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Mata Samarasyam (Religious Tolerance) Dt : 12-03-2017 | Thraitha Siddantham

Sri Sri Sri Acharya Prabodhananda Yogeeswarulu Thraitha Shakam – 38
Date : 12 -03 -2017 Spiritual Message on the Occasion of Full Moon Day Religious Tolerance First we’ll start with a prayer, We wish and hope God would offer us pure Knowledge today and We’ll start the meeting with that intent. I am requesting everyone at this meeting that they should listen this Knowledge with utmost interest and I hope no one distract from anything or anybody. Today’s topic is religious tolerance. None of the Divine books documented about the “Religious Tolerance”. All three Divine books documented about the Divine Knowledge but Neither the Bhgavad Gita, the Bible or the Quran didn’t mention about the religious tolerance at all. We’re discussing about the sentences, Knowledge or the method that’s not in the Divine books. The topic called religion doesn’t exist in those days. Since those books documented at the time where religion doesn’t exist, Both the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible proclaimed before the birth of the religion so Didn’t mention about the religion in them. Islam born after the religion, but the Quran didn’t mention anything about the religion. The Quran says “This knowledge belongs to every human being”. But, what humans did today is, They’re claiming that, this Knowledge belongs to us and arguing, however they want to. All three books belong to everyone, not just a specific group or religion. All three books suggested that, “This Knowledge belongs to every human being” but Never mentioned anywhere that, this belongs to Christians, Hindus or Muslims. But, today in all three religious groups has the complete notion that, “My God is great” or “My religion is great” A few reminding them that, “everyone is equal and religious approach isn’t a good idea” but, No one is listening that at all and everyone presenting themselves as greater than the others. You can see this kind of behavior in every religion not just in one. As long as everyone follows this dogma, no one able to understand the Divine Knowledge. As soon as a person comprehend the Divine Knowledge they sure get rid of the notion of the religion. They get out of the notion of “Our religious God” and “Our religious Knowledge”. They come to the understanding that the Divine Knowledge belongs to everyone. As long as you hang with the notion of religion that long you don’t comprehend the complete Divine Knowledge at all. We published a book and make it available that relates to today’s topic. That book called ‘Pradhamika Gnanam’ (‘Essential Knowledge’). This book explains how people divide from each other and contradict each other. This book explains how people questioning each other based on differences from each other. It shows how people boost their own religion from each other. It shows how religious groups conflict with each other. We elaborately explained how that’s a bad idea. We did explain that, criticizing one another isn’t a good idea at all. You check your questions and try to understand the mistakes in your own questions. If your question itself is wrong, how can you question someone else with that wrong ideology? We find those mistakes and explained the right approach to everyone. Why? What are we going to get benefit out of this work? For the benefit of the society and the benefit of the people. We wish the people to move toward the Divinity. That’s the only reason we’re taking the time and explaining all this but nothing else at all. Ok, we born into some sort of the religion. After some time in our life we come to know about our birth religion. The elders in that religion teach some ideologies and insert some believes in us and we follow them. We start hating other religious groups and when we get chance we insult others or hurt others. This disease exists in every religion not just in one. For many years, we’re denying this kind of behavior that’s why others started criticizing our teachings. The other day our members distributing our books door to door in a village. In Hindu society, no one distributes books from door to door. We started that practice for the first time. We started distributing the Bhagavad Gita and related books door to door and Letting everyone know that this Knowledge is important. Many welcoming that idea and accepting the books. Some out of jealousy even though we confirmed this knowledge belongs to the Hindu literature, They wanted their name and status highlighted than us and denying our campaign of the Bhagavad Gita. About three days back in Kalloor, Khammam district They beat our members and deny access to enter the city and campaign and distribution of the Bhagavad Gita. If our members did the same they don’t survive but Since we warned the members earlier that, these incidents might happen so have patience while