March 30, 2020
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Hi, this is Micha from Go Big coaching and today I would like to talk about improving sleep and relaxation. This
year, I’m into building new habits and for February I’ve decided to remedy one
of my major pain points and that is sleep. I do fall asleep easily but I wake
up a lot and sometimes I dream so much of work all night long that I have the
feeling I’ve worked another eight hours, but without having any results to show
for it. The point is, I realized if I want more
restful sleep I need to wind down better and for this purpose, I introduced an evening ritual I’ve been following for a few weeks now and I’m pretty happy with
it. So today I wanted to share the five points I have included into my evening ritual that hopefully might help you too to
improve your sleep. Number 1: I have a shutdown ritual now. That may be more important for people who work from home a lot, but I think everybody can benefit
from that because we all tend to bring our day home with us, and it’s of
course a tough thing to do then to relax and fall asleep.
My shutdown ritual is mostly in line with what Cal Newport suggests in “Deep Work” –
he’s kind of my efficiency hero – and that starts with going over all the
open points I still have and putting them on my to-do list for the next day
as needed, go over my schedule so that I know exactly what’s ahead, as far as I
can tell at this point, and then I print out the to-do list and the schedule for
the next day, put them on my desk and any files I may need for client
consultations, etc. I put with those. Basically I’m as organized as I can be for
the next day. That helps me to call it a day. Then, to round off this shutdown ritual, I sit down for a quick 5-minute meditation.
Alexa behind me sets the timer and then I either do a visualization to give
me a little cheer-me-up like “the next day will rock” type of thing or
I’ll do a loving-kindness meditation which I really like a lot. That is
something you’ll find more about when you google Sharon Salzberg.
It’s her thing and it’s beautiful. That’s point number 1. Point number 2:
I lay out my clothes for the next day. Again that’s a little different for
people who work from home a lot. If you go to an office every day, please do it anyway because it saves you so much time and energy in the morning and especially
you save your capacity to make decisions for something more important. For me,
as I work from home a lot and online, I still want to feel prepped for the day and
so when I lay out my clothes the night before and then in the morning I just go
to the bathroom, I get dressed, I don’t stay in my PJs all day long.
Well, sometimes I do – but not often! And it’s kind of fun in the evening, it’s
a fun little activity to find an outfit when I’m in no rush, and then the
next morning is so much more relaxed. I really enjoy that. Number 3 is: I
decide beforehand what I’m going to watch or read that week. I really
suffer from decision fatigue in the evening. If you ask me past 6 pm what I
want to do I’m like, I have no idea. I can hardly decide if I want to eat,
what I want to eat. So I need to really prep for the time before I go to bed. My
default option is to just grab the next murder mystery and read for a couple of
hours and that’s okay, but there are a lot of things that require a little more
brainpower and I would like to do those webinars
and nonfiction books, books where I can learn a lot, before I go to my murder
mystery. So I schedule a book or a webinar for the week, for the next days
and I usually do that between dinner and really winding down. That gives me some
inspiration. I often take a couple of notes to empty out my ideas, my brain, and then I’m really ready to call it a day. Number 4: That’s no screens after 9:00 pm. As I get up very early,
my bedtime is 10:00 pm, so that 9:00 pm time might be different for you if
you get up later and stay up longer. But for me that’s a good time and I’ve set
all devices to night mode at 9:00 pm. And I really really like that. It’s not too hard for me because I prefer reading over watching a show, but
I still I don’t want to feel guilty if I get carried away watching something or on those evenings where you get into mindless scrolling … I don’t want to feel
guilty and check the time all the time. At 9 o’clock my alarm goes off or the
screen goes darker and then I know, okay time to shut it off. That’s what I do
then and then I can go to my murder mystery. Last point, number 5:
Bedtime journaling and gratitude. If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I do my major journaling in the morning. I do morning pages and I have a video
about my morning ritual too. That’s one of the older ones, you can find that on
YouTube too. But in the evening I have a tiny little diary next to my bed, one of
those “five years on a page” and I just write down a couple of notes what
actually happened during the day. I think that’ll be interesting in a couple of years.
And when I researched evening rituals, I came across something that I
found super interesting and that’s the prompt: “Write down three things that went
well that day and why.” I’m sharing this because I’m sure that’s a good prompt for many of you. “Three things that went well that day and why.” For me I tried it
for a week and it really didn’t resonate. So as I had started a new notebook I’m
going back to writing three gratitudes at night. That is something I’ve
always loved but I fell out of the habit. So I’ve reestablished that and
that’s what I do. Those are my five tips for an evening
ritual. I hope those are helpful for you too. I can already say I’ve done it for
like two weeks and my sleep has massively improved already. So I hope it
works for you too. Let’s all sleep well and get all the rest we deserve! If you
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This was it for today. I am Micha and I’m here to help you GO BIG.

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