February 27, 2020
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Judaism does NOT oppress women Unlike the feminist propaganda that keeps suggesting that the Jewish religion is Misogynist and biased against women a deep analysis of its true
characteristics gives us an entirely different image as for how really women are treated by Jewish religion rules and guidelines in compared to the Jewish
males As a matter of fact, there is much more
evidence that these are Jewish men who are enslaved, obligated, restricted and
kept in the dark from any modern knowledge that can allow them to advance in their lives already at an early age unlike the girls,
ultra-orthodox boys are being forced to learn and study almost only religious
education based on thousands year old outdated material excluding mathematics, science, technology, foreign languages literature, art and so on girls on the other hand learn everything
and the universities and colleges in Israel are literally fully crowded with
ultra-orthodox female students it is a fact that by the laws of orthodox
Judaism that only men are obligated and forced to keep endless mitz votes – religious directives starting from
waking up early in the morning at five and sometimes at four o’clock a.m. to go
pray at the synagogue three times a day in holidays or special occasions they
can find themselves praying for most of the day sometimes without eating or
drinking Although women do have some religious
directives about praying and candle-lighting, they can easily escape
it without getting punished or being intimidated that they would be prevented
from going to heaven at afterlife There is also the custom to circumcise eight days old male babies called Brit milah A custom that in fact does not make any
sense, because by judaism rules a person is declared a Jew as long as his mother
is a Jew actually the true purpose of the
circumcision is actually to weaken the male sexual organ and limit it’s sensual
sensation in order to prevent and prohibit masturbation, as it is clearly
declared by ancient jewish wise men like the Rambam in the 13th century this custom is done so badly to every
single male born in Israel, many times causing serious injury and irreversible
damage to the boy’s genitals Sometimes there is even a risk of death
because of infection or blood loss In the last decade there were several
very powerful and aggressive campaigns dealing with the segregation by sex that
is very accepted and wanted both by men and women in ultra-orthodox communities Those campaigners coming both from the radical left, international organizations like the New Israel Fund and the Reform
Jewish movement manipulate the facts and make the wide public believe as it is
only directed against women and done in order to exclude women from the public
domain by totally bluring the fact that in those communities the segregation by
sex is always symmetrical New Jewish religious feminists even call
it an Apartheid against women comparing it to the situation of the
black people in the history of America and South Africa As a matter of fact there is no such a
thing space for men only without the same equivalent for women only in all
fields from midrashot, praying rooms schools, gym rooms, social clubs beaches and countless events and conferences preserved for women only, many times
exceeding the amount of the space kept for men only We know for a fact an exemplary story
about an old man that accompanied his niece to such a women only religious
class and was forced to wait outside under heavy rain for no less than two
hours One manipulation for example targets the
prohibition for Jewish males from listening to singing voice of females
describing it no less than hatred for women while in reality, the religious rule
says that by hearing singing female voice man would get sexually aroused
because it is only men always must be tamed under strict continuous control
and supervision A failure in doing so will severely
punish only the male but never the female “by God’s wrath” in reality there are female singers in
the ultra-orthodox communities, but their audience always consists of women
only The same rule is true for religious men
looking at women who are not their wives Only the men are obligated to keep their
eyes even when half or a quarter naked lady is passing nearby on the street if the man fails to cover his eyes, by
the rules of judaism God will punish him, not her never This is actually HOW from a very young
age the boys are kept under control by fear, sanctions and punishments under
total psychological mind control while girls are told they are more mature and
wiser than the boys have perfected souls and superior minds that they are noble and royalty and that nobody can ever force them to do anything without their own free will and conscience, coming deeply from their hearts The IDF Israel Defence Force, clearly
discriminates against religious males punishing them severely for demanding
not to be forced into service mixed with women or to listen to females singing in
ceremonies while it is in fact the military’s rules itself that allow and enable
both males and females who are religious to serve under strict segregation by sex In practice because of the influence and
control by the feminist organizations the media and many anti-religious
political parties only the religious female soldiers are allowed to fulfill
and get their religious sensitivity being recognized and respected The story about Jewish women being
oppressed and chained by dark and evil rules of marriage and divorce and that
the rabbinical courts allow and permit husbands to refuse to sign their wife’s
divorce certificate called “the Gett” is full of lies and half truths since the
rabbinical courts can practically imprison a man for unlimited time
because of his refusal and just like in the Dark Ages he will not even be held
in a normal prison cell but in solitary confinement until he agrees to sign,
and set his wife free so she can get married again while all his obligations
as regards child support, alimony and assets division remain in
place There was actually only one case in the
entire history of Israel in which a woman was sent to prison for refusing to receive “the Gett” but she was released immediately because of the protests and
intervention of the media the women’s organizations and feminist politicians the powerful coalition of thousands of
feminist organizations and groups in Israel, that includes many religious women
groups manipulate and take advantage of very outdated and archaic religious
rules to protect only women’s rights and privileges, totally abolishing any
obligations or sanctions that would be carried against women who fail in
their duties as mothers and faithful wives as the rules originally intended The best example for this controlled
discrimination in favor of women is a law called Ha Gill Ha Rach – the tender
years presumption that is based on an old Jewish religious rule and allows
women to automatically get physical custody of their children if they are
under the age of six It is in fact only half of the original
law that in ancient history did reserve some rights for the fathers today this rule is applied to children
at much higher ages keeping the mothers as the sole custodial parent and leaving
the fathers only the obligation to financially support their children even
if the fathers are ill, physically or mentally disabled and cannot work or
find a job as for example, one judge said to an
unemployed father in divorce: “I don’t care how you get the money for child
support you can go sell an organ from your body!” in israel the burden for paying
alimony and child support falls solely on the men and it exceeds the man’s monthly income sometimes by 100 or 200 percent even in
cases when the woman is working and earns much more money The mother is never held legally
responsible for taking care of any of her child’s needs such as food clothing
lodging school bills and so on all of this is because of ancient Jewish
religious based rules that all the feminist organizations in Israel keep
demanding should never be changed even slightly, while aggressively blocking any attempt even to question these laws Keep in mind, the fact that these are the
exactly same feminists who are always saying that Jewish religion
discriminates against women …

Jean Kelley