September 18, 2019
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How Should Christianity Engage in Culture?

There’s nothing new in history and the
best historical precedent for the world we live in today happened 2,500 years ago, and it
was called the Babylonian exile. And the Jews had so squandered, hadn’t done particularly well in their
faith for hundreds of years and God took them and plunk them in Babylon and said, “we’re gonna start over.” And the first two things they did – studied the language and literature of
Babylon, then the second thing was they began to seek the flourishing of Babylon so that Nebuchadnezzar
would take their faith seriously. The reason I say it’s very similar to the
world we’re in today is the city of Babylon which had the 8th wonder of the world – the hanging
gardens – had 1,197 temples. There was religion everywhere, and it was all the
same. And God said, “good, now I’m gonna put you in this situation. Now here’s the trick Nebuchadnezzar doesn’t take any of
these faiths seriously – that’s why he has diviners in his court. Your challenge is to learn the language and literature of these people, figure out ways for them to flourish and
as you do that and as they flourish, so shall you flourish. And as they take your faith seriously,
they’ll see there is one true God.” I happen to think we’re back in that age
today. I think that the modern age most closely parallels the Babylonian exile, and that our best move is to learn
the language and literature of the world we’re living in – what it’s
saying – seek its flourishing, find ways for it to do well and do good, and have those
people – many of them leaders – come back and say, “where the heck do you get this stuff?” Or, “wow, why is this so helpful?” and it’s a big, big challenge.

Jean Kelley



  1. artie whitefox Posted on November 17, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    People are obeying one merciless Satan in the south burning peoples houses down for any contrived reason. That is working ill to people breaking all of the laws of God. Open the eyes of people insomuch that they will make a proclamation saying that people will no longer burn down the house of anyone obeying love works no ill to their neighbor keeping all of the laws of God. They that refuse to keep that law will be worse than the Babylonians in the old testament who trusted in the works of their own hands. The enemies of the Babylonians bashed their babies, not God.