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Lies (1-17) told by Ajit Vadakayil about Sikhism || Part I

This video is not to hurt someone’s
sentiments but to clear the doubts that people have regarding Sikhism. Usually these
doubts come when they just read blogs and watch videos where so many things
are said which are not true. I was going through some articles and
then I stumbled upon this article by captain Ajit Vadakayil
so according to his blog he has been in Navy, have been in command of chemical
tankers mainly for more than six thousand six hundred forty days spread over 30 years, a world record. My chemical posts are free for all sailors on this planet.
Okay, so he has written so many articles about different topics on his blog and
most of the people believe whatever he has written is true. The bad thing about
all the articles is he will not give you any proof – any evidence – but tell you this
is the truth, he is the one who knows the truth. Will it not be stupidity that a
person is telling you something but he is not able to produce any evidence for
that? Few of the things might make sense but rest of the things they will not
make any sense at all. You can read all the posts on his blog at Ajit
Vadakayil dot blogspot dot in. I found some … I found an article on Sikhism
here and it is unknown … unknown history of of Sikhs and Sikhism. It was written back in
2013 so today we are going to talk about that article. He has written so many
things about Sikhism that so many doubts might come in your head
if you don’t know the history if you don’t know gurbani if you just read
blog written by these people and watch videos made by these people it will be
very hard to know the truth. What you will be having is just articles, nothing else.
No linkage, no evidence, no proof, nothing; just words written by someone who is not
ready to give you any evidence. So, okay, we will discuss this thing today. The
beginning of the article is about some kind of you can say index it’s …
he will be talking about Banda Singh Bahadur and then on marriage act, namdharis, Sikh gurus, Sikh soldiers, Mata Sundri ji and Sikhs’ support to British in first war of
independence 1857 and everything else that he does not know of. It
starts like this today it is all over newspapers that
Britain is including Sikh history and Indian freedom struggle in the school
curriculum of schools in England for the Indian students. Beware it will be fake
history aim to produce deshdrohis (traitors) oh how stupid you will be if you say this
thing if somebody is teaching you history apart from your article, which makes no
sense, that it will be deshdrohis. Check out the Sikh hand in the picture above restraining the Muslim hand it was not a Sikh and at all. Guru Gobind Singh ji
started Sikhism on the basakhi of 1699. Oh my god you are so funny, Captain. First of all this picture is to depict
that Sikhs saved Hindus from Mughals. It is not a mystery that Sikhs fought with
Mughals even with pahari rajae, who were Hindus. Baba Deep Singh ji, he freed
more than 20,000 women from Mughals. And you are saying it was not a Sikh hand at
all! You must be a special kind of idiot if you are saying this or writing this.
So Guru Gobind Singh ji started Sikhism?! Dude, the very first notion if you talk … if you
want to talk about Sikhism is that you should know the definition of religion
then you should read and then you should talk and then you should write, but you
have done nothing I’m pretty sure of that. Sikhism was started by Guru
Nanak Dev ji. Guru Gobind Singh ji started Khalsa Panth. There is a
difference between Khalsa Panth that Guru Gobind Singh ji started and what
you’re writing here. Sikhism is a religion. Khalsa is a panth. Sikhism does not mean
Hinduism, but you have failed to understand it. You might be suffering
from sahd which is Sikhs are Hindus disorder, I’m pretty sure of that. Before, okay,
so here he writes before 1699 there was no Sikhism at all.
Oh my God, Sikhism was there; there was no Khalsa Panth
before 1699. That’s why we all Sikhs say ‘agya bhayi Akaal ki tabhi chalao panth, sab sikhan ko hukam hai guru maneo granth.’ The panth was started back in 1699, it was not
Sikhism. Sikhism was started by Guru Nanak Dev ji,
which you might have heard of, I guess. Okay when Guru Gobind Singh ji died,
Sikhs did not hold an inch of land. It was a tantric Hindu saint by the
name Banda Bahdur who first wrestled … who first wrestled land back from the powerful son
of Muslim emporer Auragjeb. Imagine devout Christian boxer Manny Pacquiao I
don’t know how to pronounce that name has 150 world title tournaments by KO.
