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Missionary Mike Huggins to Brazil

alright I'll step over here alright talking about Brazil me and my wife definitely the much better-looking one they're my better half we are heading to Brazil now to give you an idea about Brazil it's developing out of a third world country and if you were to fly over this is their largest city some Paulo you had to see how they're advancing now Brazil itself is a large country it's a fifth largest in the world fifth largest by population and when you look at what Brazil is doing right now they're trying to get out of that poverty they have a lot of rich a lot of very very poor people but you see they get the modern headaches along with the modern conveniences and so that's Brazil right now and you know like the Bible says woe be to them that build house to house why is that well because man when they get together without the purpose of seeking God it ends up being sin and so that's what's taking place there there's a lot of that there's a lot of if you read about Brazil there's a lot of violence a lot of crime as they're getting more dense in their population now for us that's an opening right now Brazil has the third highest rate of incarceration as far as people in prison there's over 700,000 people in prison in Brazil and so that's been a ministry I've been working on for the past 15 years my dad got me started in that as you heard dr. Oatman was my father I had the great blessing to be able to travel around with him and do prison work and so hopefully we'll be able to do some of that in Brazil as well when you look at Brazil the country itself it's about the size of the continental United States so this area here if I were to point this out to you this is called the Amazon and I know you're thinking of that package you ordered and you're waiting on the mail this this is a different Amazon this is a rain forest there's there's water humidity a lot of heat so what happens is a lot of people do not want to live there and so they move out towards the coast most people there in Brazil live in this area this is some Paulo here 20 million people Rio de Janeiro is there about 12 million we're going to be in a town up here called posto Alegre we're also going to be studying under a veteran missionary and so we get the language and the culture down and then head out started our own work from there as the Lord leads now this you've seen before you've seen poverty and you've seen it all over the place in the world and and as an American I believe what this does for us is we look at that and almost have a guilt about that because many of us have never lived like that we've never seen that we've never lived in poverty and we think why is it that I should have it so good and they don't well I'll give you some reasons here in a little bit but when you look at this these are the places called favelas in Brazil and a lot of the poor people from the farms move into these areas and they start living their house the house there's really many times no running water there's no sewer system there's no police stations there there's no hospitals they're not really any structure set up there so you can see it's a very chaotic place very place full of violence and crime a lot of sin there when you look at that place it's kind of an untouchable area and what happens is the ones that that suffer the most in those areas are the children really they get raised in an environment many times their parents forsake them and leave them off many of them abandon them many of them neglect them from the parents being connected to drugs there's a lot of gangs that run these favelas so what happens is these kids begin to live on the street and this is one of the worst social problems that Brazil has when you look at the street kids there is about on a conservative number there's about 8 million kids that live on the street so a very very large number and they live with what on their back that's all they have and we got to see this very briefly our last trip there to Brazil and for me that burdened me because I wasn't brought up like that I never went to bed hungry I never had to sleep out underneath the Stars unless we were having fun going camping you know and the Lord burdened me about trying to reach those kids because the worst state is not this life here their physical poverty it's the spiritual poverty the Bible tells you in John that the thief cometh to steal and to kill and to destroy but thank God Jesus Christ came to give life and to give it more abundantly that's what they need to hear and that's what we hope to bring to those kids now talking about beggars talking about poverty we think of those kids as the worst beggar some of those kids start off at five years old out on the streets I'm younger and their life expectancy goes to about 14 years and you say that's very tragic but you know what 14 years suffering is not a big deal compared to eternity suffering that's what these people face they come as beggars thinking they're coming before God they come to a church and that church tells them well you do this you do that and God may find favor on you and you might get to heaven and they come begging for hope and for help and they leave away just as empty as they came that's the the worst condition Brazil has is that spiritual poverty this is the layout of the religions you have there most of its Roman Catholic Protestantism most of that is Pentecostal so they're just as lost as they were in the Catholic Church except for they have a little bit more exciting service that's about it so when you consider that for the most part those people are to see and you say well what about the Catholic Church how bad is it when Brazil they have this it's a special