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Judge Faith – Who’s Car is it Anyway?; Sasha Fierce (Season 1: Episode #45)

on Judge Faith… It seemed like
a straightforward
car sale. We’re gonna do two payments. One for $500
at the beginning and another $500,
like, two weeks later. NARRATOR: But sometimes things
just aren’t what they seem. And I… I see
the police by the car. He’s like, “This
car is illegal.” And they impounded it. The agreement was, when you paid
the other $500, she would transfer
the title to you. NARRATOR: And later… A fight is ensuing, vicious attack on Sasha, Pebbles’ head
started to shake and I realized
that’s sort of
a death kill. Kirsten’s agent Addie
refused medical care
three times. I offered to take Sasha,
not out of guilt, but because I’m
an animal lover. Tell me about the leash
law in Dallas, Texas. NARRATOR: Faith Jenkins. Her distinguished
legal career began
when she graduated first in her
law school class. She quickly became a tough
New York City prosecutor and then, a preeminent
legal analyst on cable news. And now, she’s the judge
in her own courtroom. Her cases are real
and her rulings are final. She is Judge Faith. Plaintiff Latoya Boyd
is suing a man who she says still owes money
on the car he
purchased from her. She is accompanied
in court today by her cousin Renina Boyd. Defendant Phillix Wynn says the plaintiff is not
the registered owner, and she had no right
to sell the car. Remain seated
and come to order. Court is now in session. The Honorable Judge
Faith Jenkins presiding. Your Honor, this case
is Boyd v. Wynn. Thank you, Barbara. Latoya Boyd?
BOYD: Yes, ma’am. You are suing the
defendant Phillix Wynn…
WYNN: Yes. For $500?
Yes. The amount you
say he owes you on a car that he purchased and
failed to finish paying for? That’s correct. Okay, why don’t you tell me
what happened here? Well, I was selling
a ’98 Crown Victoria and I put a sign in my window, and Phillix happened
to see it. JUDGE FAITH: A sign
in the car window?
Yeah. He expressed interest
in buying the car, but I don’t know
him personally, I just know him
through family and
through my cousin. So, I was…
Is this your cousin? Yes, ma’am, that’s my cousin.
Okay. I was really going off of,
you know, her opinion of him. I asked her did she think
I should sell it to him. Because we were gonna
do two payments. One for $500
at the beginning and another $500,
like, two weeks later. With the title, and she asked,
you know, I asked her, “You think I should do it?
You trust him?” She said, “Yeah.”
Well, because…
Were you going to give him the car, let him
take possession of the car before paying
the entire amount? Yeah, exactly.
Okay, why would you do that? I really needed the money. I had just moved into
a brand new house
Okay. and, you know,
the bills and expenses
were a little different. Okay.
So, I really
needed the money. And I trust her opinion. She said that
she thought he
was good for it. Did you sign something? Absolutely, yes.
May I see it, please? It’s a huge risk, when you have someone
paying notes to you. If you’re going to do
that and someone is
going to pay notes to you, you keep possession
of the car until
they pay for it. So, I do see an agreement
between the two of you. And you admit that
you did sign this, correct? Yes.
Okay. And so, you agreed to pay
two payments of $500. You paid the first
payment of $500 and took possession
of the car…
Yes. And the agreement
was when you paid
the second payment, it looks like
three weeks later, you…
Never, three weeks never. But the agreement was
that he was supposed to pay the second payment
in three weeks? That’s correct.
Okay, and then, you would transfer
the title over to him? With the final payment, yeah. So he’s driving the car,
and it’s in your,
it’s still in your name, or your cousin’s name.
It’s in my cousin’s name, but I bought the car
from her years ago. Okay, but it’s
still in her name?
Yes. So, he’s driving the car
and it’s not in his name. Right.
Okay, so, what happened?
Why didn’t you pay
the other $500? Well, first of all,
let me give a little
history of it. I saw the car in my
grandmother’s building. It wasn’t nice. It was just
a car I could get around in
’cause I’m a referee. So I would use the car
to travel back and forth
in Bloomington. So when I saw it.
I said, I decided, I said, “Well, I think
I can get the car.” I asked my grandmother
about it. She said… And what do you think
you’re getting when you
pay $1,000 for a car? Exactly what I got,
a raggedy car.
Right. Okay.
Okay. So then,
I got the car, I paid her the $500. We agreed that
I will pay the
remaining balance about two weeks later. When I got the keys,
the remote didn’t
work on the car. So I said, “Maybe the
remote is not working.” So I went and
got a battery. I told him it didn’t work.
But you bought
the car as is? I told him it didn’t work.
She did not tell me.
No, she didn’t. Like the little
unlock button. No, she did not
tell me that at all.
He asked and I told him. What else?
Okay, so then,
