with it That’s all but if Nick is here, it’s just a guy who came section T’s after we have here It says that the one who agree with this is the following names Look how big the names who is Anika Theo it more averse the cousin of your prophet Holly do I bethought him The cousin of your prophet and the one who became a caliphate and the Honorable hot Bob. I know Herrera So who was it Nicosia do it Nicosia account next to those names? Well, like of course not but but what I’m saying Is that even kaffir is one is one of the top scholars. No, no, he’s not You just told me you just told us, you know, you just told me you don’t count next to them You just told me you don’t count next to them. I mentioned to you me a verse I mention to you A mission to your own hollow get me miss administered. Okay. Let me ask you Abdullah home new Mossad or W cos here Okay, that’s of course after while He got lots of schools So you cannot you just a great you just agree that the lognormal old is away higher, of course So because here is an idiot computer alone So while you are taking now if nigga Theo against your profit against your amoebas against idea be toilet that cousin if your profit and the Caliphate and against the Caliphate Omar and even at the Herrera How come you make us here now? The one you like you dump all of those which are the most high and you take the most law between okay? Okay. Okay. Okay. Look I’ll tell you something else something I Can see it in that point? Okay, there’s no problem in that Okay, I was wrong at that point. But what I’m saying is that using common sense who’s the older son of them? Thank you Who’s all the fun? Is it Ishmael or Isaac? Okay. Thank you Allah. He blessed who of them Which one which one was it? Well, it’s trade because when when did when did Abraham? Okay. Hold on everyone Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on mate his suffocation my boyfriend Okay, my friend host after a child was born okay or not, although hold on. Okay. All right. All right. All right. Okay. Okay when? well, it says here you’re the one who mentioned to me this verse it says and we gave him a glad tiding of a boy For burying boy, correct? Okay Yes, all right, who is this boy Smiled and what about Isaac? Isaac came after Ishmael as it came after Ishmael. Okay, but is it? But Walter did God, but did God told Abraham you will have Ishmael who told him he will have Isaac When did he tell him you will have Isaac? Because go we did he say that Which one Allah he gave as a gift to to Abraham. I Smile or Isaac? Ishmael let us see the Quran Okay And I’m a glad that you speak Arabic And that will solve a lot of problem. Here we go. Wait for me chapter six verse number 48 84 sorry Well Lois helper, and we bestowed upon him This help Isaac and Yaqub Jacob each of them we guided and Before him okay, when? You are the one who said to me that he should mention the there’s no Isaac you should mention first Ishmael. What is this man? This is not related to his supplication no know why I did not say Okay, Allah, he gave as a gift to to Abraham with all the children or gift of God Anyway my children your children too, right so But your God is saying and we bestow it upon him and he named two names Correct. And then he jumped to talk about names have nothing to do with this and Noah and David I mean look look at this madness here how David how Noah we came between Jericho and David Do you see there’s something wrong here and how a job he became between Salomon and Yusuf Obviously the one who is making those names up or putting them together Didn’t you don’t match they had nothing to do with each other nothing to do with each other? same time if we go in different person the Quran it says ah Chapter 11 verse number 71 You said to me that when Allah he told Abraham we are going to give you a son It is Ishmael. You said that I asked you who is this one though? The whole amante Helene you said to me? This is a Shrine, okay, read the verse And his wife was standing and she laughed but we gave it Don’t say the word shit arguing that no, no no it rotated this happened after Ishmael K friend their verse here the Quran is so clear You are the one who said that Allah, he gave a gladden news a tidally news Okay, so why this is like the guy already have a son? Abraham already have a son. So what this is a news is about why it’s a big deal as you see Allah he beasts would a gift on Abraham and that is named as Isaac and After him Jacob read it Yeah in the same time I want to To remember that here. It’s a is that there’s a miracle happen. She said like in she’s am you amazed How I can have you know, I’m an old women. So this is the gift of God The gift of God is a miracle because she’s an old woman Ishmael He was not born from an old woman this why actually Abraham because he give up that his what his wife. She is very old She cannot have kids. So Ishmael was a gift from God Not as you we prove now, it was Isaac Isaac is the gift of God for his have a miraculous birth This is why it was a cleric a big news So the first verse you mention is connected to this verse as you say Well Well, that was wrong, all right, that’s wonderful, my friend Yeah, all right, where are you from my friend do you like to say, where are you from? Yeah, yeah Well, I’m from the US but I’m originally Egyptian so Egyptian. Okay, you know what? I’m going to change the topic for you forget. Okay, so now I prove that I’m right and I respect you by the way for saying that you were wrong I respect that in this person, by the way Because usually some arrogant people they like the cool stubborn even if he knew you know If he knew that he is wrong he go like no. No, I’m not wrong this person I can tell I have to respect him for for for admitting that he’s wrong and nothing wrong with would be wrong Yeah, you can find out you say, ok, I was wrong So let let me ask you my friend you as a person who is speaking Arabic a Muslim and I am a Christian How you can prove to me that Mohammed is a prophet of God Well Because like the Like the problem that that thing is the thing is That’s what I was taught basically Growing up. I understand my friend. I’m just asking you now. You are a Muslim already and you’re calling me and I Can’t tell you how she noticed you which mean you study it you learn you’re not just like, you know You learn so recently what you learn how you convinced yourself that Mohammed is a prophet can you use what how you convince yourself to convince me that mom has a prophet like You can’t you can’t like what is the benefit Base it so basically look I will go out. I will use your logic right now. It’s a scam. It’s a lie He’s a false prophet. Ok, but for what? Ok, does it show you from the Quran? Ok, what is the benefit of doing such a thing? I mean, the guy wasn’t living in a palace. The guy wasn’t doing all the Logic, what’s the benefit? Here we