April 9, 2020
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how to be productive when working from home

How to be productive while working from home We’re all spending more time in our homes. Some of us, myself included, had to bring
the office to our house and learn to share it with family members and even pets. Adapting to working from home without any
previous prep can be hard, especially when you lack the space and still haven’t grown
used to your new habits. I’m now readapting to the old routine I
followed when I worked from home last year and that previous experience is helping me
get back on track easily. So I decided to write down what I believe
to be 10 essential things to take into account if you want to be productive and organised
when working from home. Even more than in a regular office, I find
that a strict routine is essential when you’re working from home. You don’t have colleagues to keep you accountable
for your hours, habits and posture during the day, and you don’t have to rely on public
transportation schedules or the traffic to know when you should leave the house in the
morning. The lack of physical boundaries also makes
it especially hard to be able to switch between home and office mode and this is even worse
if you don’t have an actual home office separated from your bedroom or living room. There are 10 things you can take into account
that will be applicable to people in most situations and will help shape your overall
mindset and habits during this time. Tweak your morning routine to accommodate
this new way of working. Your lack of commute means more time to do
things. Try to understand what will be beneficial
to keep in the morning but consider shifting some of your old habits to turn into afternoon
or evening habits. You can now use this extra time to cook your
lunch in advance, clean your house, exercise or sleep an extra hour. Your pick. Your living area is now your working space
as well, so if you’re behind your cleaning routine, now’s the time to make it perfect. An untidy, unorganised environment generates
high levels of stress, reduces productivity and overall shifts your focus to the mess
instead of the work in front of you. Make this a top priority during your first
few days working at home. Make sure to start, pause and finish working
at the same time, every day, and, if possible, using the same routine you would in regular
office hours. As much as it is comfy to work in your PJ’s,
please don’t. After you finish your morning routine, change
into something extra comfy but make sure you picked an outfit that you wouldn’t fall
asleep wearing. Make a ritual out of setting up your workstation
in the morning and put everything away at the end of the day. This creates that illusion that there’s
a limit between your working hours and your free time. Prepping your lunch the night before or in
the morning also helps you stay in track during the day and avoid cooking meals from scratch
during your lunch break. All of the cooking and cleanup in the middle
of your day can be more stressful than relaxing so it’s important that you try to overcome
the tendency of fixing your meals during your break. If you have to take your dog outside during
the day, make sure to set a couple of alarms on your phone so you go at the same time every
single day. This way you won’t have to constantly worry
whether they need to go outside. I also recommend you to free more time in
the morning, before you start working, to play and do a bigger workout with your dog. Unless your dog it over-the-top high energy,
this will probably guarantee that he will feel calmer and sleepier during the first
part of your work day. If there’s someone else in your household
working from home and you’re sharing the same space, establish simple boundaries regarding
your working hours, working space and breaks. Are you going to take calls during the day,
listen to music out loud or bring hot drinks and food to the desk? Figure out beforehand what will make the other
person feel comfortable during these days, as it can be hard to adapt to work from home
while lacking the proper space and conditions. Make sure you take regular, hourly breaks
during the day. If you live in a small space, remember to
stretch frequently, open up the windows and let the fresh air in or even engage in super
quick five minute cleaning sessions just to move a little. Finally, don’t forget to drink plenty of
water during the day. Just keep a water bottle nearby and challenge
yourself to drink it until lunch break and then refill it at that time. And between working from home, managing a
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Jean Kelley



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