One fine day his descendent from 300 years converts to Muslim religion and
that claims that his champion boxer ancestor was also a Muslim. What does it
mean actually? It does not make any sense. So you’re saying, if a person was there
who won some to … some titles 300 years later his descendent converted to
Muslim or Islam and then he would try to say that his ancestor was Muslim, it does
not make any sense. Okay anyway. What nonsense is this!? He is talking
about that thing. Okay is there no clear thinking? There is a
clear thinking. Captain Ajit Vadakayil who is suffering from Sahd can think
crystal clear, I really doubt that, buddy. I have read your article and
now I’m going to have some kind of documentary here and trust me you have written
nothing but bullshit. Okay, he goes saying that you are a Sikh today, right? Of course. Can you paper-convert your
Hindu ancestors born thousand years ago into a Sikh? Paper-convert any of the first nine gurus in the Sikhism before the tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh ji, had his amrit chakna ceremony for his panj payares to Sikhism and created the five
Ks Sikh religion. Oh dude, you are so stupid. So as I said, Sikhism is a religion;
Khalsa is a panth. The very basic thing about Sikhism you
don’t know and you have wasted so much of your time writing this thing. You must
be paid very well to write something like this, because a person who has a
brain, who can think clearly, he will understand the difference between
religions, civilisations; and if you’re talking about Sikhism he will definitely
be able to understand the difference between what you’re saying and what is
the history, not these things that you’re talking about. So Guru Gobind Singh ji did
not start Sikhism. Guru Gobind Singh ji started Khalsa Panth. And specifically … and specifically if we talk about just my ancestors, right. Okay, I don’t even know if there were Hindus or Muslims or Christians or they were from
some other land or they were aliens. I really don’t know about it, but what it
has to do with what I believe in? I just can’t understand that. You’re saying if
my ancestors were cruel or they were killers then I should be a killer, is this
what you’re saying? If they did something bad they are bad it is simple. If I am
doing something bad I am bad, it’s simple. Your religion has nothing to do with
your ancestors. You might have misunderstood with DNA. DNA is something
that is given to you by your parents and your religion is something that you
choose. You are not born as a Hindu or as a Muslim or as a Sikh. We have discussed
it in another video you can watch that. But this, our beloved captain, has
forgotten the very basic definition of religion.
I’m pretty sure you are the person who will not be able to define the word
‘Hindu’ especially if we are talking about it on the basis of religion because
people have failed when they say Sikhs are Hindus, so now they are trying this thing
you know everyone who is living in India, every single of them is a Hindu – even Muslims, even Christians, even Sikhs. They are having this type
of thing today. Guru Nanak Dev ji did not follow any deities. Guru Nanak Dev ji’s wedding was totally different than what Hindus do, and Guru Nanak Dev ji’s
… Guru Nanak Dev ji did not wear any jeneyu. So there was nothing … there was nothing that
can make you believe that Guru Nanak Dev ji or Guru Angad Dev ji or Guru Amar Das ji … they were Hindus. It will be just stupidity if you say that the first
nine gurus were Hindus. Now I will give you an example here on the basis of
gurbani because we are Sikhs, right? We don’t just believe what Captain Ajit believes, we believe what gurbani talks about. Guru Gobind Singh ji in ‘Bachitar Natak’ writes
that ‘Tilak janju rakha prabh ta ka, kino bado kalu meh saaka.’
What does ‘ta ka’ mean here? It means theirs. ‘Tilak janju rakha prabh ta ka.’ Guru Tegh Bahadur ji saved their religion. If you’re saying
the first nine gurus were Hindus, it would … it should be ‘Tilk janju rakha prabh apna.’ It is not ‘apna’, it is ‘ta ka.’ Their religion, Guru Teg Bahadur ji saved their religion. It was not something that Guru Teg Bahadur ji was
following. So the very basic notion to understand a religion is go and read the
scripture, but you are paid enough to write shit. So it is their religion that Guru Teg Bahadur ji saved, not his religion. So you’re stupid, Captain Ajit.
There are some people who believe that Guru Nanak Dev ji was born in a Hindu family
so that’s why he was a Hindu. We talked about this in other video you can just
watch that. Just think of this as I explained it there, if there is a person
who is a Hindu and he marries someone a girl who is also a Hindu, does it
mean if they’re going to have a baby the baby will be a Hindu? No. Religion is a
choice, you have to choose, it is not something that will be given to you or
you will be born with. It is not your blood, it is not your DNA. It is a choice.
