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Islamic Society hosts free Iftar meal for students

We’ve just hosted an Iftar, it’s the first day of Ramadan so everyone’s been fasting all day; no food, no water. We just thought we’d host a meal for everyone to
come together, break their fast, see everyone. It’s exam term as well, you don’t want
to get too isolated so it’s a nice break for everyone to come and meet
each other and break their fast. This is my first Ramadan away from
home and having the ISoc community doesn’t make me feel like I’m away from home. It feels different but I feel like I have a community here. So it’s really and it just makes Ramadan easier but also this term easier because this term is the most stressful. We’ve tried to provide as many free Iftars so people don’t feel stressed by having to cook. We’ve also given people things to take home and it’s just having a
nice place where everyone can gather. It means a lot to come here to be part of the ISoc’s community because at home my family aren’t Muslim it’s just me and so it can get a bit lonely sometimes during Ramadan when you’re breaking your fast and when you’re having that and you’re doing it on your own it doesn’t feel quite the same as when you’re having it with your friends and things like that. It kind
of just gives you a warm feeling that you’re all doing this together, it’s not as hard as you think and you’re all going through this blessed month together. It’s challenging, especially summer the days are long plus there’s exams, a lot of revision happening but I think that’s when it’s most rewarding and you
can see the most benefit from fasting and especially when revising I think it helps in your focus and especially last year when I was having my exams it really helped me stay calm and relaxed
throughout my exam period, a stressful period. Normally I eat chocolate all day, that’s my
revision-fuel, so not having that it’s kinda difficult but at the end of the day you’re just thinking about what you’re doing it for and the meaning, the spiritual meaning behind all of it and that helps
motivate you and get through the day.

Jean Kelley



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    I will join you next year Inshaallah

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    Its really beautiful to see you gathering for iftar , but unfortunately you didn't take into consideration mixing (meeting) boys and girls or sit together in same place is prohibited and forbidden in Islam. Hope its not the case next time and best regards all of you allah bless you

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