April 9, 2020
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Keep the Faith: Ty’Ann Brown on Overcoming Fear

– Hello, everyone, I’m Ty’Ann, encouraging you to keep the faith. (soft slow music) We’re faced with unprecedented times, and many of us are gripped with fear, and rightfully so. We’re concerned whether
we’re going to catch a virus, whether the economy is going to crash, how we’re going to take
care of our families. I mean, to try to find toilet paper and hand sanitizer is like finding gold. These are natural
responses to uncertainty. But I want to encourage you today that you have the power to overcome fear as a believer through Jesus Christ. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For
God has not given us “a spirit of fear, but of
power, love and self control.” One way to overcome
fear is through prayer. Bob Hostetler, in his
blog “How To Pray During a National Crisis,” mentions
praying the Psalms, praying for healing, for our loved ones, praying for our
Government–most importantly, praying that there will
be an end to the matter. See, when you pray, you intentionally take your focus off of the issues and put it on God who has full
authority over the issues. Secondly, a way to overcome
fear is to make sure that you’re monitoring what
you allow in your space. Sometimes we allow ourselves
to be filled with negativity and we even watch media coverage that sometimes instills more fear in us. These things will exacerbate our fear. But I want to encourage you to make sure to overcome your fear, by opening up your Bible or making sure that the conversations
that you have are filled with positivity and optimism. These will shape your thinking
and your actions to make sure that you have power to overcome fear. So I just wanted to stop
by and encourage you, “For God is not giving
you the spirit of fear, “but of power, love and self control.” And as crazy as the world seems out there, know that God is still fully in control. Keep the faith! God bless you. (soft slow music)

Jean Kelley