campaigning the Knowledge. Our motive is to spread the Knowledge nothing else. In the society there exist the righteous people and unrighteous people as well. Righteous people would accept the Knowledge gladly. Unrighteous people would deny the Knowledge. That’s why we tell the members have patience while campaigning the Knowledge. The members obey our advice and left the place calmly when somebody reject or deny the Knowledge. Those unrighteous people get their dose of Sin for their behavior it’s not our issue. Like this, we get many obstructions from time to time. What is the reason for these obstructions? The religious hatred. There is no religious tolerance among people. Does this religious hatred exist between the two different religions? No. That’s not the case. Is this conflict happening between the Hindu-Christian or Hindu-Muslim? Muslims never objected our Knowledge except in Eluru. They’re very happy when we’re sharing our Knowledge with them. They’ve an interest and highly alert while listening our explanation. The Muslims have a great faith and devotion towards divinity. Only in Eluru they’ve objected that, ‘Don’t campaign the Quran or distribute the books’. The members left the city peacefully without creating any conflict. These incidents happen once in a while and we don’t bother by them and continue our campaign about the Knowledge. That’s how we keep on continues the campaign so far to this day. Because of that effort, all of you sit in front of me and listening this Knowledge today. You notice that this Knowledge is important and visit here to learn more. Not only visiting here and learning more, campaigning, however they can. That makes us very happy. You believe that this Knowledge doesn’t available anywhere in the world and Without wasting time all of you share with others, I am very happy about that. Only Hindus take part in this campaign? No, the Christians and Muslims involved in this campaign as well. Everyone one of us here has the religious tolerance and All three religious people sit and mingle in one place without any conflicts. This is a rare situation in today’s world. This is a rare thing to watch. It is a rare thing to see the Hindu’s, the Christians and the Muslims exists together in one platform. Not only that, following one Knowledge is an extremely rare thing to see. In case they gather somewhere that’s just for the sake of the show, but inside they’d have their own doubts. But, whoever gather here they’d appreciate the Knowledge what they’re learning. Every month the visitor number is increasing. As far as we concern, they’re visiting for the Knowledge and to learn this Knowledge. We wish the entire country would follow this kind of arrangement. But, today, we see the religious hatred everywhere, there is no religious tolerance at all. That tolerance will start here and spread slowly all over the country in near future. We just started the foundation. We may not see that change, but this’ll continue like this. In the near future the religious tolerance would spread among people. This Knowledge would spread all over the place. Even though we don’t exist in the future how come this Knowledge still spread all over the place? Because, the Knowledge is eternal. Even though we exist or not, the Divine Knowledge exists forever. Since its eternal and has the power to change everyone, that’ll continue spreading all over the country. Not only I, but Everyone of you have the belief that this Knowledge has that kind of power. Come to the point about this religious tolerance, none of the Divine books mentioned anything about it. Even though none of the Divine books mentioned about it, But, the Quran mentioned about one thing, about the Divine Knowledge not about the religious tolerance, “This Knowledge is a great suggestion to every living being” This Knowledge we’re teaching now is necessary to every living being, Important and a great suggestion. The Quran didn’t say it’s just for the Muslims. The Quran says, “This suggestion is for the entire living beings”. Which means, this Knowledge is necessary for everyone. The Bible documented Jesus proclaimed sentences as, “People, come to Me. All the people come to Me”. He said, all the people not just the Christians, Right? So, we come to know that the both Divine books belong to everyone. In the Bhagavad Gita they used the wording as ‘Oh! Human beings’ Human beings meant everyone, so, the Bhagavad Gita belongs to every human being. That’s why Divine books never mentioned about the religious tolerance since those books belong to every human being. With the help of that sentence, we can go a lot further in this Knowledge and With the help of those sentences people can tolerate and compromise among the religions. First, we wrote and taught the Knowledge that belong to the Hindu religion and later we included the Christian teachings as well. After a while the teachings incorporated with the Islamic