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I’m Drinking a Beer & God Came to Me. Then This Happens…

while drinking a beer strange lights suddenly surrounded my guests and after that he knew mysteries about people next on this edition of it's supernatural hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with michael o'laughlen and so you're a nice athlete what football baseball and you're drinking a beer and all of a sudden some strange lights hit you this now give me a break well where were you druggie no sir I wasn't it wasn't a druggie I drank beer consistently did you ever do drugs no not very often okay now show these strange lights this feeling or to tell me what happened to you well I hadn't felt like I had a choice that day I'd been playing sports but I was kind of raised in church to the Catholic Church my dad was Catholic and my mother was Jewish and God has a sense of humor and that day I was reading the Bible and drinking a beer because I felt like I had to make a choice that day I didn't know it was God I didn't know anything about it I just had this pressure for a few weeks that I was leading up to some kind of a choice and I wanted to play football but I was drinking beer that day and reading my Bible and all of a sudden I felt like I needed to make a decision and I didn't it's interesting because they didn't feel any duress or pressured so I needed to make a decision but I was totally free to do whatever I wanted and finally I just sighed very deeply it said God I just want to do what you want me to do for my life I mean no matter where it is or no matter how crazy I have to be and I didn't expect any kind of but all of a sudden this weight rolled off of me and I you know you're not expecting I thought what in the world was that a lot like when you're backpacking you go miles with a heavy pack but you take your pack up there's this exhilarating light sort of appealing it's exactly that feeling I felt all this weight roll off of me it must been a good feeling Oh was up but it's but it's scary too because you don't you have no idea what's happening I mean I looked at the beer I look at the Bible I thought hold your Lord I mean the two don't go together a beer in the Bible but no and so this weight rolled off of me and in this presence this light this power this glory began to wash over me and again I had no idea what it was I understood it was God but I had never heard of such an experience and I just remember closing my eyes and yielding to it I thought what a glorious feeling and this lightness power and his joy finally heard my name Michael Michael Michael and my girlfriend was walking outside my apartment I said come in but I wasn't expecting her for about three hours and then I looked at my watch and it'd been three hours I I thought it was about five minutes I was sitting there but it's been three straight-out monsters been so good you lost track of time it was so awesome that I totally lost track of time I told her to come in I said Saffy come in she I'm not coming in there I said why not she said it's like gods in that room and he's never been in there before how would she even know this she she was a saying that sighs she said I felt something so holy it's something so sacred said I wouldn't dare go and she said I saw across the room that your whole face your whole countenance had changed and you had this this tough real kind of image and it was gone she said you had this sweet lovely sort of face and I walked out still holding the beer holding the Bible and what happened to you I said I don't know I said I was sitting there and I saw I was kind of talking to God and I just said I want to do what you want for my life because it was a lot of drugs the direction I was going with football and different things that were dark and I don't really want to go where your looks good football player I was a good football player could you have been pro I'm sure I could have professional I loved it I loved football what well the thing that what about these lights it was just this office kind of light and brightness and things happened I had no idea what it was I never had that kind of experience before okay bottom line was it good or bad it was excellent excellent excellent did you did you want it to stop no sir not ever not ever not ever oh okay so all of a sudden you start knowing things about Pete this ER like what well I told because actually it happened I was working in x-ray rooms and I received these different languages reading the Bible I saw that it happened next to that an ax 10x all said I had to read the Bible all the time in acts 19 so I prayed an x-ray dark rounds developing films just the red light was on you could barely read the scriptures but I read how they all had these different languages that I got on my knees and I began to speak and I'm singing it but it's right after that which was a couple weeks after this other experience after I got wouldn't God had visited me that way that I began to know things every time to get around people I sense this person has a problem with her mother her mother has a problem right now I'd ask him is there something wrong with your mother right now there is how did you know I said well I don't know but I said actually I'm a Christian I'd love to pray with you and how often would you be right when you would know these things about people in those circumstances I was never wrong never never no not one time ever and it shocked me I would know one of them a great one was a doctor that I worked with dr. Aldridge and what I said doc I said is your back hurting you he said well it is Michael and he had been talking weird or acting weird or walking weird he said there was no body language all right thing we could figure it no not at all we would just talk and look at extras I was developing his x-rays and talking to him at because he wanted some special ones and yes there is Michael how'd you know I said well I said ever since I've been a Christian it's like I know stuff when I get around people and said yeah I wrenched it yesterday plate I always said it hurts it's it could you pray for it it said I will pray for it and I pray and he was instantly healed he moved everywhere were you shocked when people started getting healed I was shocked he was shocked the pains all gone what happened he looked at me like how did you do