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High Seas, High Stakes | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 99

Hello everyone and welcome to the night’s episode of critical role where a bunch of us nerdy ass always have to sit around and played Dungeons and dragons. [inaudible] years. It’s our five year anniversary, which is in sane. It’s insane. Indeed. Yeah. A lot of things are insane right now. Today in particular, things are really insane. So I just want to take a moment until everyone like things are crazy right now. Uh, we’re all doing the best we can with it. Uh, do your research, stay healthy, take care of yourselves. We’re doing the same here. Let’s make tonight a celebration. Uh, that is also a distraction from today’s chaos and a moment of respite amongst the rest of our focus to remember what’s important. Exactly, exactly. And tonight she had been streaming this crazy little D and D group for five years, which is, Oh, I can’t even fathom, uh, considering what this could have been. So thank you for joining us and being a part of this celebration. And, uh, let’s go ahead and get into some of our announcements for tonight before we can jump into our session. Beginning with our first sponsor. The night. Our friends at Griffin, Saddleback Sam. Tonight’s episode is sponsored by our friend and fandom fan of the show, the Griffin’s saddlebag maker of illustrated and game ready magic items that can be applied to any five [inaudible] campaign. The first book, like a 200 page compendium containing 365 illustrated magic items, treasure tables, subclasses settings, and villains is available on Kickstarter. Each item designed, written and balanced with five [inaudible] in mind, making them easy and exciting to pick up and implement in any campaign that might need a little upgrade from the standard loop. You can support the effort and check out the exciting Kickstarter rewards and stretch goals like the awesome official Griffin saddlebag. Whoa. Is this real? This is a real, this is a real Kickstarter reward. You can check it out at [inaudible] Griffin, saddlebag.com that’s G. R. I. F. F. O. N. a. Your support makes a big difference. Let’s see what mine came. Well, now, all right. Always carry this with me. That standard. Oh, I was wondering where my change went. A good year. A good year? No, it’s fake. Oh, what’s this? A song I wrote to commemorate the five year anniversary version. It’s not, it’s actually sentimental. It’s not. It’s not stupid. We gather together. Matt tells us a tale, his monsters to slay and his oceans to sail. Just some good friends. Roland dice on Thursday. We don’t play to win. We win when we play. It’s been five years of broomsticks to steal goldfish, to heal of sprinkles, to kill years of me getting sliced. Don’t touch Laura’s dice and hae to use spice. It’s been five. That’s it. [inaudible] Saddleback is really cool and it smells like leather. Get it. I’ve actually been following them on Instagram for a long time. The illustrations are badass. It’s really cool. I’m a backer of eggs. You should be too. Here’s conditioning us to oral shit. Thank you Sam. That was really sweet checkup. It’s all back. Um, second sponsor for tonight are our friends. I’ve been following us since beginning campaign D. if you haven’t yet checked him out and you haven’t heard it, then it’s your first time watching the show or testing. Nothing. What the hell are you doing? Give it a shot. It’s an awesome online digital tool for keeping track your campaigns, your characters and everything at for the edition D and D and beyond. They have a bunch of great tools on there for preparing your campaigns and counter builders, all kinds of unstuck, making custom items. Check them [email protected] slash critical role. Um, and on that note, uh, you will be able to get all the stuff from the wild Mount guide, which comes out next week on D and D beyond. Uh, you can preorder that now. It’ll be available next Tuesday as part of that too. Next Tuesday is the actual release of the Explorer’s guide. Super weird to have that coming out. Finally, I’m super stoked for you guys to check it out. Me and a bunch of other really tough people worked hard on making this as awesome a book as we possibly can for you for players, gems alike. Uh, even if you don’t play, it’s a lot of fun stuff in there to follow along with the world, Lord. But, uh, hopefully it’ll inspire you to write your own campaigns in wild mountain through your friends in the some kind of chaos that I do mine. So, uh, it comes up next Tuesday and if you haven’t yet, you can reserve your copy now. Add your local game store or at the critical role shop or Amazon or wherever else books are found online in the tabletop RPG space. Um, next announced will be have this Monday, March 16th at 7:00 PM Pacific here on Twitch channel. We will be streaming the doom one shot to, to celebrate the coming release of doomy turtle. Uh, I’ve been a fan of the doom franchise since way back in, uh, kind of some middle of middle school for me, like the early mid nineties. Um, I