thing they promote there and some of the cathedrals they have these are called votives and a votive in the Roman Catholic Church in Brazil you come with an ailment you have a bad back that's a backbone there bad handbag heart headaches things like that there's heads down here wax heads wax legs what they do is they teach those people you come whatever ailment or your family's ailment you purchased that body part and you leave it with the priest and that priest prays over that and you're supposed to get healed if you have enough faith well guess what happens if you don't get healed well you don't have enough faith so what do you need to do come back and bring more money so the Brazilians are learning what it's about it's not about God being gracious it's not about God wanting to help them it's about a religion getting more and more power and building their kingdom on this earth and this you see all over Brazil massive cathedrals while the people live in poverty so this man I visited him in 2002 and really just wanted to visit a mission field the Lord had laid on my heart about being a missionary visited about seven of his nine churches that he started and prayed that the Lord would allow me to see somebody saved if he'd like me to come back on an official survey trip well thankfully this young man here we were meeting in a utility shed he heard the singing and the piano music from the street came in out off the street he was trying to find a ride with someone to the next town instead of finding his way to the next town he found his way to heaven and he got saved so the Lord answered that prayer in that time the Lord delayed me going and like I started off telling you with it it's all about God's timing he delayed me obviously he wanted me to stay there in Pensacola to help my dad dr. Elman was our pastor in the church and I stayed there for the last you know 16 17 years helping him and whatever whatever ministry and also doing ministries myself with my wife we got to go on a trip again down to Brazil in 2016 I got to do some chalk work and preach in there got to see some results from that this young lady here aand relly she's one of the church members nieces she came out that first night and save along with these two young church boys here Paulo and Gabriel they got say the first night we were there we had a special meeting on a Friday Saturday and Sunday and that Friday night this man his name is Joao he came out that first night and got saved and then the last night we were there this lady next to my wife her name's Bruna she was one of the co-workers she came out and got saved now I show you those things to show you really those Brazilian people did the work there they got those lost people in church they got their their friend their family and their friends and their co-workers and had a burden to get them into church and so the Lord blessed that and allowed us to get to see those people get saved and even more of a blessing we didn't just try to get the lost people in church we went to where they were held up Scripture signs did some public open-air preaching and thankfully in Brazil they haven't learned that street preaching doesn't work so this man right here his name is Alberto he heard the preaching from the park across the street and he came across there and wanted to find out more and got saved there on the street corner along with another lady later on her name Sandra she got saved later that day as well now one thing I show you that is because I am I am excited because I know at least that part is the will of God God's not willing that any should perish and I had a small pardon and seeing seven souls have the eternity change from living in hell to go into heaven now that's what I would like to see I'd like to see more of that you say well that's that's great you know you're going to Brazil why is there a need for more missionaries in Brazil just like you were told today around the world there's over seven and a half billion people in Brazil itself you say you've heard of missionaries down to Brazil well even with a few even though seven souls we got to see get saved that's nothing compared to how many people are in need of salvation down there over a hundred and eighty four million people so you say why is it there's a need well the number right there should tell you but we can't leave it just with that we have to go to an authority higher than that the Lord Himself said the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few pray ye the lord of the harvest that he'll send forth laborers into his harvest he gave us a command to pray that these people get the opportunity to hear what you got to hear already and so that's our desire that's what we asked you guys to do as well to pray for us where the huggens I don't know if you understand but as far as us that name here Huggins usually an America hug is a friendly thing so I guess we have a friendly last name but you can you can see my wife about the hugs I've already been told I don't give good hugs so we'll leave it at that but if you could just remember us the Huggins pray for us we would we would definitely need that and we thank you guys for being very hospitable to us having us here and treating us very well we thank you for that and hope that's a blessing all right I'll go ahead and give you guys a head start while we get this set up if you could go ahead and open up the Matthew chapter five I don't know if we can get that board yes sir and thinking about the blessing of hearing the gospel I think about that like you guys already know I heard the gospel had a very young age and that was a great blessing to me obviously I don't have the baggage that probably so many of you guys have could I get a music stand or something over here might just