that I said I said it's awesome and from then on I would pray for people very often with physical ailments and every time if I knew something and pray for them they were instantly healed I mean he told me about you were praying in unknown languages yes sir which the Bible talks about and you would pray for hours at a time what would happen when you would pray well my wife you can imagine right after there because that same day she got saved but we didn't know it was saved that was some jargon we had never heard but she said I want what you have and I said well I just told God I want to do what you want for my life she said and she did the same thing I said I felt I had some kind of experience with God she didn't feel the weight roll off you didn't feel the power but she said something happened inside of me I know God now I can know God now and we began to go over a little community church and I'm Sarah what was the question we were talking about when you were Spain of praying in Supernatural languages you would you would you would start seeing things I started seeing things well is interesting and so I proposed her very soon after that and talked to her father we got married and in our house she'd go to bed earlier than I did and I would just start reading the Bible and praying especially these supernatural languages and every night does mr. this white cloud would come into the room and I got I just got used to it it says what was this wife it was exactly the same as what I stole for me that day it was the power and this light and there's glory and it was the most awesome thing and I didn't know is in the scriptures for at least 10 years so it happened to be every night I'd pray that way it would come into the room and my wife couldn't come into the room she said I tried to come in but I couldn't come in why I don't know why she'd feel that parent said I'd see it I'd see some kind of white or like a cloud in there and she couldn't come in but we had all kind of it I'll tell you what I want to see that power but you know what he would even know things about evil people he would know someone was evil even though they didn't look evil on the outside this is amazing don't go away we'll be right back hello YouTube mish mohab misspoke as a Hebrew word it means family this is Sid Roth welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural if you've been blessed by this show please subscribe then click the bell so you won't miss a single episode of it's supernatural I said rocky investigative reporter here with michael o'laughlen an unbelievable I mean this guy starts praying and a mist or like a cloud comes in did anyone else ever see this cloud this was a just you know my wife's I admit it says one time at work a few times at work people would see it as a mist in real life it's kind of wonder what's happening but one time I was working with the boss's son on a ship in Seattle and the old white cloud came in and filled that I've just been praying the same supernatural aliens it really just kind of worshiping God about working I was working hard and this was have one of those times we got what I really was reaching out to him is this was going on and so I was telling God how much I left and I'd gone off of these supernatural languages and a white cloud visibly filled this whole compartment worried me and this anyway it was a very big room a very big room and the other man walked it to me says Michael I said you see a white cloud in here I said I do I do possess that I'd span at it talk about you must have really scared him well he was very scared we had to go outside waiting to go outside and I talked to the bath Lord he said I've never seen it like that my life what do I gotta do he says I mean I'm signing up what do I got to do and when you say you've read about this then afterwards it's in the Bible yes sir well at least 10 years I had that experience before I ever found in the Bible but in Exodus 16 verse 7 then verse 10 when the the elders got mad at Moses or militia they they were gonna stone him you remember and it said the glory Lord came down on the tenth and then it looked like a cloud then in verse 10 it says and then all through especially the Old Testament it happened over and over he would come like a cloud and the people in see it and very often the whole congregation would see it they'd all see that cloud and very often people would fall into the pen would Ezekiel you remember his Iko happen all through his book he that cloud would come and he'd fallen under the power then stand back up again tell me what would happen in restaurants that must be weird well the first time it happened we were in restaurants my wife and I went in very normal very absolutely as normal as you can be this talking and I discerned that there was a bad lady there and I told my wife said that lady's a winch I said oh did she have anything to cause you to think she was a witch was she doing anything what did she have a big pot in a catalytic no anything no just a sweet looking young lady I mean nice lady a good figure this acute lady but I mean as soon as I walked in i thought that lady's an evil lady I thought she's a witch and she came to sit his down actually as soon as she looked at me she got mad at me like growl and I got mad at why'd she get mad at you I've no reason just as I she must have dessert and I was a Christian somehow and I knew she was a witch and she said as she got madder and madder and and started yelling at us and didn't want to wait on it had someone else come until and then I started laughing about I thought she's really afraid of us and I started talking about the blood of Jesus there's power in the blood the Lamb of God and just because it agitated her and I probably shouldn't have done that but I was really enjoying it at the time and it was amazing how angry she really did get and how that caused such a reaction in her and I had no idea that would happen and the first couple times we I came back to just to keep messing with his lady but after a while I thought this is really wrong I mean I shouldn't care if Hudson slain and Halpern you know she doesn't really want to be a witch they just want to know power and we actually have greater power at the Holy Spirit and so eventually I we got to work with her a little bit but it's an interesting thing everywhere I go where there's an evil