Knowledge as well. Since you get overwhelmed if we tell everything at a time, For your convenience I offer the Knowledge slowly and now we authored the books that belong to all religions. We’re offering the Knowledge in every book that’ll take you forward towards the Divinity. If you read one book you’ll move forward and you’ll never get the chance to go backwards at all. Book by book you’ll move forward towards the Divinity and you’ll get that experience on your own. Every month and every year we’re moving forward not backwards. Ok, if we go back to our topic the religious tolerance, We just said that, the religious tolerance started from here, right? It’ll not stop right here, its eternal and spread everywhere. How will it move forward if you’re not here? Isn’t it moving forward only if you’re alive? The topic of ‘Me’ won’t work here. If we take the topic of ‘God’, God is eternal. Whatever He wants to continue He’ll continue that. With that intent He bought His Knowledge out through us. The Knowledge isn’t proclaimed by me, even though you see me as a person, the Knowledge is not proclaimed by me, The God’s intent is like this. Like what? The Knowledge should continue. Today’s population is 7 billion plus. We wrote in one book that the population shouldn’t increase more than 7 billion. 7 billion plus population is over population. So, destruction must take place. Even one million increases on top of 7 billion people on the planet, We end up in some sort of devastation on the planet that we lose that extra one million people. Imagine how devastating that event is if we’re losing one million people at a time. It has to happen and if you ask why and what is the reason for that to happen? The reasons are endless. People and their wrong doings were going to be the main reason. People and their sins create the situation like that. Today, many people create obstructions to the Divine Knowledge. Many people create obstacles in the Divine Knowledge. They’re all going to face the right punishment for sure. It’s impossible for them to escape from it. We’re witnessing gruesome deaths. While those things happen, we’d say “God is ruthless and compassionless and How can he kill anyone this bad, how can all these incidents happen without his awareness”? Everything is happening in His awareness. Everything is happening within God’s awareness. If you ask, Does God like the gruesome deaths? God created a rule, if you involved in any sin you experience the sin. If you involved in any Virtue you experience the virtues. Based on that rule, you’re just experiencing what you’ve acquired. That’s all. If you involved in any sin, sometime, somehow you’ve to experience that punishment. That’s inevitable. Whatever that sin might be you’ve to experience that punishment for sure. Experiencing the punishment is inevitable for everyone. We witness those punishments in our day-to-day life. People would say, ‘about 20 people died in some accident’ What do you mean just 20? There are incidents where 200 and even 2000 people died. What is the reason for these accidents to happen? The Sin those people involved in is the reason for those accidents. Does everyone in those accidents did involved in the same sin? Even though they did many different kinds of sins, they end up in the same punishment. Everybody is going to experience the same punishment in different stages. They convict the sin in many places but end up in one punishment. If a person insults the Knowledge and another person insults Knowledge some other place both acquired same sin. Right? Like this, whoever is insulting the Divine Knowledge end up in a separate punishment. God inevitably manifest that punishment. Why, humans behave like this? Not every human behaves like this, but some do. Most people involve in some sort of occupation for their livelihood. They work and come home and relax. They don’t have time for the religion or religious hatred. Some elders who don’t have anything to do deliberately teach or insert this religious hatred to others. With the name of the teachings they’d insert the ideas in people like “This is our religion, this is our tradition, this is how we should behave, If we behave like this our religion would flourish” and they instill all these ideologies into people. 