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Incredible Testimony of Missionary Darlene Rose

Thompson this cassette features the story of mrs. Darlene Rose a missionary to New Guinea at the time of World War two when she was 19 years of age Darlene was called to be a missionary in New Guinea and she and her husband went there and the natives had never seen a white woman before she begins to tell some of her early experiences but before long of world war ii broke out and she was caught in all of that turmoil including spending some time in a Japanese prison camp there are many of you here tonight that don't even remember World War two there are those of you that are learning that there was a war followed by the Korean War followed by the conflict in Vietnam but many of you don't even remember those days and I'm sure that those who do remember could never believe as I could not have believed that within just a matter of two months after Pearl Harbor that the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy could have taken Hong Kong China Vietnam Laos Thailand came down the backdoor into Singapore through Malaysia and that within those two months they were making their inroads in the Dutch East Indies I had been a missionary in New Guinea I had walked over the trail from the south coast into the interior my first husband was the first missionary that ever went into the heart of the western half of the island and I waited a year and a half before they gave me permission and I joined my husband in the interior crossed fourteen mountain ranges and I shall never forget that first day when I came to the top of the mountain range and saw below me the first of the villages among these precious capela cool people stone age people who had only been discovered just a year or so before and I remember the carrier's saying to me Agha a new way quickly now let's go and I finally got to the top of the mountain and they were so excited because they realized that we really were human beings just as they were and they wanted us to hurry and get there not only because we were novel being people from the outside world but because of the fact they realized now that all of the things that my husband had told them about God who loved them and His Son Jesus Christ was available to them too before they had always said but if Jesus loved you he didn't love us because we're just human beings and your spirit beings but after I recorded their full or moving across the mountains I've realized that all of these people believe that the known world is that pocket in the mountains they're where they live that people die and their spirits go over those mountains and because we came from the other side of the mountain out of the spirit world to them and know one of the early groups who went in there had a wife none had children so if they weren't spirits how did they come into existence in the first place and that's a natural question for them to end and so they decided they were going to kill some of the Dutch people from the government post and if the spears went through them they would know that they were they were spirit beings if they didn't die but if they died then they would know that they were human beings and a government party was ambushed by a group of our natives and in self-defense the police had pulled up their guns and killed seven of our people and things were very serious so as either they bring women into the interior or they get more police or they abandon the post in the interior and here I was and these carriers with me knew that we were human beings like they were and I came to the top of the mountain that day and I looked down and I saw the people coming out of the gardens and rushing up the mountainside to greet me have your crowd goes oh the other half says home so you got and I was so excited I was running down the mountainside to greet them and I was waving my hands and the tears are running down my cheeks and I said I'm home I'm home and for 43 years that was home to me and those were my people and as I came up there everybody rushed up to me everybody gave me a gift everybody gave me the same kind of a gift it was a roasted sweet potato I had my arms full I finally sat down on the side of the mountain they poured them into my lap and around me and I just then one of the carriers tapped me on the shoulder he said mama kakuka paga aduba is coming the chieftain in this village is coming up and I saw this older man with a bunch of arrows and his bow and his won him he stood up in front of me and he looked down at me and then he looked up on the mountainside my husband was coming down the mountainside I had these very heavy boots like the field police wear with a cat's claws on them because of the broken bottle limestone he was wearing the same kind of boots and I knew what was going through his mind I had heavy leggings on to protect you from the the leeches there when you get into your camp at night they you took off your leggings you went over your legs with iodine or matches to get the leeches off and he was wearing the same kind of leggings I had on heavy cocky trials there so did he I had a heavy cocky shirt with long sleeves so did he I had a big rain cap he had on a Australian Army hat and he looked down me and he said I can yomo me are you a woman or not I said yes I am he said they turned down their lower lip he said bill you're not I said yes I am and one of the carriers who was on the trail with us he came and taught me on the shoulder he said mama let your hair down I've let my hair down many a time before the people literally that is he said in mother of mine be you are woman no man ever had hair like that so it must be a woman and from that moment on I walked into their village and into their hearts and they walked into mine and I was so thrilled when the day came and I could tell them that God so loved the world in their language tik Catania Guatemala ìmake acaba de Joie panic I occupy a novel community Mita Mia marcador agape biotech Kakashi time until to go to Thailand and then the day came when we came back we had made trips into the outer reaches of this tribe of 60,000 people and when we walked into camp that night we heard that Holland had been invaded and Holland had fallen within five days and that day when we had stood and heard that Pearl Harbor had been bombed we knew that it could not be very long before we would also be involved very personally in this war and we watched as the boats came down the Mikasa straits instead of coming into the port of Mikasa where all the fortifications were they came in a place in the south coast on the aisle on the the beach at boom-boom there wasn't a shot fired there they just walked in and just took over the place and of course if we waited for them after they made their landing on the 8th day of February and finally they came up and they said that we were prisoners that we were – at the present time remain there not have contact even with the natives around you to get food nothing if you're ever seen off of this property you'll be shot on sight the men were badly beaten and then they said we're leaving you now we will be back again the second time they came back was Friday the 13th of March they said we're going to take the men somewhere else to it and imprison them and the women are to remain here and I I ran into the house when he said go and get some nope suitcases but get some of your husband's clothes and I ran into this little house and I grabbed up a pillowcase and I put in some of his clothes Bible a notebook and a pen and then as I came out one of the officers was motioning for me to