spirit I would know it they would know me and I would know them were you afraid of these evil spirits the first couple times it happened it freaked me out I don't think yeah totally into fear but it wasn't normal and you had to react somehow did you find that you had authority over these evil spirits yes sir but first you're taken aback at first you don't know you have authority and I would be afraid I think I told my wife the first time with that lady that I think we should leave I mean she's really evil why why should we be here and then some rolls up in bethought I'm not gonna leave let's go this is a restaurant why should I leave and just because she's wrong or has an evil spirit work coming here and then I felt that power and when I talked to my wife about Jesus or praying these supernatural they was especially I would talk about the blood of Jesus there's power in the blood of Jesus I would just see that she would react it would bring that thing in her to the surface she get mad or an angry urn is very interesting to watch and it happened everywhere we'd go let me ask you a question you ended up in Estonia yes and you predicted some things that would happen yes sir tell me about that I got to Estonia the day of the coup attempt which was August 14th of 91 the next day supernatural I went to a hotel I just told these people about husbands I need to go to this hotel well why I said I don't know why but I saw myself there and I went there they saw what you saw yourself there was this like on a television screen vision or what how did you see your stuff I saw myself absolutely clear like I see us now I saw myself at this hotel and so that's all you just became an actor you acted out what you saw exactly exactly then what and that well they told me I'll stay with the doctor dad me with the doctor and they said you have to call us when you're there so I went to the phone get put in to copic sand bang the phone dial this old Russian rotary phone and I'm here at this hotel right that a boy walked up to me and said are you here for the prayer meeting I said well of course I am I didn't know there was yeah not at all and another young man was with me named tango and they took us in the permittee the president of the country was there the head of all the churches the Russian Orthodox Church the Lutheran Church was as being at that part of the world all the heads of the government were there and all the different people and the head man from the Anastasia with the mission ship was there because they were at the in Estonia at that time the Russians had boarded their ship and taken it now you made how many predictions that day made five predictions now how many of the five came true they've all come to pass you made five predictions how did you know to make these predictions I had no idea whatsoever I saw myself stand up just like when I came to the hotel and say father the hour has come to glorify your name I saw that phrase because they were standing up and I'd ask because the Russian Orthodox was praying in Russian the Estonian president stood up but he was praying in his sonís so I kept asking what are they saying all they said if the Russians are coming again to rape our women did it kill us and blessed be the name of the Lord let them take over our country again that's like no way is that what I said yeah I said that's what they're saying and and right then that anointing came on me and I just do that one phrase and I told hey go after one more man spoke and said when this guy stops I'm gonna stand up I want you to interpret he said no pastor no I said yeah that's what's gonna happen but so I stood up and I said father the hour has come to glorify Him I didn't know I was gonna say anything else I said I call this coup attempt broken it'll be over in 3 days I said 1 year every Soviet troop will leave the nation of Estonia I said well raise up our own army I said an American general will come and help us raise up an army listen it'll be over in what half was it over in 30 was over three days I said this couldn't be broken in three days now you could have been wrong just as easily I could have been absolutely wrong but he wasn't wrong he was right and he was right on all seven predictions and guess what happened with the five predictions guess what happened well you'll find out when we come back don't go away hello Sid Roth you investigative reporter here with michael o'laughlen I mean this man dances with angels what's it like to dance with an angel well it's fun I never expected it but a bunch of the times when that when that miss would come into the room but that cloud would come into the room one time I got a real lilting faint on the London London London London but I was saying and then this strange languages and as I say I just began to dance and angels came from every direction more and more and more until they filled the house there was dancing the same dance I was but if you what is the mic it was it's absolute glory I mean you can imagine the power and the glory and the there's something sacred there it's something very holy there and awesome but it's very fun it isn't that's why I hate religion because I've seen the difference these the angels of God wants you to have fun God does have fun these angels were dead so that they're all so happy and so free and there was such a peace but also they're very holy and I began to see the difference you speaking about holy I mean it's phenomenal I mean he goes to this foreign country he goes to a place that he was instructed to go to he ends up at a meeting with the most influential people in this country he makes five predictions that every one of them comes to pass doors open up supernaturally and he's at a meeting where everyone got healed everyone God healed yes sir everyone tell me about that well as the second church we started we started it accidentally in hop saloon we've gotten some more taste we went out there and taught a bunch of their bunch of filled these different languages and so they said we can't go back to our church they don't believe in that what are we gonna do I said I don't know what you're gonna do but I came down stews dad I said I'll be back next Tuesday we'll do the same thing well the house was packed there's 150 chairs there was people standing everywhere in the coat room in the hallway everywhere people were saying