go. What’s Up, what’s your nanny has a what I shall call you my friend. What’s your name? I Don’t wanna say my name No, ok muhammad ya know mr. Muhammad a Version of front of us chapter 33 verse number 50 and you speak Arabic very well It says any believe in women she offered herself to the Prophet. Yes. Thank you. Ho what this had to do with God Why God in the seven galaxies will be fine behind the seven rivers and the seven seas He is roaring he go to his office and he write saying Any women she want to give herself to the prophets for the Prophet he can have sex with her What this has to do with God you just said to me if Mohammed is a scam. What is the benefit? What does have to do with God when this had what this have to do with Islam Okay, it’s time is about worshiping one God praying to God bla bla bla bla Okay, but when this had to do with God, but any women she can give herself to the Prophet What that will do exactly to Allah Yeah, well because there is like what worked in nool The reason why this verse came down There are reasons for these verses that they came down There are certain events that tell me the reason you see what trying to use the logic God say many women she want to offer herself and this is a privilege only to thee Okay, what that have to do with Islam and Allah when I’m coming in the door of Mohammed Mohammed take me to your bed what this have to do with God Well, as I said like there there is there all reason my friend tell me the reason is would this have to do with God I’m asking you about the reason I’m not ignoring the reason I would the reason Mohammed is a prophet he have or women say if you know there isn’t okay. Okay, okay I don’t know the reason why or other reason it’s a fraud as you said from the beginning you say it how you say that Mohammed I want to go you said to me I want to go with your logic you said that Mohammed is A scam. So what is the reason he’s getting the benefit? You see all cult leaders. They share two things They want to take your money and they want to sleep with your wife Let me ask you is it true that in the interpretation of the Muslim books and you’re almost a man you speak Arabic? Which is wonderful it says that if the Prophet He want his eyes fought into a woman her husband must divorce her so he can have her Well, I’m not sure I know I’m not sure about that one, I don’t know I haven’t read that one anywhere Okay, let me let me find it for you. I’m taking advantage of having you as a person Speak speak Arabic Because if I say that to somebody he don’t speak Arabic, you know, we will have a problem All right Let us find the reference And I will I will find an authentic web site not like a web site may be made by some People all right. This is the chatter of Reza I built for you in the screen Okay, I want you to read a new carefully please this is I think you know the web site very well go on key is you KSU Dot edu s say Saudi Arabia. I think you’re familiar with the website. Why? Yeah, I know this website It’s the most trusted one when you want to look for Tess here. That’s wonderful. Okay, and this is the seroquel to be Let us go down and as long you speak Arabic, that’s really wonderful You will find this The privilege of the Prophet they are counting the privilege of the Prophet the number one is the best of the booty Does that say that online? Sophia will munguia. Okay the best of the booty number two a List of dad will be home soon home see old homes He will have in Kohli conclusive. The fifth of the booty is a correct Yeah, that’s correct. All right. Thank you Then they continue and then they say Arabia as the other Allah Allah Anasuya to increase more than four wives, correct Alchemist and Nika how beloved will Heba which means you do not need to get married a women. She said you take me she’s his Okay number six To have sex with the women without help from the permission of her parents. Yeah, Anacapa today everywhere. He yeah, mr Prophet only for Mohammed. It’s all about sex Then number seven and Nika how Belarus is hot without paying he do sleep with women without paying them Number eight he can have sex even when he’s around the Kaaba Number nine, he can’t take an oath and his oath in a font of his wives and he is not going to be Like it’s okay for him to take a false oath for his wives Number ten and I want you please to translate was was okay a lahar. Sure You know what sort of Hawaii Maharaja. Bajalia Zoe Hart allahu wa wahala la única, who are trans entities Yeah, if he puts his eyes on a woman her husband has to divorce her and he can Marry her to take her. Ok. Ok. I look What is the authenticity my friend this is your books, I mean, yeah, I know This is a new hobby This is not friends. This is not me and you respectably. Kathira. We are talking about big nail at buxom and it’s listen listen did you’re a prophet he did the practice that is about what this is about the the Isaiah and zina his eyes fall into zina and he forced him to divorce her is what the guy is saying He like Xena the guy he came to him, okay take her father Zane Zayed is the adopted son of Mohammed So look at this you said to me what is the benefit? Okay, what he is doing this over here take the first the the author of the fifth of every attack which means if the Muslims attack and a Christian village or a Jewish village The yeah, he takes that fifth of the root here Not only that the best of the booty not only he will take the top. Sophia will burn him You know, what’s off your nose? I mean right the best like the biggest TV the biggest car Right, so but what you’re telling me obviously is a gang leader and now not only that I mean why a prophet of God he See with my respect your family. Mr. Mohammed. I’m not trying to insult or let us say me Surely don’t be offended let us say I’m a Muslim and I’m married and my wife she walk in the front of the Prophet and then the Prophet he Saw my wife and now I have to divorce her so I can’t sleep with her Be honest with me is that right to do Yeah, that’s Like Mia Personally, I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that But what guarantees you that that might happen in, you know, because at the end if you look at it He’s a he’s a prophet. What the Prophet? Okay, you see how God has to keep him away from you know? We may be getting seduced by other people or stuff already. Look at this a woman walk by he wouldn’t have her I mean the guy he’s already married he have 13 wives and he had many success leaves So why he when I have a married women? It’s not enough what you have It’s not like a singer he cannot find a woman to marry him and how in the world of women She is married. She have a husband Just because your eyes fall into her you forced the husband to divorce her so he can have her immediately Buzzer. Oh Allah Emeril Oh what? Jabber jabber? You know, what would you let me write it some yes It’s a must