So let’s move on further, say, there is a person who is a Hindu and he marries
someone from some other religion say ‘B’, So if they are going to have a baby, he
will be what, a Hindu or ‘B’? It will be hard to decide, right? But I am pretty sure
most of the people will be saying he will be a Hindu because of patriarchy. So
it is wrong. You are not born with some kind of label on you that you are a Sikh,
you are a Hindu, or you are a Muslim. We are having a very good example here,
you might have watched that movie ‘PK’. Aamir Khan’s movie ‘PK’. He goes to the
hospital to check if there is some kind of label on the body of the baby if he
belongs to a specific religion and he finds nothing. So there are so many
things around us that we can see and understand, but I am pretty sure Captain
Ajit has wasted so much of his time writing these types of articles that he
has not even watched PK movie. So, yes, Guru Nanak Dev ji was not a Hindu; he was born in a family which practiced Hinduism that
makes sense, but he did not adopt the whole philosophy of Hinduism. Okay,
he goes on saying the glorious Sikh history has been totally hijacked by Khalistani separatists who have opened up thousands of sites on the Internet churning out false
propaganda to poison young impressionable Sikhs’ minds. So I don’t know if he is talking about a
specific site or not, because I have not visited much of the sites. But, yeah, there
might be some sites which expose the stupid logics that are provided in this
article, or any other article or any video where people try to prove that
Sikhs are Hindus, or Sikhism is part of Hinduism, or Sikhs are born to protect
Hindus. So, of course, they will write articles;
they will make videos to open your eyes to tell you what your history is. Your history is not what these so-called Navy people, I’m pretty sure he’s not from Navy, so-called
these people are writing. Ok, level headed desh bhakt Sikhs must know that they are
the ornaments of Mother India. Ok. Their Hindu ancestors stood up only to protect their motherland from the rampaging Muslim
invaders. Oh, the hell, God. Okay. They were not
Hindus first of all. Anyway, okay to protect their motherland from rampaging
Muslim invaders. So, dude, there are two things that Sikhs were
against then and Sikhs are against now. Even Sikh Gurus. First one is injustice,
and second one is super- … ah … superficial beliefs. I’m pretty sure you
have talked on all those things giving evidence how what you believe in, according to your religion, totally agrees with science, I’m pretty sure. Okay, so, if
your this line is true that only to protect your motherland from the
rampaging Muslim invaders so my question here is.First question.
There were battles of Guru Gobind Singh ji with Pahari Rajes who were not
Muslims I’m pretty sure you can check the history, or, okay, you have not read
that I’m sure of that. We all know Battle of Bhangani, there Raja Bhim Chand was
there, if I recall correctly. He was not a Muslim, so how can you say that arms
were picked up only to protect mother their motherland from rampaging Muslim
invaders? It is not true. And one more thing as I discussed in my other video: a religion is not of a specific land, you can’t say Sikhism is an Indian
religion, you can’t say Hinduism is an Indian religion, you can’t
just have some kind of boundary where a particular religion can be. No. Just think
of it during the Raaj of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji, the
Sikh Empire then spread till Afghanistan and Afghanistan is not India.
So you’re saying here to protect their motherland? Dude, come on it was never ever about India. It was never ever about Pakistan. A religion is not to bind
yourself to a particular country. No. It is to do good things. It is to meditate on God’s name. It is to protect all. It is to spread compassion. This is what
religions are; religions are not bound to a particular country.
So, again, showing how stupid this captain is, he’s saying desh bhakt Sikhs must know
that all their ten gurus were born khatri Hindus. No person is born with a specific religion, dude. How
stupid you are, seriously. Okay, so we were talking about battles of … Battle of Bhangani. There pahari rajes were Hindus. So how is that possible then that
Guru Gobind Singh ji fought with Hindus? Because every single fight, every
single war, before independence after independence, it was against injustice. It
was not for a specific country. Again, tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh ji, started Sikh religion. Oh, dude, you are so wrong. Guru Nanak Dev ji started Sikh religion.Guru Gobind Singh ji was the one who started Khalsa Panth. Here, he is talking about Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. He’s saying it was a Hindu, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, who first captured Mughal lands by astonishing bravery and
sharpness of mind, later Mahaja Ranjit Singh would carve out the mighty and glorious Sikh Empire – just by uniting small Sikh misls created by Hindu Banda Bahadur. My
question here is if he was such a warrior, why did he throw his weapons? Why? Just because he killed an animal? Seriously? So this is where you lack
knowledge. If a religion or a particular civilisation tells you if something bad
happens you should forget everything, you should go to jungles, and you should just
stay away from everything, you should just away from everyone
