July 22, 2019
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Kumbaya~Taurus~This Spiritual Reunion...Requires Forgiveness❣️~May 2019

hi my name is Kiana thanks for watching so foolish girl tarot segment videos for those of you that have already subscribed you are amazing I really do love and appreciate that I also love your likes and your comments reading your comments is my favorite so thanks for that be sure to click the bell to after you guys subscribe because I will be doing random daily readings to whom same rights resonate so you want to receive those notifications when I post and speaking of resonate this is a general reading for Taurus summarizing and Venus for the month of May 2019 hi Torres how are you I hope you guys are doing very well we're going to revisit this bread from last month okay but this is the last time I'm gonna do this bread for a little while I will definitely bring it back in the future I added two more cards to this bread to give it a little more clarity and to make it a little more interesting okay so here we go Taurus summarizing and Venus for may 2019 this is how they feel about you this is how you feel about them this is what they find most attractive about you this is what you find most attractive about them this is where they might have some concerns or insecurities revolving around the connection this is where you might have some concerns or insecurities revolving around the connection and this is where you want to focus your energy moving forward in order to make the connection work if that is your goal okay because I'm just saying sometimes we don't want to make it work we just want closure and we want to move forward right so let's do some wife actors as well this is how they feel about you I got the knight of swords they feel like you do things quickly okay you do things quickly and maybe you could be a little bit harsh sometimes with the verbage but it is wanted or necessary you don't waste a lot of time about getting things done when it comes to the connection or in life in general this is how you feel about them okay you're the ace of Pentacles reversed so you could feel like there are some hesitant energy or some things that you want to move forward revolving around the connection it's not really coming to fruition okay so let's get some confirmation how they feel about you okay we have the devil card could be some Capricorn energy so maybe there's some things in the past that you were not happy with okay you have been releasing okay maybe switching up some things maybe some addictions or a way of thinking that wasn't serving you you quickly change that okay that's how they feel or they feel like you could be not so attached or a bond or bound to this connection they feel like you're not codependent on the connection there's no codependency or the things that you've done in the past they feel like you're aware of them you're aware of your faults okay there's something they want to offer you and the physical could be finances or it could be emotional but they they're wanting to give something to you this is giving a receiving okay that's how they feel or they feel like you give and so now they want to give they want to offer you something okay maybe because you let go of this energy this codependent energy and maybe you pull it back from the connection and now they're feeling like they want to step up to the plate and give a little bit more so what's going on with this ace of Pentacles reversed let's get some confirmation Wow nine of Pentacles reversed okay this is a righty Wow okay so what I'm feeling right now is that this person is not very reliable okay it's like they say one thing and then they do another and you're like waiting for them to come in but they're very stagnant they're not so dependable or they couldn't they maybe they weren't in the past and with the tyrol it could be past present or or potential future energy and this reading is for those of you that are in contact no contact or minimal contact that's the intentions of this reading so this person yeah you're just kind of feeling like you can't really depend on them and they're just taking their sweet time but not only that this is stagnant energy and this is stuck energy and the physical so you might be waiting for this person to show you something just get some confirmation hmm Wow okay could be some Gemini energy with the lovers there is a spiritual connection that you have with this person so you could be feeling a little bit frustrated because you do feel and I love this because this is conditional love unconditional love with the lovers you have unconditional love not meaning you'll accept anything from them okay and with this devil car Traverse over here how they're seeing you they understand that you've released that codependent energy and so but you still feel this connection to them but it's like you could be happy without them but you rather have them because you do love them and I feel that this is a spiritual connection you feel a spiritual connection to this person you have unconditional love for this person so what they find most attractive about you in the present moment okay okay all right four of cups yep seems like you are not accepting their offer and that's making them watch you a little bit more they see you in your power they see you in your strength you've been through a lot with this person for those of you that have been together for a while and for those of you this might be something new it's like you you offer them love and then they weren't ready and now they're think they want to give you something but they're finding they're finding you they're finding you being very serious you're being very start Stern and quick about it they're finding that attractive you've built yourself up and you have so much hope and faith with the star car could be some Aquarius energy you are you know what you want and you're making them wait or you're making them work for it okay let's get some confirmation you're at a new place you're in a new place you're in your power you're the star literally I'm feeling like someone is on the verge of Fame or something like that I'm feeling you've transitioned and you're aware of yourself your faults you're aware what you want and you might be moving away from this person or they feel that way they find it attractive it's kind of like they're it's like you're you're turning them down a little bit but you feel the spiritual connection