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Hinduism – Rooted on Integrity, not Faith

Om Nithyanandeswara Sadashiva Samarambham
Nithyanandeswari Adisakti Matyamam Asmathacharya Paryantham
Vande Gurum Paramparam I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Fundamenatlly I’ll answer some of the few
main thought currents, 1:We are very new , first time coming ,will
the initiation work on us? Understand I tell you even if you think you
know me it is nothing but celebrity judging. See there’s something called “celebrity judging”
means actor or actress or a politician. First when you look you decide to judge him
quickly because you feel very empowered when you can judge people when you can vote for
them or against them,it i such an ego boost. Hey whoever you may be I will take a stand
about you. That is such a strong ego boost. Understand listen carefully, all of us operate
from that space “Hey whoever you may be I will judge about you I will decide about you
who you are for me”. That celebrity judging is only the attitude
that is the only that much knowledge you have about me. Even if you think you know me for 20 years. Understand,to drive this celebrity judging
people crazily only all this throne,no really. This celebrity judging attitude need to be
broken,only then you will sit and decide to learn.Bhagavad Gita very clearly says
Go with the attitude of listening , learning ,serving, being part then you will this throne
is actually celebrating you. You know when you with the attitude of listening
this throne will feel as if you have been rewarded,respected,Wow. If not for our Swamiji for what the throne. Understand when you go with the mood to receive
everything is there you will feel honoring you. When you go with mood of celebrity judging
even if you’re there around me for 20 years is useless. Do not worry you’re new, do not worry you’re
coming for the first time.I tell you even those so called people who are around me for
years or knows me for years all they know about me is only this level of celebrity judging,nothing
more. So don’t worry you’re new. The whole science is designed for everyone. One beauty of hinduism is it does not demand
faith, it does not demand believe. Its like integrity based sampradaya,not faith
based sampradaya. Understand, i should tell you guys this story, it’s a real
story. Sometimes some stories happens in many Master’s
life. In my life this happened. I actually read about this similar kind of
stories happening in some other puranas and devotees stories,devotees life. In my life this happen. I was travelling matyapradesh and i did narmatha
parikrama – walk around the narmatha it was such beautiful experience,it took 9 and 1/2
months. A remote village, it was evening,so i just
decided to rest under a tree. i saw the tree they applied the termillion,sorry
turmeric vermilion all that like how traditional in villages we worship the trees. Its not only worship t is protecting the trees
from termites, if you put the turmeric and vermilion there wont be any termites. Tha’s the best termite treatment. Organic anti-termite treatment. So the tree was full of turmeric and vermilion
and there was a deity, of course that time i did not know it was a deity, it was stone
with applied on turmeric and vermilion all that. I was so tired walking , sometimes i used
to walk 42KM a day and so tired.I did not actually put my head on the deity i only the
side i was putting my head but somehow during the sleep i rolled and my head fell on the
deity. It was not actually evening , it was little
maybe mid-noon and little later part of the mid-noon, i did know the time because i did
not have a watch and all,it was full sunshine burning. Not yet settled.Maybe in half an hour one
farmer,agriculture,he was running and coming and screaming at me,You don’t know You’re
putting your head on my Kuladeivata. I woke up and apologize to him, i said sorry
really sorry i did not mean to disrespect you or your devata anyway and i bow down and
he became calm cool. I asked him how did you know. He said in my room , he was sleeping in his
house which is at least 2-3 km away. The deity appeared and said come and he showed
whats going on here. He did not, the deity did not say He was offended
or disturbed, He just showed the picture,scene and he ran from there and came. And such strong feeling connection. So i was staying in that village for few more
days. This is not climax, listen to the climax. Few foreigners also coming there like tourism,
there was a resort and from the resort people were walking and coming there.That local guy
that villager knows the incident happened because one day before i shared this incident
