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Hollywood Woke Culture Terminated The Franchise

terminator dark fate bombed at the box
office gee I wonder why ? what’s up everybody today I’m here to talk about
terminator dark fate now you probably know I am a huge terminator fan I loved
the movies 1 and 2 and it stopped there so that’s my cannon and no one can
change my mind regardless of what James Cameron have to say it was very sad to
get out of the theater and you know and watch that I would call it an
abomination because in a movie really destroys t1 and t2 if you take into
consideration but anyways today I wanted to talk about why it bombed obviously we
know that is very woke the movies where you woke and there is no scape wawk wawk
nests in Hollywood right now that is definitely on an agenda that is entry in
every single film but I believe that if that is not really sacrificing the story
you can even find a movie pretty enjoyable the problem is when the
witness is really like the focus is so much on that that the story doesn’t even
matter anymore and that’s exactly what they did to this film and you know they
already give the fans of the franchise a big middle finger and a slap on the face
and even the director said with these exact words you get a slap in the face
with John Connor spoiler being killed at a very beginning of the film so
basically what they did they make you care about this character and think that
he’s important and then you know you invested on this carrot and now guess
what because he’s a man he cannot be the leader anymore so we’re just gonna kill
him off in the worst possible way we can we’re not gonna give him a line and not
only that we’re gonna have his mother regret motherhood because you know that
is not something that you should be proud of who does that’s another thing
they did to Sarah Connor that kind of pissed me off you know there is a line
of movie where she talks about oh the womb is not you that important Danny is
your womb but because she assumes Danny he’s gonna give birth to the man that is
gonna save the world like she did and I was like this is just so out of
character for Sarah Connor she was not badass because of motherhood no she was
a badass because she thought and killed a terminator you know and and no they
shamed the fact that she’s a mother because oh my god how dare a woman you
know dream of having a kid because now that’s not female Empire so my problem
with this film is I have a lot of feelings about it and I would like to
thank every single one of you that gave a lot of supports to my review because
that is my pure and honest feelings after I left the theater because I
really hate agendas you know if this is a movie that was always we’re praising
the female empowerment women are gonna rule with blah blah blah but this movie
is nothing but tokenism it is not empowering to females feeling the story
of a guy and giving to a girl it is not empowering it is not enough and now I
need that just shows that whoever wrote this film which I’m gonna look up over
here doesn’t have a clue of what female and paraben empowerment even means you
know Sarah was female empowerment up to the point you destroyed her and that’s
why this movie bombed because people are tired of this you know lokhnath that has
you know invaded films because like I said it is now the focus of the
storyline is not even so the story who cares about the story or the characters
is about a certain message that we need to show everybody and people are just
tired of this that’s not why you go to the movies to watch entertainment to
watch TV shows and you know this movie feeling it’s actually good because you
know at least by you know having Paramount losing so much money maybe it
might teach them a lesson or maybe not it seems like how many more failures do
they need to figure out that that’s not what people and and guess in and you
know what people could say oh it’s because of the female leads it’s not
because the females lead leads it’s because of the story and the way that
the story is shaped and formed just to make sure that all the male are evil
people and all the females are all good guys that are all strong that you
know even though you’re physically you can say that someone it’s not that
strong and can kind of beat a big guy like that’s not reality you know I’m
sorry it’s just not reality and I’m deeply disappointed with this film I’m
deeply disappointed that James Cameron himself was the guy spoiler alert
that decided to kill John Connor you know because first they make you care
about this character right so t1 and t2 is all about this guy and you know John
Connor was the heart of Terminator 2 that movie is not only action-packed
it’s not a move you turn your brain off because it’s very compelling the action
scenes are great but also it’s very heartfelt you know the way the
interaction of John Connor with the Terminator that felt like a real film
you know the rawness of Sarah Connor and and her despair at the very you know
when she’s at the you know that scene where she’s screaming that everyone is
gonna die there’s just so not only that the visual effects it was everyone’s the
the greatest action film ever made and then you make you care they make you
care about this character and on this new movie guess what we’re just gonna
slap you in the face and give the middle finger to all the fans because John
Connor doesn’t matter guess what we’re just gonna give you story – Danny ransom