95 % of the population are busy with their daily lives and 5 % of the population is creating this religious hatred. This 5% is the reason people have the religious pride and hatred about one another’s religion. Until some point people don’t have any idea about the religion, but this population created that dogma. This group of people exists in the Hindu, Christian and Islam religion. This group divides people and what we’re saying is that’s not a good thing to follow. What we’re saying is, ‘Everyone should mingle together and all humans are one and same’. Everyone eats food, every religious person drinks water for hydration, everyone’s daily lifestyle is same. When the human life style is same everywhere, where did everyone get this religious dogma? Since we’re questioning like this, many giving us the label that we’re teaching some other religion in disguise of a Hindu. Some Hindus claiming that way about us. When we confirm that we’re Hindus and tell them that we’re campaigning the Bhagavad Gita, They open the Bhagavad Gita and without checking it, they’re asking us is this even a Bhagavad Gita? Many Hindus don’t even know what Bhagavad Gita is all about and the Verses are all about. Because of such Hindu’s this society is lacking the improvement in many ways. There are some who exist in Hindu society that they trigger religion in the public. Their only intention is to teach the religion in public and create many groups and They campaign their agenda as the Hindu religious protection. Under this name they’re training people to hate or insult others. Is this the right practice in the human society? No, it isn’t. But, that’s what they’re doing. By seeing one another, other religious groups started doing the same thing. Going to the places to teach the Divine Knowledge where people don’t have the religious tolerance is hard. Because, no one interested to learn the Divine Knowledge. All three religious groups didn’t pay attention to our teachings and on top it all three groups hating us. Christian group once announced that, ‘Don’t read his books, they belong to the Satan’ One Muslim elder in Tv announced that, ‘Don’t believe the Thraitha Siddhantam, it’s really dangerous and deceive everyone from the Divinity’. Everyone of you know that whether we’re taking everyone towards the Divinity or away from Divinity. The Hindu society is the society who hates us the most. They’re labeling us as a non-Hindu person. When we keep confirming that we’re from Hindu society and campaigning the Bhagavad Gita, They’d say that, ‘You’re not a Hindu but a Christian and campaigning the Bible in disguise of a Hindu’ Did I ever hate any religion in our lifetime? So far, we wrote 88 books for you. In all 88 books, we never degrade any religion nor give credit to any one religion. In every book we keep suggesting that every human is one and same. We’re teaching one Knowledge that belongs to everyone. We’re confirming that the Knowledge that belong in all 3 Divine books is one and same. We’re confirming that there is no difference in Knowledge in all 3 Divine books. We’re confirming that, One Knowledge exists in 3 Divine books. Everyone, don’t create differences in the Divine Knowledge. We always suggest that, you’re not going to get any benefit if you create any differences. Even though we advocate the religious tolerance, some groups keep us under the religious radar. They connect me to one religion and deny that we don’t belong to our birth religion at all. Those are just rumors and their claim is not correct at all. The Public clearly aware that some groups deliberately creating rumors about me. We never try to convert anyone into any religion at all. We never encourage anyone to leave their birth religion. We never preach anyone to leave their religion and convert to Hinduism. We always encourage everyone to stay in your birth religion. Stay in your birth religion and learn the Divine Knowledge. We’re preaching that, if you’re a Hindu read the Bhagavad Gita, If you’re a Christian read the Bible and if you’re a Muslim read the Quran. We never claim our Divine book is greater than your Divine books. We suggested in the ‘Anthima daiva grandam the Quran’ ‘The essence of the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible exists in the Quran’. ‘This Quran is confirming those two Divine books’. ‘This Quran is showing the evidence that the Knowledge in those two Divine books is one and same’. We also wrote that, ‘Tawrat is the base for the later Divine books’ We revealed that the Tawrat is the Bhagavad Gita. ‘Anthima daiva grandam Quran’ confirms that, “The Knowledge which is in the Bhagavad Gita exists in all religions”. Even though, they’re claiming we don’t belong to the Hindu society. Bible suggested that, “What is in the Tawrat exists in the Injil as well”. The Tawrat has the light and the same light exists in the Injil. That book has the Knowledge and same Knowledge exists in this book as well. None of the Divine books differ each other. When all Divine books suggest the same and contain the same Knowledge and Proclaimed the Knowledge that belongs to the same God, Without understanding that Knowledge well, Claiming that this is our religion and this is our Knowledge is a big mistake. God gave the Knowledge that belongs to the entire human society. God never encouraged and gave His Knowledge to a certain religious group. Religion didn’t even exist when proclaimed His Knowledge. Religion didn’t even exist when Bhagavan proclaimed the Bhagavad Gita. Religion didn’t even exist when Jesus proclaimed the Bible. Jesus mentioned to His