June 26, 2019
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Autobots macho muscles all right Autobots treads 400 God wait he's healing what transform bow God verb are you so tiny transformers oh there we go my worked I'm a tank I'm kind of oh my god the sheer size of that lad whoa whoa whoa can I get big – I wanna get big it's gone oh I'm a little big I'm bigger now you guys wanna mess with me you gotta eat your veggies you gotta eat your veggies at one day you can be as big as me hey doesn't work today guys we are doing a Transformers build battle and at the end we will be having a battle royale wait who are you destroyed the sets not me why would you ever do that I'm going to have to /bin one of you all right build your favorite transformer and at the end we will be battling it out for winner takes all that's right Atlanteans today we're building Optimus Prime my favorite transformer actually my favorite probably would be a hot rod if we're gonna be honest here all right now I'm going to try and build to him I don't want to go crazy big you know I want him to be a little agile I think that's enough spacing actually it will go in one more that's enough spacing in between the legs actually I'm gonna go three that's the size or in Joe's littlefoot's here and yet let me know your favorite transformer in the comments guys let me know let me know no no yeah I really like to know what your favorite transformer is maybe we could do some more this the transformers mod is so cool and we're gonna have an epic battle royale with them I think this actually has to go back one more because his feet is a little his toes are a little big mr. Optimus Prime he's been working out those those seats we're gonna go up with this he's got like some type of shin pad or something looks really cool and the Tyrian block makes it look fantastic now yeah there is actually Optimus Prime in this mod we don't have it downloaded I guess there's like an addition to this mod but we didn't download it we'll do it next time also FISC shout out to him for making this mod if you want to download that just look up transformers mod 'minecraft and it'll pop right up now the feet I think I'll use world edit I'll build like half of him and then from there I'll kind of just copy paste it just to make it a little easier it's not like I think that's like a knee pad or something yeah something like that there was a show I used to watch I loved it it was so cool it basically was transformers but it had animals they would like transforming animals and they'd run around and attack each other and he's like battle Royales and it was really cool I forget the name of it but maybe one day I will remember if you guys know what I'm talking about please comment down below because I always forget that what that is think somebody told me once and then I just forgot again I want to watch it it was really fun I got the toys for it I thought it was like really kick butt but yeah there's the shin I guess and now he's got some sort of like medal it's just this bull the gray work I think very will work it's like a tendon or it's like it's gonna be this die now thighs are a little thinner he maybe missed out on leg day but yeah he will have to work on that or mr. Megatron will come over with a sword or something and slash them all I should probably build his sword that'd be really cool okay not a bad start maybe gonna add a little bit more detail here and there but I'm gonna continue on and I will be back once I have a little bit more shape to this second okay so we worked on this guy's it's really fun to watch like as I'm building you know I can see where oh that's what that tire is or that's where the the exhaust is for the truck you know the horns or something like that from Optimus Prime and then we also have the windshield so cool see you know everything kind of lays out these legs are looking a little skinny competitors arms maybe I'll have to prove them up a little bit well overall I'm liking the scale we got to get this guy done no let's give him the old Atlantean quick build challenge or something you know what I gotta work on that but hey we're gonna start building yo so I worked in the head guys that was so worried I was I gonna miss to some of them missus up yeah I actually like how it came out he's got kind of like a shield almost for like his Amell oh that was trying to zoom in yes so yeah he'll pose he's got a little dot up here it looks so cool I love how this is actually coming out I'm doing Optimus Prime good I think now it's going to be kind of tough to make him 3d I'm gonna try but it may look a little boxy a squarish but we're in minecraft so it'll be fine there's I don't have much detail to go off of from these angles that you know where his site is but try it out okay you know what he's got a bit of a booty but that's not to say having that big booty it bad and actually looks pretty good I'm mr. Optus Brian over here we got to work on this kind of joint this is kind of weird I might want to just kind of wrap it in a little bit make it look like it goes with the arm cuz technically this arm should been a little further back so I made me to actually edit a little bit further punch that out a little bit a little too boxy over in this section nice nice okay now it's coming out a little bit better I was kind of joint it in oh I did forget this section I just have to add this I do like this other redstone block I kind of has some detail to it like there's some wires or something maybe I'll add a quick section here just a little notch like that and maybe another one over here just to cut break up all that red or break up that other type of red or it's all like solid one thing this kind of makes it look a little bit more alive over here as well do something like that there we go now I just need to copy a base oh I do it to do the soy so let me copy and paste and then I'll do the sort as the final piece of the structure Optimus freakin prime let's go here we go Optimus Prime ready to take down anyone bear bear bear bear bear Optimus Prime he's gonna save us all from destruction and the Decepticons not sure why his hands are both like this we should probably like change the direction his hand but I'm a little bit lazy so I'm not gonna do that he's just gonna have two hands ready like he's got the fork in that hand nope tried to zoom in fork in that hand and you got the spoon in the other not sure why he'd have a fork and a spoon to eat something but who knows maybe he's trying to make a spork okay we're here at the new was build but I can't find the things eyes is that it the eyes are up here