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How to Spark Creativity At Home (FEEL GOOD!)

Welcome to episode number five of the busy
to badass boss series where I’m dishing up the secrets that I share with my one-on-one
and mastermind clients, all around how to move from being busy to badass in your life
and your career. So each of these videos are really highlighting and showing you self care
systems for success, ways to really ensure that you can get out of that busyness spiral
and really spark your creativity, your innovation, really ensure that your big dreams are able
to come to life as a leader. So definitely hit the subscribe button and notification
bell so you don’t miss any of the videos in this series as they all build on top of each
other and really will support you on your journey. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking
about how to spark creativity at home. So if you’re someone who works from home or maybe
just now found that you are now remote working more, or frankly, if you just want to come
home at the end of the day or on your weekend and feel like your home is a creative sanctuary,
I completely get you. I’m actually going to be sharing with you today the one key that
I have found that sabotages and actually keeps us from really being able to feel creative
in our home space, really find that easy, quick, simple way to spark our creativity. All right, so let’s just dive right in into
what I see is the key to ensure that you don’t self sabotage your creativity and that you
don’t create ways for others to unintentionally sabotage your creativity in your home. So
what I will tell you is so important to begin to have a relationship to my friend is boundaries.
That’s right, boundaries are essential because when we don’t have boundaries it’s really
easy to, one, never put creativity into our priorities. If you’re someone who is sitting
here going, “Gosh, I keep wanting to be creative, I keep knowing that there’s this part of me
that feels really stuck in not being as creative as I would like to be.” Well, this is the
thing, my friend, boundaries. If we don’t have boundaries then of course we never make
time. If we do make the time, we’d still allow for a lot of distractions and especially in
a day and age with so much digital dementia and natural so many inputs coming our way
all the time. Especially for many in our home environments it’s really important to have
boundaries. So the key ways to have boundaries that I’m
going to share here today that I found are the three most important, are this. The first
being timing. So just finding times, I think is actually, especially in today’s day, essential
in your first especially starting to spark your creativity more, to actually set aside
specific times where you, whether that’s daily or weekly or monthly, but something where
you actually set aside a block of time that you designate is this is my time to really
be creative, to be with my creative self, to just start to awaken that creativity within
you. And actually, if you’re someone who would love a good daily ritual, a morning ritual
that would support you in your creativity, check out this video here where I actually
share my morning ritual and there’s even a free guide you can follow along with and just
print out and every morning you can have that guidance for just 10, 15 minutes on how you
can actually go about sparking your creativity in the morning at home. So it’s beautiful that way. So that’s a big
one. Initially just setting up times and setting aside thinking about how much time would you
like to commit to actually intentionally being creative. Of course, there’ll be other times
where your creativity comes in, but I find that that intentionality really also helps
to ensure that your creativity is fostered at other random times in your life and in
your home too. The next big one is people. I know, if you’re
a mom and you have kids, if you have a partner, if you have housemates at your home, this
is especially essential to ensure that your home can be a creative sanctuary. And it’s
really just being a good communicator, finding the ways to share with people or honestly
putting your damn phone away because that’s another huge way where people can constantly
be interacting with you and just not giving you the space to spark your creativity. But
it’s really about asking people for that space that when you’re in your creative time to
be left alone, to honor the fact that you need to just be in your own zone because it’s
so important. When we’re creative, we really need a lot of times to just really be with
ourselves and have the space to not be disturbed or distracted. And last but not least, I think it is so important
that we have, we take a moment to intentionally notice our home space and to look around and
find out at least one area. Even just one that we know is a spot that really can be
our creative sanctuary spot. It’s our spot that we know that anytime we have a creative
idea or anything comes up that we can go sit there. We set it up, either you’ve set it
up so it’s always in a way that makes you feel good or it’s a place that you can easily
go about setting it up, where you know how to very quickly… If your husband and kids
are not coming home for the night or if you’re just going to be in your own space, your housemates
are coming home, you know that you can really quickly set the stage to feel like, “Oh, this
is going to be a fun time with myself.” So those are the keys that I would say. Boundaries
are the key. Just boundaries, boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. My friend, you just
deserve to love up and appreciate the heck out of boundaries. I know they’ve made a world
of difference for me. Okay, so now I’m going to show you or just
share with you what are my strategies for ensuring that I can really set up my space
to really foster and spark my creative ideas? So honestly, the biggest game changer for
me because honestly I was someone who didn’t think she was creative for a long time. I