have a hard time removing my memories of doom two with, uh, uh, nine inch nails, downward spiral and Soundgarden, like a songs that came out of that era that we listened to while playing doom to that. To this day. All I can think of is like maybe even the dead when I hear the dad tried to live and stuff like that. So anyway, Pete was so good. Anyway, enough about that. So one shot is gonna be amazing. We have some fantastic guests coming to join us as well as some players here at the table. Uh, we have our own Sam Regal, Laura Bailey coming to join for the Scouts as well as Talson Jackson. We have Anjali and Jasmine, two amazing players and friends for Jasmine’s first time with us on streaming here in the studio. So excited to have her down here. And Andrea Lee will be joining us here at this table. I believe for the first time for the game this we had her was part of an Edward before we’ll all be playing a bunch of awesome demons involved in the assault on earth as it is hell on earth and super stoked about it. I’ll be gyming myself and I’m super excited for you guys. Check it out. I’ve been like super way too excited for this game. I haven’t had this much fun with a one shot in awhile like I have. I’m with them this, I’m super stoked for it. So definitely checking out, busting their ass on it to heck yes. Everyone’s been been going to be great to take an ass on it. So I’m checking out. The VOD will be available immediately on our Twitch channel for all of our channel subscribers and on YouTube immediately on Wednesday, March 18th. Uh, you can check it out. Do maternal itself launches next week on Xbox, PS4, PC and stadia March 20th next Friday. Not this coming Friday, but the next yeah, check it out. Laura, you have some announcements to make. I think we have a poster rosary. We asked our buddy, it’s got all of our characters like ever. He’s got all the guys from the first campaign. We got the guaranteed brigade. We got a lot of Matt’s characters too. There’s just a whole bunch of people. We’ve been staring at this thing in the office for weeks. You just get lost in it. There’s so many little like Easter eggs in there and the little character that’s the sneak peek. It’s in the U S and UK stores right now. I think one of my favorite little moments, and that is the bright queen and queen King dwindle both looking up at German saw Ord and their dragon formal, just like, hi. It’s a lot of fun. I’m showing you, but you have to like look at it in person. This shirk we have, we have like, I think I counted 17 beverages on the table right now. Nine 10 11 1213 1415 yeah. What better time to drink yourself? No stupid than during a pandemic. It’s like Andromeda strain, right? If you drink enough alcoholic, can’t get into your system anyway. Why not? That’s up to you guys. Happy five year anniversary to this incredible community. Mmm. Too many years. More of supporting each other of being the lights in the dark for each other, for telling stories to inspire each other and to jump into tonight’s episode. Oh, critical role. [inaudible] the adventure. They were always beside you and the D M check guide you and they rise from the flames. Bada battles because you’re bound to be, does a monster [inaudible] put your fate in your hands. Take a chance. No, it’s your yours. [inaudible] [inaudible] and welcome back. So last we left off the mighty nine had made their way to Nica dryness. They had discovered some secrets in regards to one of their allies, ESIC and his involvement with much of the events that led to the current war between the Korean dynasty and the Vindalia empire. After a deep discussion, you had left business and NECA. Dryness gathered your ship and made your way with the Armada towards the meeting point. We’re going to go [inaudible]. Between these two factions is to take place. After some days at sea, the storm began to brew. Dreams were had invoked by an element of divinity and one’s path to embrace who they are and whatever this path may be, as well as being awoken by a pain nightmare come reality as Ford found himself under attack by what was immediately obvious to be agents of Uka TOA seeking the still hanging elements of his unveiling and freedom. A battle took place where these various deep sea creatures, these mutated and altered entities here under the will of Uka TOA stormed the ship calling through its many decks to assault you as Ford fought valiantly to keep them at Bay and do you manage to come and support him in dire need during the final moments of this climactic battle in the midst of the rolling seas, the flashing lightning curling thunder and the waves of rain battering down upon the deck, both orally, the bar total and your friend and companion forward lay slain before you dealt the final blow to the assailants. And that was where we left off. Mighty nine is you gather here on the wet decks of the ship, still rolling with the ocean as the storm batters onward, you look down upon the scattered bits of blood and your unmoving allies. I’m going to um, walk over quickly, a quick, kinda