to the left yes kind of get like the wall-e you know like look the right things his mouth basically he's got Rockets over here he's got grenade launchers he's got turrets pretty yeah generic stuff for generic bro you will be have a mounted machine gun with a soldier attached to it those these are like clamps that he can clamp down and it's made out of metal so that you just squish anything if you wanted to kind of like one of those pincher bugs oh I don't think you're talking about that yeah that's cool you'd pinch I can actually come inside him if you want come into the back entrance I'm inside is this his heart pretty much yeah you just destroyed the all-star Allspark all stop well I like it what do you call him he's gonna let that people decide I don't know if they have a good name form or not oh that's a good idea everybody comment down below a name for the noobs transformer now we're making our way over to the mind crap aka me and we have Optimus Prime in all of its glory alive by the way we can't turn them alive we are the Transformers bold mine is pretty much made already stone blocks but like the cool-looking redstone block anyways yeah so I was this prime he's got that real nice suits back right in the center wait did somebody change my center wait that's weird oh I think I know what happened they might it's Jim he's got a six-pack or he's an eight-pack well chill go inside the center of him his face is sure menacing up to you you can't go inside of him but yo come look at his booty you know back looks like he's wearing a diaper hey sky wears a booty oh that was not an arrow you've made it there okay you did that okay Optimus Prime also has his sword the one scene from the movies it's Inferno it's like flamey it's amazing I'll cut right through your armor like buttah what are you laughing about are you laughing at his face leave his face alone oh god he's got yellow eyes Jackson well that's Optimus Prime let's see what miss hacker made miss hacker well this looks like a Miss hacker bill because it's you know that's it it's og virus this is your side but yeah this is my son he is actually coded a way to make himself into a transformer and you just made him holler well he's got a hat where you're saying cut up we control this thing oh you know I completely forgot to do the sword we just do that real quick all right so it's done that has the right hand it has the SPAC sword it's like a little dagger now you just mean I think the Mohawk is the best part of this build in the eyes I like the eyes too okay mr. minecraft God aka baby Bluebird why is there single in there can you show us what you made it this is a crap it's a hermit crab No so the transformer I was trying to replicate it's called the Devastator it's like this giant thing that like sucks up all the bad guys the world leader yeah and it didn't turn out like him at all it looks like a crab wall I mean it it's soaking up sand there's that so what I wanted to do is I put TNT around it I just wanted to blow it up Josh oh we get a show the sigil lives Devers it's not the Devastator anymore it's the devastation okay everybody get to their transformers or what's left of them we are having a battle royale don't blow it up don't we were having a battle royale why would you ever okay you know what fine all right the rules are simple kill the other players Last Man Standing wins this battle royale of transformers 3 2 1 go Oh what the heck you guys we're all lighting up on me I just went over the face rockets ahoy Oh God I see yes reload reload hey come on let's fight on my transformer everybody the maple upper trans before what the heck did you build just wants to get face nobody hey oh I see you chop it around somebody hit me this is incredibly hot cracking I got you on my six everyone speed point zero one Oh direct hit to the face let's go ahead cloud traps I see you oh that was so close eat at you oh that's a directive diapers effort everybody over to buy transformer shower oh hey no we're gonna oh that rocket over my section hit me I touched it but because I'm sick I want to go home I don't wait on my foot you'll see we were probably making our fancy music but wait let's go on to mister Optimus Prime's but everybody on the but hey Mouse keys you're out no I'm like I lied it I have three or two and a half hours left who would destroy his but that you're a monster oh I'm out I killed you yes are in chess you nerds I have one heart left oh I see the aerial battle happening the cloud drop you trying to shoot me I've already dead someone's really fast Oh crack you the last sky cloud trap or wait wait what are we where sky strike through cloud traps chasing after each other little RC planes oh this is so sick watching you like this somebody just took two damage he's flying away oh my gosh okay whoo speed like 50 oh you're just going fast oh my god cliff jump is super bent stay around Optimus Prime holy w find me whoa that's hit somebody took damage dive bombs around how many hearts do you guys have left I have one and a half okay I've trapped you in obsidian wait did I just crash the server what it wasn't supposed to be oh god I did too big all right I didn't crash the server it looks like everything's fine you gotta die one of us fear bomb I instantly just died oh wait oh okay then you I'll tell you the hacker and the god win today they beat each other so if you do want Seymour transform or stop big shield leave a like and comment down below your favorite transformer of all time I read the Cody maverick you billions and Atlanteans you don't

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  1. Kimkim V MacSlayer Posted on May 19, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    My favorite transformers is Sideswipe and Drift.Keep up making transformers videos.

  2. Bin Fong Posted on May 19, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Cody video is Gooooooooooooooooood!!!!!

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    next time do in transformer the last knight statue and also my favorate is prime

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    Bumblebee for the win it’s my favorite

  11. crusher 563 Posted on May 19, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    I think Optimus has two swords a fire 1 and a ice 1. The fire is on the left, and if there is another then ice is on the right.

  12. KillerIceBurg 69 Posted on May 19, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Can you explain how to get this mod in a video Cody?

  13. JM FROMYT Posted on May 19, 2019 at 12:52 pm

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