April 9, 2020
  • 1:58 pm Jewish families around the world celebrate 1st night of Passover virtually
  • 1:58 pm COVID-19 affecting Passover observance
  • 12:58 pm Neha and Amit – Telugu and Kerala Hindu Wedding
  • 12:58 pm how to make dumbbells at home cheap and easy
  • 10:58 am Couples Share Biggest Cultural Differences

>>When I originally launched
Bode in summer of 2016, I had the intention of launching a brand made
from antique textiles. Using technology, we can preserve the integrity
within the new garment. The entire narrative around these use of domestic
textiles is about the preservation of craft
and the retelling of these narratives that would
otherwise be lost or discarded. So the biggest challenges
to growth are putting the right processes in place that
allow us to scale as a business, whose foundation is based on
the use of antique materials. People come in here and they not only want to hear the
history of the textile, but they also want to know how
we came to source this fabric. We’re moving so fast and
we’re scaling so quickly, and I think it’s really
important to have a destination and a process in an around this information
that we’re collecting.>>These are only the smalls that
have been done, is that correct?>>I was originally interested
in archiving all of our quilts and scraps in
a purely physical way. AI allows us to
expedite the process of finding specific intricacies
of cool block patterns, something that was a really
time-intensive process.>>Do you want me to
get this [inaudible]?>>Yeah, all right.>>We used to use technology
on a very entry-level way. Once our product offerings expanded, it was unfeasible for us to
continue using that method.>>The Bode Vault is an AI-powered cool expert that
uses Microsoft pattern recognition and computer vision to
identify and catalog antique textiles for
preservation and creative use.>>I love this idea of having
a program that people can refer back to over and
over and over again, that only gets smarter with
the more data that you put in, because AI can learn over time, it allows us to want to
invest in archiving. I believe this technology
can be used not only to keep an archive for our own use, but I believe that it
can begin to teach others little intricacies
that would otherwise be lost. [MUSIC]

Jean Kelley