and Ramos and just because we want to be you know receive pots in the back to
show how woke we are oh my god were soaked we you are not caring about
female empowerment you don’t even understand
female stories because you know first and foremost if you’re so worried about
a help you know to make a movie that is a female empowerment is all about female
leaders you should have added female writers in your chair but as I see over
here all we have is a bunch of guys right we have a story by James Cameron
shame on you James Cameron for destroying your own franchise by you
know even though he wasn’t apparently not involved
apparently the idea of killing John Connor came from him which is very very
disappointing and then you have Charles Josh whatever David Goyer Justin Rhodes
HBU ray how many riders involved over here no no female over here I mean this
is these are coming from the woke people that really care about female you know
no female writers here this this is my problem with this film this is fake
empowerment this is fake progressivism this is just a facade to you know to go
with the trend of Hollywood they don’t care about female they don’t care about
any of this they you only want to show to you how woke they are you know they
this really irritates me you should not sacrifice beloved characters for a
certain narrative that’s not why people go to the movies that is not what the
fans want to see aren’t you making this movie for the fence
you keep pandering to people that do not even watch movies or even support your
brand you know I’m the one person that I wanted to spend money on this I wanted
to go watch this several times but I can’t this movie to me doesn’t exist
this movie is absolute it’s very sad because the movie had the perfect
package to work by bringing Linda hammer banging Arnie and I said and I stand by
my review they were great they have great chemistry you know they were you
know I loved seeing them together in I know Chuck’s an agar even though he was
a very weird t800 you know he was very funny but that’s not what I wanted to
see when I go see a terminator film you know it’s fine that he was I think he
was great in the film I have nothing against the cast the crew of whoever all
the people that worked hard in this film and it’s sad for them that the movie
bombed but the truth behind it all is that this falls in the hands of the
creators James Cameron Tim Miller Tim Miller that was attacking the fence
before the movie was even out saying stuff such a because this is what
another thing the Hollywood it does Hollywood does okay so the excuse for
them is that when they know they don’t have a very good product they know that
people are gonna they know that people are not gonna take it very well they
already go out in the media and spread the words and that’s what Tim Miller
said Terminator dark faith will scare the F out of misogynistic internet prose
so he is already saying that oh if you don’t like this movie you have a prob
with females is the same story of Star Wars all over again and trust me there
are plenty of TV shows there are plenty of movies that were female led that
people did not have a problem with the problem is not the female lad the
problem is the story the problem is that this was about John Connor he was
supposed to be the here and now because he’s a male he has to be killed in the
worst possible way you can because the women is we were so
woke look at us batters in the back were so up we really care about female yeah I
can see how you care about female that Sarah Connor had a miserable life she’s
shamed now because she was a mom because it was all about her womb right there’s
not the fact that she killed a terminator you know the fact that you
know she’s a badass and she odd because of her John Connor becomes in the future
who he becomes because she trains him I mean forget about her progression you
know where being someone that was so naive into the badass because it’s
nothing about there now we have to shame her because of oh how dare you woman
think about motherhood like what kind of society is this you know it’s just so
messed up and not only that right again and I said and I repeat it again the
fact that they stole the story of John Connor to give it to Danny Ramos should
not be something that people should females should be happy about because I
was just like this is just absurd like that’s not what female that’s not
empowering me at all this is tokenism this is fake progressivism this is not
leading anywhere it is Ghostbusters 2016 and Star Wars all over again
it’s about the story is about the care that you have with this care so what
they did here is the same thing they did to aliens you know it didn’t kill
characters that people are invested in for what reason and guess what
I remember that James Cameron himself was the one that also kind of you know
criticized that and then he does the same thing with his own franchise go
figure so yes the movie bombed and I’m glad
that he bombed because perhaps it will make the studio’s wake up and just think
about story first and forget about the stupid politics that’s not what people
are going to watch entertainment for and even if you want to have
you woke miss there but the story makes sense you’re not sacrificing two story
for that I mean I had I’ve seen walk films that I wasn’t even that bothered
because it wasn’t sacrifice in the stories it’s all how you put it into the