else, this will be very wrong. Sikhism does not teach you that thing. Guru Gobind Singh ji gave amrit to bairagi Madho Das. After taking amrit … this is the power of amrit, this is why these so-called bloggers and
youtubers are afraid of especially if you’re talking about Sikhism, especially
if you’re talking about Sikhs who fought with Mughals, with every single person
who was an oppressor. So this was the power of amrit, the person who was
staying … staying in the jungle he took amrit and then he went to Punjab. Now we
all know what happened there; it was just so amazing. So, if, my question here again … my question here is, if he was a Hindu even after taking amrit, according to
you or whatever your logic is, then why did he not have some kind of trashool in
his hand like Shiv ji does? Why does he not talk about ‘om namah shivay’
or any other philosophically things written in Hinduism? So your logic here
that it was a Hindu who captured the lands is so false that it does not give any
explanation why the so-called logic that you have is true. Now here I want to give
you another kind of example you can say, in each and every article he would write
something like punching to Google search whatever he has written below that and
then it will take you to that particular article where he will talk about some
other things and then tell you to punch in to Google again and it will take you
to some other article but the problem here is he will not give you any
evidence to support whatever he is saying. So it is a dark hole if you go there you
will not find anything it will be just darkness, full of doubts; if somebody asks
you why you believe in that but you will be saying is because I read it in an
article. This is not a good explanation you have to have proof, you have to have
evidence, you have to have something to support whatever you are saying. It can’t
be just theories. If I am talking about if a person is not born as a Hindu or a
Muslim or a Sikh, then there is a reason behind that. A normal person who has a
brain can understand why I am saying this because you are born as a human
being. Everything else you just adopt it. You just choose it; it can be your
nationality, it can be your religion, it can be your job, it can be your wife.
Everything else is chosen by you. So next he talks about some kind of
history: the same secular duo was actively involved in passing the Anand Marriage act in 23rd May 2012. The nirankari conferencing in Ravalpindi in March 1855
introduced Marriage Act, which was drafted by Rothschild. Where is the proof?
Oh no no no no no, it is Captain Ajit who can think clearly, you don’t need any
proof, you just have to .. you don’t need to have any proof you just have to believe
whatever I am writing. Even, just think for a second, it does not matter if it
was Rothschild, it was a Hindu, it was a Muslim, it was a Sikh. If someone is saying
Sikhism is a different religion, it is true. It should not be, just think of it,
just for the sake of the example if we believe that okay it’s done by Rothschild,
even then why should I have any problem with that?
Tomorrow you’re saying you know Roth … you know Rothschild was the one who said
one plus one is equal to two so we should not believe it. Dude, are you seriously that dumb? So Sikhism is a different religion.
Captain Ajit, so many people like you have come and gone, and nobody … nobody could
change the fact that Guru Nanak Dev ji was the founder of Sikhism. Guru Gobind Singh ji started Khalsa Panth in 1699. So you can write another article,
you can ask your colleagues to share all these things on different platforms … on
different social media sites, even then it will be a lie. Don’t be on that side of
people who believe ‘two wrongs make a right.’ It will be just stupidity. Nothing
else. So almost everyone who talks that Sikhs are Hindus they will bring up this
thing that like here it is written in 1905 Arur Singh, manager of Harmandir Sahib, on being goaded by the British, ordered the removal of all Hindu idols from the
precincts of the Golden Temple. Till then the Hindu brahmins had presided over
different Sikh marriages … different Sikh marriage ceremonies. They expelled the brahmins from Harmandir Sahib, which the latter had worked as priests. They also
threw out the idols of Hindu gods from this temple, which were installed there. These are same gods that Guru Nanak had worshipped and mentioned so lovingly
… so lovingly in his memoirs. Just think of it. We all Sikhs …
we all Sikhs read ‘Jap ji sahib’ in the morning. What is the first word that we read? ‘Ik.’
That’s it, end of all deities. Jap ji sahib was written by Guru Nanak Dev ji. You are Guru Nanak Dev ji worshipped these idols, seriously?
Are you seriously that dumb or you did some kind of course to believe in
that? What is the first letter? ‘Ik on(g)kaar.’ There is no deity and of all the deities that, Mr. captain, you believe in. You can’t believe in we don’t have any
problem with that. But saying Guru Nanak Dev ji worshipped all the idols, you
must be crazy to say it. Or you have not read the gurbani, actually I can give you
an example from gurbani. That will be better because we can understand it in
a better way. It is from Jap ji sahib, bani written by Guru Nanak Dev ji. So what he
is saying: talking about they are worshiping God. Waheguru. And you saying Guru Nanak Dev ji will worship the deities, who are below God. Oh
man, your knowledge is equal to the word that Aaryabhatta discovered.
