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oof oof oof oof oof oof so what I’d like to do in this short video is go over what I believe are five big differences between English-speaking cultures and Italians now whatever. I’m going to say about thousands differs from region to region italy has 20 regions Which is like 20 different countries, so it’s hard to find something that applies to everybody But these things that I would say their time [Italian] apply Really? They’re very common, okay? Maybe they’re not Everybody, but a very common the first one is directness italians are extremely direct Sometimes to the point of appearing of being rude [sir]. Okay between friends is extreme so it’s not uncommon to for somebody to see your day [off] you got fat or or you know you put on so much weight or What the heck are you wearing, or I don’t like your haircut. We’re extremely direct They we don’t really sweeten the pill but pretty much this also applies between strangers which is often [very] different in the english-speaking culture where we tend to be a lot more soft in our approach, so Italians will tell you stuff like hey. I was here first or don’t you even think about jumping the [line], so We are extremely direct. The negative is [that] it often appears? Or is quite rude the positive I would say is that somehow it really helps avoiding the useless Chitchat that sometimes you have to engage in it also tells you who doesn’t like you and you can easily tell them because you don’t like them So you can just spare your time by avoiding certain people because we’re so direct that you will not You will know if we don’t like you As Italians are usually very spontaneous. I’m not saying that English-speaking people aren’t but it’s completely different [the] way we interact with each other is really really spontaneous even in this time and age of telephones and apps and everybody being busy We still rock up at a friend’s house. We see say [3:00] a.m.. [don’t] hang out. We still do it It’s it’s not [this] really it’s not Specific to kids or teenagers we all do it so we don’t need to [look] at a calendar We don’t need to plan three weeks ahead if a friend wants to hang out right now and we’re free We will just go out and do stuff. [so] it is a very spontaneous Culture so we this makes us a lot more gregarious. We really like to hang out We like to spend long long hours together, so it’s not just like I’ll meet you for a coffee and I’m out But if we catch up we do spend a lot [of] time together And it’s a lot easier to catch up because we don’t have to look at [our] [calendars] and plan so far ahead So that’s really good another negative Is that we are a lot in each other’s space and face which can be a problem, especially because we’re so direct that Sometimes it’s not the best now We tend to be a little bit more rule-bending than people in English-speaking countries okay, we do uh What do I mean not talking about well? I am talking about breaking the law but The way we look at it. Is yeah, not that big of a deal, so let me let me be specific Nothing about being criminals and nothing about anything like that, but what I’m saying is that? We are a bit more relaxed about Authority so You know double parking and not a big deal. We’ll do it [I’m] not saying [that] I’m the way I do it but I’m saying that overall we tend to do things like that you know no smoking sign, II Not always Respected I would say that well you know you know still going back to driving [as] if there’s a sign to not use your [horn] [well] guess what people will use it so overall Italians tend to be a bit more an article than other countries, so We kind of like to live in a way that makes us Have a good life [as] meaning the individual which often clashes with the civic Sense that we should have as citizens of a country so yeah, we you may find In the experience noodley sometime uncivilized because battalions will really do a much what they want without being too concerned about Authority now on a good side that [was] negative to me when the good side is that we are a lot more flexible, so if something can be done but you talk to somebody they will they’re willing to do it because [these] rule bending applies to all facets of life So you know let’s say you in the restaurant And [we] [don’t] have the idea in restaurants that you can’t change something on the menu you [go] to a restaurant You don’t like what you see you just tell them to whip something together. They’ll do it. There is no We can’t do it everything is possible Which is often a good thing for you the user Because then you you get in your way which takes effect to being an article that we want to get it away, and we do Now over all italians. We are quite liberal I’m thinking specifically about body image and the way we express our Selves through our body, so you will find that fashion in Italy is very tight. We do wear very tight clothing very revealing for men and women and If you come from a culture that is a bit more conservative You up for some for shock especially if you hang out in you know beach towns where people? You know with the beach goers, and it seems world [climates] [you] will find that it is quite common it obvious I’m not going to say it’s the norm but it’s totally [normal] for guys to wear Speedos like the really tiny tiny suit suit and for girls to be topless So if you’re not used to that you have to get to know that Nudity we’re extremely comfortable with nudity. We don’t really think too much of nudity It’s not offensive to most Italians and so you will find that Italian TV is full of nudity at any time of the day even at your game [show] your family game Show has a bunch of very little dressed men and women [there’s] an ad for carpets. There’s a naked woman does an ad for water There’s a naked man, so this is extremely different from most English cultures that I’ve experienced so be prepared for that Lastly something that I think it’s quite Italian is The family interaction family bond now. It doesn’t tend to have [very] small families these days, I think most families [have] one child so we have small families and not all families have an extended family around them but Overall the way we interact with our family is very very tight very close very supportive It’s not uncommon for Italian children to live with the family with the parents until they’re 30 all for free [I] was shocked when I first came to Australia and my 20 year old friends was telling me that The Few ones who still live with mom and dad that they were paying rent it [means] like you’ve been right to your parents, but it didn’t make sense to me [that] there’s a lot of Bondic Parents will do [a] lot for children We get I mean most Italians. I mean [I’d] have to say everybody, but you know we get a first scooter given You know when we’re 14 we get a first car. It’s a lot different from English-speaking cultures. Where kids have to earn their You know their everything and it’s not just that it’s um when we do have extended families we do Hang out together a lot not everybody miserly does that? Especially with people having moved towns or just not be you know that close to the rest of the family but when we do have a relationship with the extended family and we get together then we do end up with large groups in my family there’s only four of us, but when we do something like Like a holiday there is probably 30 relatives That show up, so this is good in a way because you always have somebody to rely on there’s a lot of support There’s a lot of health you know if you’re moving out and you go into we’re renting a new place You don’t have to buy anything because some relative will give you something. So you have your furnished styles like like that There’s always a lot being given to you, but this is a net also the negative is that the family is always there very present very judgemental the Love is a lot of drama [or] Beautiful because everybody knows so much about everybody else that there’s a sometimes a lot of judgment that internal judgment That’s what makes us Italian, so [other] things are said true for your culture as well Grazie Mille [Hp] Domino costume video

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