come I ran over to the jaffrey house dr. Jaffrey was in his bedroom with one of the officers he said now what is wrong with this old man and I said well and I began to enumerate the things that were wrong with him because dr. Jeffery had been very ill I said he was in a coma on the coast just before you people came and I said he has a heart condition he also has a kidney condition and I went on to name all of the things that were wrong with him and he said well anybody that needs all the medicine that me a man needs is not going to last very long anyway so he'll just stay here just tell him he doesn't need to pack well I knew that the only thing dr. Jeffery was using was saccharin and I couldn't understand what all this medicine was that he was packing and so after they had gone I went into SCM and I said dr. Jeffery what was all this medicine that he said you were packing there he said I realized that if they took us out of the mountains they must be going to take us down to the coast and he perspired profusely he loved eau de cologne to put on his handkerchief into my mop his face well that was what he was packing and that officer thought that it was medicine but you know that was God just keeping that man with us we needed a man there on the property and I've often thought how God brings to not all of the machinations of the enemy and so I then I ran out after telling the officer all the things that were wrong with him and I ran out and I saw that that mr. diver was already in the truck and I ran up to it and I had to it and I handed him the little bundle of clothes and things and I thought they could have at least waited til I could say goodbye to him they'd already started up the motors and he looked down at me and he said honey just to remember one thing dear that God said I will never leave thee nor forsake thee and I'll tell you tonight that I really thought there were times when my God had left me and forsaken me I never saw him again that day we realized what we were there and that we were going to have to make some kind of gardens we were going to have to find some way to keep alive we had among other things to contend with rats one of the things that I have said if I ever have time I'm going to write a book on the rat and I could tell you so many stories about rats I've had rats always in my missionary life and in the Bolling Valley where we were among the cannibals and I was adopted by the chieftain as his daughter we had rats in there that weighed 30 pounds that's a rat they were true rodents we were there for about a year and finally they came and said that they we were living in much too much luxury they were going to take us somewhere else so they took us five kilometers farther into the interior and then they pointed across a valley and up on the mountainside there were some crude shacks over there and they said now you're going to go over there and there are many things about those months there that I have blocked out of my memory I am the Lord brought to my recollection some of the things that happened and but the things that I remember most about it is seeing the faith of a man like dr. Jaffrey you know it wasn't until I was writing this book that I realized that that flashlight of dr. Jeffreys and those batteries that he had lasted for over two years and never once did they go out there was no way to to get new ones and dr. Jeffery needed that flashlight and I said to him how is it that they have never discovered your flashlight he said when I hear them coming and we would always sound the alarm everybody knew when they were coming and he said I just go up there and I lift up my pillow and I put that and my father's watch under there and I say Lord these things are meaningful to me I need that flashlight in this watch they don't need that was my father's and I put the pillow back down on there and you know watching those soldiers when they would come they just loot the place and they would always come to dr. Jeffreys bed they'd grab the mattress at the foot end and throw it up over that pillow and then they would look for something that might be hidden there and then they never lifted up the pillow and dr. Jaffrey would come in conscious that they were going to be there he would put down that mattress he would lift up the pillow put his watch back up on him a little stand beside the bed I saw the man of faith that he was those who were very precious experiences to me and the time when he stood at the end of my bed there and I had been out working in the garden I thought it was a sunstroke and I've had a very high fever and there was no way they could get it down and I remember dr. Jeffery standing at the foot of the bed and he had his hands on the iron bedstead and he just looked up without even closing his eyes he said Lord it's difficult to be sick at any time but he said especially in this time of war and when these soldiers come he said would you keep them away as long as Darlene is sick in bed and you know I was in bed for six weeks before my fever finally came down and never once did any soldiers come to that place and I said the day I got up and I had dressed for the first time and gone out the alarm went off and said soldiers are approaching I said dr. Jeffrey couldn't you just set six months instead of six weeks after we had been there about six months they came and said we're going to take you somewhere else and then turn you we packed up a few things we're only allowed to take three other dresses beside the one we wore so I put on all the clothes I could get on I was within six months of furlough when the war came so I knew my clothes wouldn't last very long and we went from the place where we were staying there across the mountain over to the village of Molino where the Dutch people had been interned and that night we slept in a church we put the older people up on the benches in the church and we slept down underneath on the on the floor waiting for the trucks and the trucks were beginning to pull in at dark and then just as it was just getting light in the early morning hours we heard them start to rev up the trucks and everybody was beginning to move and I can remember lying there and thinking oft we think's I hear his footsteps stealing down the paths of time in the future dark with shadows brightens with a hope sublime and I thought Lord couldn't you just come back today and always there was there even in the darkest of the days the realization that God was there and things became bright again I remember that day as we got into those trucks and they were just state beds and there wasn't even a tailgate on there so the younger one of us joined our arms together so that we could make a cordon around the older people in the center of the truck bed and yeah there was one up on either side that held on to the cab so that we wouldn't be thrown out because with all of those people that they loaded into the back of these trucks they drove just as fast as they could and round the corners and we were just sure that this somebody was going to be thrown off of that truck or the whole lot of us were going to go on down the mountainside the hundreds of feet below you could see the valleys down there but by the time we finally got to the coast they pulled up into an area that they had been making into an internment camp we looked and saw these great long barracks they were about a half block long and they said this is where you're going to be staying we they divided us up into groups the Dutch people in most of the barracks and then all of the foreigners were in the one barracks and I was chosen I think perhaps because of the fact that