my husband to divorce her If somebody tried to do that to you with my respect your family, are you going to let him do that to you? To be honest, no, okay. So how you accept Mohammed doing that to you – I know whatever people this is first not just Secondly Mohammed he proved that he have no ethic Number three Mohammed obviously, he have a benefit money and sex From this religion, he’s not serving God he’s serving himself He made verses look what I assure. She said, you know Tasha, she said to him when he made those verses she said in the or Arabic, I you sorrow I See your God is Doing whatever he can to please you. All right. So why why why Allah he is what Allah serve in Mohammed sexual desire Why what does have to do with God like? You can tell you know, she she felt jealous Okay That’s why but my friend is it is it right that there’s God the guy he have already many wives He have many six slaves you receive many women as gift even from from rulers Additional to the women he could NAB it from their husbands. So what this is about I assure she is say it clearly Now she tried to put an excuse why she did that I felt jealous, but the fact she did not feel jealous She noticed that his god this guy he wished to have this woman. Here we go a verse come This guy he went to have a verse come which means Mohammed. He subjugated God to his sexual desire Do you leave that religion have an ethic we’ll teach you to have sex with your daughter and No, that’s like that’s just disgusting but that yeah, did you have Muslim saying how the Bible says that loot? He stepped with his daughters in the Bible Have you ever heard this excuse Asian by Muslims? Yeah. Yeah Yeah, they always like they always tell me that of course I mean brother look at they read their books and look it’s just I believe the Bible doesn’t say that God he says to Note or to his daughters go and have sex this what they did It’s like me now reporting a crime happened right now in Manchester somebody he took a knife They start stabbing people, but it’s not God saying there the Bible reporting a story and here you see the hypocrisy now If I show you right now And you speak Arabic and I’m taking advantage of having you actually as my guest Okay that you can have sex with your daughter If she is a daughter from a daughter II Are you want to leave us now? Well, look I’ve always had this problem Because like they say that okay, if Mohammed I always ask them if Mohammed can do these things then why didn’t God promise it? Jesus Abraham and all these other prophets. Well, it’s only him So I already had this problem But I don’t if you can prove it then show me show me then I want to see it But I want to see from an authentic source because like there’s no way you can marry you I’ve never seen anyone do that. It was a Muslim. No, no that they would count for you many names actually in the reference There’s many names Which will go to chapter 25 hold on. How about it for your screen? Give me a second. I’m just trying to open The same website we open before As long you are familiar with it Look like Alright I will do it for you Alright, this is we go here to chapter All right, this is the website you agree and you know what it’s very authentic correct the same word yeah All right. This is the serial code to be you can see my screen Yeah, I can see okay the serial code to be let us read together Because some was can be saved online about translation. It says Dada Dada Nessa bono Sahara and Nestle was Saruman. Iyanya a monocular curve, etc Product called a new hobby and Nessa by a Bora and hotel may even at the Karolinska Allah watches Shara faying canopy Massey I can help unlock a new Allah meeya corner 7 maja – Voila daily column yet whole tactically he holy metallic. Um Omaha to come open air to come Bing – who – zina Lian lays at between two lufia, Sahil collinear, alumina or Sahil? : if it Dean Wei de la mia cowan s7 Charan fellow Sahara sure on fella Uehara Mussina built Oh Monty Oum, whatever moment warm. Are you Jaramillo halal or Haram al al Haram? Translation our transitory Francisco. I transferred your translator Ok will show me to see ribbon cut here You said to me show me right I’m showing you would say ok, but No, no, hold on does it say That a person who have a daughter from adultery. He can have sex with the mother and the daughter Yes Ok, but does it say – does it say? Leonelli Sattler who been to Allah who a According to the most authentic opinion, I don’t know what happened to my mouse is not working ha I Hope my mouse is not out of Haven’t see it What happened? My mouse is not working it doesn’t say there let me fix it doesn’t say there that This is according to the most opinion Office colors, mr. Mohammed Even here. Well, I guess yeah, well, I guess you can do that Alright, so and this is according to whom so the most accurate opinion in the religion right Rafi, Asahi : the order may in our whole : if it been what kind of version this room is? You can have sex with your daughter this is not load having sex with his daughter when he was drunk and His daughter they wanna have kids because there is nobody around them. They were afraid that They will not have kids and they were nobody would they will not be surviving But yeah, I understand. But also if you look at the bottom it says a telephone for her Feeny casual Like they they have differences in this case this Islam my friend is Tamil it is about about difference There’s nobody agree about anything. But as you see here, it says as I call a media or lemma in a Lane if it did the most accurate opinion Your prophet he says Larry Ashton a ho – name of Almighty Allah bottle. Do you agree? So If the majority agree upon something according to Mohammed, it must be true and the majority agree now so the majority of Islam according to Mohammed is the one who we should consider and The one we should consider is the one saying you can have sex with your daughter As long as she is a daughter from Daughtery What they are saying there the Quran just to make it clear Quran forbid anyone to have sex with his daughter But if she is daughter from marriage if she is not daughter from marriages what the verse saying here he can have sex with the mother and her daughter and There many stories about many who did have sex with their daughter And they have sex with the with the mother or even they have sex with the sister and they married a wife Or even have sex with though, you know, I mean, it’s it’s all there’s tons of stories. So what do you think about this Mohammed? Yeah Yeah, that’s just disgusting to be honest, I mean I would I definitely wouldn’t do that, thank you Thank you. I mean what kind of religion you are disagreeing about we can have sex with audio or daughter or not? I mean, this is crazy. I mean this is something should not be discussed, correct? Yeah A bit about it because this is come on this is