quickly, uh, cast, um, um, a gentle repose really quickly, okay. On which should give us a second. Is that too gentle? Repose means that there’s not a time limited is extended unbuilt of them or who I’m going to do both of them really quickly, time limits. So that’s the target is protected from decay and can’t become undead and also expense the time limit on raising the target from the dead since day spent under the influence. Quickly detecting magic. Do I see anything inside forest? Uh, yeah. You, you do not see anything. I I will say for the purposes of this there is nothing, nothing is eliminating an aura and then taking the diamond and pushing her Vivify as quickly as possible. Okay. So I’ve, I’ve rolled this privately in the past, um, cause I let Mr. Miller and my own roles. Um, so I’m gonna have you, which is part of the intended design to go ahead and roll it to 24 me and add your spell casting. [inaudible] I’m going to be holding on the four 10. Okay. So anybody else want to do anything in the time it took me to do that task? The same thing on orderly cause I don’t know how much time I have on orderly. You could have a diamond as well. Yes. Okay. I’m just going to 300 gold. Where’s my casting of change? I was my fire episode. Last episode was land by Ford, so I guess I’m sitting him up towards jester and I’ll take [inaudible]. Okay. Oh, come on. Could you see this? Don’t suck. Come on. Don’t get it. Okay. That’s a 11. That’s an 11. With is here with your modifier. Why would you, why? Okay. Um, because Ford had not previously died. That leaves the DC at a certain number. And so as you focus and pushing the diamond down towards where the most gaping wound is, you watch as it kind of slowly turns to dust within the wound and it’s self become almost a congealed like grainy material into the exposed blood. Um, there’s a moment of pause before the divine energy you channeled through the wild mother creates a mess of vines that begin to grow from the wound and wrap around his torso as the vines begin to condense and create a small nest or cocoon above where the wound is. You watch this, they turn bright green, then turn Brown and die. And with her the leaves, the fines immediately crumbling and decaying to dust. And as they do leaving the wound itself partially healed. And you pause for a moment and you here with the breath begin to come back into the lungs. Your wounds level three go ahead and roll for that. Kiss forward on the forehead. And I immediately spin around and cast revivify on the orderly. Okay, he made you run the table again, the belt. Is he technically unconscious? [inaudible] I will. He comes back to one point. So he is conscious. Okay, nevermind. All right, I’ll tell you what. I’ll tell you how many hip points you have in a second. But the DC has increased for the next time to 23 so you’re at 24 hip fonts, 24 you’re doing. So in that moment you reach over, holding on in, wishing for the aid of the traveler and you all, now that you’ve seen him for a brief moment, you can see as gesture her small, diminutive form on this massive deck of the ship, the storm battering around her putting our hands on this large shelled unmoving still creature. You see the green cloak momentarily engulf her before it vanishes when you blink. Not sure if it was there even to begin with. And what did you role in 19 there’s a moment of stillness before the chest inhales and the body begins to stern as it does. It kind of leans in one of the bagpipes near this [inaudible] before hand. Kind of. Mmm Hmm. [inaudible] I’ll cast third level. Oh wait, no, I won’t heal you because I don’t have, I’m going to healing words, you know, cause he didn’t just shut up. I’m starting to clear peeling. So in 10 minutes, the six most hurt people on deck are gonna are going to get a boost. Okay, well, I’ll delete a word because why not? It’s second level. Okay. 10 minutes and 10 minutes. The six must hurt people get 21 hit points. Okay. 11 points of viewing though. That’s decent. That’s decent. Still propping. Followed up with Bo. Just breathe, breathe slow. Slow. You’ve got 20 all right. I mean, aside from, no, no, I’m fine. Thank you. Are they all gone? Yeah. They were really, really hacking you up. Yeah. It feels pretty shitty inside of my chest right now. Not going to lie. Thank your longest. Still punctured early. Yeah. Oh God. Like you can see it. It’s just using a little bit of a puncture. Okay. Ready? One, two. Did you feel that stone? The what? Oh, talker. The old. The ball. What else were they here for? It has to be that I didn’t know. I still had his, I can’t feel it now. I don’t. I don’t know where it is. I thought it was in the sword. I thought it was. You hear this strange, guttural impact. A resonance sentence familiar to you. It’s the arrival of a dimension door spell immediately you hear a brief incantation beating someone’s breath a little ways away. The storm, almost swelling in Thailand, but conduces here in the middle of chanting and picks up. Um, I need Beauregard Caleb. [inaudible] uh, yeah, I need all six of you to