I was fluent in in Dutch and also Indonesian as well as English and I was headed this largest barrack and the camp we called it the Hinesburg because we were almost 57 varieties there weren't many nationalities that weren't represented there and yet being so many people from so many different areas of the world God just brought us together and I'm sure it was because every night I called him together and we all came up to the front of the barracks and I read God's Word to them and then we had prayer together and there were out of those that gathered with me there those that came to know Jesus Christ and could thank God for that war because they came to know him as Lord and Savior we had to have people to work and fulfill all of the jobs that were given us by the Japanese we were providing for their army that was gathering in around us we were between two of their largest airfield there we made their uniforms the older women knit socks for them we worked in rice fields and mud up to our hip and of course in the mud so that we've got these terrible tropical ulcers on our legs I've built roads for the Japanese worked out in the Sun days on end felling trees we worked on the coolie gang those of us who are young and strongly moved up to the back of the trucks they hurled the big bags of rice and sugar on our backs and you grab the ends of the bags and you walked away with it or else there are many times when I thought my legs were going to crumble under me and yet I said God just helped me to get this to the storehouse so I can throw it off my shoulder and then you turned around and went back again we had among other things that we raised for them pigs we had a large pig pen that had a beautiful cement floor that had to be kept clean we had to cook three meals a day for those pigs the camp commander went out into the jungle are out into the villages near us he shot dogs brought them in we skinned the dogs cut them up cooked them with the stems of the banana plants so that these pigs could have three hot meals a day when the garbage came in from the coast from the officers there we always gave it the finger test you went through it like this and if it didn't fall between your fingers it was big enough to eat and we ate the dog's livers when he found out that we were eating the livers from the dogs doesn't taste any different from calves liver we were told that if he ever caught any of us eating the dog's liver that he was going to beat us up we knew that he could because he had just killed one of the men up in the men's camp before he was brought down to our camp and so we were very careful that we weren't caught getting the dogs livers some of the other things we carried back hid them inside of our clothes so we could carry them back and have them for the kitchen for those that were in the hospital and those that were very ill with the pigs we got flies and with the coming of the Flies by the ilion's into the camp we had to kill in spite of all of the other work we had to do we had to kill flies and you were sometimes called up to his office and he made you count the Flies lay him out so that he could see that everybody had a hundred flies a day and in spite of that there still were just aliens of flies they we got dysentery in the camp and of course the Flies carried the dysentery everywhere you couldn't sit down and eat your food without having flies in it and you kept going like this all the time you were eating they brought in some times we had sufficient food sometimes we didn't we said we never lost skipped any meals but we sure postponed a lot of them but when they brought in these fish but we didn't take anything off of them and we didn't take anything out of them and I can remember mrs. pres was sitting next to me and she said you know darling I could eat the head of that bitch if it didn't look up at me so pitifully I said I long since lost my pity for here and I gave her a piece of the tail of mine and she would give me the head of hers there's only the only thing you can't eat about a fish is the pupil of the eye it gets to be just like a hard little baby when it's cooked we one day and if you were cooking porridge you were up at 4 o'clock in the morning and stood there at this great big paddle and cooking in a 55-gallon drum the porridge for the villa and you this one day it just tasted so good it tasted just like it had bullion in it but when it got daylight so that we could actually see what was in our plates there were hairs that were surfacing and finally the tail of a raft turned up some feathers and we realized reconstructing what must have happened during the night there was a Ledge right up above the drum for the porridge and you soaked your rice during the night and they must have been struggling there the rat trying to get the bird and both of them fell into the drum and drown and so they got cooked but we had so many people down with dysentery that finally there are 500 people down with dysentery and the rats in our barracks they were just bamboo mat walls with mud floors and during the rain there was just mud constantly there and double-decker bamboo Rex on which we slept now I've even had the the rats eat my mosquito net and get into bed with me and so now you know about these other rats too but I can remember one night when I awakened and I could look down at where my toes were I was on the upper rack and there was a an opening between the wall and the the roof the grass roof and the moonlight was showing me that there was a big rat coming right up my blanket toward me and I quickly pulled my feet up and I sat up and I yelled for Miss Kim who was down below me to please pull my mosquito net out at the end the head end so that I could get the mosquito net between me and that big rat that was in bed with me and finally she got it out pulled it out and when he made his and he was just praying he was as frantic to get out of that bed as I was to have him get out and he was just going round and round me and I was just watching this rat going around there and try to get the covers pulled up around my back and finally she pulled this out and I pulled it over my head and got it between me and him and then I slid down the pole and I got a club and I went back up after him but he made his escape by this time we've had them to latch on to the toes and fingers of children that got their hands up at the mosquito net during the night and were sucking the blood out of the children's extremities when we had those that were down with dysentery and they could smell death we finally came to the realization we had to set guards over them during the night hours to keep the rats off of them because they smelled death and we're trying to get at our patients it was a difficult time then those of us who are young were doing two and three jobs a day were running from one place to another and it was in the fall in November of 1943 when mrs. Yost Rahul's the Dutch head under the Japanese camp commander came over to the barracks this morning and she said mrs. diver I want to talk to you for a few minutes I thought about the work and so we talked about it and I said I still have a number of young women here who are very helpful and if anyone sick they just fill in and so we were doing two and three jobs a day and I said if there's anybody else that can't make it during that day well then we can call on these young women here and I also am available and finally she just stopped in and she said but I really didn't come to talk to you about the work she said your husband up in the camp in Perry Perry which was a hundred kilometers to the north of us has been very you