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Ignatian Spirituality: The Examen

the examine is a simple but powerful technique of prayerful reflection experience alone does not teach us much it is when we reflect on our experience that we rarely begin to learn the examine is a practice developed by Saint Ignatius of Loyola around five hundred years ago it can help us see God's hand at work in our daily lives experience it is a simple prayer that has the capacity to transform our lives by helping us become more aware it is best prayed daily step one become aware of God's presence find a place where you can spend some uninterrupted time take a few quiet slow breath quiet your mind and calm your body and gently relax into an awareness of God's presence imagine God welcoming you step two review the day with gratitude take some time to think back over the day that has just passed ask God to show you the days for God's eyes in the presence of God review the day with gratitude gratitude is the foundation of our relationship with God notice any joys and delights focus on the days gift look at the work you did the people you interacted with what did you receive from these people what did you give them pay attention to small thing the three q8 the sights you saw and other seemingly small pleasure guard is in the detail step 3 review the day again and notice your feelings notice moments when you felt fully a liar times when you felt at peace joyful happy comforted whole connected challenged your best self those moments in which you felt close to God allow some of these moments to come to mind these are times of consolation choose the moment for which you feel most grateful and stay with it savor it notice how God might be drawing you to more of those kind of experiences take some time to give thanks to God now remember anything for which you are less grateful experiences that cause you to feel drained of energy frustrated irritated angry alone isolated unaccepted fragmented less than your best self bring these memories before God and ask God to bring you the healing you need step four choose one feature of the day and prey from it choose one feature of the day and use it in your prayer ask the Holy Spirit to direct you to something during the day that God thinks is particularly important it may involve a feeling positive or negative it may be a significant to encounter with another person or a visitor moment of pleasure or P it may be something that seems rather insignificant look at pray about it allow the prayer to arise spontaneously from your heart where the intercession pray repentance or gratitude step 5 look forward to tomorrow with hope who caught you tomorrow ask God to give you light for tomorrow's challenges pay attention to the feelings that surface as you survey what's coming up are you doubtful cheerful apprehensive full of delighted anticipation allow these feelings to turn into prayer what gift do you think you might particularly need for tomorrow strength energy patience courage ask for that gift the more you practice the exam the easier and clearer it will become shedding light on the path God has laid out before you

Jean Kelley



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    A creative moment of courage and intimacy in order to achieve internal truth

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