roll wisdom savings. Can I make it? Yep. Can I make your reaction? Oh God. Natural kind of reaction. Are you making naturally one has to spell. Oh, is it a reaction? Smile. No. Then no, you cannot. Okay. Wisdom saving. Spell [inaudible] two 25 okay. Okay. Natural one. Okay. [inaudible] okay. 22 [inaudible]. All right. Could you see this in Caleb? You feel this, this influence, try and, and kind of climb within your body and you managed to shove it away while Beauregard vast jester and Yasha, your bodies immediately lock up and you find yourself unable to move your muscles frozen in space by some kind of arcane influence. Does anyone from the soberness zooming in on the boat, you turn around and on the deck you see freshly arrived, uh, a half Elvin woman with short Brown hair standing there, long robes flowing in the wind, the hand out. Hello. Identify yourself please. I would like you to identify yourself first. Gets away from the wounded water. This, we are the mighty nine. Here’s one of us. Just, I had a lot happen here in a very short amount of time. Okay, well the paragraph paralysis fates, you can hear no other bells ringing and you can see off in the distance other ships that have slowly began making their way in your direction. [inaudible] notice, Oh fuck. My apologies. Just to taking the necessary precautions. She trusts like a function. No, a very fine rubs. You’ve seen her once before from a distance and felt her window. Oh, it’s this dirty lady, vested up arch made of antiquity. Well, uh, I assume then based on your confusion in my eyes, that you are not responsible to folks who are wounded onto Steck. Please tell me immediately what has transpired in the past minutes. Yeah. The boat came under attack. Please keep telling the story. I’m going to cast cure wounds on myself. The truth level, if you don’t mind, I don’t want to have minor illusion or something. So the a plus I’m sort of creatures out of the sea swarmed the ship. I go find. Did any of the swords ping when I cast detect magic? No. All right. Can we just, I’ll describe to you or what the people look like from what show or what we saw him. Sure. I’ll make a cast silent image and make an image of what one of them [inaudible] look like. You do find the sword that the, the leader of them seem to be holding. It is currently just a irregular weapon. It has lost any sort of visual representation of these sort of fathoms that could we, during the fight, did any of us notice? I mean obviously he assisted, but did we notice that they looked like swords? Old double Florence old salon, um, foretold toward, that’s a really good, I would say Beauregard but have noticed probably the people that were fought most of the time on the deck. Um, Caleb as well. Actually you would have noticed cause you guys were closest and with the most immediate visible range until the very end. Um, Juster your, your present perception isn’t bad. I’d say you probably noticed it too before the, the moment where Yahshua ended up snapping. It’s negative. Throwing a corpse overboard. Where’s the course? It’s still hanging on the edge of the boat. Oh well then that’s what they look like right there. Well, I’ll tell you how I got 38 points of healing from your wounds. Not bad for a new Paladin. Did you say she was in spout all alone currently? She didn’t learn it useful. Is these creatures who points out a responsibility for us as a tech? Could you please tell me if you have any inclination as to why seemed random random attack? This is a fear. Fear. Some vessel that we command. Yeah, that’s true. I mean we were, you know, I really famous pirates on the sea, so maybe that’s, they just recognized our flag and I have a feeling it has something to do with the location that we’re at currently in the ocean as well. We might be over their domain. Uh, I will say go ahead and make it a deception check, Beth with advantage because they did help you. Oh, natural. 20 minus to the vest kind of gives you a little moods talking about [inaudible] you said things use Watson as the closer we get to the reef itself. You gotta prepare for such a thing. I’m glad that she would be on the safe and in 1991 go ahead. Yes I have I even made the way out of the mountain. It speaks highly of the aid that you provided back in [inaudible] you’re traveling with a Moto net or are you on your own ship? Here I am traveling. Right. Please. What time? He runs the same issue. But nevertheless, I really appreciate your contributions to end things as conflict. Uh, this is unfortunate that you have been pulled into what CFR entities wish to see. It’s not come to fruition, but would I draw safe? Which point or like kind of little set behind me goes. Were you pretty sure you’re pretty sure. Anyway, I uh, believe you to your recovery if you require anything, any of you have the means of reaching out. I have notifier and doing all of this. This is over here looking for work. There may be some possibilities in the North. Should you go up to guesser I drop to 70 and we greatly appreciate your aid out here. It’s nice to know that