wait till we get oh thank you thank you very much all right I don't know how us wear okay that'll work alright but if you're in Matthew chapter 5 I'll go ahead and let you know a little bit about me getting saved as a young boy that was a great blessing to me when you consider that somebody had to take the time out somebody had to put forth effort to make sure the gospel was going to be presented to someone and I'm sure it wasn't it wasn't one of those dramatic things in life where you didn't realize I'm sure the preacher didn't realize everything that was involved but you know what if we were to go off of our feeling if we were to go off of how he feel about serving the Lord really none of us would be doing anything for God because you don't feel like serving the Lord all the time and so when you consider that when you consider that you know what it's not about your feeling it's not about do you feel like doing something for God it's about the command he gave and I want you to notice here in Matthew chapter 5 Matthew chapter 5 you notice in this passage where Jesus Christ obviously is doctrinally not necessarily to the church but we want to take a spiritual application and we want to take this spiritual application and give it to you because you know what there's a lot of the Bible there's a lot of the Bible that's not directly written to you dr. Lee but you can get a lot of very good stuff out of it and this is one of those passages in Matthew chapter 5 and you notice this look down in verse 14 Matthew chapter 5 and verse 14 is Jesus Christ says ye are the light of the world a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel but on a candlestick and it giveth light unto all that are in the house let your light so shine before men that they may see your good work and glorify your father which is in heaven now you consider that consider that passage let your light so shine now let's go ahead and before we get started let's pray Lord we thank you for this day thank for the opportunity be here and gather around your word Lord thank you that we have the message from heaven that we can hold in our hand Lord I pray you'd help us to take heed to that help us to realize the importance of your word here today I pray you to re go before us and prepare our hearts to hear your word pray you'd wash us in your blood cleanse up anything Lord that would hinder your truth and your glory from being brought here today we thank you for what you've done for us already pray Lord it was already prayed Lord we're looking forward to you coming back and when you do come back if we're here help us to be working for you and we ask this in Jesus name Amen now Jesus Christ says there in the passage he says ye are the light of the world ye are the light of the world now I can't really emphasize that enough because Jesus Christ is talking about he's talking about your participation or your position that's intended Jesus Christ got so he has a position that he intends for you to be at and where is that position well he says ye are the light you're the light we're not in church but you are the light of the world how easy is it to be a shining and glorious and magnificent Christian here what about out in the world he says you're a light in the world now that's participation he has intended for you in a certain place he's got a place for you now you say well I don't like my position well that's not up to you your positions not up to you the Lord knows exactly where you need to be he knows exactly where you should fit and your Christian life and only he knows that and when you consider that your position it may not be a glorious position it may not be a glamorous position you know what if you take that position you know what you're going to get you're going to get some opposition just like Jesus Christ did you notice in Jesus Christ and his ministry you know what happened to him people didn't like his position and who's the ones that didn't like it the most religious people they couldn't stand it in fact talking about this you know a preacher in America's name was DL moody DL Moody was one of those preachers he just really didn't have a high education but God used him God used that man and DL Moody would get up and he'd preach he'd preach anywhere he had an opportunity whether is in the pulpit or outside of the pulpit wherever it was he would preach and DL Moody got up and was preaching away and one lady came up to moody after the service and said mr. moody I really don't like the way you're presenting the gospel to the people and moody says well you know what as you as you mentioned that you know what I really don't like the way I have to do it either let me ask you a question how are you doing it and she says well I don't do it at all you know what Moody said moody says I like the way I'm doing it better than the way you're not doing it and you know what the question is today is not how do you think you should do it but what are you doing are you a light in this world are you shining for the Lord Jesus Christ or are you just thinking of better ways to do it that's what we're talking about a position he has intended for you ye are ye are the light of this world that's what he wants from you to be a light now that position may not be too glamorous you may not have thousands of followers you know what it's not about the following when you consider that it's not about how many people you can get to follow you when you when you stop and consider that the Lord has given you to a command to be a light and he's given you a command to be a light in this world you say well how do you know that well Jesus Christ preached the greatest truth that's ever been preached on this earth how many people did he end up following him all men forsook him and