know and then she stopped and I saw the tears in her eyes and I grabbed her shoulders I said mrs. Shastra you don't mean he's gone she said yes he died three months ago up in the camp and Perry Perry was one of those moments when I thought my lord had left me I was like every young person I was waiting for the day when war would be over and I could go home to New Guinea to my people and I just turned around and I went to the only one I knew to go to and I said God immediately he answered me he said did I not say to you my child that one now passes through the rivers I would be with thee and through the floods say not overflow thee and neither should the fire kindle upon thee and I turned away and I said Lord all right I learned in those days that there's a peace that cometh after sorrow of Hope surrendered not of Hope fulfilled a peace that looketh not upon tomorrow but calmly on a tempest that is stilled it's a peace that lives not now enjoy successes during the happy life of love secure but in the unerring strength the heart possesses from conflicts 1 while learning to endure it's a peace that is in sacrifice secluded a life subdued from will and passion free tis not the peace that overeating brooded but that which triumphs didn't get 70 and I can tell you tonight beloved there is a peace through the comfort of the Holy Spirit that nobody can understand to your pastor hood and no we had had women who were taken away from my camp by the Kempeitai some of them returned some never came back again those that did return never talked about what happened to them I ran up into the office and there was a table there in the center of the room and they were walking around and I tried not to learn Japanese because it was better they thought that you learn Japanese in order to spy on them languages have come easily for me but I tried not to learn that I had certain commands I had to give in Japanese and that was all I knew and they all I could understand was when they were laughing and poking fun at me and it was America and finally when I'm stopped and he put the paper out in front of me he said is that your name and I looked at it I saw Darlene Dai blur written on the paper and I said yes sir I am Darlene diver and he said what do you know about Morris code I said sir I don't know a thing about Morris code I have never learned it and he said you go over and he said get another dress and come back we're going to take you somewhere else too and he said we'll see how much you know about Morris code so I ran back I grabbed my Bible another dress and came back and I got into the car was taken out of the camp taken down to the city Mikasa which I knew well having lived there and worked there before and I saw that they were pulling up in front of what had formerly been our native insane asylum and I just cried out Lord why must I go through this wasn't it enough that you took Russell and so sweetly My Lord answered me he said my child whom I love I chase him said all right Lord and then I remembered the last words that dr. Jaffrey had ever said to me when they took him away from the camp he leaned down over the tailgate of the truck and he said Lassie whatever you do be a good soldier for Jesus Christ and as I followed the guard up to the office all that I could think of was God make me a good soldier and I said Lord if I ever come through this and I anybody in America ever hears about these days I don't want them to be ashamed of me as a fellow American they grabbed my Bible the first thing they said you can't have that book you'll be sitting in there reading that book and not thinking again about your evil deeds against the Empire japanese army and then the guard put his spin head on his gun and he turned and put it into my back and he started putting me running me through this first cellblock and i followed across the courtyard and then i saw that they were he was moving me up this roll of cells and when he stopped in front of one of the doors i looked up at the door and written on the door in indonesian with chalk was or on any moose tamati this person must die and i knew i was in death row i went to those hearings they said i had been an american spy they said they had evidence chinese fellow came in he had confessed to them that he had seen me in the jungle with the radio having contact with the allies that i had been reporting on plane movements on troop movements and i said but i have never been in a jungle with the radio I have never done those things I didn't realize what a sensitive spot that was right there between your eyes and he had such large fingers and he was very strong and when he would flick me there until I felt like my my head was going to burst I caught a glimpse of myself one day walking by one of the windows and I saw I had two large black eyes they used judo chops on you and I thought my neck was broken many a time but I never shed a tear before them but I'll be honest with you tonight when I got back to that cell and they locked that door I wept buckets of Tears I just throw myself on the floor and I would just saw them and something I said god I can't go through another one I just can't and you'd always come and say but my child my grace is sufficient for you and I'd sit up and as I fell out the Lord's presence there with me and then I would begin to sing and I knew then why God had laid my heart two weeks before I was brought down to this prison and streams of the desert there was a poem I would begin to sing he giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater he sendeth more strength when the Labor's increase to add add affliction he add of his mercy to multiply trials his multiplied peace when we have exhausted our store of endurance and our strength has failed ere the days have done when we reached the end of our hoarded resources father's full giving has only begun his love knows no limits His grace has no measure his power has no boundary known unto men for out of His infinite riches in Jesus he giveth and giveth and giveth again by this time I was very very thin when I came into the cell I had dysentery I knew that but I had not gone into the hospital because we had to have these younger people we had to do the extra work that was there to do and the first day they threw in a plate a tin plate that had some rice on it with a little bit of sugar at the top and I was so upset I couldn't eat it so he came and grabbed it again and he said well if you don't like sugar you'll never get it again and he did then when they realized I had dysentery they took me off with the whole rice and put me on rice porridge that was something else and when they put that first plate of porridge in there and there was no sugar no cream with it I looked down at it and I thought I saw all this white stuff on the top and I said oh joy somebody knows I love fresh grated coconut and I picked it up and I got over to the door where I could see from the light coming in the traps and it wasn't coconut was worms it was just filled with worms and I remember thinking oh boy that's a new experience and I'm going to shove them all up on the side of the plate and I was picking these worms out and I had them all around the plate and of course with the dysentery in came these big blue bottle flies and they just lit on that plate and right there and they were eating those worms and I thought now that's no good if they can eat the worms of so can i and I could thank God I honestly could thank him for that plate of rice porridge worms and all because I knew I could have been there without anything to eat and one day I had timed up because I was having an attack of malaria