followers that ‘religion will born and you don’t understand if I talk about it now’. He predicted the upcoming birth of the religions and said, “I won’t talk about it now. Even though I talk about it you won’t understand it. I’ll talk about it later and proclaim the Knowledge. He said, someone would take birth and explain everything to you”. While proclaiming the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible the religion wasn’t exist at all. The religion formed later and the Quran documented after that. But still the Quran didn’t mention anything about the religion. The Quran suggested that this Knowledge belongs to the entire human kind. Religion never mentioned in any Divine book at all. This religion has existed for 2000 years not before that. The Bible came to light about 2000 years ago and Jesus proclaimed the Knowledge and that documented as the Bible. After a while the Christian society formed. That society grew larger and become a Christian religion. Until that period there is no such thing as the religion. After seeing the Christian religion, Hindu society named themselves as a Hindu religion. Muslims started calling themselves as the Islamic religion. They started calling themselves as a religion by copying one another. When did these religions come to light? 2000 BC this religion hasn’t even existed but Approximately 1900 years ago this religion started forming. Is anyone can prove that the religion existed 1900 years ago? Tell me. Everyone is believing and arguing like religion exists for thousands and hundreds of thousands of years. All these existing religions formed since 1900 years and onwards. The ‘Hindu’ used to be as ‘Indu’. Today everyone using the word ‘Hindu’ to find themselves and creating groups as ‘Hindu protection committee’. The ‘Indu’ become as ‘Hindu’ recently, in last 150 years. What we’re saying is, 150 years and beyond this Hindu used to call as ‘Indu’ and Never existed the name called Hindu. This word ‘Hindu’ didn’t have any meaning to it. No one is listening not accepting our explanation at all. No one in their right mind can give us the proper meaning of this word ‘Hindu’ at all. Everyone is using this word since everyone using it. That’s all. There is no proper meaning of the word ‘Hindu’. The word ‘Indu’ has a significant meaning. Our religion has a wrong name and the wrong understanding. Recently, many well-known swami’s like Chinnajeeyar Swamiji started refusing the word ‘Hindu’. He said, ‘we shouldn’t use that word at all’. Why we’re still using that word even though they strictly refused to use that? Because of the Politics. They’re using that word to support certain groups. That’s all. They aren’t used to represent the Divine Knowledge at all. Everyone focuses to increase the number of their own religion. No one focuses on the Divine Knowledge or learning the Divine Knowledge. The religion grew and grew and exist the way it is today. This religion is uncontrollable now. What we’re doing as our small contribution is, We want to block this religion from growing any further. You can see improvements of our small effort, right here today. The Hindus, Christians and the Muslims sit together in this meeting today. If you put right effort, God would encourage that effort and manifest it. This meeting is the proof for that. Imagine if this approach spread all over the country and the world. No religious fights and everyone live like siblings without any hatred among each other. Now, one religion hates another religion. One religion is attacking another religion to be top of the game. They wanted their religion as the number one nothing else on the planet. For that, they’re killing other religious members publicly. If one person is severing another person’s throat, religion is the reason for that act. They’ve the religious differences. You probably aware of these incidents. They vedio recorded these incidents and broadcast to create terror among people. They wanted only their religion to exist on the planet. We’re calling such actions as terror attacks. Whatever you name it, it’s all because of the religion. As long as this religion exists you don’t comprehend the Divine Knowledge. The minute this religion created that minute the obstacle created for the Divine Knowledge. Even the Jesus said one thing that, “I can’t explain about that obstacle now, but I’ll -explain it later”. “If I talk about the things that’s not existed now you don’t get it” He said that, “I’ll explain it after the birth of the religion”. But, is He going to exist at that time? No. Whoever exists would explain it. I don’t know who would fulfill that task, but we’re talking about it today. This Knowledge is essential to everyone. Is this Knowledge? Yes, this is one kind of Knowledge that is pointing at the obstacle of the Divine Knowledge. Until we get rid of this obstacle we cannot promote the Divine Knowledge. Some would say, we’re working together