once I got the car, the raggedy car
to Bloomington, I had it about a week.
So it made it to Bloomington? Yeah, it’s where I drive. And then the gas tank,
I didn’t know if it was empty or not ’cause
that didn’t work either. He’s lying…
He’s a whole liar. He lying, Judge Faith. Your life is a lie. Your life a lie. What
you talking ’bout? (SCOFFS) (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Yeah. That ain’t got nothing
to do with the car.
His existence is a lie. My existence is a lie.
Her existence is a lie. He is a habitual
liar, Judge Faith. No, I’m not. So anyway, so once I got it
to Bloomington, about a week later,
I’m coming out
of my apartment… So you’ve had it for
how long at this point? I’ve had it a week. I’m coming out to the car.
I was gonna go to the gym. I’m a referee, like I said, and I see the police
by the car.
No. So I’m like…
Just standing by the car? Yes, he was scanning
all of the car. The car is parked?
The car is parked. And he’s just out there
standing next to your car? He’s right there next
to the raggedy car. That’s putting it
in perspective. So I’m coming out,
I’m saying, “Why is he by this
raggedy car?” That car was a black beauty.
I called her Black Beauty.
It was black garbage. That was a beautiful car.
Stop. Listen. Tell me the rest.
Thank you. So then I’m getting
there, he said, “This your car?” I was like,
“Yes, this is my car.” You know, then he said
the tint was on the window. He said, “That’s an
illegal tint on the window.” I was like, “Okay, “So, what else?” So he was like, “Give me
some paperwork on the car.” So I go over in the
glove compartment,
to get some paperwork, and that’s when I learned
that it was not Latoya car, it was Renina’s car. He was like, “Well…”
Renina, the car
is in your name? Correct? Come on up. He didn’t tell me
that’s how it got taken. He didn’t tell me
that’s how it got taken. So then, I see that
it was in Renina’s name and he said, “Well, the tags
on this car is expired.” I’m like, “Okay.” He’s like, “This car
is illegal,” and they
impounded it. So once they impounded it,
I called her immediately. So that’s the reason why
they impounded the car?
Right. May I see the
tow paperwork, please? I don’t have none.
It wasn’t my car. No, it was your car, actually.
Yes, it was.
No, it wasn’t. You purchased the car.How’s it my car?
I had no paperwork. I’m gonna tell you why.
First of all, I wanna see the
reason why you say the car was impounded because
they say it’s another reason. So I wanna see
the tow paperwork where the police officer
wrote the reason
why he towed the car. That would go to the owner.
I’m not the owner. NARRATOR: Coming up
onJudge Faith… Complications ensue. She has no reason to lie. She has no reason to
come into court and lie. He is a liar. This was
never my male. Bad break-up? Break-up for what? From the… (SCOFFS)
(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) NARRATOR: And later… This man picked up
my dog by her harness and hit my dog
in her rib cage. He forcefully…
Okay, and why are you suing
them for emotional distress? For emotional distress
because I believe they are
the ones who set that up. NARRATOR: Plaintiff
Latoya Boyd is suing
her cousin’s friend for the remaining amount
on a car purchase. Defendant Phillix Wynn says
the car was impounded
and he can’t get it out. Why was the car towed?
Do you know? You called the tow station?
Yes, I did. I called. First we
talked to the police. The police said that
he didn’t wanna tell us because it was taken because
he had cannabis in the car. Possession of cannabis.
Cannabis is weed. Weed in the car.
That’s not even true. Yes. Yes, it is.
I have no reason to lie. She lying, too.
She gotta lie. I have no… Well, show her
the tow paperwork then. Renina, how do you know him? Well, we went out
and saw each other
occasionally. A lot, like, a while ago?
Yeah. Okay. So the two of you dated.
That wasn’t
a while ago. Wasn’t a while ago.
when was it? It was during the time I had
the car and up until recently. Okay, so she…
She has no reason… Wait, so she has
no reason to lie. She has no reason to
come into court and lie.
We had a bad break-up. There was no bad break-up.
They weren’t together. It was a bad break-up.
Whoa! This wasn’t exclusive. That’s why she’s
lyin’ for her.
This was never my man. I got a whole man at home.
That’s why she lyin’. He got a…
I got a whole man at home.
He is a liar. This was never my male.
Bad break-up? Break-up for what? From the… (SCOFFS)
(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) This is a whole lie. He’s lying.
This! Yeah, so hold up.
Bad break-up from what? So my issue is…
My issue is… So you called and they told
you that was the reason? Right? Okay.
Yes. And did you ever try to go
get the car out of impound? I told them that they need
to get the car out of impound. She said they would
Why didn’t you go get the car out of impound?
It’s not in my name. I can’t get the car.
Yes, you can. Let me tell you something.
You obviously didn’t try or didn’t read
or didn’t follow up because you have a…
