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Lalitha Sahasranamam Meditation – [Hindi with English CC]

(Music) If you wish to imagine Devi’s form,
there is a.. ..beautiful description in
the Lalitha Sahasranamam. So that after this session,
when you will meditate, we will be using some shlokas
to meditate on Devi. With this meditation in mind, you can
worship the Goddess in future. I could have taken the meditation
from Durga Saptshati or from many other tantric Sastra
that I have read. Or from so much meditations done previously by me. But due to some reason, I have taken today’s meditation
from ‘Lalita Sahasranamam’. Because this is my
awakened meditation. On the basis of this
meditation, seeing Mother divine’s physical form become possible in my life. So, we will meditate
on Mother divine. Tell me honestly,
are you tired? – No. – Okay. Om! ‘Om Shri mata, Shri Maharagye,
Shrimat singhasaneswari.. ..chidagmi kund sambhuta
dev karya samudata.’ Goddess is Mother divine, Her
majesty, sits on the throne and she has appeared from the
mind’s fire of Gods. This means, when a person resolves
to do good deed, then Devi appears
into that person’s life. ‘Udyat banu sahastraba,
chaturbahu samanvita.. ..ragswaroop pashadhya
krodh kara ankush jwala’. Udyat banu sahastraba,
imagine 1000 suns rising, that is the aura and
illumination of Maa. ‘Ragswaroop pashadhya’. Maa holds the loop of melody that
rises in one’s heart. ‘Krodh kara ankush jwala’, the restraint
in the form of anger, she holds that. This shape is also called
as the shape of anger. ‘Manu ropekshu kodanda
panchtanmatrasayeka nejarun.. ..prabhapur mijidra brahmand
mandala’. Maa is holding a rod,
like holding a bow, a Mind bow. ‘Panchtanmatrasayeka’, means she has
arrows of words, touch, form, smell. ‘Nejarun prabhapur mijidra
brahmandmandala’, With that, in the cosmos a reddish
aura like dawn has spread. The arrival of Maa,
her vision, in other words, ‘nakh drithi
sajjan majjan tamo guna’. Even the toe nails
of Maa is enough to destroy the ignorance in man. And so, Devi Maa’s
hands are not in Varadamudra (symbolizes dispensing of boons) or Abhayamudra (gesture of fearlessness). Because her presence
is itself a boon. She doesn’t have to raise
hands to bless anyone. ‘Champakashopunnagsaugandhi kalasatkasha
kuruvindam manishreni kanatkotir mandita.’ In the beautiful hair of Maa, many Champaka, Ashok and Punnaga
flowers are engaged. And the crown is lightened by a gem called Kuruvind. ‘Ashtami chandra vibrahaj
dalik sthal shobhitha mukh.. ..chandan kalankabh mrig nabhi visheshika’.
Eighth day moon is situated in crown of Devi Maa. When moon’s light was dim, Lord Rudra
wore it, because of which he
was called ‘Chandrashekhar’. And likewise Eighth day moon
is decorated on her crown. ‘Mukh chandan kalankabh
mrig nabhi visheshika.’ As if Maa has applied musk tilak. ‘Vadan smarmangalye grah toran challika
waqt Laxmi parivaha.. ..chalan minah bhalochana.’ Her brows are like the arches on the.. ..entrance of Kamdev’s palace. Like there is lion’s
gate. And the eyes of Maa, when they move, it look like fish
swimming in water. ‘Chalan minabh lochanah.
Nabh champakpushpabhnasa.. ..dand virajita.Tarakanti
tiraskari nasa bharm bhasura.’ Maa is wearing
the Champaka flower as nose ring. And… ‘Tarakanti tiraskari
nasa bharm bhasura.’ Radiance of nose ring is more than
the light reflected by all the stars. I am describing the beauty. Make a deep impression of this in your heart. Later when you meditate, if you focus on
this form you’ll get benefited. ‘Kadamb manjali glip karma pur manohara
tatank yuglibhut tapanodup mandala.’ Means Maa’s earrings.. ..are made of Kadamba flowers. And there is sun on one side and moon
on the other side as earrings. ‘Tatankyuglibhut
tapanodupmandala. Padmaragshiladarsh.. ..paribhavi kapol bhuvanavidroh
bhyamshinnkare gatanachhala.’ the temple of Maa, her cheeks,
her face.. ..is like Padmaraga , kind of.. ..a gem or you can say like a ruby. which is a gemstone of its kind. It’s very soft. I saw this kind of gem during.. ..my early vision of
Chintamani house. Which is said like
forest dweller Maa.. ..in Kadamb forest, chintamani
grahantastha. Means when I would visit chintamni house
in meditation, I would see.. ..there are tall pillars there.
You can say 40 – 50 feet high. When you look above you’ll
find they appear very small. Such big is the
ceiling. And the gems.. ..that are set there
on the pillars, they emit the light.
They reflect the light.. ..from the solar system
all through the palace. Some of them absorb the light