fled he was there by himself having to give a message himself at his own crucifixion you know what it's not about the following it's about your position God put you in whether anybody follows you or not that's where he wants you well you say well it's not too glamorous I don't like what's going on well Bob Jones senior had a good analogy of that he used to talk about that he says you know what I have a light in my house I have a lot in my house and this a lot of people asked me you know about my house and I tell them well the most important the greatest light in my house you know what it is and they all in wonder what what's the greatest light in his house because they come over for dinner and there's this great big chandelier as you enter in the foyer of his house big huge chandelier they think wow that's got to be the most important light it's the biggest that's the shiniest he says that's not the most important light in my house it actually takes the most work all the cleaning all the getting the tarnish off of it all this stuff changing all the light bulb this is just a lot of work they say what's the most important light he takes him back to the hallway and he points out to a little light that's plugged into the hallway there the side of the hall just a tiny little nightlight that's the most important light my house because I get up at night it keeps me from stumbling and breaking my neck trying to get a glass of water or go to the bathroom at night you say well I want to be like that big chandelier everybody comes in the room I want them to see me how important I am how big I am how impressive I am and the Lord saying no I just want you to be a little light to keep somebody from stumbling where are you at Christian are you in the position God intended you to be a light in this world not so you can shine on yourself but you can give light for them that walk in darkness that's what he's talking about there ye are ye are the light of the world you are the light of the world now that's the position he had intended you think about that position deal moody tells another story about that he said I was doing some work in near Cleveland Cleveland Ohio and I saw in the newspaper where there was a bad storm and in that storm there was a chaotic wreck there all the boats there's all kinds of boats that got destroyed in that that storm and he wondered what had happened he read the newspaper and what took place was there was a lighthouse keeper and this lighthouse keeper he was tending the light until one day he realized you know what everybody else was having a good time this weekend and they're out you know enjoying their fam I think I can just skip out one day and so he did he skipped out and he stopped tending that light just for that day and didn't think much of it and got out there and left his post there at the Lighthouse and you know what happened that evening he thought well I'm I'm a lower light I'm just the light here nobody's really paying attention to me I'm not that important you know I'm I'm a lower light and he looks up on the hill and there's a big light house up on the hill he says as long as that lights burning I can leave my post so he did he left his post and went out had a good time and his family came back that next morning looked out all up and down the shoreline there and saw boats smashed up and down the harbor there what happened was he was one of those lower lighthouses that guided those ships into the harbor and you know what he decided other things were important and moody read that story in the newspaper and he came back and he preached the message on that and he says let the lower lights be burning and Phillip bliss actually turned that into the song we sing today let the lower lights be burning you know what the Lord needs he doesn't need a lot of great lighthouses in this world he needs just a bunch of lower lights to keep burnin where you're at at your job around your family around your friends that's what he needs the lower lights be burning how is it going with you Christian are those lower lights burning or have you decided there are more important things that you could do that's the position that's the position he had intended for you you think about that think about the position God has intended for you I know nobody walked in this building nobody walked in this building and they started looking around the building and saying you know what this is such an impressive place now I think the most impressive thing about that is that exit sign back there or that exit sign up here and you're saying man I just can't wait to come back to church to see those nice exit signs you know what I know you didn't do that nobody thought anything about those exit signs here today until I said something you say why is it because nobody cares because there's no emergency what would happen if this room was filled with smoke and you couldn't see out those windows and you couldn't see anything you know what you'd be looking for that exit sign you know what happens this lost world they start to realize their life is in shambles that's in disaster and you know what they're looking for just a little exit sign stuck on the wall where it needs to be you know what how many times are they missing that light God's got a position he intended for you to be are you being a light in this world where you need to be that's what he's asking the ER ye are the light of the world a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid I also look back to that passage you notice there he's not only got a position intended he's got some purpose that gets neglected look back to verse 15 verse 15 of Matthew chapter 5 he says neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel put it under a bushel what is that bushel