This paper, right here? It’s called
a bill of sale
for a car. And so you take this down… If you have this paper and
you have it within 30 days
on the date on this paper, you take this down
there with you with proof of registration, and that’s how you get
the car out of impound. You have proof of ownership. But Your Honor…
And then the other issue is,
you made an agreement that you would pay
the other $500. It doesn’t matter if
the car was impounded. Because you say
in your answer, “I don’t feel like I
should have to pay “because the car was towed
and it was impounded
and so I can’t drive it.” I think that is what’s
really going on here. If I take that thing
down with that… That little paperwork we had. I take it down there, they’re
not gonna give it to me
’cause it’s not in her name. Sir, the agreement
was, when you paid
the other $500 dollars, she would transfer
the title to you. You know what?
Let me say this, Your Honor. No, you are interrupting me
and I’m not finished. Go ahead, finish. I don’t need your permission
to speak in my own courtroom.
All right. Just so you know, okay? (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) As long as she can provide
you with a valid title, and if that means she
has to get her cousin
to sign off on it, as long as she provides
you with a valid title at the time specified
in this agreement, which is when you
pay the other $500, she has not
breached the contract. Were you going to
sign the title over? Yes.
I have the title
so he can sign it, too. There you go.
Yes. I called him several times.
I called him several times… Now what is it that
you wanted to say? What is it that you
wanted to tell me? It wasn’t her car to sell
and I didn’t know… I didn’t know…
That’s not true. And I just explained to
you why that statement
is irrelevant. You’re not married?
No. I hope not.
Do you have kids? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Do you have kids?
Yes. How many kids
do you have?
Ten. You have ten kids?
(AUDIENCE GASPING) Ten-piece spice.
And it ain’t nice. (CHUCKLING) How old are you?
How old are you?
Huh? Thirty-nine. You’re ducking
and dodging
your responsibility. I’m not ducking and dodging
Yes, you are. You know what? Now, you see… I now see
why the two of you broke up. We was never…
Hold on, Judge. We was never together. He’s a piece of work. You owe her $500. Judgment for the plaintiff.
$500. Pay her for the car. Thank you. NARRATOR: Plaintiff
Kirsten Owen says her neighbor’s dog
attacked hers, and is suing for $973
for vet bills and lost wages. She is accompanied
in court today
by Addie Perez. Defendant Stacey Nelson says
the plaintiff’s dog started it and is countersuing for
$5,000 for emotional distress. Kirsten Owen?
Yes, ma’am. You are suing
the defendant
Stacey Nelson for $973?
Yes, Your Honor. For time off work
and vet bills. You say that her dog
injured your dog? Yes.
And you are
countersuing, ma’am, for $5,000?
Yes, ma’am. For emotional distress?
Absolutely. Okay, we’ll start with you. You have a witness
with you today. Yes, Your Honor.
Okay, and who are you? Good afternoon.
Addie Perez. Okay, so we’ll start
with you, Miss Owen. How do you know the defendant? Uh, Stacey and I
are neighbors at the same
condominium complex. Okay.
We’ve been neighbors
for about a year. Um, going to the
date in question, you say that the
defendant’s dog attacked and injured your dog. Were you there when
this happened? I was not there,
I was at work.
Okay. Who was there to…
Addie was there. She walks my dogs
if I’m at work, and if she’s at work,
I will walk her dogs. Okay, so, let me hear from
you, Addie. What happened? Yes, on that afternoon, I picked her dog, Sasha, up. I was walking her dog. I had my two dogs
on a leash, put Sasha on a leash as well. We walked out
of Kirsten’s complex. And what kind of dog is she? She’s a Chihuahua.
Okay. And I was walking her, got to the corner
and Stacey came out
with her dog. She came out,
her door was open, her dog darted out.
That’s untrue,
Your Honor. Okay, what kind
of dog do you have? I have a Chonzer, which is a mixture
of a Mini-Schnauzer
and Bichon Frise. Your dog did run out
of the door, right? Actually, Addie was at my door with
the dogs, in front of the…
In front of my apartment. The leashes are long. Her dogs come to
my door to sniff and Pebbles sniffed
and my dog normally
plays with her dog. Do we have pictures
of these dogs?
Let me take a look at them. Okay, whose dog is this? OWEN: That is my dog Sasha. NELSON: And that is
my baby, Pebbles. (JUDGE FAITH LAUGHING) JUDGE FAITH: All right, cute. All right, so, how far away
from the door were you when this incident happened? Approximately as close
as you and I are. Okay.
And… Her dog ran out
without a leash on, sniffed around
a little bit, the next thing I know,
a fight is ensuing. Vicious attack on Sasha. I simply tried to
grab Pebbles’ mouth to pry her jaws from Sasha. Pebbles’ head
started to shake, and I realized,
that’s sort of
a death kill. So I reached
around Pebbles’ mouth, and when I tried