had my backgrounds in the sciences, I worked in tech. Being creative was not something
that I actually thought I was at all because I didn’t see myself as the classic artistic
painter or creative in those ways. But it’s been an amazing awakening to realize how much…
By actually creating space to foster my creativity. How much innovation has showed up in my leadership,
how much innovation has showed up in all these different areas of my life and how creative
I actually really am. So what I’m going to show you, what was key for me to start to
notice was how much creativity is actually a sensual experience. And what do I mean by this is using our five
senses. So finding ways in our spaces to foster and to nourish our five senses I found, is
it makes a world of difference in helping me to really tap into my creativity. So what
I mean by this is, and I’m bringing this up because mainly in your home, your home is
a space. It is your sanctuary space that you have control over, fully figuring out in that
to the best of your ability, how in what ways do you want to set it up to make you feel
really good? Because we need to feel good and to find that feel goodness in ourselves.
Even if there’s chaos in other parts of your house maybe happening, but how can you ensure
that you can have a sensual time with yourself that makes you feel good, that really lets
you connect to this creative part of yourself? So the first being visual. So I’m big on,
I like colors. So even fruits, I love seeing fruit. Beautiful, fresh fruit around me. I
love flowers, plants, crystals. Just having a lot of beautiful things but simple. I don’t
have a lot of things. I try to keep it very simple but I noticed that plants in particular,
and especially flowers, really when I’m next to my creative space, if I just have a flower
near me, that alone already changes the entire space for me. It makes me feel good, it makes
me feel very feminine and [inaudible 00:07:12] in my creative energy. That’s the first. So then audio, so listening to good music,
really ensuring that this again is a space for you to really hear things that make you
feel good because really, as I’m saying with the sensual experience, it’s all about the
more you can in your experience make yourself feel good, the more you can open up and surrender
and tap into these fun places within yourself and your imagination. So listening to music.
Maybe you want to listen to a meditation, maybe you want to listen to something that
just makes you feel good when you’re listening to it and maybe more peaceful or maybe more
firey. Whatever is your version of the type of creativity you want to spark that day.
So that’s that. And then touch, kinesthetically. What are
you wearing, how does the texture of what you’re wearing effect you? Maybe it’s cold
and you want to wear a blanket on you and that’ll help you to feel more cozy and that
coziness helps you to be more creative. Or another big thing is I’m very kinesthetic
so I often have papers, pens, just lots of things that I can actually… In my journals,
I am big about writing in my journal to foster creativity. And so I think the more you think
about, “Okay, what can I have here that will really let me tap into my touch, into my kinesthetic
sense?” And then taste, of course. So I love having
a good cup of tea. I obviously, naturally because a visual, so I like it to be a beautiful
teapot. So it’s just something that I can enjoy and I can taste. Or drinking a good
glass of water with lemon. But just noticing that that really helps me to just feel like
I have a really warm cup of a beverage that really tastes good, really supports me in
that. And last but definitely not least is smell.
So I love candles. Candles really help me. Essential oils really help me. The ritual
of putting them on or just putting them on my skin really helps me. So just thinking
about your space and any space you go into, going through that checklist of, “Okay, if
I really want to spark creativity, how can I add a little something from each of the
senses to really ensure that I feel good in my space.” And honestly, it’s playing with
it, it’s testing it, it’s seeing what really feels good for you, what really sparks your
creativity in your unique way and just play with it. This is supposed to be fun. Creativity
is freaking fun. The moment I stopped trying to avoid it and thought I wasn’t creative
and started to play with my creativity, my whole world has changed. So I hope you can
enjoy playing with this. So I hope that you’ve enjoyed hearing about
my experience and my key strategies for how I set up my creative sanctuary to really allow
me to be my most innovative, to let my inner dreamer have space to be awakened in my imagination,
which like I mentioned, has helped me drastically in so many big ways in my leadership. And
I actually have created a free guide for you to check out in the description box below.
If you’re someone who works from home or is a remote worker or someone who wants to know
how can you really foster your creativity and make working from home feel good. It’s
about productivity but it’s really about productivity from that space of your home. If you make
your home feel good, if you really set it up, as I mentioned it’d be a sanctuary, you
can really enjoy the process of working from home and it can be one of the most productive
spaces that you have. So check it out. It’s in the description box below. And as I mentioned, this is a series. So each
of these videos build on top of each other and are really ensuring that you’re supported
in moving from busy to badass. So subscribe and hit the notification bell so you can ensure
to not miss any of the videos that are coming up all around. Really owning your creativity,
unlocking so much of your leadership potential, really rocking your fiercely feminine leadership.
So I’m all about those things. And as always, I hope you have a fierce day and feel empowered
to take action because you, my friend, matter. See you soon.

Jean Kelley



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