and I got up to the transom above the door and I was hanging on there and I had one foot on the doorknob and the other foot over on the windowsill and I was hanging there and I was trying to get air on my face because of the terrible fever from the malaria and I saw I could see the courtyard there there was an overhang of the roof so nobody could see me but I could see them and I was so fascinated to see other women and most of them were Native women they're just for minor misdemeanours and they were allowed to walk around that courtyard in the afternoon and I saw this one woman and she every time she saw the guard go that way she went this way and then when she heard him click his heels and stop and make his turn she stopped dead and she was edging off toward that the fence that was at one end of the courtyard it was covered with Honolulu creeper and I watched her and there she was down there next to that fence and he turned around and he went that way and through that Honolulu creeper came in hand and on that hand was a big bunch of bananas and seeing those bananas oh I wanted anything to eat I could smell those bananas I can remember the taste of bananas oh I wanted to be now it's like a physical hurt within me and I got right down off that door and I got on my knees nice and Lord I'm not asking you for a whole bunch of banana sight she has could I have just one banana lord and I said please Lord don't think that I am NOT grateful for this rice porridge I really am and I'm sorry if I asked for a banana and you can't get a banana in here to me and I really didn't see how God could ever get a banana in there sometimes when the ships were in they brought in the officers and you were put out on display and you had to be sure you made a proper bow at a 45-degree angle and then had a 90 degree angle and if it wasn't pleasing to them you went right down and I was waiting because I heard my ears became very sensitive to sound and when they were coming across the courtyard I could tell there were officers coming and I had just a skin and bone by this time and I said lord I need strength to be able to stand up here and to make my bow properly when that door opens so you helped me now Lord and the guard came and he got the wrong key in the door and so I sat down for a minute I was so weak and I could hear officers talking out there and finally he got the door open and I stood up very rapidly but there standing in the doorway was the camp commander the Japanese camp commander from that other camp from which I had been brought down to this prison and he was smiling and had been so long since I had seen a friendly face since I had seen anyone smile I was so excited I just clapped my hands I said Oh Tony ammaji so pretty ly out so late and Mama I said mister Yamaji it's just like seeing an old friend and the tears came in his eyes he turned and he walked right out of the cell never said a word to me for a long time he talked to those other men who have been trying me I don't really know what he said but I think he was telling them about the day when I heard that Russell was dead had been dead for three months and he called me over in the afternoon hours and he said I just wanted to talk to you and I he said you know this is war I said yes mr. DeMaio mais yeah understand that he said you know what you heard today many women in Japan have also heard I said I understand that too and he said you're very young he said someday the war really will be over and you can go back to America and you can marry you could go dancing you can go to the theaters and forget about these awful days and I said mister Yamaji may I have permission to speak to you you'll always ask for permission first an emotion for me to sit down on the chair on the other side of his desk and I sat down there and I said I just want to tell you that I don't sorrow like people who have no hope I want to tell you about somebody I came to know when I was 9 years of age back in Boone Iowa in America and the Lord gave me the most beautiful opportunity to lay the plan of salvation before that Japanese officer I knew from that moment on that man was my friend and I really believed that God did a great work in that man's heart and I believe that's what he was telling those men there that day because their heads kept getting lower and lower I believe he was pleading my cause he finally came back into the cell and he looked down at me and he said oh you're very ill aren't you and I said yes mister Yamaji I am and he said I'm going back to the camp now he told me later he had spent three whole days going from office to office before he finally got permission to come in to see me and he said I'm going back to the camp the women are all wondering about where you are what is happening to you he didn't tell me at that time that they had these men had sent word back to the camp that I was dying of tuberculosis said will never return her to camp because she's dying of tuberculosis not wanting them to know that I was going to be beheaded and he said I'm going back now have you any word for the women back at the camp and I said yes mr. Yamaji when you go back would you tell them that I am all right that I am still trusting in the Lord and I said they'll understand and you'll understand mr. Yamaji and that man nodded his head and he walked out of the cell he was gone just as soon as that door was locked and I heard them walk away it hit me I hadn't bowed to any of those Gestapo men I thought Lord why could you not have helped me to remember to bow to them just as soon as your ma ji is gone they're going to come and get me and take me back to the here and remember please Lord I don't want to go through another one of those and then I heard the guard coming and I knew he was coming for me and I stood up and I said Lord I need strength to walk to that hearing room but when the door went open mister the guard walked in and he just laid them all out on the floor do you know what they were bananas i sat down and I counted them there were 92 bananas I don't know what you would have done but I pushed those up in the corner just as far from me as I could get them and that wasn't very far because I don't how much character and I said Lord I have no right to eat those bananas I said yesterday I was telling you there was no way in the world you could even get one banana into me and you know so sweetly he came and he said oh that's what I delight to do the exceeding abundant above anything you ask or think we live like poverty-stricken people when God owns the cattle on a Thousand Hills and all the silver and gold as his just because of our unbelief and the day I peeled the last banana and all these months I never had a bath and ever had a drink of water when I was dehydrated and I said Lord please Lord I know that I'm going to be beheaded because they told me I was to be beheaded as an American spy and I said Lord I just need strength to stand and be a good soldier for you and a good American I don't want anybody to be ashamed of me and the Lord began to speak to me through three phrases of a verse in the first chapter of first Corinthians this says who delivered him death deliver he will yet deliver and I would say Lord I know I thank you that you have delivered me from the law sin and death and I am free even though I'm a prisoner here I'm free I'm free and he would come right back who delivered and death deliver he will yet deliver and I said Lord how could you ever get me out of this place on that day they they came they said the guard said we're going to take you somewhere else and just as we got to the road I knew that to go back to