Just think of it, Guru Nanak Dev ji is writing that all the deities that
different civilisation, it is not only about Hindus but all the different civilisation,
it can be Egyptian civilisation, it can be Hinduism, or any other civilisation, all the deities
that they believe in they are singing the praises of God. And you are saying Guru
Nanak Dev ji will worship the idols. Worship ah … worship those deities. Oh
captain, you have been paid so much that you have
lost the sense. Okay next everybody knows that … everybody knows
that when the Mughals invaders started terrorising the Hindus they got together
and donated their first born to wear the five K’s and be a Sikh warrior. Okay, and why is that? Actually I have heard this story, you know, and it does not make any sense. You’re saying Hindus were
oppressed at that time so they started giving their first son to wear this five
kakaars … to Guru Gobind Singh ji in other words. I have failed to understand if they were
giving their first son to Guru Gobind Singh ji, why could they not just have some kind
of group to fight against injustice, to fight against Mughals?
It does not make any sense that they were giving their firstborn to wear five Ks. Even just think of it even if we believe that it is true, does it mean that if a
person who is not giving the firstborn child, firstborn boy to guru, then the family
will not be saved? Does it mean this? In Guru Harbogind Sahib ji’s time, even then Guru Hargobind Sahib ji fought battles. Five Ks were not
there. Then how will you explain that Hindus were saved at that time because
at that time there were not … there was no five Ks? So another stupid logic that
you have it here. They could have … it is just so logical thing, you know? If you are
having say a thousand houses or thousand families just have one person from each
house and then you can have a group of thousand people who can fight against
Mughals or anyone else rather than doing that you are saying they were going to
Guru Gobind Singh ji. They were told to wear five Ks. You are saying Sikhism is out
of fear? No, dude, it’s not out of fear.
If they wanted, they could have. Still if somebody wants to become a Sikh, they are most welcome. But it is not because of fear that we are telling you, you know,
if you’re not going to give you first son to us in the army, then we are not …
we are not going to protect you. It is just bullshit. In the … in the next
part next he is talking about Guru Nanak Dev ji. We all know Guru Nanak Dev ji was captured by Mughals and when Babur
came to know about this thing he called Guru Nanak Dev ji. There Guru Nanak Dev ji said said: Here he’s saying
Babur then met him him and freed him, this event is recorded in Guru Granth Sahib ji Holy book of Sikhs as Babar bani. This is
the Pakistani version I know which is not worth being mentioned in his post. This is
not … no offence … but this is not Ramayan which has 15 or 18 versions. It is Guru Granth Sahib ji. Whatever is there in Guru Granth sahib ji all the saroops of Guru Granth Sahib ji
will have the same bani. It is not a Pakistani version or Indian version. This
is what I was talking about. You can’t just limit a religion
particular in a land it will be so wrong. Religion is a free thing. You can go to
India, you can go to Pakistan, you can go to America, Canada, Bangladesh, Nepal, Italy.
Any country you can go and you can practice your relations there, but there
are some hard countries, I know, like Saudi Arabia, I guess, where you can’t
just have your own holy places but that is a different thing. In general, you
can practice your religion it can’t be that if you are in India then you should
be a Sikh, and if you are in Pakistan then you should be a Muslim. This is
just bullshit logic. So, he is mentioning which is not worth being mentioned in
this post. Why? Because if you are saying there are different versions of
Guru Granth Sahib ji then you have to give the evidence, which he does not have. It is
just simple: write about it, spread it, people will read it and they might
believe in that. So, this is a very bad thing that is happening in India. Let me
tell you this story from Dasam Guru Granth Sahib ji. There was a person there, who
was having … who was carrying a sheep. There were four thieves or you can
say bad people who wanted to have his sheep so that they can cook and eat. So
they stood on the road where he was passing through. The first thief asks him,
why are you carrying a dog on your shoulders? And the guy was just
surprised. Dog? There is no dog it is sheep, the guy is crazy, maybe. He just put that
thought in his head that whatever you’re carrying, it is a dog,
not a sheep. And then he just moves on. Another thief meets him says the same
thing, why are you carrying this dog? And he is just again, dude, seriously, two
people said that this is a dog then what … it is a sheep, it should not be a dog. The
same thing happened with the third thief and then the fourth thief. After that he just left
his sheep there and went home. The four thieves kill the Sheep and ate it. Same thing is happening here. These so-called bloggers or journalists
have come to talk something which is not true and they are just trying to say
what we are talking is true whatever is written by other people they are just
separatists or they are not historians they are not good. But, we, we are the
people, who are good, so this is happening not only in India but all over the world.