and busy with work and we don’t have any religious thoughts at all. All kinds of religious people working together and living together with unity. But, some religious leaders or elders create this hatred between the religions and Creating the situation where the innocent kill each other. That is not the right thing to do. Don’t fall for that trap. Don’t listen to any of those leaders or elders opinions. Leave blind obedience of listening to your elders and their false teachings. You’ve your own intellect, Knowledge and power of contemplation, so, Think about everything carefully before taking any decision. Why you’ve to rely on others and live in their opinions? Why you’ve to follow everything what they’re saying? Why you’ve to be that obedient of your elders even though they’re utterly wrong? Your God has given you a Divine book, read that book. If you read that book you’d come to know what God had suggested for you. But, today no one reads books, let alone Divine books. Today, about 98% of Muslims haven’t read the Holy Quran. What the other 2% doing is, whatever they understood that’s what they’re teaching to others. No matter what they understood, at the end their notion and understanding is to improve their religion. Every Muslim respects and have the feeling that the Quran is really important. But, they don’t even know a single part of that Holy Quran. When we explain the Quran, even though we’re a Hindu, they’re listening very attentively. They stand up while listening. There were many established business people in the city of Hyderabad, When they listen sentences from the Holy Quran, they got excited and stood up from sitting position. They forget about their profit and sell the goods to normal price. Every Muslim shows that kind of interest in the Divine Knowledge. But, they didn’t know about the Divine Knowledge until now. “We like the Knowledge but we weren’t allowed to read in the Telugu language and we don’t read in Telugu language That’s what our elders told us”. The elders know that, if any Muslims reads the Quran he’ll become a Savant and he’ll become obstacle to the religious views. A glitch happened in the audio. Until now we talked about the religious tolerance and how religion existed among the people. Probably God didn’t like our topic today. So, we’ll stop right there and learn the Knowledge a bit. Only two things existed in this world. Except those two, nothing else exists. One is God and the other is the Nature. Remember this very well that, one is God and the other is the Nature. The Nature is visible and the God is invisible. We compare the Nature as a female and the God as a Male. In spirituality this point is essential to learn. Your birth religion might be anything but every human should know this fundamental point. Without knowing this point, no one can advance in Spiritual Knowledge. The Nature divided into 5 parts. Sky, Air, Fire, Water and the Earth and The God divided into 3 parts. There is only one Male exist in the world and that male exists as 3 parts. Mortal Soul (Jeevatma), Soul (Atma) and the Creator (Paramatma). The entire visible world compared with the female representation and Just 3 parts exist as the Male representation. They’re the Jeevatma (Mortal Soul), Atma (Soul) and the Paramatma (Creator). These 3 Souls represent the Male form. Everything that represents the world relates to the Nature. Everything that represents the Soul relates to the God. Everything in the world belongs to the Nature and Just the 3 Souls belongs to the God. God always offered the Knowledge in His Divine books about His representation but Not about the worldly knowledge that represents the Nature. There’s no need for Him to teach that sort of Knowledge at all. But, we documented many things that related to the Nature in our Divine books. All of that information doesn’t belong to the teachings of the God. We can differentiate that contamination with our Intellect and with our contemplation. We have to differentiate everything, whether it’s a worldly subject or the spiritual subject. If it’s a spiritual subject that’s proclaimed by the God. If it’s a worldly subject that’s never proclaimed by the God at all. If we check, Does God give any suggestion like ‘Don’t steal’? Many assume since it’s a moral point, probably God would’ve given that kind of suggestion. But, God won’t involve in moral issues at all. If a person becomes a thief and steals who is making him do such immoral task? The God is making him to do that task. Who is making a person to steal? The God. A person unable to change, however he wants to. God is changing a person that way and making him steal. The God would create the fate at your birth and send it with you. Based on that fate a person behaves and act as such. Based on a person’s fate, a person either becomes a thief or a righteous person. A person’s life exists based on his own fate/Karma. That is predestined. Based on our sins