the other camp where the women were that I would turn left we didn't we turned right went right up to the Gestapo headquarters where the executions took place they gave us a last meal i the other man who was the brains of the team that had been trying me he stood in front of me and he had the great sheets of paper that he had written on he always was just out of my my line of vision so I could not watch the expressions on his face but he could watch my face and he said you've done this and you've done this and you've done this and you've done this and he said you are worthy of death and he drew his finger across his throat and he slapped the hilt of his sword and he started to draw that out and when I saw that sword coming out I just cried out Oh God and I felt like my blood had turned to jello and at that very instant with that sword was coming out that May I heard cars coming from all directions and the brakes would screech and they'd start to yell before they jumped out of there the jeeps and they were running inside of the office and there were ceramic tile on the floor and they were running in all directions and they yelled for this man and he went into the office and then he was in there quite a while I could hear their voices in there and talking rapidly and they were excited I don't know what happened I only know that somehow on the Providence of God he spared this unworthy person he grabbed me and he took me out and he slammed me into a jeep and put two bottles of wine in my lap and said those are for mr. Yamaji and that Jeep started down that road and we were going like we were being pursued but we got back to the cabin just as we were going through the gate and I thought I'm going to be free of them and he reached forward and he grabbed my arm and of course I would just skin and bone and he nearly broke my arm I had all I could do to grit my teeth and say God don't let me scream don't let me scream and he said have you ever ever tell anybody anything that happened to you I'll get you the next time Oh fear came over me I knew that he could he said you'll never come out the next time finally I came back to the barracks oh the fear that had been on me I was so afraid my mind was going fear is of the devil it was like a physical cloak on me one day I knew after having spent nine six days and I didn't dare sleep at night at night I would lie there and I would go through the Scriptures I had memorized and I would just cry to God to spare me keep me from losing my mind and finally I went out and I walked on the grassy plot back behind the area where we ate and I said God I've tried with every that was within me to keep my mind and I said I do I need sleep now I'm not well and I can't go on like this and I literally threw my arms out I said I'm gone I'm gone thank God it was just like arms went underneath me and I began to sing a song written by dr. Abby Simpson says underneath the oh how precious you have not to mount on high but to rest upon his promise and a trustful resting lie and I saw it I've been trying to reach up to God I've been trying to commend myself to God and when we've done the best that we can were still unprofitable servants and the arms went underneath me in billows of peace just rolled over me and all the fear was gone the fear of going back under them these men again and God just filled me with his presence we'd had vomits the year before we had dug our own slit trenches so that we could have some protection they were brought bombing the airfield shrapnel was flying into the camp and no matter whether it was raining at night or not we had as soon as the alarm went we heard planes in the distance we had to get out we had to get into those ditches and many's the night when I stood with an improvised spear that my boys had made for me the boys that were there when I speak of my boys these were the young men who were from the families that were there in the barracks over which I was hid and they had made this fear and I would watch for mad dogs because we had mad dogs coming into the camp the Salafis is known for rabid dogs rabies everywhere at certain the times of the year and we had some that were bitten by them there was nothing to give them all you could do was just lock them in a shed out at the edge of the camp and wait for death to come horrible horrible death we had lost more being bitten by the mad dogs when did to the bombings we had not had in all those years any letter Red Cross packages no pamphlets nothing we were locked away within that camp we didn't know what was happening in the outside world and one year in two years and three years and we were coming to our fourth year and I remember that one day when just about noon we saw a plane a lone plane coming out of the east and as it came down over the camp it was low enough so that we could see American insignia on the side an American boy was flying that plane and then where he dropped suddenly dropped over our camp one of the auxiliary gasoline tanks I felt angry I thought how dare you do that with all these women and children here how dare you draw dropped that over us but I think he was trying to warn us that they were coming the next day but none of us got the message we didn't know where the Americans where we which came to the place where you thought I'll spend the rest of my life in this camp of 2 acres square behind this barbed wire in the moat on the outside of the barbed wire and then the next day we looked and we saw suddenly that there was there were many planes coming they were moving out of the East and they were coming toward our camp and everybody got out there and stopped their work and we dropped our shovels in our picks and we looked up at all these planes coming beautiful double fuselage planes we had never seen them before p-38 lightning and suddenly there were silver things coming from the backs of the planes and some were yelling canned goods and I said no chocolate bars and others were saying no they're pamphlets and we were all yelling something and then we heard the whistling of the bombs and we knew we were wrong and over that little camp of 2 acres square they laid 5,000 incendiary bombs just minutes everything was going up in flames I ran I jumped into the ditch where we were supposed to lie when there were bombings and the minute my feet hit the bottom that ditch the Lord said you borrowed a Bible from that little Chinese woman I said that's right Lord I'm right to let it burn and I jumped out of the ditch and I ran to the barracks it was burning and I grabbed that Bible off of my upper rack and I came out and I saw that they finally had opened the gate so we could get out of this burning Holocaust and I ran to the gate with others and we went through it we got down there and here we were just in a beehive of Japanese soldiers there were a hundred and thirty-eight thousand soldiers around that camp we didn't even know they were there they had their machine guns set up and they yelled T door and UT door they just turned on you with their guns with the bayonets fixed on them and you just threw yourself out on the ground and they were running over the tops of us to get to their machine guns and they began to machine-gun the planes and of course the planes just turned around and came down and they strafed us with machine gun bullets and I dropped my hand onto my on my head onto my hand and I said God if at the end of this day anybody's alive it will be a miracle when the last of the planes had gone and the dust the sound of the planes was no longer audible and I could see that all of these things that had been burning had stopped burning and there