So just remember that guy who was having a sheep, we Sikhs should not be that
person. We should not fall into the traps that
people like Captain Ajit Vadakayil whoever … however you pronounce his name
have put in each and every street. Don’t just fall for that. When I read this
article, I was laughing so loudly that my friend woke up and I … he told me don’t, dude, please, let me sleep. So this is how they show their stupidity.
Next he talks about World War and some famous battles
like Battle of Saragarhi and all. So many Sikhs fought in World War and so many other
religious people too like Hindus and other people. But what he is trying here is
he’s trying to prove that Sikhs were brainwashed by Rothschild just to have
an impression, here at beginning of the article, so that it will be easy for
readers to make themselves understand but his talking is true. Why? Because
Rothschild has into so many controversies, different people talk about that and
whatever has happened … whatever bad has happened on this earth is because of
Rothschild. Okay, but I am failed to understand here is, why he does not talk about other
religions who fought in World War? He is saying so many privileges were given to
Sikhs. Of course, they would be given because Sikhs were warriors, they did not
fear death, they did not give their first child to protect themselves, they fought
and they died. This is who Sikhs are and this is what we
are proud of. And his next stupidity is the warcry of
the Sikh Regiment was chosen by Rothschild the from Sikh scriptures,
‘Bole so nihaal, sat shri akaal!’ So this was the warcry of Sikhs since
Guru Gobind Singh ji’s time. It was not provided by Rothschild during World War. See you are just so stupid. So now he’s talking about Sikhs must regard themselves as a
totally distinct and separate nation so he’s having some kind of words said by
some people but no evidence is given just copy those words and search on
Google you will find all the same things said in all those articles. So this is
what I was talking about that sheep thing and thieves. The first websites on … the first
websites which will appear on Google will be the ones which will tell you
that Sikhs are Hindus. This is some kind of propaganda, you know, to make people
believe that Sikhs are Hindus that Sikhs are not different. Why? Because they know what
happened when Sikhs believed and they were different identity. We all know the Sikh Empire, we all
know what happened back in 90s and 80s when Sikhs fought against injustice.
They were not fighting against Hindus, it is just bullshit. I’m pretty sure Mr.
Captain Ajit would have some kind of explanation
they were anti-Hindus or they were fed by Rothschild and all that but it
was not against any country, it was not against any region. It was against
injustice. It was against those people who were killing innocents.
So now they are afraid of it if you believe that Sikhs are different.
Sikhism is a different religion, you read gurbani,
you don’t just read these stupid articles or watch stupid videos. You just read
gurbani. You read history back in 18th and 19th centuries, written by like
Bhai Santokh Singh ji, Bhai Kaan Singh Nabha, Giani Gian Singh ji, then they will … then you will know how rich your culture is and it will be a great threat to every single of
them who believes and Sikhs are Hindus. So this is why they are having this
propaganda. So he says took apart the mighty empire of Ranjit Singh in just a few years by a sheer deceit and also killed your favorite
hero. So my question here is, when anglo-sikh wars happened back in 1840s
who were with British people who fought with Sikhs then? He might be
talking it may be a little bit later about 1857 how Sikhs betrayed all the
people because of British so we will be talking about that maybe later. But, here,
I just want to ask he’s talking about that
it was a deceit, right? So my question here is, who came with British people
when anglo-Sikh … anglo-Sikh wars started started? They were poorby people. They
were from east side of India – Eastern India. So what were you thinking that
Sikhs would do when they get the chance to kill those people who took their
empire from them? We all know about Sardar Udham Singh ji. He waited so much
time to kill the person who ordered to kill innocent people back in Amritsar in
1919. Just think of it, in the 40s, Sikh Empire was lost because of the eastern
people who came with the British. Did the British have the power to destroy
the Sikh Empire to take away the Sikh Empire without the force that they were
having at that time from eastern India? No. So it was back in 40s and then this
whole fifty-seven happened that 1857 happened after, I think, seven or eight
years, when Sikhs lost their empire. At that time Sikhs had this urge to have a
war or battle against those who helped the British to take their empire
away. So that’s where they stood and fought with those people who took away the
Sikh Empire. So we will be discussing it in a more detail when he talks about
this. He writes, 1857 war of independence,
Sikhs assisting their white master to hang their own countrymen,
there Hindu and Muslim brothers. Where these brothers were when the British stood
against the Sikh Empire? They were among them, fighting their brothers to take away their mighty Sikh Empire. It was just the same thing that I was talking about – the
eastern people came and took … and helped the British to take away the Sikh Empire.
