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Hinduism marriage | is followed by traditional rituals for the consummation

In Hinduism, marriage is followed by traditional rituals for consummation. In fact, marriage is not considered complete or valid until the consummation. It also joins two families together. Favorable colors are normally red and gold for this occasion. In recent years, with the onset of dating culture in India, arranged marriages have seen a marginal decrease, with prospective brides and grooms preferring to choose a spouse on their own, and necessarily only the one whom their parents find agreeable; this has been more pronounced in urban and suburban areas than rural regions. Today the culture of marriage among Hindus are Love-Arrange Marriage. Thanks for Watching This Video. If you like this video then click Like Button, Comments your opinion, Share This Video with your friends and SUBSCRIBE to This Channel for More Videos. ———————————————————————————————————————- ►If you like my video please SUBSCRIBE:-
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