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Missionary Doctors Serving with Love and Care in Remote Corners of Africa

how do you stay positive dr. Reneau Johar's commute to work takes just a few minutes sometimes at nights when they call me for an emergency yeah it goes faster sure sometimes on the bicycle yeah dr. Johar started as the medical director of in coma hospital in Malawi in 1996 I've worked in in the West I've worked in the Canada and South Africa and in England but I think what I do here makes the biggest difference as medical director to her hire dr. Catherine Hodge to solve a problem the hospital approached me and asked me to consider opening a neonatal unit because they recognized that it was just a missing piece of the hospital care they do what they can with the little they have babies sleep five or more to a bed the smallest sleep in makeshift incubators we designed this box which just has warming light bulbs underneath and since then I don't think we've ever had a hypothermic death yes even during an African summer underweight babies died of hypothermia Hodge was obviously the perfect person for this two-year journey but she had to go through an emotional learning curve along the way a lot of grief because in the States I had never seen a child die even once and then what time was able to move to this new role of setting up a really heartbreaking unit but one where there's also a lot of hope because the 33 babies that we have in this ward today would have had no chance a few years ago to understand the magnitude of the healthcare crisis you're on the African continent you just need to look at the doctor-patient ratio for example in the United States there are about 400 patients to one doctor here in Malawi get this there are 50,000 patients to one single doctor the focus at this teaching hospital is bringing up national doctors daniel camuto started out as dr. terrors gardener my dream is to become a second of the Vedic said Johnny they're also currently training 300 nurses at in koma all of sim Bonnie finished in nursing school a while ago she's been at in coma for more than 30 years you know any of what a child who is very sick at the beginning and then in two or three days time you find that child smiling at you coming to you you know that you feel good that you have done something nice as you can imagine living in a rural community like this can be difficult both at work and at home the electricity is probably the most common challenge we have also the water needs to be pumped from a river five kilometres from from coma so one of the many goals at the hospital is to keep the people they trained to stay in that rural often frustrating setting we hope that it's their Christian conviction that brings them here and makes them stay we also try to give them a decent housing plans are currently underway to build a number of small apartments to offer more staff low-cost housing you know missing is a passion so if people have got that passion to wake and looking at how poor people here are you can stay and we can still go on so I feel this place is ideal for a Malawi and woman and it's ideal for doctors like to heart not for the salary or the luxury or the amenities but for the necessity the next town is 50 kilometres from here in an emergency situation that could be the difference between life and death George Thomas CBN News in koma hospital Malawi you you

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  1. aditya mail Posted on April 26, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    And converting people to Christianity with cunning Ness.

  2. Angelica Catherine Posted on April 26, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    My dream is to be a missionary doctor 👩‍⚕️

  3. Marcus Bhambal Posted on April 26, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    God Bless this missionary

  4. Shakeel Ghauri Posted on April 26, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    God bless all of you brothers and sisters.