March 30, 2020
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(intense music) – [Man] Hey. – Hey. So I was just talking with Sami, and she just has some stuff
she wants to talk about, – I know why Faith
didn’t come around. Faith has been standing in
front of you this whole time. (gasps) I’m Faith. (sniffs) – [Kristina] Are you kidding me? – No. – Why? – ‘Cause I thought you
were gonna cheat on me, so I noticed that
you were using IMVU, and I got on there, and
I started talking to you. And as time went by,
I couldn’t let it go. (sniffling) – [Kristina] (crying)
What the (beep), man? (sniffling) – [Tallulah] Take a
breath, just take a breath. (sighs) (crying) It’s okay. – I really don’t know how
to feel about this at all. I feel like I just got
like, kicked in my ribs. – Is this you ending things? – Oh, I don’t wanna end things. – You don’t wanna end things. – No. – Okay. – I want a future with
her, and trying to see if she was cheating
on me was to see whether or not I
have a future or not. But living two lives, I
just, I can’t do it anymore. (crying) I can’t watch her
go through this anymore. – The one thing I’ll say,
and this doesn’t take away any of the anger and
the hurt, it’s like, this wasn’t someone
(beep) with you. This wasn’t someone getting
their rocks off by pretending. – Yeah. – The basis of all of
this was love and care. – Yeah. I mean, I am glad that it’s
not like, some random person. – Take the time that
you need, you know. Are you cold? (chuckles) – A little bit. – Yeah. We can go inside. – Okay. – Come on in, everybody. Well, I guess now that
we’re all up to speed, Sami, I have a lot of questions, which means Kristina must
have a lot of questions. (intense music) – You know about everything
that was going on? What were your intentions? – We’ve been going
through a lot, and I know we’ve been
trying to work it out, and I thought you were
gonna cheat on me, so I did it ’cause I had
to know whether or not to keep pushing forward
with you or not. But talking to
you through Faith, I could feel the connection,
and I wanted it back because our spark was going away,
and I didn’t wanna let it go. – I would’ve loved to reconnect with you as you, not
as Faith, with you. – Can I ask if we kinda hadn’t
gotten this ball rolling, did you kind of have a plan? – I mean, I wanted to
make Faith disappear. And that’s what I
was trying to do. – We came all the way here. Why couldn’t you have
just said something? – I did this ’cause I knew you weren’t gonna find
anything up here. – Wow. – And so after
Faith stood her up, you would be right
here to comfort her. – Yeah. I wanted you to just walk away
from this girl, just go home. I wanted you to choose me. – How do you feel now,
knowing that this connection that you had with
this person, Faith, that meant so much to you, was
actually the whole time Sami? – I mean, I feel kind of
deceived that I was lied to, but I’m happy that it’s
not some random person that I was telling
everything to. She lied to me, but you
know, I lied to her too, so it’s not one-sided. – I’m curious, over the
course of the seven months that you talked to
Kristina as Faith, were you using some
sort of text app? – Yeah. – Like, would you guys be
next to each other talking? – No, I did most of it at work. – So when you
talked on the phone, how did you not
recognize her voice? – It didn’t sound like her.
– It wasn’t me. – It wasn’t you? – No. I had a friend who helped me. – Whoa. – I’m sorry for deceiving you. – Look, I’m not mad at you. I know that your intentions
weren’t to hurt me, because I do know
that you love me. I see it in your face, I
hear it when you talk to me, and I don’t think that you
would go through Mackinaw if you didn’t love me, I mean. (sniffling) I’m sorry that I made it seem
like we were really distant, and I’m sorry that you had
to go through all this. – I’m sorry I put
you through this. – I would love to
have you in my life, because you’ve been here
for almost two years. And to me, that’s a
very, very long time. Nobody’s ever put up with my
bull (beep) for this long. And it’s just, I don’t feel like we should be in a relationship. (sighs) ♪ If I’m gonna lose you ♪ ♪ There’s nothing
to do but lose ♪ – I understand, I do. ♪ It’s a fight
we’re not winning ♪ Guess I’m ready to
go home and pack. – Yeah. – Are you gonna be okay,
do you have a place to go? – Yeah. – Do you have a, like a sort of plan that you can put together? – Yeah. ♪ I’ll be happy
that I knew you ♪ – All right, well, this is
a fresh start for you guys. – Yeah. ♪ If I’m gonna lose you ♪ ♪ There’s nothing to do but ♪ – It was hard stuff to
say, and you did it. – It’s been rough
playing two lives. – The drama is over,
for both of you. ♪ There’s no more motion ♪ ♪ Then how do I move ♪

Jean Kelley