so they might feel you pulling away and they find that attractive you might be making them chase after you okay so what you find most attractive about them okay nice the chariot could be some cancer energy involved you do feel as though this person is discipline you do you feel like this person is discipline when it comes to certain things they might be stagnant and the relationship and coming forward and making things happen in the physical but this person is discipline in their working life in their life okay and you want I feel like if you guys are not together you're really wanting this to happen right now or they might be trying to chase you because I'm feeling the feeling of chasing and maybe they were stagnant in the past queen of Pentacles okay could be some Taurus Virgo Capricorn energy hmm so this person kind of knows what you need emotionally or maybe they did in the past but I feel like this is present because it's a pentacle this is tangible they know they are emotionally stable but it might be other things from from from making this happen in the physical there's some past energy where things weren't flowing but you know what this person is capable of you've seen and you felt them and they are emotionally stable they are also financially stable as well now you find that attractive okay there their guards down right now they are maybe they're becoming more vulnerable with you so you find that attractive then I don't want reverse they're opening up to the connection and you may not be ready for it it might be too much because maybe you were waiting maybe you were waiting but now they're opening up and they might be opening up quickly okay so let's move forward where they may have some concerns or insecurities revolving around them the connection okay this person might have needed a lot of time to heal or the connection could have ended suddenly and it was abrupt and ruled us out warning okay and they don't want to be hurt they don't want to be hurt they want to be the yin to your yang they want to be they they're thinking about a serious connection they want to be the authority they want to be in control they want to be in control of their emotions they want to be in control of the connection and they might be thinking about marriage okay let's get another confirmation for their fears and their concerns or maybe someone asked someone maybe someone asks and then the other person said no and that hurt them okay okay so it's like you're slowly opening up to the connection again and they're ready to go all in they were stagnant before but now they're coming out of this they're coming out of it they went through something really traumatic okay and they're coming out of it slowly and they just don't know they want to be serious about the connection so where you might have some concerns or insecurities okay there we go three open circles you want them to really pay attention to the effort and the work that you have put into studying their knees or fulfilling their needs okay and you do want this connection to work you want to be a team player you want them to be a good team player see the stagnant energy threw you off in the past but you feel the spiritual connection and so you want to work with them it's almost as if you guys are marrying each other but hold on let's see okay so that kind of makes sense yeah and the past you were all in it you were open okay you were mmm and they weren't playing as simple that's what I'm feeling because it's not a cops and you're just like should I I'm opening up but I'm just not sure okay or you might have seen some things where this person was manipulative in the past and it really turned you off okay you've seen the dark side of this person and you're like I don't know I want this to work but that dark side and you might be seeking some clarity waiting this transitioning energy we need to see the light from them it's like they gotta put in the time they have to put in the time oh do you want to focus your energy if you are single and independent this person wants you to depend on them they want you to be a little bit more vulnerable okay well we got nine swords again so it might be time to change some of your thoughts about the connection or towards this person yeah because what they want they want it now and it someone might be pressuring someone to make a decision as well Schwartz headspace Wow another confirmation okay if you are single and you are ready to this is the nine of Pentacles and so is this the knight of Pentacles so that's a confirmation if you really want to get married and you really want to settle down that's where you want to focus your energy on and you have to really let your guards down and Trust this connection and ask your source for clarity if that's something that you are seeking at this moment because there's some truth and there's some past energy where this person was hurt okay because maybe you rejected them or it could be vice versa if someone wants to settle down and someone was to keep their independence I'm feeling – energy so it might be time to just make a decision with you if you want this connection to work you might have to give up some sort of independence okay and be more vulnerable to the connection is what I'm feeling okay so we don't close us out some romance or angel some words of encouragement some clarity so amazing mmm I like this one mm-hmm forgiving and learning as you release inhale the past you experience more love in the present moments yep that's what I'm feeling letting go of this independent and letting go of their stagnant energy in the past and this heartbreak okay and when they were resisting or being manipulative I mean people do change if you're feeling guided and you want to make this relationship work that's that's the work that has to be done okay that's the reading forgiving and learning as you release and he'll the pass you experience more love in the present moments so releasing the past regret and someone is here with this devil card reverse they have so I guess that's all I have for today Taurus I hope this resonates with someone press like share and subscribe if you want to see more thanks for watching a so foolish girl peace and love

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  1. Finding T0lb Posted on May 16, 2019 at 10:34 am

    This resonates in reverse , I’m a cross watcher Capricorn. Can’t wait for the Capricorn reading ! My notifications are on girl … thank you 🙏🏾