we can count on each other in this difficult moment. She leans into responses. I mean of course. And uh, it’s this forthrightness that lets us know who our friends are in times of confused politics, good way of putting it. But we all want an end to pain and suffering as much as possible, as much as possible. But anyway, hopefully there’s still time to get some sleep and I said have fun. If it’s frustrated at the store, me too. Difficult enough to bed down. None of it, dude. Hopefully we can talk about the North on a different day. There was plenty of time on the sea. I don’t know how to find, I’m sure very much so steep. Well good enough. And then dimension doors away. You have the ships, dune dealing, the other bells start going off. Yes. What does your brain do you think that would have been useful? I’m not sure. I’m like you were talking to her and all of a sudden she starts the body I was holding. Oh no, no, no. Four. Do you recognize these creatures? I don’t think so. Do I recognize these groups? Here’s the odd thing. In the brief moments that it’s been dead, like when you’ve noticed this, this very humanoid creature with like a dull gray, blue skin, he’s kind of yellowish eyes, very reminiscent of the entity of which you were once bound to a as opposed to hair. It has these long, almost rubbery tendrils that emerged from the back of its head that are long, almost like it has a set of of thick tentacles that protrude from the back of the head. It’s jaw itself seems to open on both sides. There’s a smaller mouth surrounded in teeth and whereas these additional sides open up as part of its screech claws, almost FinLife protrusions from the forearms and the knees, but as you guys are inspecting it, it’s formed. Begins to slowly shift and change into that of a 40 something scruffy chin and slightly balding man, a fisherman. Do you recognize that? That dude, it’s to the jaw. Does it remain in pieces or does it, no, it reverts and seals back to a normal human. Well, did you notice? I don’t think so. No sense of recognition. Oh my gosh. If you will. They kept doing. Would you like that? Yeah. If you had kept you turn into typical man. All right. I have do, I don’t, I don’t know. I can’t imagine that’s a rule. What did Mike, you think he has one of those things in his chest? Caleb starts inspecting the body and feeling for a seam in the jaw just to work on the cadaver. There are two other bodies and a similar Ted creature on board. They’re not quite as prominent and it seems the hierarchy upon their arrival, they too have reverted to a abnormal form, one of which appears to be Elvin. One, uh, looks to be a kind of a best, you could say as a Goliath and a half giant body, um, the elf being female. Uh, and they’re both, they’re a little gaunt, little sallow female color, no female elf and the male Goliath. The gender was difficult to discern in the creature form of what you battled in. Oh, new. Do you want to search for sure? The pockets? See if there’s, yeah. Do you have a knife? Who’s got a knife? I got a knife. I got the ax. Do you want his an old Russel? Open them up and see if there’s like [inaudible] I was in the book. We’re all on the same page. The heads. I’m really good at this stuff. All right. Do you want to study done? Yeah, I’m gonna. I’m gonna search for, to like a warp. Even the Bobby. Okay. You are enrolling medicine. Checkmate. Or are you going to use your ax? Well, you got a blade there. I’ll kind of filet back the skin a bit. And you said you were really good at this, but this is really gross. Every time. Just grab it like a book and open it real fast. Just go one, two, three. There you go. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Yeah. What do you got? Make a medicine check to scribe, get advantage. Helping me. I’m giving you a D for does she have an advantage? Cause I’m there like helping, you know, pry back ribs and sternum and shit. Sure. Yeah, sure, sure. The four at the same time, 25, 25, um, first as it opens and you kind of dig in, it’s its unique smell, uh, in the sense that the interior of a human body itself has a not pleasant scent. Uh, but this is briny. Um, all the organs seem in order for a human body though everything has a slightly dull grayish blue tint similar to the coloration of the skin of the creature’s form that you first encountered for a long time or something. Or there’s some sort of transition that has happened, uh, that has left their organs just miscolored. Uh, in the sense itself, Justin, accordingly, after spending a few moments giving us a thorough jolly search, um, does not seem to be anything else in there that wasn’t originally intended. Just in case Oregon’s, I O feel important would not have turned into one of these things. I feel like they were like a servant in a different way. Do you know maybe Ford could have controlled them but the thing is if they were probably trying to get it out of you so maybe they, none of them have one, but it was the big guy. They were like the bigger guys who definitely seem to be calling the shots and running the