September 18, 2019
  • 9:12 am What’s the Difference between Catholics and Christians? (in 6 minutes)
  • 9:12 am 10 Surprising Similarities With Islam and Christianity
  • 9:12 am Jagmeet Singh makes health-care announcement in Brampton, Ont.
  • 9:12 am The plight of Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan
  • 9:12 am Luke Islam “Never Enough” AGT 2019 Reaction
HTF: Christian County vs Henderson County

MIKE CHRISTIAN COUNTY AT HENDERSON COUNTY…. THE COLONELS LOOKING FOR A 0 START….. THIS WAS A TOUGH GAME WHERE EVERY POSSESSION MATTERS… COLONELS STARTING OUT WITH DEFENSE NEARLY CREATING A TURNOVER Christian County Poss 1) Handoff to Robert Falvey, fumbles, Corey Griffie recovers for 22 yards Henderson County Poss 2) Pass to Logan Green, spin move, gain of 15 3) Pass to Isaiah Fallen for 20 yard TD 214 Henderson County Henderson Poss 4) Handoff to Logan Greenfor 10 yards PAD HENDERSON COUNTY WINS 214.

Jean Kelley