to pry her jaws open, I sort of lifted her as well and I realized that
Sasha was lifting up too. She had such a strong
hold on Sasha. So, did you manage
to eventually get Pebbles off of Sasha.
How did you do that?
Yes. You just pried them apart?
onJudge Faith… What do you do for a living? I’m a writer. Your Honor, I understood
she was a paralegal. Did you tell them that
you were a paralegal and
that you’d see them in court? I told them that. Okay, so you’re
not a paralegal? I’m something
like a paralegal.
I do my own research. NARRATOR: Plaintiff
Kirsten Owen is suing her neighbor
for vet bills and lost wages
after a dog attack. Defendant Stacey Nelson
says the dogs always play so she owes nothing. What were the injuries
to your dog? She had over 13 stitches.
She had lots of bruising
right here in her chest area. Do you have video
of the injuries? Yes, I do.
May I see that, please? What are we looking at? OWEN: This is Sasha. Um, she’s, you can see
the bruising on her front. On the top there
are seven stitches. There are sutures
on each side of her neck
and underneath her neck caused by Pebbles’
attack on her. Okay. All right, uh… Miss Nelson,
what was Pebbles doing
not on a leash? Your Honor, allow me
to tell you the truth. Okay, but my question is,
what was Pebbles doing
not on a leash? She came out of the
apartment to play
with Max and Nicholas. Those are Addie’s
two dachshund dogs. I believe they are
dachshunds, anyhow. Um, that’s what
normally happens. Those three dogs have
played without leashes right on the condo’s
grounds several times. Okay, but their dogs
were on a leash…
Yes. Yours were not. Why is your dog
not on a leash? She’s never had to be
on a leash to play
with her two dogs. Okay.
They are her friends. You stated in your answer that
Sasha is not a friendly dog. No, Pebbles is friends with Max and Nicholas,
Addie’s two dogs. They are all three together? You say Sasha is
not a friendly dog…
Let me finish. All of these dogs
are together, she’s walking all
three dogs on a leash. You don’t contest
that, correct? I do, actually. Not all
three were at my front door. Ma’am, you say in your answer,
“Sasha is not a friendly dog.” Why would you
let your dog go out, not on a leash, over
to where her dogs are? My dog didn’t go
over to their dogs. Her dogs were at my door. The Chihuahua was
never at my door. Just the two dachshunds. So, the Chihuahua,
Sasha, ran up on Pebbles while
Pebbles was sniffing butt
and being friendly with the other two pups. What do you do for a living? I’m a writer. Your Honor, I understood
she was a paralegal. Did you tell them that you were a paralegal and
that you’d see them in court? I told them that. Okay, so you’re
not a paralegal? No, I’m not. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Okay, so why would you
tell them that you were? They were at my door,
um, trying to accuse
my dog of being vicious and trying to make
Pebbles out to be evil. I’m something
like a paralegal.
I do my own research. Okay, so great. Tell me about
the leash law in Dallas, Texas and what that says. Well, on the grounds
there is a sign, uh, that says,
“Dogs must be leashed.” Um, other than that, when the police officer… Other than that?
That’s really it. That’s what this
case is about.
Dogs must be leashed. NARRATOR: And now,
Judge Faith rules. If everything you told
me factually is true, then you are responsible
for the vet bills. If everything you told me…
Your Honor, I offered
medical attention. And Kirsten’s agent,
Addie, refused medical
care three times. I offered to take Sasha,
not out of guilt, but because
I’m an animal lover. I offered to take
that dog to Banfield, which is PetSmart’s hospital,
and she refused three times. That’s not your decision.
Okay. If your dog was injured…
But I offered it at… Ma’am, if your dog
was injured… I don’t understand your
thinking about this. Okay.
Okay? If your dog is injured, do you not, as its owner, have a right
to take your dog where you want to,
to get treated? You do.
Right? However, right at the scene,
when the dogs were broken up, I offered to take Sasha
to get medical care. Addie delayed
that for hours.
No, I didn’t, Your Honor. What’s your
counterclaim about? My counterclaim
involves, um, a gentleman who happened to be
in front of my home recently. He had the two dachshunds
right in front of my house. Addie’s dogs?
I came outside… Max and Nicholas. I came outside,
Pebbles, we’re leashed, we’re getting ready to walk, um, they smell each
other like before, the tangles became… You’re countersuing
for emotional distress? Yes. The leashes
became entangled. This man picked up
my dog by her harness and hit my dog
in her rib cage. Okay, and why are you
suing them for emotional
distress for what he did? For emotional distress
because I believe they are
the ones who set that up. Okay, your counter claim
is dismissed, ma’am. Judgment in this case
is for the plaintiff. You owe her $973
in vet bills and
court costs. Good Luck.
Thank you, Your Honor. (INAUDIBLE)