show. Have we have one of the big, we have the big one here. Which one? The main one it may be was just, I was just go, it might be a little presumptuous of us to try to understand the hierarchy of uh, locatos minions functions. I had, um, the same sort of curved blade that I did. I didn’t see, uh, I didn’t see an eye or an old bin. The sword though, right? No, just a similar uh, shape. Same Barna cold growths on them. Similar kind of perpetually wet oceanic essence to it. I spent enough time with it. I was the same on even the stores have reverted back. Should we search for an order new Ford? I mean, not like that, but should we do have ones inside the Visto [inaudible] all evidence seems to suggest yes. Hello? We get it out. I don’t, I don’t know. I didn’t get it in [inaudible]. Do we have to go back to that temple? Do you have to give it back? Oh my gosh. I don’t know if you can. No, I mean, what if, what if we blink into the authorial plane? Do you think we would see it then? The authorial plane or even like in may or outside of you? With us? Probably now I don’t know. With TrueSight. Do I remember back to the party if I saw something in forward with true say not in that instance now. Okay. I had a dream where I injusted a sword. I could try and throw up. There was another one where I just, I pushed it into my chest. No, no. I’m just saying I know. I only have, I opened the key to one of the locks to [inaudible] with did I pull it out? There were two eyes in the sword that I placed it down into the ground, but I used to use the pommel of the sword. There are two of you placed actually to today, so you how you’ve placed two orbs. There was one on Eddie Rukeyser. At least the one I placed one from the pommel. Sorry. There there were two that have been placed. Yes, yes, yes. The third one unleashes the Gates. Right, right. And I was holding the last seat. Chin, whatever. Right now having an eye on it, dude, I threw it in the pool of magma. Wait, but we’re sore. Does not. No, no. Hi. Right. No, I know, I know. I know. I know. I know. I know. Can you try and make it a thing? Can you try and make it to have an eyeball? That’s the wild mother’s taught. If we, if we, if we get it then we’re just toss that bitch in the ocean and keep going. It’d be fun, man, man. No, no, no. It doesn’t work. How do you get this all but out of you slice them. Open Chester, you open, able to find things which would be able to thank you. We’ll take that and object. I mean like could, if I have you seen if I sleep on it, you know the man I got to sleep on it. But I gotta think about that. Yeah. Boat y’all, y’all show you can like divine aspects or whatever. If I lift my arms, can you like push around in my guts and my rib cage? There’s a Tangerine and that bitch basically XP. Like if we’re doing this, if we’re doing this, I cast locate object level three. Well, good for you. Okay. And you are, um, trying to find the orb. Okay. You, you can sense that there is something of the essence that you’re seeking for within Ford’s body. Oh, though it doesn’t feel like an orb does it? It resembles an orb, but it’s, it’s there. It’s true. That’s as much as you can make him go. It’s definitely in the thigh when that, um, when that thing was in my chest before I decided to take, you know, just a quick repose. Um, was he like doing the same thing that we were just doing? Was he trying to grab something out of my chest or hacking he head going for it? It was very, felt very centralized me that he wanted, he wanted something out of it also was trying to pull you down into the ocean. So they really wanted to kill you. Wait, wait. That you were trying to take me off the boat. I think he was trying to take you off the boat after they knew that most of the teams can compromise. Yeah. We weren’t giving him time to do it. So he needed to leave with your core or they just really, or they had to take you somewhere dead or alive. He seemed very much like he knew what he was doing and what he was going for in his chest. I think he ran. So maybe if I die something happens or maybe it doesn’t matter. So you, you had a dream that you swallowed this orb and the orb is there. Oh, when you’re out? Yes. Ah, I see. Anything in his throat. Okay. Perception check, tonsils swollen. Please drop a tool. Any what does that 24 24? No, 2222. Okay. Um, mild discoloration around the tonsil. Throw him over more fairly healthy, but no orb. Well look, I mean you had wet dreams for months about trying to quite as the mixing sound it get Uka tele free. We’d know very clearly what we could tow as mission is. And I’m assuming yes. Like maybe it’s like bill juice. If it his name three times in a row, it’s really bad. Then they’ll show up. I’m about to speed on the ship, you know, like candy man, snap waffles. I don’t know. It can be of like the blue rich. What is the flourish? I don’t know. I don’t know how to get this out. Um, but I think it’s fair to assume how is the ship by the way? Montebello, Texas. A little, a little, tore it up. A little towed up from the Florida gallon at this