really this is really sick So the Muslim they come to us they say the story of lot of having sex with his daughter Which is not God saying to him. This is what the daughters dead If I now if my daughter I don’t have and not married I don’t have children But let us say for the sake of argument My daughter she gave me drugs and she is that she and she did something with me when I am asleep Can you judge me by that? No, I can’t judge her The god said that to her No So here we have different story here. We have a religion Teaching people that if you have a daughter she is not a femine marriage You can have sex with her mother and your daughter which mean if a Muslim man here But he have a girlfriend and his girlfriend. She have she gave birth to a daughter He can sleep with the mother and the daughter at the same time. Ah Yeah His I definitely wouldn’t do that, I mean that’s just that’s sick I Wouldn’t do that. I don’t know who does this Well, Janice this is well Mohammed when he had sex with zeyneb and she is the wife of his son from adoption is a head sick – Yeah, but she divorced him. There’s a middle for say no no, no olan olan First of all, she did not divorce and Mohamed he went to the house and he flirt with her don’t you know that? It will do you have any pralaya? No, I didn’t know that like, where did you get? Is there a hadith? Okay, hold on We have Hadees. I mean from you know, and an authentic one man. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on, okay Yeah, you know the crowd even saying that Okay, hold on let us see When the story said Chapter 33 verse number 37 when you say to the one Which Supposed the Allah bless him Hold your wife for you, but you hide what is in you What Allah, bestow it on you? Okay what he beasts with? You know that this is your women take her The crew all saying that Muhammad was a hypocrite man saying to the man keep your wife While his heart Is something else he wonder women this Quran now we go to the interpretation chapter 37 sorry 33 verse number 37 Yeah And we go to your wife to yourself and fear Allah, yeah, but he want her hypocrisy Imaginary III wonder women but I say to the husband now come and keep her man keep her. No. Okay. Now look at this And I will show you we will go right away to the reference Really carefully Muhammad. I really I really respect you guys again, can you Deny that this gentleman is very I can’t tell he is coming from a good Muslim family I can’t tell because usually people are very arrogant. You showed you them in the front of them They deny they change the topic but look this guy is a decent guy Not because he’s agree with me because it’s agreeing That this is what is written Because this is a truth. Usually this is real to happen. So I have a lot of respect for you My friend Mohammed even though maybe this is not your real name Listen, it says here Well, call him okatee Za Watanabe you sallallahu? Alayhi. Wa sallam as I never been to Josh means eight Who is the one who married Zeynep to Omaha Zaid Hamid? I? Want to take a take a note and then family that in the ho Hina Zuma and na who alehissalaam at Isaiah Daniel man yet, loo For ops are Isaiah becau Emmitt n cannot buy though on Jamila just seem at women attend minister Akhilesh Farah we Were called Subhanallahi more palpable coupe Fossum had as a neighbor with SB ha further carrot holiday For for Tina’s eight faculty rasoolallah the leafy tilapia Translate Hamid. I will need a translation for you. Go ahead Yeah, he was at zaid’s house and he saw her And what he said get up And she was white Good Marty and all that stuff and he said and he and he hawea. What have you mean? You liked her right? Yeah, well He liked her. Yeah, and then what he said As a panel like a little loop Whoa – God who moves hearts move, but he’s talking to who – I meant women and This married women is married to his son. This is why is allowed to be there when their husband is not there, correct? Yeah, correct. You know you as almost time You don’t accept a strange man to go inside your house. If you are not there unless maybe he’s your brother or your father, correct? Correct. Okay. So Mohammed is taking advantage of being the father of this guy getting inside the house when the man is not there What’d he do? He flirt with his wife With the wife of his son And look, yeah, but but if you continue like if you continue to read They’d told him He’s hurt Mohammed read for Sammy had Z never with this be huh so What’d she say? If she heard which mean Mohammed he said that loud When a man can say that loud this mean his son he is telling her as a flirting Okay, correct, yeah Yeah I might like a women but I don’t say I Mean, let us say all of us we commit sin all of us We are sinners and I was walking in the street and I saw a woman Maybe she is married and not what she is beautiful. But look he did not even say she is beautiful he said clearly that Allah, he made his heart flip and He said that loud and she heard it Kisame Isaiah with the SPEA Fatica wrought her his 80 mission what his father said – whoo – Zaid Until this moment, they did not want to divorce the wife Look, why says for for Tina’s aide. Did you see you did see the word for for Tina? Yeah, he got it. They did he got it for Tina and then he went to Mathura to other prophet He said yo Rasool Allah. He then leave it allowed her in a vehicle kokuboro So he is trying to get rid of her obviously Mohammed he want her he knew I would kill him if he wouldn’t get so he went there Obviously he was happy with her all this time. He never complain Now suddenly zyb is not good. So his ina Is hurting him. No, he is trying to say okay. You want her I heard what you said to my wife She is not good for me take her Yeah, what a shame do you accept such a man to be your Prophet Muhammad a Man you trust him You give him the key of your house and he is he adopt you as a son He announced like everybody says even though the hadith says that the prophet of Allah he scream He says hey, everybody from now on should know that Muhammad the father of Zeta and Zeta is the son of Mohammed Ya know some a time so now he go to his house and he betray his own adopted son Let us forget about being a son. What about a friend? Imagine a friend of yours come to your house and he do that to you Yeah I Think I think Mohammed is time for you to leave Islam I Mean there is no way a gentleman like you Smart like you and I can tell coming from a good family He will accept such a man to be his best example this what they told us, you know any beliefs You’re a middle-eastern. I am Middle Eastern. Do you know the Prophet was the perfect man the most of an amazing man? You know like amazing even even Even I should say say uncle who pull on I should she claimed that Mohammed Sheikh is grown. This is ethic So, what do you mohamad I invite you to leave Islam immediately you’re smart and then then