to him,that local villager,who’s a tour guide.I told like this it happened and that land owner
and for whom this deity is a Kuladevata and he came in rushing , he have so much of feeling
connection with this Kuladevata and all that. I praised farmer,that agriculture. So this guy the local guide when he brought
those westerners i was also sitting in one corner of the corner , he told that story
and introduced me, like this like this Swami only was here and this happened. And the asked i said yes it is true.Then they
wanted to meet that farmer, that villager. This guide went and brought that villager
, he also narrated the story and actually the story was true those foreigners was really
overwhelmed.,shocked and overwhelmed,surprised and what not. They asked that local guide to ask that villager
will he give the deity to them , naturally i was very sure he will not give.Villager
said no,no way.Then those foreigners said no we will give Rs50000. I was damn sure that the villager will get
angry,that farmer the owner will get angry and shout at them and scream and drive them
out. To my shock he agreed. He agreed! I could not do anything,i just kept quiet. He took Rs50000 , gave that deity,everything
was settled and they went away. But i could not handle, i went an asked him,
how can you sell your kuledevata for Rs50000. he laughed and said What is this you’re a
Swami,what i sold is only the stone,now i put the deity and install my Kuladevata and
i am installing the Kuladevata.I’ll build the temple with this money I’ll build the
temple.See the kind of understanding i was shocked Oh god what a pure Advaitic understanding. He says I when i bow down this is my Kuladevata
and maintain my integrity. Kuladevata is there , i experience feeling
connection oneness. Even ordinary villager knows we are not faith
based we are integrity based tradition. Integrity means faith means believe all of
you know that sentiment,emotion, it may be even sacred but sentiment emotion, thats faith
and believe. Hinduism is not established on those sentiments
and emotions it is established on Jnanavarishta Bhakti. Integrity knowledge based bhakti,even He knows
He can install the Kuladevata in any other stone but for that foreigner because he heard
the story only this stone is divine. I was shocked oh god what a clarity , the
villager i mean actually gave me a satsang on Advait,no really. He explained,he explained so beautifully ” Maharaj
ji” in Maharastra all Sadhus are called Maharaj ji, in Gujarat -Babaji,in the upper part of
the UP–Tathaji these are the different words used for towards Sanyasis. Understand the cream of the society is sannyas
sampradaya ,visionaries of the society is Hindu sannyas sampradaya ,Hindu sannyasis. Understand ,Rameshwaram to Amarnath the same
mantra is chanted morning,the same thought is there is just because of the Parivarajaka
sannyasis and the thought current thy spread and maintain. Even now there are enough of records. Kashmir is Shavaite shivacharyas were brought
and made to become priest in many of the south indian temples and many of the south indian
brahmins and karnataka shivacharyas were taken to Kedarnath and installed as temple priests,that
is the way we kept the nation connected. That is that was our diplomacy with the 54
desha. The akhandabharat is a 54 desha ,Gandhahara
to Gandhara. Gandhahara,the Gandhari’s place and Kadaram,
there’s one Gandhara.Kadaram is Malaysia. So all the 54 deshas this is the way , this
was our diplomacy, i was shocked the way this villager thought me advaitha. The statement he made “Maharaj ji, for that
foreigner because he knows this incident this is only deity for him,but for me i can put
another one stone and bow down and do pooja that will become my kuladevata. I know the science of infusing God into stone.With
this money i’l build a temple and really i tell you Advaitha was not thought current
or idea for him, it was a lifeline for him.It was a lifeline for him. We’re integrity based sampradaya. We are integrity based tradition,not faith
based,understand. We are Integrity based sampradaya , so dont
worry you are new , you are first timer , will the initiation work,dont worry at all.Actually
if you’re old only you need to drop your celebrity judging attitudes. New you will not have a problem. You will not have problem if you’re new. Vedas are the pure science in Hinduism ,Agamas
are applied technology. To practice the applied technology the faith
on pure science is not a pre-request. Listen,faith on pure science is not a pre-requested,
to practice the applied science , you only need integrity to apply science.For example