and Virtues God would write our fate at the time of our death for the next life. We call that time as the day of the judgement or Judgement time. At that time God would write our fate which shows how we should behave in the world. Our life exists based on that fate. No one can change that fate (Prarabdha Karma) at all. Everything manifests inevitably based on that fate (Karma). In general, we discuss about the right or wrong doings. Those opinions called the morals that relate to the world not to the Divine Knowledge. Based on the morals that relate to the world we judge everything as right or wrong, but Based on the Divine Knowledge, God doesn’t care about the right or wrong doings of the world. Once the fate/Karma confirmed on judgement day, the rest manifests automatically and inevitably. God doesn’t involve in that fate/Karma at all. Does God tell you anything about what to eat and what not to eat? He alloted your food in your fate/Karma already. If that’s the case, why He gives advice on what to eat and what not to eat? Based on your fate/Karma what you should eat or experience in your lifetime, What you should say, what you should taste everything is predestined for you. Every second of your life is predestined. God won’t involve in the middle of your life and tell what to do and what not to do. Your life events manifest, however, your fate’s written. Humans are oblivious about this fact and claiming that they’re responsible for everything. Humans have nothing to do about anything and everything. Every event is predestined and manifesting automatically. Who is In-charge of this automatic fate? The God is In charge. This is a huge secret. Everyone might think, why God is involved in bad things? Isn’t it God always on the good side? The God is the one who’s making us do the right and wrong deeds. If we check what the Quran Surah 50:21 says, “There’s an Operator that operating you” You move however He controls you. Meaning, there’s an Operator and you’ve been controlled by Him. So, you’ve been controlled by someone and in control of someone all the time. If that is the truth, why are you claiming that you’re doing everything? Based on this truth, As a person you’re not doing anything on your own. Everyone must remember this truth. This realization creates a big change in your life. You don’t have to read many books but The realization that, “I am not doing anything but someone is controlling everything” changes your life. Learning this Knowledge everyday and having the awareness that you’re not doing anything in your life, That notion called as 24 hour prayer. This is an important realization that no one knows about. This information seems like unbelievable, but This is what documented in the Bhagavad Gita, The Bible and the Quran. Nothing else. Everyone thinks, Worldly morals called as the Knowledge/Wisdom. Divine Knowledge is different and Morals that related to the world are different. Divine Knowledge and the Morals didn’t coexist together. The God never proclaims about the worldly morals at all. For example, “Don’t steal, it’s wrong” this statement belongs to worldly morals. “Prostitution is wrong” this statement belongs to worldly morals. “Using bad words is wrong” this statement belongs to worldly morals. These statements don’t belong to Divine Knowledge. The Divine Knowledge never preaches or recommend like, “Don’t swear, Don’t steal or prostitution is wrong”. We’re talking about the differences between the worldly morals and the Divine Knowledge, Right? Until now, God never involved in nobodies lives and tell how to live in the world. God always tries to tell about Him. He tried to explain about Him to us. If we can try to hear the point of view of the God, that’s called the true Divine Knowledge. He never shared the worldly information in His Knowledge. We’ll take one point as an example, You’ve a belief that, “I am not allowed to eat certain food”. Why you’ve that belief? You think you get sin if you kill certain animal and eat it. Acquiring sin is different and eating is different. Right? Certain areas have caution signs that says, Do not enter. If you enter you’ve to pay a penalty for that offense. What happens if you enter? You face the penalty. There’s a penalty that you’ve to face if you enter. The caution gives you the choice, enter if you’re ok with that penalty, otherwise no. Nobody wants the punishment. That’s why they put the caution sign for you to consider. There’s always a caution sign at the military base for the civilians. Civilian entering the military base is an offense. The same way, In one place they put a caution and warned ‘Avoid certain food, it’s sinful’ It says, this food is sinful and you get sin if you eat it. Did it say, Don’t eat it? If you look carefully it never said, Don’t eat it. It never recommends you that, ‘Don’t eat it’. If you eat it because you don’t have any other choice but that, If you eat it without the notion