point arrives the deck and goes like, Whoa. Everything okay? I mean, yeah, just spilled a bit of wine. They started getting to repairs. Yes. Okay. So I went to Canada. You know what? Oh, I have an idea. What am I send that message to? Just what? Come over here and help us get this all about the floor. I think that would be, let’s wait. That just does too much happening all at once. I just, this feels like, this feels like so many moving parts. I think my only question, not my only question. One of many questions is with these creatures that came for you, a was one of them or all of them, uh, um, actors, uh, or, or, or operators like you, yourself work at one time or like, uh, Avantica was, or are they just sent by? No, I don’t recognize the Goliath of the female elf, correct? No. Upon expecting their corpses. These are all just a Mike question is, and I don’t know if there’s an instance. Is there a way to determine if a body is cursed after death or during life? I just don’t, no. I’m going to try to crush your points. There’s curses. Well, yeah. I don’t know if it’s a text or is it a detective? No, I don’t have a prepared, well maybe I didn’t know. I know it’s a service that I offer, you know, if, if you need it at this point, um, I’m going to go with just the other dead bodies for some down, down below deck. Right. [inaudible] just make sure I collect stuff. Feel Oh, such an extreme transformation like the, the, this area, the abs area or the tech center. Like the abs, you know, like the soul never. You should get all up and down really like tickle him. You know what I mean? I need to feel, see if I can fail on it though. Do you mind? Is this okay? I was just dead. So have at it. No, I mean if this is uncomfortable for you, let me know. I’m actually enjoying it. It’s like, let me roll medicine. Check. 1818. I didn’t get guidance. Guidance two lane one seems sound. You don’t feel any odd hardness. Hardness. The other bodies that are around the, the C spot in particular, the kind of lesser strange aquatic fish, mutated creatures, uh, did not. Yeah. Yeah. They did not revert to their farm. They are still just, they’re mutated torn asunder selves based on their various means of being destroyed. Um, only the three elevated entities that you battled for the ones that returned to some sort of [inaudible] natural humanoid. Why can’t you speak with dead things again tomorrow? Okay. We should try to, if we can and might provide some answers until then, think about what you want to know. Well, I’m also a bit of a homing beacon. I’m sleeping in the captain’s quarters like a Dingle, but barfed yeah, we should, you know what, who knows. I mean, we should all, we should all sleep in the captain’s quarters. Maybe other can a string us up a little alarm. Caleb, I think that we maybe need to fall on old practices even though we were on the ship. If I could add to the protocol perhaps. Okay. About what time is it today? Oh, it’s exactly, I think at this point it’s around two 30 in the morning. Could you remind me? Oh God, is that true? 30 in the morning. Every day and I’ll cast underwater breathing just on everyone just in case they don’t just come from me or us to eight. How long does that feel best about it? Four hour bedtime every night. Well, right before you go to bed, 24 hours like right before bed just in case they blow up the ship and then roll in the water or who could tell it comes up and like tentacles around the whole ship and like her accident haven’t been released yet. I don’t think that’s very, the fact that you’re walking around means that it’s not going to happen. I mean I don’t think he’s been released yet. I actually don’t know. I just assumed with the sword being thrown in at the glass key and the sword were destroyed, but obviously not clear and I think they need you to release them. Seems like a rumor that would spread pretty easily. I mean you were released. Yeah. You could tell was going to get what he wants. Whether you help them or not. Well, I don’t know. Is it worth taking a swim soon? What we’re parked on top of and they’re pouring rain at two 30 in the morning. It’s also really cold. The two other ships have now closed in the check. Another bells are ringing and orally is interfacing with them, letting them know that things are the dangerous past and a little bit of shouting back and forth from ship to ship, you know brief. Right. You guys are just North in Claude reef North. Okay. You have about, I’d say with the weather as it is right now between six and seven days, if this storm continues, I might be less if it lets up. I think the temple is inland. It’s not out here. The last one you believe my face in the visions you had that it was uh, North of Nica drawn this? Yeah, just West and South of the gate entrance. I just mean one near the other temple. The one that you already opened. Yeah, you are. You were just North of Boudreaux castle. Yes. Sometimes the two of you are here, especially the first one you went to, which is to the lower inkling is that we cannot understand, we’re writing them down. That