this code Yeah, just Well if it’s like that if it’s like if this is like True if this is true Because look I just I want to say something good because we all know that when you have a prophet a Prophet whole life is based on delivering a message and not Marrying 13 women and flirting with other women. So if it’s like that if this is what happens right here then I Like There’s no way this guy as a prophet, thank you, I mean to that. Thank you See I can tell he is it struggling to say it you are struggling to make the world come up in your mouth But this is the truth if this is this and this is this and this is what it is this is the Muslim books the Muslims who are proud about their prophet saying in their books that this is what the Prophet did so What about the one who is not proud about Mohammed Abad a video? I? am really happy for you that you decide to leave Islam, but I have a duty I have a duty as a Christian to Invite you to accept the Messiah as your Savior. I Believe that you believe in God correct still Yeah, okay, and now you agreed that Mohammed cannot be a prophet that’s mean is a fraud So I invite you to accept the Messiah as your Savior right now right here and I will be happy to help you what you have any question but but this but this is a bit confusing because like I Don’t know. It’s it’s a big risk. I don’t know your friend. There is I’m like, where am I gonna go? What I’m what am I gonna do? Am I gonna be a Catholic and everyone? Oh, there’s nothing called Catholic Protestant in this note. Those are they’re sick They are not this is not really what we follow. We follow Christ. We don’t follow a church, mate Those are names people create them But what we follow is Christ and his teaching and the teaching is very simple You do not need to be Catholic is not Timothy Protestant. Who told you do, you read the Bible There’s nothing’s called Catholic Protestant Orthodox. This is not really this is a division. It’s most of it. It’s about politics Christ is our Lord. Not the Pope. Not a bishop, not Christian Prince. Not a priest. We don’t follow men all men are Korat We follow only the Messiah he is the only one we can trust Okay, so when I invite you to believe in Jesus I’m not asking you to believe in any church of those you believe in Jesus not on a church name Those are the fellows they are not the God We don’t have a bishop his God. He the Pope of the Catholic himself. You confess his sin every Sunday. He’s a sinner too And the Bible says that every heir of his soul is commit sin, but there is only one person. He never did that So, how do you think about accepting Jesus as your Savior Okay, I’m gonna need you just explain me one thing only one thing in Christianity just one thing real quick It’s basically the Trinity we have always been told that like, okay, how can God be man and how can God die and Okay, this is so the question is about the Trinity or about how God can die or which one Is the entire concept because like if you say like Jesus is God and he got crucified. Hmm. So like how can God die Or like okay. You see I will go with you how God can die who said that to you that God died You see Jesus. He said before Abraham I am Before Abraham I am And then let me put the screen The the verse in the front of you so before Abraham, I am So what what what the Jews they killed is the flesh of Jesus But Jesus exists previously to his birth from Mary Okay So they killed the flesh This is why they said to them you can destroy this flesh and I will build you can destroy this temple he’s talking about the temple the body and I will rebuild it in three days about his resurrection and why three just to confirm the Trinity If you read with me carefully Okay, you will see Jesus saying to them before Abraham. I Am was I am and then the Jews said to him? Do we not say rightly that you are some Archon and have a demon they think this guy ever demon what he’s talking about How are you before Abraham jesus answered? I do not have an even But I honor my father and you dishonor me I do not seek my own a glory but like Muhammad you see they there is one who seek and judges, and Then Jesus continued saying the Jews answer him now. We know that you are a demon Abraham is dead. And the prophets And you say if anyone keeps my words he shall never taste death All people die. So what do you mean who ever? Believed in me or listen to my words. He will not die so they cut him wrong They thought he is saying if you believe in me, you will not die. But this is not the death he is talking about That the death where that you will have a internal life, which means you will not retest death Which the death of hell you go to hell you when ever come back Are you greater than the father our father Abraham who is dead? And the prophet who are dead Who do you make yourself out to be? Jesus answered if I know I honor myself my owner is nothing. It is my father who honor me of Whom you say that he is your God Yet you have not known him But I know him and if and if I do not know him I shall be a liar like you But you do not know him and keep his words your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day and I saw it and was glad Jesus now claiming that he saw and He met with Abraham the Jews they said You are not Yet fifty years old and you have seen Abraham Jesus said most assuredly I say to you before Abraham was I am and Then they taught of stones to kill him. So Jesus confirmed and you see here the word I am. Do you see what I am? each time Jesus says I am he is saying I am God because when when Moses asked God I’m going to tell my people what I was say to them, he says to tell them I am Who I am this is the Bible’s never give really a name as it is as a name as you call him Allah it is I am the one who’s Exist by myself. I am there’s no name can describe me? There’s no name can’t contain me. There’s no language can tell Me so tell them I am Who I am. I’m your God So before Abraham, I am so when the Jews they killed my friend, they killed the flesh, which is a created by him This is only creation the only took down the flesh and Then Jesus he proved to them that does no grave can’t contain me No death can take me and he said in many places in the Bible I laid down myself and nobody can take it from me and This is why the Bible says for God he loved the world the whole world including the Muslims the Hindus the Buddhists Because he loved the world. He sent His only begotten Son to save them So the death of Jesus actually proven to us that Jesus is God, not the opposite because Jesus first of all he overcome to death which proved to us that yes, there is a resurrection even the Quran confirm that Jesus he resurrect people from death and Even he created from the mother bird he breathed into it So Jesus he overcome death by death. He went to death and he showed us that by me if you believe in me Look what I did. He was