was smoke coming up out of the camp and I thought Lord I'm alive it's a miracle it's a miracle I finally found mrs. press wood I said let's go back up to where our barracks was maybe we can find our tin cans our spoons something that has been preserved even in the fire we got up to where the barracks had been and nobody knew that I had my brides book sewn inside a native mat how it happened only God knows but when that barracks burned it fell backwards the beds came down the mat burned away and must have been the wind the blew the the bride's book open and there in the center on that beautiful black page was this brilliant gold ink standing out of the certificate and I looked down at it and sudden the last rays of the Sun was making that goal to shine and I said Lord that was the only thing I had left couldn't I just have that and the minute I touched it it just completely disintegrated I said that was all I had and he said to me my child that's what I want to do with you I want to make you like pure gold even if I have to take you through the fire seven times I stood up and I said all right Lord I'm available I saw that the lady in the barracks handed the barracks next to me was crying and I went over to her I put my arm round her and I said please don't cry she said my mattress burn I said oh yes everything's burned but we much to thank God for we're still alive she said but I didn't leave it in the barracks I grabbed it off my bed and I took it out and I threw it in the ditch where you always lie I walked over to that ditch and right there where I had been lying was the ashes from her mattress and the casing from the bomb I stood up I walked away I have never known that ah in the presence of my lord and I said father it wasn't that woman's Bible you were concerned about was it you knew that was one way to get me out of that ditch I said to God whatever days you give me on this earth from now on I want you to really know that it all belongs to you they took us up into the jungle they had known this bombing was coming because they had prepared very crude shoulders up there they came back again three days later and they bombed us with shrapnel bombs and then one day they called at the camp and they said and this was two weeks after peace would sigh and they told us that the war was over I couldn't imagine leaving the camp I didn't know where I was going and they allowed me to go up and act as the interpreter for the Japanese and the Allied officials because I knew English I knew the Indonesian I knew the Dutch and mr. Yamaji had dismissed the other man who was a translator and he took me in to help and through this the Australian major said it gave word to the American boys who were on the coast and out of 300 that were reported there when the war started and they were taken prisoner only ninety seven of those boys survived and they had rigged up a little radio and sent out an SOS and it was picked up by an American plane that went over and that those American planes were coming in and they were ferrying those boys out to get them to medical help and this a major said there is an American boy who's going to come up and see you and I'll never forget the day and we had had after the bombing we had bought one comb for nine people and livestock was plentiful and I just cut my hair off just real short because we as far as we knew the war would go on for years yet and I was a mess my feet of course we had never had shoes and all those years and that was good for strengthening our feet but when this boy came in and he was an American boy and he was very well dressed because they had gotten clothes from the Americans who were ferrying them out and he said I understand there's an American girl here and someone pointed me out and I felt so embarrassed because he kept looking at my feet and they weren't all that dirty and I was so embarrassed I sat down on the edge of this little hat and I pulled my feet up underneath me and he said don't you have any and I said oh no we haven't had shoes but that's alright I said that's good for your feet he said I'm gonna get you some shoes I I he said I I guess I must tell you I'm an American boy and my name is Tom saw is Tom Sawyer and it was just on the tip of my tongue to say yeah I'm Becky Thatcher I didn't know if you had a sense of humor not so I thought it Barry not say that so I said yes I am an American girl he said yes I heard you up here he said do you have anything that you really need right now and I said we need food for our children then they said all right we're not supposed to take any women and children if I had not gone with these boys the next year I would still have been in the camp because there was no provision made for moving those women out of that cab they said well we'll take you on the last plane load will hide you and we'll get you across to Borneo Balikpapan then on up to the palawan islands and then to Manila and somehow you'll be able to get home again to America I remember that day the 19th day of September 1945 when I stood there and I was getting into a little boat to be rode out to the plane that was there in the harbor and I thought as I rode out to that plane Lord Here I am going home widowed at 26 with not a thing in the world that I could call my own cut to Balikpapan South Borneo they took us to the hospital immediately and they said is there anything special you'd like to have and I said I'd like a shower we had so little soap and so little water and I said I I would like to have a hot shower could we have a hot shower and so they said oh yes well I didn't say hot because I didn't think anybody had hot showers it anymore but they took us there and there was hot water and we just had soap and it smelled nice and we just showered and soaked and then we'd prints and then we'd soap some more and I don't know how long we were in there until we hear the sound of a knock on the door and said girls we have tea ready see this is an Australian camp we have tea ready for you and if you want a shower later on you're gonna have another shower so we sat down the table I tell you it's an unusual experience to be using a knife and fork again we have Welsh rarebit and it just tasted so delicious and then that night they we got into the hospital I was taking 18 different kinds of vitamins and medicine at every meal I said I'll need food after and get this down but they decided we needed our hair properly cut and then they gave us a permanent and I ran over to the place where I wanted to go I sent a telegram home said I'm coming home alone that Russell's with the Lord and I waited for news to come from my family in America and I would go into the post office and the young man was there and I said have you any mail today for darling diaper and he would look he said no I'm sorry there's nothing here and I went dad back day after day and finally one day he just said boy I don't know why somebody wouldn't write to you I was so embarrassed I didn't go back again until the day before they were going to ship us out they kept us almost a month there until they felt we were strong enough to go home and then I ran back that day and I said do you have any mail for me now and he looked again he said no there's nothing for you here and we got on that ship we were 23 days coming home on the clip Fontaine we were just within spitting distance of the shore of San Francisco and they came out over the loudspeaker and said just pull her out again everything is full take it on up to Seattle Washington and everybody was moaning and groaning all this beautiful city and I said oh I don't know anybody out in California anyway I've