well you know what the bushel doesn't do the bushel doesn't stop the light from burning all it does is put the light to where it can't go through it covers it covers that light so you know what so many Christians do is they allow that light to be covered they allow that light to be covered up by something well what is it well it could be it could be yourself ambition it could be your pride and it could be just very likely your sin that covers that up what was a bush I used to think a bushel when I was a kid was a little bush but it's actually about a eight gallon device that that used for measuring seed big thing they would cover that up you know what happened so many times is that light is put in your life and God wants to have that light shine through you and you know what you do you allow something to cover you allow something to cover that light you say what is that well that's that maybe your sin that maybe your sin you let your sin get in the way and you don't have a good testimony you don't have a good light that shines through you because all people see in your life is the covering your sin and so you know what that's not what you're to have when we were I was a young boy I had a guy in the church east and take us out and we love to go camping and he takes us out camping weird went to a place called Fort Pickens there in Pensacola in this place called Fort Pickens it was on a federal piece of land and we kind of had to sneak into the fort a little bit and go around the gate and he told us he says boys since we sneaked in there's a light over there the Navy base and when that light comes around it's a big lighthouse when that light shines on you if those people see us over there they'll send over the Navy and they'll come throw us in federal prison we were we were scared to death so we see that light swinging around like that off in the distance we jump off the seawall we were running on we dive off into the dirt and we jump into the water we're trying to get away from that as much as possible we didn't want that light to hit us you say why was it well we were we're not doing what we were supposed to be doing we felt like we were breaking the law you know so many people run from that light and hide from that light so many people don't want that light to shine in their own life so what do they do they cover it so nobody can see that's what you don't want to happen that's the purpose of the light that gets neglected look also to Luke Luke chapter 11 Luke chapter 11 not only is that purpose getting neglected but you end up with you end up with the purpose getting neglected as far as the covering but you also have it being concealed being concealed and you find this here in Luke chapter 11 you notice this look in verse 33 he says no man when he has lighted a candle put it in a secret place put it in a secret place you know what he's mentioned in there is when you have that candle lit you know what you want to do you want that candle to light up everything you can see you want that candle to be a light so you can see and you know what you don't do with that candle you don't like that candle and put it in a secret place you don't bring it away from where it should be you know what that message about that message about like old like old Jonah what did what was Jonah Jonah was a light Jonah was a light in this world you know what God said God says I want you to go shine your light where do you where do you want it shine well I want you to go shine in Nineveh Jonah says well I don't want to go to Nineveh those people are just wicked they're just evil they don't even know the right hand from the left you know the Lord says he said no I want you to go preach there Jonah had better ideas so what did Jonah do well he brought that light to a secret place he brought that light out of where it was supposed to be and you know what he thought that would be okay you know what happened to the story of Jonah he ends up getting swallowed by a whale but that story of Jonah teaches us something a story Jonah teaches us something about that that secret place you can take that light and you can take that light to a secret place you know it's so many people especially in this country they have the light in them they have the light that Jesus Christ gave to them inside of them and you know what instead of shining it to this old world you know what they do they bring that light and take it to a secret place you know they let happen they let their desires and feelings direct them and you know what that light doesn't ended up shining where it's supposed to be shining it ends up being in a secret place you say well how is that well you let your job direct where you're going to be at even though there's no church there even though there's no no place that you can get together with other believers you let your job direct where you're going maybe your career maybe it's something like that and you know what that's a secret place you take that light instead of where God intended it for it to be well you think about that also look to Luke chapter 11 verse 33 not only is it a secret place he mentions the bushel there but looked Luke chapter 8 look to Luke chapter 8 and you notice it's not just the secret place that that light goes to but he also has there in Luke chapter 8 look down in verse 16 he says no man when he lied at the candle cover that with the vessel covers that with a vessel you know what you shouldn't do is try to contain try to cover that light with a vessel you know that's a picture of that's a picture of your flesh so many Christians they they stand up and say well I want to serve the Lord I want to I want to please the Lord and do something for him but you know what it ends up being it ends up being all in the flesh it ends