and emits that.. ..when evening sets till
eventually night arrives. There is no need
to light a lamp or torch.. ..to lighten the
chintamani house. ‘To nav vidram bimm
shrinkari radanakshara.’ Means the lips of Maa are like.. ..pieces of bimb fruit. It seems
someone has put them there. Such is the redness
of Maa’s lips. In modern terms, we can say
freshly cut strawberries. ‘Shuddh vidya ankurakar dwij pankti dwajala.. ..karpur vikatamodas
samakarshashi digantara.’ Means the teeth of Maa, the
upper line and the lower line.. ..are pure knowledge. Because
the creation and event.. ..sequence in Shri knowledge
has 16 alphabets each. 16 alphabets are in upper
line and 16 in lower line. And Maa’s mouth is red
with campoor and betel. ‘Nij sanlap madhurya vrinir
batsiyakachhapi mandasmitprabhapur.. ..mrijadkamesh mahanasa.’ Words from Maa’s mouth, Devi Maa’s voice is
so sweet that it even.. ..overpowers the melody
of Maa Saraswati’s Veena. Maa’s voice is more
impressive than the melody. ‘Mandasmit prafur majast kamesh manasa’.
Means the smile of Maa is so soft.. ..that even Kamesh (Lord Shiva) got attracted
towards Maa. Anaklit sadrishy chibuk shri virajita.. ..kamesh mad mangaly
sutr shobhit kannara.’ The beauty of chin of Maa
cannot be described in words. And there is a mangal sutra
of Kamesh in her neck. ‘Kankangad keyur kamaniy bujhanvita,
ratn gravya chinta kalolmukta falanvita.’ Means the armlet of
Maa is made of Ayur. And there are pearls
embedded on it. ‘Kameshwar prem ratna
mani prateep panastani, nabhyal vaal romali
latafal kuchadwayi.’ Maa’s breasts will eradicate
the duality in the world. Whether they are bad or good,
high or low, right or wrong. And Maa offered feminine
things to achieve Kamesh’s love. She has established a love
relationship with Kamesh. Which is used in many of
the meditations of Tantra. ‘Chinta kalol mukta falanvit,
nabhyalwalromal lata fal kuchadwayi.’ Maa’s body, her waist is so slender .. ..that she bends
with the weight of her own breasts. Because of which there are three
lines on her stomach. ‘Laksh rom latadhar tasumanyemadhyama,
stanmardalmadhya pat bandha valitriya.’ The meaning
is that I told you just now. Three lines are there with
a line of hairs crossing them from within. ‘Aruna roon kausamy
vastra bhasvat kati tati.. ..ratna kin kin karamye
ratnadam bhushita.’ Maa has waist band
embedded with red gems. ‘Kameshgyat saubhagyam
ardvaruudyanvita.’ ‘Manikyamukhatakar janudwaye virajita.’ Maa’s thighs are unknown to anyone. When God said the ‘sahasranamam’, he said,
only Kamesh knows about it. Only Kamesh knows about Maa’s
thighs. No one other than him knows. ‘Indragop parikshaptastartuna majangika
gurgulphakurm prishth jashno prabadanvita.’ The feet of Maa is as soft.. ..as the body of a tortoise. They are perfect in themselves. ‘Nakhditi sanchhan majjanta mahuguna,
padwaye prabhajal prakrit suroruha.’ The nails of her feet.. ..has been able to end
the darkness from within. And when Maa walks with both legs…
then, ‘pradwaye prabhajal’,they are so beautiful and
outstanding by themselves. Maa walks like a swan walks. ‘Shrinjadmani manjeer mandit
shripadambhuja.. ..marali mandgamana mahalevanya shevati.’ Maa walks like a swan
walks and padambhuj, anklets of Maa are embedded
with Shinjan gems. ‘Sarva arunya vidyangi
sarwabharan bhushita, Shiv kameshwaran kastha
Shiva swadheen vallabha.’ Maa sits on left side of Lord
Shiva. ‘Sarvaarunanvadyangi sarwabharan bhushita.’ Maa is embellished with all kinds of
ornaments, is adorned with all ornaments. And she is seated beside Lord Shiva. ‘Sumeru madhya shringastha
shreeman nagar nayika.. ..chintamani grihantastha
panch brahmasthansthita.’ The five Brahm are the
seat on which Maa is seated. Because no work is possible
without energy, power. Even the knowledgeable person gets
tired without energy and says, ‘I can’t do anything’. Says, ‘I have no energy
left’. So, the five Brahm, which also include Sadashiv,
are in the form of seat of Maa. ‘Maha padmavati
sanstha kadamb vanvasini.. ..sudha sagar madhyastha
kamakshi kamdayani.’ Even the eyes of Maa can
help anyone get desired results. It fulfills one’s desires in all
ways. So, this is the description.. ..of Maa Lalitambika who is also
called Tripursundari, Meenakshi, Kamakshi, Pravidya, Adyashakti. This is meditation of Maa. If you will chant one round (108 times) with this in mind,
it equals chanting of 100 rounds without this visualization rounds without this visualization. Because excellence comes
only when you meditate.

Jean Kelley



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