September 18, 2019
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  • 9:12 am 10 Surprising Similarities With Islam and Christianity
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Mooji Guided Meditation - Leave Everything - Background music

being the perceiver of thought European thought being the perceiver of time you're beyond time being the perceiver of identity you are beyond identity being the perceiver of emotion you're beyond the emotion being the procedure of mind European mind I mean the perceiver of concepts European concepts where is that location where is the location of that which perceives the sense of inside and outside simultaneously the perceiver cannot be ultimately the object of perception however if there is emotional interest or attraction to the object of perception then the perceiver shares the traces of the object of perception is inside the subject of perceiving if this is so what perceives these any movement of thought arising also is perceived silence is perceived the vastness that is perceived by the mind is not the true self the vastness in which the mind itself is perceived that is the self the pure self can never be an object of perception even the qualitative subject of perceiving is phenomenal to it leave these words to find your way beware if there is any expectations any waiting you're not this no it is the mind the pure self has nothing to wait for nothing to gain nothing to lose nothing to change nothing to keep nothing to become don't offer it is to demand there's nothing to imagine nothing to create nothing to manipulate only to understand the presence and functioning of the seed of perception is itself manifested within the pure self the very perceiving of consciousness is not an action of the self the self is neither I know it cannot be said to be located within or without being infinite it is everywhere surely it is within your own self amidst the apparent chaos in the world as the inscrutable how many of the self those who love God or up lunge deeply with in the ocean of yourself find this harmony and are timelessly happy let your mind live inside your heart it should not be seen to be functioning independently mine has no autonomy like the moon is only the reflected light of the Sun they say so the mind is only a reflected light from the heart you are the heart self to awaken to this knowledge experientially is freedom to not truly notice amounts to some form of bondage any form of bondage cannot be eternal therefore there are stages of maturity for the mind which is the journeyer there are no stages for the self are you inside or outside of what now I invite you to leave everything for a few moments all that is conceived or perceived in the mind leave aside cling to nothing not even to the sense I it is possible do not take any shape claim to know for hold no aspiration cling to no method disassociate from every habit are you not still here who are you here tell no one who are you yeah do not attempt to answer these questions outside unfirm only inside your heart or what tangible intangible matter spirit unknowable are your story history do not fall into sleep the service not sleep it's even beyond phenomenal awake the imagination is not necessary it's nothing to create see only from the place of business they don't create itself look from your shamelessness be without becoming stay at the place which is already so no need to imagine where have you come from did you come where can you go do not cling to shapes or form forms of time you witness this but that which observes that which perceives can it itself be perceived and if so by what don't give this to your mind beside these questions are the answers none can give you yourself they can only be a mirror in which the timeless recognizes itself what are you perceiving don't cling don't combine have the courage to be feel it beyond – limitation perhaps you might come to see that you're alone is everything if this is too much simply don't combine when you don't cling to the world what do you like see when you experience this everything you can touch nothing will devalue there's a great sense a movement of coming and going it's too or is what you perceive did this body ever say it is you or is it more that it is you who say you have buddy necessary it is for perception and for experience we are inside this body but as consciousness this body is inside you those are all things that you perceive but it is not understood don't force simply learn to perceive but don't combine don't take shape so quickly and you're perceiving will be Buer what is your state No is it transferable is it an aggregate of sensations your stage if even this comes and goes be that which perceives this they're far beyond what your mind conceive you to be or what you can save yourself to be through the mind if you should find that you are still fighting shadows in the mind at least admit it is only phenomenal it is only a play momentary pull your seeing back into the source remaining in the neutrality of being but even if there is movement inside of mine what is that to the self stay as yourself now be in this space of silence and on created space be inside to silence the silence itself you need not take any shape actually there's nothing to do only to see in infer be the emptiness inside the fullness be that stillness inside the storm really invisible inside the visible be there nothing inside everything be that which is beyond you and me and this and that recognize that which is beyond far drone and ocean of emptiness this is your guru Poornima day and this is for you drink deeply from God's cup of emptiness a language only your heart knows speak to no one about this marinate in yourself emptiness walking in the forum for human being but this emptiness is not at rising unimaginably intelligent whose fruitless peace and love openness wisdom joy life let your life speak instead of your mouth you

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  1. Sol Iris Posted on April 28, 2019 at 5:51 am

    thank you. this channel is beautiful. The in-sight Mooji shares with us (the world) is deeply cherished, for ever thankful

  2. Danni Girl Posted on April 28, 2019 at 5:51 am

    I came here specifically to "like" this. I don't like background music – but this acct is so conscientious and posts such great content, they deserve it. Thank you so very much 🙇‍♀️

  3. philipp plein Posted on April 28, 2019 at 5:51 am

    Backgroud Music GANG!