up being all about yourself and you knowa that's serving yourself that's serving your flesh I learned that when I was a young Christian we were we're in Bible School and we were learning all kinds of stuff you know and learning all these new doctrines and it was man it was exciting I was enjoying what we were doing and learning all this stuff about the Bible and me and this buddy at work we had about five or six guys there from TBI and we're working there at the job and we started arguing about some of the stuff we'd learned in class started arguing about who is right and you know we're arguing you know who knows what you know who's making the umbrellas for millennial reign you know stuff like that you know and that's that's not real so don't try to look that up in the Bible but we're arguing about this stuff and we didn't realize that this guy we had been witnessing to for four months was walking behind us he was walking behind us and we didn't notice him at first and he's back there and we got done with we had to walk for about a mile or two back to our car so he could get back and head back in town and we're walking through there and didn't realize this lost man was right behind us and we finished our walk and I felt like I was throwing a couple really good verses at him and really showing him that I was so much smarter in the Bible in him and we got to our cars and this lost man we turned around look noticed he was right behind us and he came up to us he says you know what boys I've been listening to what you guys have been having to save these last you know five ten minutes and you know what I think you guys are involved in the most craziest stuff in the world I don't think I want to hear any more about this Bible and this Jesus you tell me about and we just slam the door in that nice face you say why was it we put that light in a vessel this old flesh look at me look at how much Bible I know look at how important I am while this lost world doesn't get to see the light that it's supposed to see that gets covered up in a vessel that's the light that you should be shine and now also look there at verse 16 in Luke chapter 8 he says no man when he hath light of the candle cover that with a vessel or put it under a bed put it under a bed you know what you ought not let do as you ought not let your comfort your comfort like a picture of that bed dictate whether you put the light out or not you know what in this country we have we have about the greatest blessing there is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ how many of you have suffered for being a Christian in this country I can probably pretty certainly say nobody here has really truly suffered for being a Christian here but you know what this country is one of the worst ones for Christians to speak up for the Lord Jesus Christ why because they're worried about that bed of comfort they have they don't want to disrupt people they don't want to offend people they don't want to upset them you think about that what would offend them worse that you didn't say anything to them and just let them die and go to hell or maybe you hurt their feelings a little bit and told them they needed a savior to save them from Hell what do you think they would rather hear they'd rather hear and bow the name of Jesus Christ now or do you think you'd rather have them bow the name of Jesus in eternity what do you think they'd rather hear well obviously they want to hear about it now but you know what happened so many times our comfort our comfort gets in the way how many times has the Lord nudged you on the shoulder and say hey why don't you go over there and witness to that guy why don't you go give him a tract and you say well Lord look at that guy he looks like a freak he looks like a maniac if I go talk to him he's going to get mad at me and there's you know what you're thinking about you're thinking about your own comfort and you're not being a light in this world the Lord Jesus Christ called us to be a light in this world now you consider that you consider that here and a coming inclusion if you go back to Matthew go back to Matthew chapter five look there in verse 14 we don't want to end just with the negative part of that but want to give you something to encourage you I want to give you something to bring you in mind you know what the God put a great blessing on you to be his representative to be a light for him to shine forth for him and you know that's a privilege it's not a duty it's not a chore it's a privilege that God left went back to heaven the Lord Jesus Christ left and said I want you to be my ambassador I want you to be my ambassador in this world you know what we get the the greatest privilege of getting to see these lost souls come through time and you know what we get to see we get to see them converted we get to see them come who are once headed to hell who once we're in darkness and that light shine in their life and they become born again they get a new life and you know what we get a small part in that that's a great blessing when you consider that so what do we say here in closing we say well we get to take part of this punishment that gets averted this punishment that gets averted not only does God have a position for you he intended and so many times in that position we neglect our purpose but you know what the greatest blessing is is when you do what God wants you to do there's nothing like it there's there's nothing to compare to watching and seeing a soul come and bow their knee and say Lord I want to trust you as my savior you can win the lottery you can win a hundred million dollars a billion dollars whatever it is you know it's going to happen in about 20 million years from now that won't seem like nothing because you'll be walking