So this is what happened but it is … it does not mean that all the Hindus are
bad, or all the Muslims are bad. No. People were there who stood with British for
their own reasons. It can be Mysore Empire, or Maratha Empire, or Gorkha Empire, or Sikh Empire. So many battles happened with British. So many
different kingdoms … so many different kingdoms fought with the British. So they
had their own reasons to stand with the British. Just saying that how this whole
propaganda happened ordered by Rothschild so that’s why Sikhs were helping them back in 1857, this will be just bullshit. When you lose the Empire you
just have to avenge when you get the time. Now think of this, suppose if we all
are living in India and somehow Chinese help Pakistanis and we’re having some
kind of war and India loses in that. Do you think India will not avenge when
they get the chance? Of course, they will whenever they get the chance they will
do the same thing. So this is what happened back there when the Sikh Empire
lost because of the Eastern people who came with the British, then Sikhs stood
with the British to avenge what they had lost then. This is the history that Captain Ajit will not tell you. The main thing I forgot to tell so he
talks about that there was some kind of prophecy that British said that they
will help Sikhs to attack Delhi to avenge an old insult. Now just think of
this, do Sikhs believe in prophecies? No. Sikhs don’t believe in prophecies, so
if you’re saying that Sikhs believed in prophecies then just because British said
or propagated it then it will be just sheer stupidity. Sikhs don’t believe in
that thing. You might be the person who believes in have some nimboos and
mircha or have some kind of black magic to do a thing. Sikhs don’t believe in
that shit … shit, bro. Just think before writing. Sikhs who believe in one
God; who meditate on God’s name; who pray to God; who chant God’s name; you’re
saying they would believe in prophecies? Oh, dude, you are so fake. Okay, so here
he is saying Guru Teg … Guru Teg Bahadur ji he was asked by Aurangjeb to
perform some miracle to prove his divinity. Refusing to do so, Guru Teg Bahadur was beheaded in public at Chandni Chonk. But Captain Ajit, you forgot to write
one thing: he went there to protect Hindu Kashmiri Pandits. Why? Because if you say
that Hindus were saved then … then your whole philosophy that the first nine
gurus were Hindus will be wrong. That is why you failed to mention it here that
Guru Teg Bahadur ji gave his life to protect Hinduism, right? Even the verses
say so. So you will not definitely mention it here because your whole philosophy
will go away .. the lies that you are writing here to brainwash so many people
who read your blog. Next he writes the Sikhs knew very well how
evil their British Masters were. They were ruling the country, they were
bad people, that’s why and … you have failed to mention it here how Gadri Babbe
tried to get the freedom. You have failed to mention here how Gadri Baddes fought with the British back in 1915. Why? Because you just … you just don’t
want to tell the people about the truth. You don’t want to tell them about Kartar Singh Sarabha. You don’t want to tell them about Sardar Sohan Singh Bhakna. You don’t want to tell them about all the Gardri Babbes who were fighting against the
British. So it was not Sikhs’ British masters they were the Masters of India.
The Sikh Empire would not have fallen if the people from all over India
had not helped the British Empire. So many bad things
happened back there in 18th century in 19th century. You’re talking about
the Sikhs knew very well how evil their British masters were? Just talk
about Indira Gandhi who ordered to demolish Akaal Takhat sahib. She was evil.
Even you will find so many Sikhs who will praise her. Why? Because of the vote
bank, because of the party, so there might have been few Sikhs who were doing the things. But it was not … it was not only Sikhs, there might be
Hindus too, there might be Muslims too. Just depicting that Sikhs were helping
British and saying the other so religious were fighting against them it
will be just stupidity. Again mister, sorry, Captain Ajit is talking shit. Just like how the British injected our
vedas with poison using Sanskrit scholars they did the same thing to the
Sikh manuscriptures – the problem is there is no proof of that and thing is
Sikhs are different than Hindus. Sikhs are different than Muslims. So you were
saying they injected poison – you are suffering from sahd. Okay they put words
into the guru’s mouth, words which have been never been uttered okay than
talking about some white man I don’t know where he got this line maybe
his imagination. Words like Guru Gobind Singh ji is saying after my death, the holy book will
be the next guru. It is the truth. It does not matter who you are; it does not
matter if you are in navy; it doesn’t matter if your Prime Minister; it doesn’t
matter even if you are so-called Rothschild; if you’re saying one plus one is equal to
three nobody’s going to believe you. So you’re saying that it was not said that
Guru Granth Sahib ji will be the next guru? You’re so dumb. By going in this way, I’m
pretty sure you cannot even prove there was Ram Chandar ji, there was Krishan ji,
there was Ganesh ji. You cannot prove anything.
