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Islam, Guide of my Life

first line in Quran says bismillah r-rahman r-rahim so start with the name of God who is merciful and beneficial hello guys okay so today I embodied tawheed and I want to ask you some religious question oh sure yeah I heard the Pakistan is very Islamic country church but we have 10% non-muslims – which is a very important part of our country you know 10% of a population which is 200 million is a huge number that the Pakistani flag is white and green right the white part shows the minorities and the green part shows the Islam Islamic majority respect – exactly I didn’t know that oh yeah I’m gonna ask you the main question sure what does Islam mean to you for me Islam means complete code of life because it tells me everything about my life how should I do what whatever like how should I eat how should I meet people how should I respect people how should I care people a lot of people how should I care animals how should I care the environment everything so it tells me it is a complete guideline for me about my entire life everything in my life kind of your life exactly it’s the complete guideline of course because as a Muslim we believe in all the holy books that were sent by God covering everything that described in the books previously so this Quran for me is a complete guideline for my life you know everything like my education my daily life my treatment with my family my treatment with my kids my wife my mom my dad everything it tells me how I should spend my life in a very nice way it guides me so that’s why I call it a complete code of life I am proud belong to such a school of thought that guides me about my everything in life so that is it’s not for me like you see when you ask what is Islam for you to people I have seen this to many people oh you’re Muslim or what is Islam about do they would always start with like Islam tells us to only pork don’t drink so they start with the don’ts I mean why would you why do you need to start with something that is not very important in your religion what is more important in your religion the first line in Quran says bismillah r-rahman r-rahim so start with the name of God who is merciful and beneficent so in the first line of the Holy Quran God tells me his features his specifications which is merciful and beneficial so I want to have those attributes in me too because I love the God that I believe in so if he is merciful and beneficent I would love to be merciful and beneficent in my life too right so if I’m not merciful and I say I’m a Muslim and I love Islam and I don’t think it’s the right thing not only humans but also animals plants and everything as I said people usually talk about the focus on the practicing finger Church but the real thing is in your heart in example is true and as you said inside you know the word religion means we re connecting you to the nature what is the nature the nature is God we are blessed with this beautiful nature and everything around us by God the connection between me and nature is religion so it’s a connection between you and your God right so it’s it’s something inner thing of course we all other practicing things actions and those things are equally important but the base of religion lies in plate code of life it tells you everything about your life not only just pray or fast exactly there’s a logic you know how I said you don’t drink there is a reason it’s all Muslim replied why we don’t drink because it’s in the Quran the source to answer but there is a reason it’s a very interesting topic that you just brought it up for me because I’m a Muslim I believe I have a faith I believe in Allah I believe in everything about Islam right yeah it makes sense for myself that oh because it is written in the Quran because Allah said this so that’s why I don’t do it it makes sense to me because I believe in him but somebody who doesn’t believe in Allah somebody who doesn’t believe in inward Prophet Muhammad it will not help that person right for a non-muslim I need to have an explanation about everything I need to have a logical discussion with them so I will tell you a really good story it was about believing in God and not believe in God there’s one of my friends he was from America he doesn’t believe in God he told me why do you believe in God I don’t think there’s a there’s a god it makes sense it’s your belief that you think there’s no God but it’s my belief that I think there’s a God and I have an explanation about it what is it and I said like look bro okay let’s suppose that there is no God for example there’s a really bad person like Nazi you know Hitler there is Hitler here and there’s me the heat I didn’t kill anybody I didn’t do any bad things I’m just trying to spend a easy life in good life so one day he just dies and I die too let’s suppose after death there’s nothing that means this bad person and me we’re no different because it’s over now so this guy did a lot of crazy things in life he’s also he has nothing after life me I just try to spend a good life and me I had the same result after just like him if that is the situation I would be really angry right because I I tried to like do good things and and then this person tried like crazy things and we’re at the same place so for me I need a justice system a justice system that controls the things that didn’t get justice in this world there are lots of things that are not solved in this life so I need a solution system I need a justice system after this life or wherever I don’t know okay don’t think we have a God or not it’s a different topic but I need a justice system do you believe in this or not do you think there should be a justice system for me or not he said yes there should be a justice system so brah that justice system for me it’s got you know atheist I have huge respect for them too because they’re different I have lots of things for exactly’s but why I believe because I believe in this way so this is my belief so you know we always need to have a logical explanation about things to make people who don’t know understand about your culture it’s not like I don’t want him to be a Muslim I’m not pushing my Islam on him I’m just telling him why I believe in this and he could tell me the same why he believed in that maybe he has a good explanation about that thing too so we – you know talk to each other and have good discussions about it so we learn from each other it’s not about becoming a Muslim or non-muslim or Christian or non-christian I think all religions are really beautiful you don’t need to fight exactly for me like all religions are beautiful man I think core of every religion is same humanity love we don’t need to like you know push or pull stuff stuffs like that life should be beautiful for everybody you know and we shouldn’t make religion a problem and fight with each other and try to make everybody in one religion or other religion or something like that or just try to live with love and peace and care that’s what islam teaches me in islam in quran there is the same logic graha 15 I’m not a religious scholar but I do know what I believe in especially I was telling him about a story that when I was in Pakistan I only knew about most of the things about Islam only but after coming to Korea I got in contact with lots of religions Buddhism Christianity Jews you know I mean Hinduism a lot of religions and I learned lots of things from them so now I think I’m a better Muslim then I was back in Pakistan because I learned lots of things and this strengthened my belief in the religion that I was believing in Oh lots of things now make you sense to me the different perspective give you a more zoning I learned a lot of things that what happened to me after coming to Korea and now I feel like all religions are beautiful that Islam is a really beautiful religion – and I’m really proud of being a being a Muslim and I’m really happy to have friends from all other religions too and yeah we get along really good we talk we debate a lot you know but dance we’re really good friends we learn from each other and I think Islam as a Muslim as I said in the Quranic words like raha fifteen there is no pressure or force in religion you you cannot force anybody to be a part of any religion or any culture you can talk to each other you can share information and then you know it’s up to you up to whoever we need to like respect everybody and love everybody take care of him that is more important believing in God you know I mean I think it’s the same thing that’s what I believe in that’s what I think but I’m still studying a lot of things and trying to learn a lot of things I request everybody to learn about things too try to make more knowledge and information you know it’s what we should do I think I think I’m not a religious scholar I’m just saying that I believe in and what I think no matter what what your religion we came to make the harmony with exactly true we don’t need to find like exactly I mean just just pray to God like hey God please guide me in the good way that’s even if you don’t believe God yeah everybody has a God you know even if you don’t believe in there is a God that’s what I believe in there so thank you for coming and thank you for talking with very serious topic it was really serious yeah I hope even if we have different opinions like talking and debating it’s really important thing thank you again thank you everybody thank you for listening to us and thank you for inviting me once again and it was really nice talking and we will keep talking sure every now and then guys hope you could we could learn from you you could learn from us please comment below and tell us what we need to talk about and what things could be better he’s a really great guy is a really great youtuber let’s learn from each other and let’s be better people let’s make the world a better place for everybody no matter where you’re from no matter what religion what culture what country what racial background you’re from we’re all the same we’re all beautiful people we should love each other make this beautiful world more beautiful every day thank you very much and bye bye thank you

