April 4, 2020
  • 12:59 am “I PRAY YOUR FAITH WILL NOT FAIL!!!” | TB Joshua Viewers Prayer
  • 11:58 pm Have you ever talked openly about religion in Singapore?
  • 11:58 pm Alcoholics Anonymous | Is AA a Religion? | How it Works AA
  • 10:58 pm Hábito y ritual – English subtitles
  • 9:58 pm It’s Okay (to Let Go) | A Poem by Atheists
Living A Passionate Life Ritual Challenge Day 15 – With Janet Bray Attwood

rituals to manage your beautiful
beautiful unbounded energy you know what’s important here is balance of both
rest and activity and why I love rituals is because they ensure that you you
really do you know not only go out and have massive action but also you take
time to go within so what are your rituals that you’re going to be using to
balance your fabulous energy no are you going to be meditating two times a day
or one time a day or doing that wonderful pranayama these breathing
exercises that create this beep the wonderful beautiful relaxed state of
mind there are so many beautiful rituals to
you know to be able to utilize so that you can experience your inner as well as
your outer life so enjoy

Jean Kelley