Jean Kelley



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    I love Judge Faith but she's wrong about getting the car out of impound. I have first-hand experience with this. You cannot get that car out unless it is registered in your name. No bill of sale will work on its own.

  31. Tioka Freeman Posted on October 20, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    1st Case: 10 kids, Stupid decision to sell him anything. 2nd Case: Defendant is a certified nut job…"Crazy Eyes" lol

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  33. puma lyn Posted on November 2, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    10 kids?! No wonder he can't pay for the car! He has to pay for child support! Don't these fools know about "condoms"? Embarrassing! This is why African Americans have a bad name!

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    what does the man ( Bam Bam) have to do with punching pebbles? Was it suppose to scare the plaintiff that she claimed to be a paralegal? At first she say's your honor let me tell you the truth then turns around and lies about shes a paralegal!! I'm thinking her writing is all fiction

  43. Jasmine Mayne Posted on April 21, 2019 at 10:48 pm

    2nd case I'm convinced the two planiff are in a cult or practice witch craft…..The defendant is just too extra but judge Faith knock her back down in her place very quick….. Something like a paralegal ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  44. First Last Posted on May 18, 2019 at 11:22 am

    Case #1: That is a ridiculous guideline for whatever state the car was sold – that someone can sell another person's car as long as they use a bill of sale and promise of title transfer. The 2nd party seller should have to obtain a notarized agreement, and should have to present it to the purchaser before the transaction. I would want to see proof that the seller had the title in their name.

    What if someone sold a stolen car? A family member's car? A car that was meant to be repossessed? If some purchased stolen property, wouldn't they be just out of money and out of a car since it would be stolen property and returned to the actual owner? Then the best they could do is to hope the thief would honor a legal demand or judgement to repay the money received from the sale of the stolen car.

    I'm going to have to do my on research. #ImKindOfLikeAParalegal ๐Ÿ˜

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    He had a bill of sale from one woman and the car was under another womans name. He could not get that car out of impound.

  50. hurricaneheli79 Posted on June 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

    1st case:
    It's obvious he's a liar. See that smile when he denies having cannabis in the car? Straight up lie. So what you had car trouble, we all do, it doesn't matter if you still owe or not. You have to pay. His reasoning for the car getting impounded sounded like he was trying to convince himself 1st & everyone else after.

    2nd case:
    Pretty much open & shut. Dog wasn't on a leash so by law defendant lost right then and there. Also if you're a paralegal just because you've done "research" on laws then we all must be if we've done research on laws.

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  54. Lovepotion 9 Posted on July 1, 2019 at 3:24 pm

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    Dash hounds. Lel

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    She mispronounced all the Dog breeds
    Also she should not use anymore Botox on her face

  71. Ebony Dyer Posted on September 5, 2019 at 6:33 am

    I'm sorry but that second case the defendant was not in the wrong. #1 there is no state law just city law for dog leashes #2 most of the cities law requires that a dogs owner leash their dog in "public" areas. In this case the plaintiff dogs was on the defendant property not a public area. Also I believe the lady who was walking the dogs should be responsible for the bill due to her action of trying to remove the dog making the friendly greeting bloody.

  72. HollyApple777 Posted on September 8, 2019 at 1:04 am

    Second case, the plaintiff's witness was an air hostess who fell at home and died from her injuries.

  73. Dรฉrion Lavon Posted on September 10, 2019 at 5:01 pm

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    Judge Faith: Give me my gavel & I'm ready to judge in 5 secs.

  79. Moesha Rolle Posted on October 28, 2019 at 7:13 pm


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