story but not even that they’re not capable enough to do this is basically a
soft reboot that’s what they wanted to do they want to recreate the franchise
and bring it forward but like I said they went the wrong way about it like to
piss off the fence to begin with like we with like statements calling people
misogynist like you the majority of your fan base I mean what kind of marketing
is this I mean I don’t understand and I feel very sad for Linda Hamilton because
I liked her a lot I think you know it was definitely a wasted opportunity to
bring her back and make her miserable for the for her entire life in the film
she apparently she’s a drunk right and she’s been mourning her son Wow how
empowering is that I should be very proud that that was my hero Sarah Connor
drinks herself until she passes out which is physically possible she really
does that all the time at her age and then we have a terminator
that grew a conscience and have a family I mean they went a little overboard
completely ignoring the heart of Terminator 2 you know that very
emotional story killing the boy and you know Shamy Sarah Connor from because
she’s a mutt she was a mom but that’s sad like I said on my review I believed
that people that are not diehard fans I believe that people that you know they
just want to turn their brains off they’re gonna like this film you know
that the Rotten Tomatoes score is not even that bad because the action is
pretty entertaining but like if you really take to store it as a terminator
fan I cannot like this film the regardless of how good the action is how
entertaining is how fun it is our energies it’s funny it still doesn’t
make sense the things there’s a lot of things missing in this film and it’s
hard you know this heart and care for the characters and I believe
it started with James Cameron because James Cameron is the one person that now
has control over this film and he doesn’t really seem to care because he’s
too busy with avatar so anyways I do feel sad for you know the actors and the
crew that worked hard on this film because I am in filmmaking as well I
know how hard it is to get movies done but it’s very sad that you know
Hollywood just doesn’t seem to learn they keep on this stupid politics this
movies that you know sacrificing beloved characters creating narratives that
people are not interested in you know like you like I said if you really
wanted to create an empowering character there is no need for you to steal the
guys story you know that’s not what audiences wanted to see ok I don’t want
to hate like you’re trying to make people hate John Connor or just
disregard him after you made a scare for him I mean how does that make any sense
this is this and the fact that like shaming Sarah Connor now because though
it just seems like oh I was nothing I was just a wound like this is a terrible
message ok I’m sorry you guys are messed up Hollywood is messed up and it just
makes me very sad makes me pissed off as well that this is called female
empowerment and it’s making me even more pissed off when females don’t even
understand that this is nothing but tokenism you know and then they think oh
we just have females in the leads but they’re not even caring to tell a
convincing story this is like throwing we giving us crumbs ok that’s not that
is not like Sarah Connor was enough and she was very awesome until you destroyed
her a lot of people sometimes get mad because I didn’t like the film or we
don’t share the same opinion I am this is not an attack on people that watch
the film I don’t care if you watch them if you liked it it’s your opinion keep
it to yourself it’s fine you know or share it here in the comments that’s
fine we’ll just be respectful I’m not attacking anyone that liked the film or
I’m not attacking the cast either I love Arnie he’s not one of my favorite heroes
I love Linda Hamilton was great Mackenzie was also great in my opinion I
thought that she was way better than I expected I did think that Danny Ramos
was a little bit weak as supposedly the lead the
the leader also I did enjoy Gabrielle’s performances right but he was a pretty
decent terminator but this is not an otaku Nana in any of them it’s it’s
mostly the story that I won’t understand ever and I won’t accept this movie does
not belong in my Canon I’m not gonna watch it ever again I don’t even want to
hear about it go away and perhaps this time the Terminator franchise is indeed
terminated and it’s sad to say that but as long as they don’t really understand
how tell how to tell stories might as well just not do it might as well just
stop ruining big franchises because to be quite honest it would be way more
interesting to see a future warframes let’s say something happens canet
actually happened and john connor’s is now leading the resistance in the future
that would have been a way more interesting film which is kind of what
salvation tried to do but no it wasn’t too successful but I don’t know it seems
like they they have no more ideas left so if they don’t have ideas left leave
it alone until someone that it’s really very you know creative can do something
better with this because as of now the Terminator franchise is indeed
terminator anyways guys drop your comments down below I would love to hear
your thoughts about Terminator bonding and if you enjoyed this video don’t
forget to hit that times our subscribe tomorrow and I’ll see you next time bye

