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Missionaries of Africa, called "the White Fathers"

have you ever seen a Catholic priest with clothes traditionally associated with Islamic people well we met the missionaries of Africa commonly known as the white father's because of their habit who do exactly that their first communities were in North Africa so their founder wanted to help them fit in in his desire to to get us resemble as much as possible the Muslims in whose context were founded so that in terms of contact with them we'll be able to be accepted very easily and still till today you will find many Muslims walking around in the white sort of a dress like this and the rosary we took the Rosary because of our Christian faith but Muslims they have the something like the rosary within 99 names of God where they recite the praises of God so for us we replace that with a rosary itself with a very stations with a different decades and we use that also as our prayer the hut of course is very practical when it is hot and it is something that is common in many parts of Africa the white father's are present in 22 countries in Africa as well as in countries in Europe and in North America their main work involves direct evangelization and setting up schools and health facilities but another main priority is inter-religious dialogue between Christians and Muslims that with Muslims is important to us and it is a dialogue which means an encounter with them respecting their religion their faith and learning to appreciate who they are for who they are not necessarily trying to convert them now if there are some who are ready to be converted and if it is not dangerous in some places is dangerous for a Muslim to leave his or her faith if it is not dangerous that person is accompanied but we don't aim at converted Muslims we him at encounter in him as brothers a of a of a common faith in God but the fanaticism in Islam I think it is a reality in Africa in many African countries we have seen it in Nigeria we have seen it in in Mali and it is interesting to note that the Muslims in those countries they say this is an Islam we do not recognize this is not our Islam because the Islam that we are used to is on Islam where the people of other religions live peacefully with them they interact with each other without any violence and it still happens today in Ghana in Burkina Faso in Mali in Nigeria in some parts that in the same family you find Muslims and Christians living together interacting without any difficulty so it is it is a current of Islam that is being introduced with people who have been trained outside who upon return claimed that they are the real Muslims and that the others are not real Muslims so they try to impose another vision of Islam upon the people how do we counteract that I think the best thing is to continue to promote a respectful dialogue this white father spent around 25 years in Rwanda he knows what it takes to be a missionary he even experienced the beginning of the genocide in 1994 foot on the earth thierry de la soie but there were terrible days I remember they were horrible or something very horrible people who speak for and haven't lifted like I have it's difficult for them to understand it they haven't lifted that sensation of destroying life that sensation that life isn't worth anything that you are an object it's blind destruction bones don't have eyes people who are panicking and you are also afraid you don't choose to be a missionary you're chosen you're chosen by Jesus the first thing necessary is that you feel that he called you that he wants you there like Saint Paul says that you feel you've been possessed by Jesus that you've been seduced by him that's the main thing even for any vocation but to be a missionary being seduced by Jesus then includes going out to the country where he indicates you for me it means being a light to be like a little lamp that gives light this is the basic thing if this doesn't exist then missionary doesn't resist esto es la vesikko si esto nicest a commissioner or not resist

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  1. M Al-khaldi Posted on April 26, 2019 at 5:49 am

    You haven’t seen Christians in Kuwait really interesting

  2. Shaunny Deagan Posted on April 26, 2019 at 5:49 am

    Their books must be burned and temples destroyed. Your race us coming to an end. White jesus won't make it last.