Why? Because I can say they poison everything. What will you have? Nothing. So
we know Guru Gobind Singh ji said: in their so-called scriptures, but they
don’t want us to believe in Guru Granth Sahib ji. Even just think, okay, if you don’t want
to believe in history, read gurbani. What gurbani says: said it before Guru Gobind Singh ji. The
fifth guru, Guru Arjan Dev ji, that bani will be guru. He has stamped it that at
last bani will be guru, but as we all know …
we all have known that if you have not read the scripture.
You are just writing something that never existed, trying to prove one plus
one is equal to three which will never happen. Okay, now again words like Guru Gobind Singh ji saying that
… okay, this is it done. This was to cut down the chance of Banda
Singh bahadur, a hindu from claming the eleventh guru status. You know when you take amrit, you say that I will follow guru. And here you are saying Banda Singh Bahadur had the chance to call himself a guru. I don’t know … even he did that. But
Sikhs didn’t like it because they knew Guru Gobind Singh ji said: they did not like that thing. Okay then the Mughals always said that they
were eleven Sikh gurus. If you really want to go in this way that Mughals
always said so according to Mughals according to Islam the first men was
Adam. Prophet Adam. And he was a Muslim. Did you believe this? You have to believe
in that too. You can’t say I can take something from somewhere and I will make
a story but I will not believe in everything that they are saying. It does
not make any sense. So even just say if Mughals
had said it you did not give any evidence. So far whatever you have
written a long article it is, you have not given evidence. Sroop of Guru Granth Sahib ji, who was given gurtagaddi that saroop is still present. That this
will be your guru. The eternal guru. But this guy here, Captain
Ajit, is saying that the saroop does not exist. Or Sikhs are just believing … you
know this is your guru, but it is not. Oh dude, you are so dumb that I can’t even tell you. Next he talks about Guru Gobind Singh ji’s joti jot day that his bones were not visible and his weapons were missing. Now, here he is comparing Sikhism with Islam that like how … how Prophet Mohammed disappeared from Jerusalem with his horse leaving a holy book. So according to him
this whole thing this Prophet Muhammad thing and Guru Gobind Singh ji’s thing it
was done by Rothschild. Oh my God, so this is the truth. We have forgotten that one
plus one is equal to three, now captain Ajit has come to show us a path which
leads to darkness, nowhere else. I can’t comment on Prophet Muhammad because I
don’t know anything about him, but if you’re talking about Guru Gobind Singh ji …
you don’t even know this, not only Guru Gobind Sing ji, if you talk about Guru Nanak Dev ji or Guru Angad Dev ji or Guru Amar Das ji, their bones were not there. Why? It’s
simple. Gurbani says: the Lord Himself
wielded his power and entered the world. Have you heard God has any bones or
something like that? No. This is how things happen. They will not leave
anything behind. You might have some example … you might have some examples from
your religion maybe incarnations of Vishnu that he after doing some things,
he will just go, right? So godly people will have these things. Guru Nanak Dev ji himself was God. This is gurbani, and gurbani is more important
to us than what you are saying here. Guru Nanak Dev ji was the sargun roop of waheguru, who created all the Vishnu, all the Shiva jis and all the Brahmas and all
other deities. So in Sikhism we believe there are thousands, not thousand, millions of
Brahmas, millions of Shiv jis, and millions of Vishnus. Waheguru created all of them.
If that … if the incarnation of Vishnu has that power you’re saying God will not
have that power who created Vishnu? Oh you are so dumb mister, sorry, Captain
Ajit from Navy, I guess. So that will be all for today. We will be discussing
other things that he has written about Sikhism in the next video.

Jean Kelley



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    To anyone reading this, if you want to learn about Sikhi, goto a sikh, NOT to a hindu, a muslim or christian. If you want to learn about hinduism, consult a hindu. Please use your heads, do not learn sikhi from a hindu. Do not learn hinduism from a muslim.


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    Religiously in these modern times we may differ…but culturally and since the birth of sikhism and dna wise sikhism is a branch of hinduism..

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