February 27, 2020
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In Conversation: Revivals - Why Children of a Lesser God

so what really what brought you to children of a lesser God because that's what you worked on this year and also I think it's really important for this room to know what steps you take in making that decision and when you're conceiving a revival Wow – Nora let's go quickly when I was approached by their producers to direct that particular play I thought I was humbled by it because my recent work was all stories with african-americans and the story for Broadway and I said wow I'm defined by more than raises great children of a lesser God is a lovely love story about two white people that really can't really communicate so I accepted it thinking it was a love story and I get to express love and then I've started taking sign language from a woman Lauren read love and I took sign language from her for once a week for a year preparing for this Broadway production Wow and when I first met her I'm a coffee coffee bar and I'm thinking in my own prejudice I'm thinking when I walk in there this woman is gonna be 70 years old seven zero and she's gonna be introverted and she's gonna have glasses and she's gonna be shy and that's it's my own that's what a deaf ASL teacher look like and I walk in and it's this multi-racial 36 year old looks like a model and she comes and she's googled me and I go in and she's like he calls me over we started talking and she says I'm like no e oh yes okay and in genetic drink yes and she makes a W with her fingers detect water drink water oh yes yes it's coffee and so that's our first lesson every week we would have a lesson in a public place so we went to the museum and we studied color so it was like old brown and black and white and pink and rain them and I'm not going my god and then I watched how people looked at us while we were together and when they would see her sign they would look differently at us or we went to a museum and we're talking to someone the minute they found out that she did not speak did not use her voice or she and she was dead they would look away from her and look at me ooh and then she would say no look at me and she would make them communicate with her and that then the idea of doing the play started changing for me it was no longer love story with two white folks when the challenge was communication it was like now is a story about how we all try to pretend with God and we make each other over to fit in our idea of whatever the person were talking to so if it's black and white Republican Democrat whatever the difference is that's how we talk to each other I said that's is so timing that's what the country needs and then fast forward I ended up cast and Lauren in the play in the role and she hadn't ever done a play before except in high school and she has two deaf children and a husband is deaf so I got into their families start understanding more what the play was about every time I'm the I'm given a revival I treat it as a new play I say what does this play mean to the community now why should we listen to this place now children let's go my approach that was its time was to listen to each other so I'm doing production around that around the diversity once that cast a black woman has to lead then I had to cast that Asian woman as a lawyer because I was interested to see how an Asian person representing a black deaf woman how that would play with all yeah so I diversified the entire Caston hmm did I ask you a question you definitely do but one quick question for you yes you originally went into it thinking it was a love story yes so in your original it's still a love story it's a different love story in Faneuil of so I had to hide Joshua Jackson and then I put I put them together because they look sexy together I said that's a love story America can believe but if both people are the same race and they go to the parents and it's like oh it's just a deaf teacher and his same race girlfriend talking to me but if you go to a black mother and it's an inner interracial relationship now it's working on two or three different levels so it's the same love story but it works on race class all those different levels in every possible way and it and sometimes I mean sometimes I feel and I'm not being defensive but sometimes I feel as a country and as people that write about what we do sometimes we don't explore what it takes to to put the plays together and what the artists are trying to say in the play sometimes we go back well I remember 50 years ago when they did this play and so when they walk in said oh it doesn't look like that play did and so especially people of artists of color you know 50 years ago was very different for us so we're as storytellers we're trying to talk to the lens of now why this play now I don't know if you asked me that or not but it was exactly what I asked you

Jean Kelley