that, ‘I am eating’ God would forgive you. If the rule is avoid that food, how come you’re eating it? Aren’t you in-charge of your life to stop eating that? You’re not in-charge of your life! The situation is, even though you don’t want to eat it, but you ate it anyway and that accumulates a sin. You need God’s forgiveness to avoid that Sin/Karma. God has to forgive that (Sin) Karmic obligation. To get God’s forgiveness you’ve to have one notion all the time that, “I didn’t do this task and I don’t have anything to do with it, The task manifested without of my liking and it’s not my intention of doing it”. If you’ve this notion, you don’t oblige sin/karma from any task that’s done by you. The same information documented in the Bhagavad Gita Moksha sanyasa Yogam chapter as, “Yasya naahamkru thObhaavO budhi ryasya na lipyatE|” “Whoever kept their notion out of ego, whoever don’t pay attention on the yields of their actions, Even though that person killed everyone in the country, he is not considered as a murderer and they aren’t even murders He won’t get obligated to any sins at all.” Look, how bizarre this verse is. Even though a person killed someone he isn’t considered as a murderer and he won’t get sin/karma, Why? Because, in that person’s notion he didn’t have the ego. Ego meaning, your notion of ‘I’ or ‘Me’. If that’s the case, who did the murder then? The God in your body, did it. As a mortal soul (Jeevatma) you didn’t do anything. Two soul’s exist in a person’s body. One is Ksharudu and another is Aksharudu. You exist in the body as a non-doer. Another one exists as a Doer. Surah 6:102 in the Quran says, “God exists as a Doer in the body” “He’s the one you should worship” “He’s the one doing everything for you”. The God you’re worshiping exist as your In-charge and exist as a Doer of everything. What kind of tasks He do in the body? Everything that’s manifesting through your body, all of them done by Him. If your body involved in a theft, who did that task? The God in your body did it, not you. If you’ve the notion the you did it, that means you claim the work of the God as your’s. That claim/notion becomes a big mistake. For that mistake you accumulate a punishment/Karma/sin. That’s why what we’re saying is, Whether it’s a Bhagavad Gita, the Bible or the Quran same Knowledge exists. “If I restrict something, don’t do it, otherwise you accumulate the Sin/Karma.” He divided tasks as the virtues and sins. He said don’t get obligated to the sins and end up experiencing related punishments. Always remember that, God exists in the body and playing this game called life. If you remember that, you’ll always have a notion that none of the tasks belong to you. You might say, while everything done through me, how am I supposed have notion that I am not doing anything? What anyone can do anything about it? Who are you to even claim that you’re doing everything? Sometimes you can’t even lift your own arm. You’d say, I can’t lift my arm its paralyzed. How did that arm paralyzed? Isn’t it your own arm? You’d say I can’t walk anymore. What happened now? If you can’t walk and talk on your own properly and your body stopped working properly, What happened to it? Isn’t the body your body? Why it’s not listening to you anymore? Someone exists inside and He is operating the body and In-charge of your physical body. However, He steers the body that’s how your body is moving. Since you’re oblivious about this truth, you’re claiming that you’re doing everything. You didn’t remember the truth, that he exists in your body. What happens if you remember that truth? You’ll come to the awareness that you’ve an Elder in your body. If you’ve that awareness, whatever task manifests through your body, you’d detach with that task. God had said one thing in the Bible,- “Whatever you’re speaking, your Father is the one speaking through you, but not you”. Meaning, The God in your body speaking not you. We assume that, we are the one who is speaking everything. That is a big mistake. Every person living with notion of ‘I’. With the same notion he is thinking he belongs to certain religion. When you get rid of the notion ‘I’ There is no religion nor the person, everything seems same. Everything becomes godly and everything seems the game of the God. If you come to know that truth, that’s called the perfect Knowledge. I’ll stop right here. I am not feeling well. Even though I am not feeling well I am publishing and releasing monthly one book. Next month we’re not meeting at the full moon day. We’ll meet a little earlier on my birthday. That’s why we moved the monthly meeting to April 5th. We’re not having the meeting on the full moon day in April. Conclusion of today’s meeting is, While teaching the religious tolerance we revealed the secret that, God exists in our bodies. You’re not the one doing any tasks. You don’t exist as the doer, With that reminder, we’re closing this meeting.

Jean Kelley