Jean Kelley



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  2. FartingFatso69 Posted on January 31, 2020 at 6:25 pm

    I'm glad I didnt pay to go see this. I would have left the theater feeling like i just paid and sat through a 2 hour Gillette commercial

  3. Ryan Scherbluk Posted on February 2, 2020 at 11:41 pm

    This what I would have done for a new Terminator movie first thing I’d do is make the plot simple not over complicated so here is my version let me know what you think.

    Movie be called Terminator Resistance.


    It’s the year 2029 and the resistance fighters are battling a war between man and machine Kyle Reese (Michael Bean) is tasked with finding away to beat this war. John Conner (Edward Furlong) discovers they might have a chance by discovering Sknets new headquarters that has a time machine. John learns Skynets getting ready to possibly send a Robot back in time an older model T800. (Arnold Schwarzenegger) To kill his mom. John first decides to try and capture a T800 robot and reprogram it to send back in time but when that fails Kyle steps up and decides to go back himself.

    It’s a simple film that kinda repeats T4 but John and Kyle both be older and it ties it into the first film by sending Kyle back. You could have fun action scenes of the resistance fighters trying to kill robots. Arnold could return as the robot John captures to try to reprogram it. And that ties into T2 seeing that he finally did successfully get the T800 reprogrammed to be good. And with the good deaging software we have now Micheal Bean can look younger and Edward Furlong can be improved on as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger and no one would no or even see it’s different. This story would have no Linda Hamilton but she made it clear lately she’s done with this franchise but my version would at least pay respects to T3 and T4 and still follow the timeline ignoring T5 cause that was a mess also no T1000 but I think that’s okay cause as much as I like Robert Patrick I’m getting tired of seeing liquid metal Terminators. Going back to the T4 style Terminators heavy machines is like to see more of. So that’s my idea for a new film I think fans would love it simple story easy to make plus I think fans would love Edward Furlong back and Micheal Bean and I of course Arnold Schwarzenegger. Plus I believe you could pull it off with the deaging software.

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    They Terminated the Terminator franchise 😄

    Truthfully, besides 1 & 2, Salvation was my favourite

  11. tfs2O3 Posted on February 13, 2020 at 3:13 pm

    Woke people are miserable

  12. TFIGBassPlayer Posted on February 18, 2020 at 12:20 am

    The last Terminator movie could've went all out. Bringing back Hamilton and Schwarzenegger was good but they could've tied in the television series with Lena Heady also.

  13. SAS Posted on February 18, 2020 at 5:17 pm

    Not sure why this popped up in my recommended however it was interesting to watch. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest you are a touch vexed with james cameron and the terminator franchise?

  14. Achilles94 Posted on February 19, 2020 at 12:22 am

    I never look at actors or actress based on ther race at all, I always look at there skills as being a character, now the woke cultural is getting shoved down our throat so much, I question if the actors or actress got that role b/c of there race??

  15. cleodux Posted on February 19, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    they should create new IP and put as many women they like to show and support the woke movement. myself i dont like to watch movie or play game with agenda inside.

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