and every chair was full and I began teaching on the gifts of the Spirit which is not what I would have taught but I was led to do that but I got two gifts of healings his Russian drunker man we called him came from this side he'd obviously been drinking vodka and eating onions like to eat onions and pop pop garlic and it's wonderful but anyway must be wonderful to be right so he came and he started yelling in Russian I didn't know what he's saying I smoked some Estonian at the time and so I'm asked my trans what's he saying it said I don't believe in God this man's a lion and it would because he's trusting it's only he understood Russian I understood he said if there is a God he's talking about here that he deal me and he held up he had this wicked cast on and three broken bones in his leg in his foot is wicked Kazon there are steel rods in it and yeah and I had a vision I just saw this man slam his foot down so I told hey guys to tell him to slam his foot down Hegel didn't say a word I said tell the snipers Fisher translate yeah hey go and he wouldn't say word and I'm actor laughs damn slamming my foot down finally he said it pastor says slam your foot down he slammed his foot down tears came out of his eyes and there's one of those moments I told everybody he's either hurt or he's healed but he was healed and he grabbed the microphone said I've never believed in God I'm a good communist and all these different awards he'd won for communism working with the KGB and and he said but I mean I slammed my foot down he said my foots healed I can feel the bones are totally mended the foot works perfect everything it's ready to rip it that calves and I just said everybody if you need healing get up here well I mean half the crowd came forward and this girl had that ride started laying hands on people and the power got people began to fall under the power of God everywhere and every single one of those people was instantly healed and everywhere we started the chanting exception to any accessor no exceptions and every way where you started the same thing everywhere we started a new church for a week or two weeks everybody would get instantly healed so Michael is right now is something new for you right now this television shows something new for you absolutely so I believe that if you look in the camera right now and pray for people that people are going to get here will you do that right now yes sir absolutely I'm coming to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Lord Yeshua HaMashiach and if you need healing in your body I'm sure what's wrong with your heads hurting your bones are hurting your elbow your shoulder your knees you get stomach problems get stomach aches maybe got bitterness the Bible says bitterness drives of the bones very often people get arthritis or things because you have unforgiveness in your heart you got to forgive people you got to love people you've got to bless people it's not worth it to hold those weights and be mad at people stay mad it makes you ugly it hurts your body I'm just praying for you now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray for you to be healed I command your body to be healed eyes to be healed ears to be healed nose throat to be healed and it kind of had actually ever bad headaches or dark headaches you have I commend those to go now my command teeth to be healed pain in your jaws to go now I keep seeing this pain in people's elbows or arms or shoulders in these joints I command joints to be healed and to be free now your legs your ankles your hips will be healed and blessed and strong and whole now in Jesus name any kind of back pain that come in your spine to be straight out of Cara's a broken back or come into that to fuse together get muscles to be normal tendons to be normal blood vessels to be normal I command pain to go from your body we speak healing and we speak the life of God to you now in Jesus name the Bible said believers will lay hands on the sick and they'll recover we can pray for people and that healing power of God will come into your home where every or whatever country or whatever language you speak we're praying the healing power of God to come on you now as a scientific as God loves you and the healing power of God is real today he's a sign carrying God and he heals his people he always has he had a covenant with the Jews that he would heal them take sickness away from the midst and they would obey him and take him at his word speaking of a bank I don't know about you but I can tell you that cloud that Michael talked about went right into your home whether you saw it or not I tell you that cloud that glory that Michael was talking about it's going right into your home and I'm reminded of that young man that had a beer in one hand and a Bible in another that was because he was double minded if that was because he didn't know the truth but he made a prayer in the prayer wise I will do whatever you tell me to do I will go wherever you tell me to go do you understand when he said that he was giving God the creator of the universe who loved him and I tell you God the Creator the universe loves you I tell you that God the Creator the universe loves you as much as he loves Michael I tell you that right now he has a tear coming down his eyes one tear is falling right down his eyes just for you and I tell you that you are special and if you would pray an honest prayer it doesn't have to be a religious thing if you really want intimacy with God if you believe there's something more there's something better than what you have then say God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in the name of Jesus I believe I believe that you died for my sins and I repent of my sins and by your blood I am full and now that I am whole I say jesus is my lord I mean your own words don't have to be my exact words but get honest with God because I tell you God is honest with you I tell you he is a friend and you need a friend you've wanted a friend there's something aching inside of you that will never be filled never ever ever ever ever ever it with drugs with alcohol with sex with pornography with new age but it's being filled right now with purity with love peace you want peace you have it it's yours yours right now go go for the goal go for the goal I want them to go you

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