if i give an instruction, yes sit straight decide to come to completion and chant this
manta intensely to reverberate in your being . You just need to be integrated to those
applied technology thats all. The beauty of Hinduism is faith is not demanded
as a pre-requested for you to experience applied technology applied science. See fundamentally this power is a evolved
level of the earlier to initiation , let me clear. Mahadeva Sadashiva calls this set of initiations
as “Pudham”. I was explaining actually the science i receiving
from Arunagiriyogishwara, so i was explaining to Him, see the healing power grows from Anadha
Gandha. Body scanning grows from third eye, when the
two are growing i spin it like a how we make jatta, the hair how we make patterns in the
jatta like that when the two powers grow in this two intra-organ , listen not internal
organ , intra-organ that two are connected and the third power is generated. So this set of powers initiation is called
pudam or spudam and but that word and the initiation was not exactly matching. I was not able derive how this process,why
this process is named by Mahadeva as the set of initiation of pudam. Pudam means it is how we put the in Siddha
tradition there’s a process called putting the cow dung cake without burning just keeping
the whole thing in heat for that the word pudham is used and also evolving one with
another one like in mantra chanting if two three mantras are stitched together that is
called pudham. Then i yes this is what exactly this initiation
Mahadeva calls this as Pudham. A set of 47 initiations 47 powers , Sadashiva
calls as pudham. Means the various other powers which grows
from other intra-organ , he connects together and takes you the next level of power manifestation. So all the 47 initiations I’ll make it available
to all of you.Even if you’re not already initiated into healing ,Anadha Gandha and third eye,body
scanning, today im going to do that initiation also then the next level is the Pudham initiation. All you need to do continuously next dew days
come online at this time. See to it you’re comfortably able to manifest
understand with initiation Vedantha has beautiful 3 words ,Shravana Manana Nidhidhyasana, listening
, internalizing, manifesting. Understand Nidhidhyasana is not practicing
.Practice is a four letter word as per Hinduism. Only Buddhism started promoting “practise”. Hindus dont practice,we manifest! What is there to practice? What is there to practice, you are that! You cannot become anything which you’re not,you
can only manifest what you are. Nidhidhyasanam does not mean practice , it
means settling in the eternal space Nidhidhyasanam,settling n eternal space. Nidhidhyasana is neither meditation nor practice
it is manifestation,manifesting. Next few days continuously come and make sure
you manifest.This becomes comfortably part of your day-to-day bio-memory and muscle memory. How ? Whole day you remember your depression,
no whether whatever you do your so confident your stability of depression , no really your
so confident anything may leave you but your depression is the best stable part of your
life. You always go back,whatever it is let me come
back to this , to that stability,stable level you need trust yourself,Sadashivatva,Tha’ts
all,nothing else. But one good news i have is even if its thousand
year old dark room,one match box is enough to light it. Listen lets have matured conversation now. No this that,straight conversation. I’ll intensely breath Mahasadashiva’s inner
space into your inner space. Decide to complete with all your inabilities
pasts impossibilities incompletions everything. Just decide, your decision is what i need
not your faith, your decision and once initiated decide to manifest this power,understand enriching
is not marketing. With all the integrity authenticity manifest
this powers to heal others help others heal yourself help yourself you can do body scanning
on you and you can heal you. You can do body scanning on others , you can
healing on others. Do this intensely sincerely. I’m very clear,enriching is a spiritual practice. If you’re my disciple this is Guruvak for
you. I brought this powers for my disciples.Tha’ts
the matured conversation,that’s it. Form the sangha,sangha is nothing but atmosphere
people who are supporting each other to manifest Sadashivatva and enriching and cause other’s
reality.Life showers on us when we share with others.Become sincere in enriching and causing. Become sincere in enriching and causing,you
will manifest powers multiple powers intensely.

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