on gold all the riches and fame and popularity of this world won't compare to one soul so you know what it's going to be important to you did you have a part and seeing something take place in someone's life for eternity did you get to see that lost soul gets saved did you have a part in that now that's a great blessing that's the punishment that gets averted that's a punishment that the Lord allows you to step in so his mercy can prevail that's a great blessing I think about that the first time I got to see somebody say personally from my my personal effect was when I was young boy I was a young boy we were actually out at our gym there in Bible Baptist Church and we were out there and all the adults were in there there playing racquetball and hockey and things like that and us kids that went out there and there's one of the guys that was playing hockey he left from the rink early and he was going to head back because he was a Navy man and what had happened was some of those guys those hockey players at church invited him to come out and play hockey and hopes you know to get a chance to witness to him and so this man he comes out there and you know he doesn't really do anything other than just play hockey and get ready to leave and us kids see him you know going back to his car and we got excited so we run up there with you know a couple gospel tracts and things like that and say hey here let us give you this and you know obviously he's curious he's wanting to know what these kids are so excited about and so he started asking us questions and we thought me and this this is great so we start dealing with them and I was about eight years old at the time and started talking to him about the Lord and talking to him about being saved and he had never heard that before he never knew what it was to be safe and make a long story short with that we got to deal with him there for about thirty minutes and by the time we were done he ended up bowing his head and trusting this christ in the parking lot there and I thought me and this is the greatest thing in the world you know and you know I decided that he needs to be where we are he needs to know just as much Bible so I started from Genesis I started with Adam and Eve you know I got I think I got maybe down to David killing Goliath about two hours later he's like sorry guys I gotta go you know what I was excited I got to see a person change their eternity and I had a small part in that what did I have to do just let that light shine just shine it on a poor loss center you know what they change from spending eternity in hell instead of that they get to see their Savior one day in heaven you know there's nothing like that there's nothing in comparison to that you can't compare that to anything that's the greatest thing you can do there is no other higher privilege you couldn't trade that for being the president of the United States you couldn't trade that for anything there is nothing in this world more important than that you know when we talk about this light we talk about Jesus Christ saying ye are the light of the world ye are the light of the world and the question to you as a Christian here today it's not that ye are becoming a light in this world that's not what Jesus Christ said Jesus Christ said emphatically ye are ye are the light of this world period you're not training to become a lightness world you already are now you're either hiding that light you're either concealing that light or you're letting that light shine through you're either covering it with your sin or you're letting it shine through you're either taking it off the secret place and concealing it from them or you're shining it this lost world you're the only light this world has it's not up to some magical thing from happening it's up to you let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven let your light so shine before men that's what you're to do ye are the light of the world a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid that's the blessing of it that city it's set on a hill it can't be hid it can't be concealed you know what what's traveling out here in this ocean in this ocean there is some precious cargo you say well how precious is this cargo do you guys love the Lord Jesus Christ do you love him what did he do he died for something he shed his blood he gave his last drop of blood for something what was that one of the first verses I'm sure everybody learned for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son the very best was given for a cargo that's out there in life see it's getting knocked around in the tempest and you know what they need to see they need to see a light that can get them to safe harbor they need to see a light that directs them to the Lord Jesus Christ I'm asking you here today are you a light in this world or are you copper in that life because you want your comfort or because your sin has gotten in the way or because your pride has gotten in the way Jesus Christ says ye are the light of the world how good of a light are you let's pray Lord we thank for this day think for the opportunity to be here with these folks pray that the message would be a blessing to them be an encouragement to them and the great privilege we have to be a light in this world Lord thank you for leaving it to us to do help us not to take it lightly help us to have true love for you and realize what you've done for us and this world on Calvary's Hill lord help us to go out and spend our time telling others about you Lord we thank you for salvation thanks for what you did on Calvary and lord I pray you'd give us the boldness to speak up to all those around us we ask these things in Jesus name Amen

Jean Kelley



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