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John Arise | Junior High: Episode 04

(upbeat music) – Hey, I’m MJ. – And I’m Sean. And today we’re gonna be talking about something that we all need, and that is good friends. – Absolutely. My life would be boring
without good friends. Sean, question for you, have you ever been surprised by a friendship that you didn’t see coming or become friends with somebody that was completely different than you? – Yeah, for sure,
there’s a group of people that I thought were super cool and they all got along really well, and I never thought they would
want to consider me a friend, but shortly after meeting them, we all got along, we hit it off, and we’ve been friends ever since. – That’s so cool. Today we’re gonna be
talking about a friend that is with us forever and ever. Let’s check out today’s God story. (swoosh) (upbeat music) (birds chirping) – Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because he wasn’t peeling well. (swoosh) (trumpet music) Hey everyone, Karmyn here. When I was in grade three, we had a new friend move
into our neighborhood and join our class. But I have to be honest, I wasn’t really excited about this, but then I remembered that we’re really supposed
to be kind to people. So I didn’t really want to, but I invited her to
play with me at recess on that first day of school for her. And you know what? She ended up being my best friend. In today’s God story, we are gonna learn about a new friend that Jesus talks about, and learn about how important this new
friend is for us today. And a little spoiler in today’s big idea, Jesus had just been having a
conversation with his disciples about what God the Father is like and the way to heaven, and then he says this, That’s so cool. God the Father was going
to give another friend to the disciples. I imagine the disciples’
minds were racing. Who would this friend be that
would be with them forever? Before we find out who this friend is, another important part that Jesus says is that if we love him we
are to obey his commands. Well what are the commands
that Jesus gave us? They all boil down to these two, love God and love others. But I know you’re still
wondering who that friend is, let’s find out. Ah, the friend is the holy spirit, and we know him because
that’s God’s presence with us, and Jesus says that we know
him because he is with us, but soon he will be in us. The disciples may or may not realize it, but soon, the holy spirit
will come to be with them when Jesus goes to be with
God the Father in heaven and the holy spirit will
come and be inside them. Well then Jesus says he doesn’t
want to leave his disciples, like kids without parents, that
he is going to be with them, but then he says that
the world won’t see him, and this is his way of saying
that he is going to die. Then, Jesus said, I must admit, it sounds
a little confusing to me, and maybe it does to you too, but when I try to map it out
it’s something like this, Jesus is in his Father
and we are in Jesus, and Jesus is in us as the holy spirit, that’s his spirit. So to clarify, when we say God we are referring to the
Father, the Son, that’s Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all together. We say that God is three in one and we are connected because the holy spirit is in
all who are Christ followers. Jesus goes on to tell his disciples that when we keep his commands, to love God and love each other, it shows that we love him. The father loves those who love Jesus and Jesus loves us too, and he says he will show
himself to those who love him. That’s a lot of love. And then Judas spoke up, no not the Judas that betrayed Jesus, this is a different Judas, and he asked, “Jesus, why don’t you plan “to show yourself to the world?” And so, Jesus answered him that, “Anyone who loves him
will obey his teaching “and God will be with him.” “And that anyone that does not love Jesus “will not obey his teaching.” And then Jesus says this,
listen in, it’s so good, I think this is really cool. Jesus was teaching and saying that this friend, the holy spirit, was going to come and teach the disciples, and then the rest of us, and remind us of all the
things that Jesus taught. And we see that the
holy spirit lives inside everyone who follows Jesus,
all Christ followers. Isn’t that amazing? And then Jesus said,
“I leave you my peace, “my peace I give to you.” “You don’t need to be troubled or afraid.” So the disciples, the followers of Jesus, get to have his peace, because of the holy spirit
they have the peace of Jesus. And then Jesus tells them
that he’s going away. We know that he goes
away to die, rise again, and then ascend into heaven. Jesus says he’s telling
them about this now so that when it does
happen they’ll understand and believe that he really
is who he says he is, God, Lord, the Messiah. Jesus is giving his disciples, and us, a really important message. For them, the holy spirit is coming, and for us as Christ followers, the holy spirit lives inside of us. Jesus promised this friend,
and we have this friend. We’re not alone. The holy spirit lives
in all Christ followers. Well friends, it’s always
so fun to be with you. I can’t wait to hang out again next week. (trumpet music) (swoosh) – It’s amazing to think that
we’re literally never alone, that the holy spirit lives inside us and is always with us. – Totally. And what more can you
ask for from a friend? The holy spirit came to
help us, to guide us, and to remind us of what Jesus taught us. – Yeah, and the holy spirit
prompts us in different ways. And life can be super exciting when we respond to those prompts. Let’s watch Wehuns story to see what the holy
spirit did in his life. (swoosh) – I grew up as a cultural
Buddhist, but mainly an atheist. And quite honestly, I didn’t want anything