going to kill me and back He would have the same. This is what he says whoever believed in me. He will never die He will never taste death and the death he’s talking about This of health you go to eternity away from God. So Jesus here when he speak about himself He said my if I witness to myself like Muslim They witness to Muhammad and Muhammad witness to himself that he’s a prophet But look what Jesus say I don’t witness by myself my father he witness for me and I’m the father he witness for Jesus in many places when Jesus he got Baptist As a sound in the sky appear and says this is my only begotten Son So the Lord the father he witness to Jesus and about. I hope I answer you about this being crucified I don’t know if this is convincing for you Okay. Okay, you need more explanation. You tell me it’s okay and say it’s yes or no. It’s convincing or not Yeah, it’s convincing Okay, because you know see if you showed me know you showed me and I came back to the Torah to life So you got nothing. You did not really killing me, right? Let’s say you shot me you kill me. You crucified me you cut my hands and then I came back second They saw what you what happened. What is that? So the proof that Jesus is God actually the crucifixion because You know You should be like me and you when we die we never came back yeah. Yeah, I understand I want to say something There’s something and it’s something weird that I’ve never got a straight answer Actually about Christianity From one of my Muslim teachers. I asked them they said Allah Put a guy in the image of Jesus to get crucified But then I asked question about well, I guess then it’s not the fault of Christians because who deceived them Exerts Allah exactly exactly. So like it’s so weird like to get you know This entire idea was in my head that like, okay, wait a second. We deceived them right then Was it the Jews the Jews didn’t get a guy who looked like Jesus and they crucified and it’s actually Allah who did it So, how can you blame him I say? for verse 157 So not only that actually this verse confirm that we Christians we did not corrupt our Bible because we just taught there what we saw and That’s me We are honest and the one who are dishonest is Allah as you said because he made us see someone in the cross But it’s not him. So what’s my fault? If you are a judge and you say a Christian Prince, did you see this guy shooting this guy? I say yes and then after six hundred years we have a God says oh You saw him, but it was not really him. It was a clone. That’s silly and stupid, correct? Yeah, and not only that there’s no witnesses. I mean Mohammed II came with no witnesses The Muslim is saying what the proof that Jesus was crucified. We have witnesses Even the coho come from that that it made appeal to them So they witness the crucifixion of someone look exactly like Jesus And now what is the choice of like having somebody to be executed but he look exactly like him in this earth Even his mother she could not recognize him his mother. Was there Mary the mother of Jesus was the year in front of the cross So now I will answer you about the Trinity Muhammad, okay, and when we say the word Almighty what the word Almighty mean? It’s just say Almighty like literally the Almighty you can’t do anything, right? exact okay, if the almighty says I Yeah, I am God exist at a 3% you are a question how he can be almighty or your question how he can be 3% Huh because if you question him how he can be a 3% but you just his almighty Yummy Yeah, the reason he’s called almighty because he is Almighty So we say in anyways, I was some time we use our logic we don’t think deeply this is the problem with all people I met with even those who they are smart We don’t you is really a deep thinking what we are talking about Almighty and then we say how the Almighty can be almighty But you just agreed he’s Almighty So if the almighty says I I am one but yet a three person will be because he can do it because he’s Almighty Same time when a Muslim he refused to accept Jesus to be the Almighty God. So how he can do the almighty work? Including creation including resurrection including forgiving sin including as I just showed you he says before Abraham I am How the Muslim explained to us that Jesus will come back in the Judgment Day This is almighty work. How how he is a life like like now you asked me a question about how Jesus was killed But shouldn’t you ask yourself to whom? How come Jesus is only one is still alive and all the all the Muslims are dead. Including Mohammed This is almighty This is almighty act. This is not a normal active a human mean do we agree? Yeah, yeah, yeah, so Jesus prove to us not by saying I am almighty but by doing what Almighty do So what Jesus you know, if we go in the Quran? We see that Jesus he breathed Into the mud and He make it a living bird Ok, how he had happened? The Quran says this is the will of Allah by the by the permission of Allah But this is this is silly because I can say now that Jesus was able to do it by my permission Prove me wrong You know, I mean I mean talk is cheap. But what this verse confirm to us that Jesus he did almighty work Creation why God when a shear the ability to create with someone he’s a man Ok, Allah. He was trying to convince us that Jesus is a prophet or Jesus is God If the answer is he is trying to convince us that Jesus is a prophet. Will he fail? Because of Jesus cannot I create if Jesus cannot do all those things. None of us Christians will believe that is God The way I agree Muhammad Yeah. Yeah, we agree with like There is no prophet that did the same thing, right? Not only the creation you see like there’s a story about yeah creating there There’s no profit. No poet ever done this lutely. Alright, not only that like there’s a story about Abraham Asking God for things right and then when God he he told him to slaughter his son and this is what our topic today Allah Himself he is in the ransom So the most and I said to you well why God he need to send a ransom to himself. I mean he will sacrifice To himself or to whom Jesus sacrifice, correct? But when God he sent a ransom he sent it to whom to himself in the Quran Because there are some to who from who who is the one who requests the death of Isaac it was allah And who is the one who Sent the sacrifice It was allah. So allah is sacrifice to Allah So the same reason the Muslim they say we can’t accept this idea that Jesus sacrifice himself to save us is in the Quran Because Allah he ransom and The ransom it was not from Earth. It was from heaven and even the Quran call it a great sacrifice alveen, correct? Correct. Okay. Yeah, so the sacrifice have to be from the sky why It has to be pure Holy Here they say, it’s Iran But the Quran describe it this is a translation. The Quran already says it is the prana alveen So Allah don’t want a sacrifice. Yeah, you don’t want the