never been there and I said this is known territory to me I'm glad to even stay on the ship for another three days and then we pulled in here to Seattle Washington on Navy day the end of November 1945 and that night they de lost us and and then the next morning they started to process us and I remember when they they these people who had become friends of mine during the trip home were leaving and their families were coming and I went out and I crawled we were sleeping three deep and hammocks out on the deck and I crawled in under those hammocks and I suddenly realized dad and mother are gone too that's why I'm not heard from anybody and I said Lord you took Brussels did you have to take mother and daddy too and so sweetly he said you can still trust me my child I got up and I said lord I need to find a Red Cross woman I need to get some money or something to get back to Iowa to trace anybody from my family that might still be alive and I came around the corner of the deck and there was a Red Cross woman and I latched onto her and I said now wait a minute I said I'm a powa I said I haven't heard anything from my family for over four years and I said I guess maybe they're gone but I would need to get back to Iowa maybe somebody from the family's alive she said honey what's your name I said darling dialer she said I've been on the ship all morning looking for you I have three telegrams and they're all for mother and dad but you know oh I thank God that he didn't let me need that woman until I had met him and I knew that even if mother and dad and the rest of them were gone I could still trust my lord you know it's wonderful that God brings you to that place where it's faith without trappings just faith in the testimony of a person that you've walked with for all these years that even I think maybe in a measure was like job said even though he slay me yeah well I trust him because I knew the character of my god I opened them up mother said we moved out to Oakland California in 1943 we know you were on the ship we tried to get over there when they took you out we can't get to Seattle in time to meet you but we're sending money and it's at Western Union now you go and get that and then you get a ticket and come down to Oakland California and we'll be here to meet you and you call us collect as soon as you can get to a telephone I got to a telephone you know I've said so many times tonight the Lord spoke to me and people say how do you know it is the Lord I think this is the best illustration I could ever use I had not heard my mother or Father's voice for over eight years but when that telephone went up that receiver on the other end down there in Oakland California and I heard someone say hello Darlene I knew it was mother nobody ever said my name like my mother did that's the way it is with my lord when he says my child I know it's my Lord and I listened she told me my brother just gotten in from Germany on the East Coast the first thing he asked his mother be any word from Darlene she said I know she's on a ship and she's on their way up to Seattle Washington and so I went to the train station to get a ticket to Oakland California after collecting the money at Western Union and when I told him that I wanted to ticket for Oakland California he said my dear he said told you no awards been on he said only Army and Navy personnel travel and my heart just collapsed with me and I said no I didn't know that I said I'm a powa just got here and I said I'm trying to get to Oakland California because my mother and dad are down there he said oh I've got lots of tickets for people just like you and I was in business again and then I went back to the ship to collect my things and you know they'd given us coats from the Red Cross that came from another area era another time and I noticed that everybody who had coat on on the streets there they nap was very short nose very smooth for material so I got back on the ship and I went to the captain and I said I'd like to borrow your razor I gave my coat a shave it looked pretty good after that and then I got on I got on the train and I sent a cable to era sent a wire to my mother and dad from Portland I thought I better tell him when I'm coming in and I said kill the fatted calf I love you darling and I'm arriving in 11:30 tomorrow morning and my mother my father told me this he said mother heard the telephone in the middle of the night I didn't realize you see I've been really out of it for so long that they when you send a telegram it goes right straight through and it was in the middle of the night and dad said mother went to the phone and I could hear her say what and then there was silence and she say what oh and she put the phone down she ran in and grabbed my father and she said she's alright she hasn't lost her sense of humor and they were the Sarah the woman who was reading it to it kept saying kill the fatted calf love Darlie and she knew the lost has found the wander had returned home again and there they were a great group of people from the church there I didn't know any of them so I was just looking for two faces I was looking for mother in daddy's face and I remember when I put my arms around them and I just sobbed I said oh there were so many days I thought I would never ever see you again and then as I held them tight I thought you know if this is wonderful meeting your loved ones you haven't seen for such a long time what is it going be like when someday those clouds will part asunder and Jesus will be there I was a little girl just 10 years of age when I said in a missionary conference the closing service and they were calling for those that would give their life to go wherever God sent them it was all geared toward our high school and our college young people but somebody knew that for the second seat from the back was a little 10 year old brown haired girl and I felt a hand on my shoulder that night and I turned around and looked and there was no one there and I knew it was my Lord he said to me my child would you go anywhere no matter what it costs I was so thrilled to think that God even noticed me with such love and adoration in my heart I looked up into his face that night and I said Lord Jesus I would go anywhere for you no matter what it costs I understand something of the cost beloved but I don't even think about that anymore I'd go anywhere for him I'll tell you why tonight because the compensations are so tremendous I wouldn't trade places with any of you tonight those were not terrible years they were the sweetest years that God ever gave me because then he taught me that he would never leave me nor forsake me I heard him call come follow that was all my gold grew dim I rose and followed him all beloved who wouldn't follow if they heard him call you

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  1. Charles Hines Posted on May 1, 2019 at 12:14 am

    Incredible testimony of Gods grace.

  2. Tuan Tanah Posted on May 1, 2019 at 12:14 am

    Thank you so much for uploading this, I was moved to tears so many times. God bless Mrs Rose.
    Did she ever return to Papua again after all this?

  3. Laura Callan Posted on May 1, 2019 at 12:14 am

    This has helped me so much.

  4. Jim Kubiak Posted on May 1, 2019 at 12:14 am

    This is by far one of the most encouraging and inspiring testimonies I have ever heard and I have listened to it on several occasions over the years. Her book "Evidence Not Seen" is one of my top five books.

  5. BuddyToolsLLC Posted on May 1, 2019 at 12:14 am

    Amazing testimony of God's grace in a life committed to Him. You need to listen to this and be encouraged.