to do with the church. In fact, I was pretty much against anything Christian related. (intense music) So when I went to school,
all I wanted to do was get a job, make a lot of money, right? I loved cars, I loved working out, so wanted to just really
get jacked, right? But also just to do
whatever I wanted, right? Travel the world, I love traveling. The interesting this is
I got all those things. I got to have a great job and
I got to make a lot of money, but I felt really empty afterwards. (light music) So I met my girlfriend Luisa, and she was really into this church thing. She was really gentle
about it and she said, “Look, you have probably
a lot of questions, “I don’t have all the answers.” And I said, “That’s interesting, “that’s the first time
I talked to a Christian “that said you can ask questions.” So I started going to a
few different churches, I didn’t get any answers really. In fact, I think I made a
lot of pastors pretty upset with the questions I was asking, but then we went to a church
called The Meeting House and at The Meeting House, then I was able to ask a lot of questions and they didn’t have all the answers, but at least they were open
to having the questions. And what I found really
interesting, and what really got me, the first sermon was
that God hates religion. I go, “Whoa, that’s different.” And at first I was taken a back, but then they unpacked it and said, “No, it’s not about the
law, it’s not about systems, “it’s actually about a
relationship with Jesus, “and the creator of the universe “wanting a relationship with you.” And I said, “Whoa, God wants
a relationship with me, “and it’s not about just rituals?” “That’s really interesting.” And then, from that, my heart
started getting opened up and I was able to ask a lot of questions, but run up that ramp of reason before I made the leap of faith. – Oh. – Luisa and I got married, we had kids. I have a friend who has a
children’s home in Malawi, and they have 150 kids as
part of the children’s home and one of the big issues in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, is there’s no jobs there. So these kids have all grown
up, they’re now young adults, but they come back and they
live a life of extreme poverty. So God tapped us on the
shoulder and said, “Look Wehuns, “can you go and create
jobs over there in Malawi?” And I said, “I have no idea
what you’re talking about.” But we have to make the leap of faith, and we started saying, “Sure, let’s go”. Luisa, myself, and Grace, we all picked up, we
went to Malawi and said, “Could we bring jobs “from over here in North
America over there, “and teach people computer
skills, teach them data entry, “and give them jobs that
would actually give them “a hope and a future?” And that’s what we’ve done now and we have over 50 to 100
people employed there in Malawi and it’s changing lives massively. And I remember sitting in
a hut in the chief’s house with all these chickens and goats around, and I had this laptop, and I’m showing this young adult, she was 18 but unemployed, and I said, “Hey, have
you seen one of these?” She goes, “What’s that?” And I go, “It’s a computer.” She goes, “Yeah, I’ve
seen one in a picture.” I go, “Have you touched
one of these before?” She goes, “No I’ve never touched one.” So I said, “Okay, this is how it works, “you’re gonna type like this”, and I could see her and she
starts typing like this, and over 15 minutes she
gets faster and faster, I go, “This is gonna work”. – At first I wasn’t working, I was just taking the community, but once I started working, it’s like, I’m independent, I’m living by myself, I’m able to support myself. Sometimes even I can
help my younger sisters, yeah that’s the impact. – When I was living in
the village life was hard. So the moment I started my
new job here, data entry, I was paid. – So I just arrived last week, staying in this new house, yeah. – The impact that
Malawi’s had on our family and how God’s impacted us has been huge. Our daughter Grace came with us and she was able to see firsthand
the extreme poverty there, but also the joy that the people had, even living in extreme poverty. And subsequently, Grace has said that she really wants
to be a missionary now, and wants to serve God with everything. – One of my dreams is to
build an orphanage in Africa and to also build a well there ’cause in some countries in
Africa they get massive droughts and they not allowed to have enough water. I just think it’s important for people to know the word of God, and to know and love him. – All the work in Malawi, but
also just being a Christian, what that means to me, and
what I’ve seen is this, you have to let God permeate you and you have to say yes to God. God’s gonna work through you. I still love working out, I still love cars and
things that are fast. I also love my job and I love working hard
and being successful, but when the holy spirit is inside of you, everything that you do is now for God. When you do stuff you love,
it’s actually gonna be for God, and also to help other people. So how are you making other people better? How are you really taking
God’s love and sharing it, and also just being the best
version of yourself possible, for God’s glory. And that’s what’s so exciting about the holy spirit
living inside of you. It makes everyone better. (swoosh) – Wehuns life changed
from living from self, to fully living for God by listening and following the prompts he
received from the holy spirit. His life, his family’s life, and lives of many others
all around the world, but specifically in Malawi,
changed for the better. – And Wehuns is loving every moment of his new and exciting life. Let’s break into small groups
and discuss what this means. (swoosh) (wings flapping) (birds chirping) (light music)

Jean Kelley