sacrifice of Abraham He sent his own sacrifice. So why the Muslim reject Jesus to be? Sending Oh to become as a sacrifice the idea of Jesus being sacrifice is not like he must have to say The Christian believe in a human sacrifice not be leave in that. First of all, we believe our Jesus our Lord he is our Lord is our God he come in the flesh of a man, but he Did not go and say hey kill me and we Christian we did not put him in the cross He knew the future He knew what they will do to him still because he loved the world still he will do it he did not run away has grown describe a Lot talking to him. So this is about his knowledge not about he This is why you see Jesus, you know is speaking the Bible clearly that this is like this is a cop He don’t like to drink but let your will be done so Jesus here who proving to us again that He overcome death and death does not affect him and he came back to us in the same time when we speak about the almighty power and We ask ourself why Allah according to Muslims he gave all those miracles of Jesus Shouldn’t we ask Allah, did you try to convince us that he is a prophet or He is God Because how Allah he shared the ability of a creation With a man, his name is Jesus alone the Quran confirm Jesus he created from the mud a Figure of a bird and I breathed into it. Who was the one breathe? it’s not like Jesus he made the figure of a bird and then he says Allah. Hey Allah breathe into it. No and I Breathe into it you speak Arabic very well. You do not need funny addition. Does it say? here that Let us see another verse There’s two verses All right We’re gonna carefully What a suelen 11e is wrong in egypt oakum. Baat meera become in a hollow in me look Ooh-hoo. What’d he say? I? Create from the mud a figure of a bird and I I’m four feet and I breathe and Is going to be a bird by the will of Allah, okay? By the will of Allah this is the Muslims adding it But what it’s confirmed that Jesus he make a figure this is this is all so weird because we have that What Allah Did to Mary he also Unfuck. He also blew in her, correct? No, it’s a word that Jesus will boot it will blow and and in the clay and also God blows in that is so no, this is how Allah he created Adam – Yeah, exactly he blew and like if if if Jesus wasn’t God why couldn’t he just I don’t know like Throw it in the air and it would fly and be created. Why does he have to do the same exact action as God? How unless yeah, nice. Yeah, unless he is the one who created Adam so when I have fashioned him completely and Breathed into him who was the one who read Allah suppose me, but we find that Jesus is doing the same as Allah Yeah, so if all our trying to convince me that Jesus is a sir private he failed He gave in too much power Let us say that those miracles are given this power given to Jesus Not he even can tell you what you hide in your house is correct Does it say that? Riddle me. It says not only He healed the leper he make the blind see he not only that he says I And I inform you what you ate or what you eat and what you store in your houses How you can do that Is it the unseen? Muhammad and the Quran says You know, I don’t have the knowledge of the unseen How come Hamid II have the not know knowledge Of the unseen but Jesus have the knowledge of an seen What do you Hank Yeah, Mohammed is a prophet and the Muslims not only they say is a prophet they say he is the greatest prophet Yeah, so how Jesus he have the knowledge of the unseen And Mohammed do not know the knowledge of the unseen Yeah And the gronckle from that the one who knows the unseen is all is Allah Allah is all-knowing You know Yeah, Allah is all-knowing. But as you see that the one who have the knowledge of how he’s just a man I mean how how this person you go? And you store something you hide some money in your house and Jesus will tell you that you hide this in your house Yeah now you’re right you’re right So, what do you think my friend Everything lead us to one thing that Jesus even in the cult of Islam. Jesus is Nothing like him He is the spirit of Allah according to Muhammad he is Karim Allah or aha al-qahirah Maria And not only that actually the same verse saying that he is The word of Allah and the spirit of Allah sent to Mary is the same word confirming the Trinity but in the Islamic way Yeah, because there it says that Jesus is the word of God and Jesus is a spirit of God and Jesus is the Messenger of God Will we questions? We agree that Jesus he came with the message but He is the message himself. Here’s the world and This way it says in the book of John in the beginning It was the word and the word was with god and the word is v God or was D God so Jesus is the word of God the Quran says that Jesus is a spirit proceeding from God What is what the Holy Spirit is about? This why Jesus say, yeah, I leave you. I will not you will not be alone Every two of you mention my name I will be between them I will be the third how he can be that and he said I was send you that I was sending the comforter Which means he will not leave us alone. We would be always having the Holy Spirit with us so the word The spirit and the man that is Jesus Muhammad here is copy in the Bible But this is a wrong Trinity This is wrong Trinity. We don’t believe in the Trinity office now, but believe that Jesus was the Word of God Yes, but the Word of God is God himself Yeah, yeah, you’re right I Know Jesus can be spurred proceeding from him. I mean, is it Adam created by God and that said And he says why Jesus there’s not sort of pardon yeah, why he did he didn’t say that like Adam is the Spirit of God and why they’re only Jesus and why in the Bible from all mankind? There’s only one person he is not the son of Adam that doesn’t make sense So his father the Quran says that the father of Jesus is God because who is the one who made Mary have Jesus? God It’s not like a man and the women having sex together and they have a son no but in the case of Abraham God they give a gift to Abraham he gave him Isaac but Isaac is a son of Abraham. Not the son of God Abraham was asleep with his wife, but because she is old she can’t conceive So god, he made a miracle. He made are able to conceive from Abraham Not from God But in the case of Mary Mary, she will never been touched by a man so Why all of these things about yeah, yeah Yeah, I understand So, what do you think my friend I Think I guess you’re right. Do you accept Christ as your Savior? Yes like that Christ alert Alleluia, I mean to that my friend I’m really happy for you I’m really ready. You made my day you made read in my day since three days ago and then now I did not have one convert and This is not a good a news for me because always I had people leave in his time calling me and Skype and talking to Me so I’m really grateful for the Lord to send you to me today. So we have this beautiful conversation And I am grateful. That’s