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    Thanks Jay for having me on your channel. It was a great time with you. Really wanted to meet you and finally I did and it was a huge pleasure bro.
    And thanks for all the editings and I hope your fans could learn few things from our talk and we may learn a lot from them through their comments inshAllah.
    Much Love and Respects to all!
    Best wishes to you bro ^^

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    Hello^^ Thank you for the Video. It was so informative. Though, can i say something in addition? Do you know why Allah prohibited drinking alcohol is because it has health consequences. An amount of Alcohol remains in the belly for 40 and so days before digesting, it intoxicates the brain and harm your head cells. ( causing the hangover that occurs and dizziness). And within drinking, the drinkers can put themselves in dangerous reckless situation that can cost them their life, or they can unintentionally hurt someone else, and it will be regrettable once the drinkers are sober. So there are always reasons that are justifying an order or a restriction that God tells his believers, whether physical health or social and psychological reasons. There are a lot of things that are still uncovered and searched by scientists. So Allah protects his Believers and always want them healthy and trusting him about things he knows but that they are not aware of yet. 🙂 Please stay healthy everyone, and remember your health is 'You'. Bless you

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    3. Judaism teaches that only a tribe comes to paradise. And is a tribal religion.

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    Economics is getting bad also woman stay at home let men do the job even very hardest job just little salary how to raise a family like tht…

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    Whn husband has stressful cz of work beating their wife beating their children cz economy is very bad this is not the way of life

    As husband and wife must cooperate each another if money cannot enough of life as wife feel freedom go get a job to support husband is call working together raise a family this is call life.. But woman has no freedom to do so for a sample :

    # their are victim like a slave for men

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    This is not the teaching of life bro please come back to ur original life…

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    U don't know half of millions of them has become ex muslim each years even they have to breakup their own family escape frm their family for the sake of their future..

    If not the penalty is deadline mean their own Law will kill them cz the reason converted into another religion and their own people can not accept it even watch their children or adult seeing them in jail, looking the Law judge them b4 endings their life…

    They done nothing wrong just convert to another religion penalty is dead wht kind of Law is this..
    This is insanity killing people can go to heaven stop this nonsense…

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    People choose their path of life and the Law endings their life this is wrong cz killing innocent people even they not wrong

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    now living peace no more violence issue and their heart has become clearly and mind is neutral and their life's is more happier they more listening to another people idea and share alot of ideas to another people

    Cz they study more they travel more they see alot Dfren people and communicate more religion become more knowledge intelligence people…

    Even they have to exchange their identity for the sake of peace their realise this is the path of light..

    Remember bro alot of them now living more happier and peaceful mind

    They cannot live among of nation says they not Muslim anymore cz the Law will catch them put in the jail brain watching them by beating them torture them force them convert back to muslim..

    So they hiding their identity wane be peace if they accidentally just meet their people at the streets

    Some of them pretending as muslim people and say they are Muslim and just say hello walk away frm them..

    Some of them walking pass by they just escape cz is better not looking each another just walk away pretending nothing happens

    This is why they have no freedom even they living peace and harmony but they still living in the shadows..

    For the sake of peace better not meet each another is better

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    Jay, I just want to say that you're doing a fantastic job! Keep it up. It's not only helping Koreans to understand things better, at the same time it's also helping the whole world to understand, learn and communicate with each other. Share each other's good cultures and their benefits. It's really worth appreciating.

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