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The last of the great signs of the end
times is a fire that will grow all still living human beings to
go to the “SHEM” region. After the appearance of the last of the great
signs of the end times, people will be gathered then in this place
defined and precise. How will they get there?
In three ways.
Some on mounts, others on foot and others on their faces.
The earth will then tremble. The earth will eject its burdens.
we will ask, for example, young infants, who were cruelly buried by
their parents, what sin did they do to be
buried alive? The mountains will be reduced and leveled, lowered to their maximum,
like wool. The seas and oceans will boil and go wild.
The view will be dazzled by intense radiation. The moon will disappear and the sun
and the moon will then be reunited. People will run to flee, looking up with a haggard look. That is to say lost and fierce but to
from this precise moment, nobody can find a way out. how terrifying this day will be?
To the point where you run away from your brother, your father, your mother, your partner
and even your children. To the point where the nurse will not remember
even more children she will breastfeed. To the point where young children get
will put on having white hair like old men. To the point where any pregnant woman, will involuntarily abort
offspring that she carries in her womb. To the point where people will be like drunk, when they are not.
Yes that day, the promises of “ALLAH”, will indeed be reality.
The blowing in the tube will intervene. All existing creatures
will fall struck down by his listening. Except those that ALLAH has decided to preserve. Creatures will remain inert
for a certain time. Then the tube will blow a second time.
The dead will come out of their graves, like scattered insects.
What will happen to those who have been cremated or burned? ALLAH, informs us that
all the members of the body will be united. One by one, organ by organ, phalanx by
phalanx in Sura AL-QYAMAH. The sun will then be extremely
close to the ground causing, unbearable heat.
What physical condition will people be in? In the same state that each of us was when he came out of his mother’s womb: naked and uncircumcised. The sweat generated by the strong heat will arrive for some at the ankles. Others at the level of
faces and others will even drown there. Imagine if every unjust soul
had everything on earth, she would give it for her ransom.
Who will be there? All human beings and DJINNS, that this earth knew of ADAM, until the last of human beings. But how long will the
last judgement? To give you an idea, on this day
people will think that their life on earth lasted only a few hours, at most
more, compared to the 50 thousand years that will count that one single day.
Sincere believers will be in the shadow of the Throne of ALLAH, protect their families from this strong heat. The judgment will take an unbearable time to begin. To the point where it’s the prophet
of MOHAMED Islam, who will intercede with ALLAH, to begin the judgment. Each soul, one by one will be subject to judgment. No one can help
person. Everyone will think only of themselves. Each soul will receive its book.
And what books are we talking about? From the book that the angels gathering, on the right and on the left of our shoulders, write daily based on our actions. From the book of our good works and our sins.
Some will receive their books by the right hand. As a sign of their righteousness, judgment will then be easy for them. They can then returned happy, with those they love.
Others will receive the book by the left hand. they will then wish to have never existed.
They will know immediately that judgment will be extremely difficult for them. As ALLAH informs us, In sura AL-HAQQAH. As for the one to whom the Book will have been given in his left hand, he will say: “Alas for me! I wish I hadn’t been given my book, and not having known my account … Alas, as I would have liked [my first death] to be final. My fortune was of no use to me. My authority was destroyed and left me! ” “Take it!” Then put a straitjacket on it; then burn it in the Furnace; then link it with a chain of seventy cubits, linked love with a chain of 70 strokes
away they didn’t believe in me the for he did not believe in Allah, the Great One and did not encourage to feed the poor. He has no warm friend for him here today [to protect him], no other food than pus, which only the guilty will eat. ”[Koran 69 – Verse 19 to 37] only the guilty eating they will be
questioned on each of their works They will be questioned about each of their works, serious or futile.
If they try to answer by lying, their lips will seal and their members will speak for them, without lies, by the will of ALLAH The count and weighing will be accurate without forgetting anything. Like ALLAH, informs us, in sura AL-ZALZALAH:
“That day people will go out separately so that they can show their works.
Anyone who makes a good outweighs the weight of an atom will see it and whoever does wrong is the weight of an atom will see it. Let us not forget that the Muslim must
to situate between the fear of the punishment of ALLAH and the hope of his mercy. I will now prove to you how
point TAWHID is important for the day of accounts. According to Ibn ‘Amr ibn al-‘As, the Messenger of ALLAH said: Allah chooses, on the Day of Judgment, a man from my community, He shows her his book, each sheet the length of the eye,
Allah said to him, “Are you denying any of this? -No Lord! he said. ” 
ALLAH says: “Have the Scribe Angels behaved unjustly towards you? 
-No Lord! he said. ” ALLAH says: “Do you have an excuse or any good deed? ” 
-No Lord! he said. ” Then Allah said to him, “Yes! We have kept a good deed from you! There is no injustice with us! ” Then they take out a card on which is written the Certificate of Faith LA ILLAHA ILLA ALLAH (Word of TAWHID). We ask that we install the Libra. The man said, “What can this card weigh in comparison to all my book? ” Allah said to him, “You will not be wronged! ” 
Then Allah orders that we put the Book on a Libra tray, and on the other the Certificate of Faith card. The Book will become so light that the Libra bearing the Certificate of Faith will tilt. In truth, says the Messenger of ALLAH, nothing can weigh as heavy as the Name of ALLAH. ” On this day each believer
will be assigned a share of light by ALLAH. Some like a
mountain and other a little bit, placed on the ear.
We will then install AS-SIRAT, the bridge that leads to paradise. Between two edges of hell this bridge will be
as narrow as the blade of a sword. Everyone will cross this bridge according to the
light assigned to it. Some as quick as a wink
and others crawling with difficulty. The latter will then see hell from very
close to the point where his hands, will be hit by fire. But he will manage
all the same until the end. This person will then say that ALLAH is praised
for granting me what he did grant to anyone by delivering me from
hell after seeing it with my own eyes. To finish that day, there will be
so darkened horrified face and covered with dust and
humiliation. But there will also be cheerful, laughing faces who will then be allowed to see the Face, the Face … Whose Face Whose Face? Of their
creator ALLAH. And this will be the greatest enjoyment and the greatest pleasure ever felt by the human being. They will then remain so without wanting any change. But how will life be for people in Paradise? How is it composed?
is there only one level? How will people from hell live?
Will they end their torture? Will the people of hell all have the same punishment? this is what we will see INCHALLAH
in the next episode of the end times with evidence. If you now memorize five verses, I invite you to memorize two
Moreover. May ALLAH facilitate your learning of his book. BARAKALLAHUFIKOUM WA SALAM ALEYKOUMU RAHMATULLAH

Jean Kelley