you You accepted the right way to be saved Hey, everybody is happy for you. Imagine. The Lord is amazing. You call me today to correct me Correct Correct. You call me to prove me wrong and The Lord he did his work is not a Christian price who did it to you. It’s the Lord he opened your eyes the Lord he guided you and Praise be to the Lord because he is from now on is going to be your guide knees And my friend I advise you from now to read the four Gospels John Mark Luke Oh for and if you have any question, I will be happy. You can call me any time You know, usually I accept only cause from Muslims But I will give you an exception in case you have a question so I can help you To strength your faith and you can even in the text if you don’t like the code I will be happy to answer you because the devil now which will try to attack you For you became a tree who is holding the fruits You see when the tree hold the fruits everybody throw rocks at it Nobody throw rocks at an empty tree today. You became a tree full of roots and the Lord he said from their fruits you shall know them and Since you call me, I taught everybody and you’re my witness I said this guy is different this guy is different his decent and Your decency, not me Made you be saved It’s your decency the Lord he have a decency inside you and your decency today is the winner. It’s not a Christian prize It’s you who is the winner? Now I want all the Christians today to pray to our brother Mohammed here And now I was going to my friend now. I want to call you my brother in Christ and Do you like to say anything people that look look at them? They are so happy Um I’m honestly just speechless, I mean like I was deceived for so long like I tried everything to do for the past Like eight years. I’ve been trying to defend Islam as much as I can as hard as I can and like Everyone has a different opinion Even the holy book the Quran has different interpretations this scholar says this this scholar says that this scholars is this and This guy disagrees with all of them and if you don’t believe this you’re an infidel. I know this is wrong. This is right I mean, it’s just There is no way this can be the Word of God if you have Everyone Telling you know, this is he’s wrong. I’m right? No, he’s wrong. I’m right. No, he’s wrong. I’m right. No, he’s wrong her mind I just So You know in the past in the past week I’ve had some doubts about Islam and I I Used to look at the sky and I just and I swear to you. I’m not even lying I used to look at the sky and I used to say like If you’re there just Guide me Please I don’t even know what’s right from wrong anymore. Just guide me and I Think he did? Believe you my friend you’ve been guided you’ve been guided and now you have you are a different person and now you will see that After you’ve been guided you will be a person who help others to be guided to So from now on you will be an ambassador to Christ. Remember you’re not a Muslim no more. You just said I swear don’t swear Jesus say either you say yay Yay, or nay knee which means yes or no, and I’ll explain that to you in a very simple way you see when we Like in traditionally, I understand like in you as coming from the years I’m a Middle East and they’re in order to make somebody believe us. We swear right we say I swear correct Yeah, because why the usual behavior of us we lie from time to time? So to confirm that I’m being honest now, I swear look what Jesus said Don’t swear. Yay. Yay, or nay me why because you should be always honest not only when you swear you don’t mean So yes, we’re or you don’t swear. You should have to be always honest and this is the teaching of Christ. So from now on We do not need to swear The name of the Lord is not to be used in vain We respect the name of the Lord for respect is a glory where a speak is almighty We will not use his name for little things and or even big things so I Say the truth people believe it or not. This is their business. I will not swear So slowly slowly. I understand you are still leader. You just let us now, but a slowly story you will see how a Christ Change you you will be a different person You will be a person new person with your family with your wife or your children or your parents and let me tell you something Now, yes, you are Christian, but we are not the same as Islam. You have to love your family Even there are Muslims you have to love your neighbor even is a Muslim you have to love all the Muslims even though they might have throw rocks at you a Man, even though they consider you an apostate and the punishment is death. That is a Christianity my friend With the Christ we live but Muhammad we die and This is life Life is to be happy and happy will never enter your heart as long you have hate the second hate into your heart It’s the same time the same second your heart is dead Maybe your flesh is running and the blood is going through but you are dead So today your life and the living Lord is All over your blood Because you brought love to your life so from now on we love everybody we forget about Islam the Kafar and the infidels and Etcetera and it is and this is all is gone. This is all is history the Lord he loves you and Because he loves you. You are going to love everybody around you They lead the light of Christ shine in your face and it is a matter hole cut what the color of your face? You’re black or white. You’re Asian. The Lord is our Lord all of Earth’s and we are equal in front of him he and she white and back Asian or whatever We are all the children of Adam and we are all the children of God Equally Loved by him equally, he want to survive us to save us and this is why the Bible says for he loved the world he Sent His only begotten Son Happy for you Muhammad Yeah, like thank you like really just I Was in complete denial just But I think now I found the right path I’m sure you did Anything else you want to say Muhammad before, you know, I can’t tell you our emotional I don’t want to hold you for long. You want to say anything else before you go? No, yes, so what we should call you now so call you we give you a Christian name What is your view Peter Dante I Know doesn’t matter if you can call yourself actually if your name is Mohammed keep it Muhammad that will be Even more amazing that Muhammad a glorifying Jesus that will be beautiful my friend. He’ll not need to change your name. I’m just joking Thank you. Thank you my friend Muhammad for calling me and I’m glad to have you as as a caller and The Lord that the Bible says a happiness in the in the kingdom of God for one soul is saved So now we have a happiness there. Imagine how much the Lord he loves you We are small maybe smaller than a mosquito for him. But yet he loved us to the point He said happiness in his kingdom will be for one soul is saved Thank you, and God bless you my friends. Take care. God bless you. Thank

Jean Kelley