may be [inaudible] I think you do tomorrow as well. Yeah, I will. I can commune tonight. I can ask the traveler if he knows anything or if he can send to the Orban board. Renaud the orbs in Ford. Yeah, but if you could like find out where it is or like if he knows how to get it out, if he’s heard about anything like this. I want to sit down. I don’t want to come here and I don’t want to sit Ben 10 minutes and I’m going to set up a ritual. I’ll join you and just see if the wild mother might have anything to say about it as though, uh, [inaudible] commune deuces fought very hard for you when you went down on, I don’t know if he’s feeling, I’ll give it a try, but I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, uh, don’t promise anything. I’m a little little burnt. Have you spent your this time focusing on customer healing spell by the way, I thought it got interrupted by, I assume that that that paralyzed willpower role just blew that. Oh, did I succeed? Yeah, you don’t get, you succeeded. So you managed to continue with extra 21 hit points then too, you, you, you and then anybody else when you have 21 two, three, four and then two of the crew members, I’m at full belly use. It literally will take that happily. So that worked. I thought I’d blown that gear. So I had my gosh, I’m going to use my, my percentile dice to try and cast commune, if that makes sense. Oh, so you’re using your divine intervention to [inaudible]. Okay. Give it a shot. Set up all my little statues that we’ve spent all this time making have so many little teeny traveler decks sitting around as a Kayla. No one green pretty lights or something so that it makes it extra special. Pretty cast widow guests, pretty light guests, pretty lights. They are green. They are glowing. A pale green and floating around Chester’s head, really Hughes. This spread is great. Now that they know that you’re not actually a godly God goes, I can just like pop you right now like I would normally talk to you. So Hey, can you call me at a really fast cause I’ve got some merger questions I need to ask you and we need your help. Um, the dried and rotted bits of vine and leaf that originally congealed around Ford’s wounds begin to kind of blow with the wind and then as they blow they seem to scatter wider and create more in their space. And has the swirl kind of passes your vision? It seems to wipe into the cloak figure that’s so familiar to you as our and steps forward and goes hello 90th here’s some questions. Oh my gosh, did you do, I’m not going to ask you that. We just had a crazy bite. [inaudible] so for up ball and Orban eyeball stuck inside of his body and these dudes are like coming after him Florida dental, like we really want to let [inaudible] know and as wondering if you know how to get the orbit out of him. You did the questions. Hold on. Hold on. No, no, no, no. You asked your question. The answer is, I believe I have an England, yeah, I’ll come by. My not my rule. That’s not the only question. Okay. Okay. Okay. I got to think of her. I’m going to phrase this [inaudible] yeah. Okay. Do we have to like cut him open to get to doubt? Mm. Wouldn’t recommend it, huh? Is it something that’s within my skillset now? I think you are quite capable. Just throw vanishes into the eight ball bullshit. He’s so, so smart. Okay. So something that I can do types of courses before. I mean, yeah, I’m in gray, the restoration. But does that remove the ball from somebody? You know, a lot. I will say, uh, you guys, they expended a hell of a lot of Raider restoration diamonds when you were at the, the clay family more than you had technically. How did the ready, that’s true. So unless you guys have picked up specifically beyond the diamonds that you just use them, remove a fight, you do not have greater restoration capability. I need diamond dust at least a hundred Gold’s worth. Yup. I have a diamond we shouldn’t, shouldn’t use. No, I have gold dust. Nope. I need that. They need diamond gold. He’s in interfacing with the second of the ships that’s now currently turning back and slowly making its way towards its position in the Armada formation and turns back [inaudible] do you have um, any diamond dust on you? Cause I know you do. You know you’re in Chanda tattoos and my skill set definitely allows me to work with it, but MK customers have to provide the, uh, of course, of course. There’s no way that being stabbed by one of those swords is like a slowly growing and disease. It sure is possible to that. Is there any way to detect a disease or a poison or a good and evil maybe or detect do we have detect poison? I don’t have anything like that prepared on hands. I just don’t know. Oh, I don’t want that. Holy turning into efficient person. Hey, do you have any diamonds on you that you’d be willing to give me? Like something was like a hundred gold or something. Um, I promise I will pay you back or I could give you some gold now when we really need it. Can you just come over here if you have it for the element of that message that he did receive [inaudible] responds. It is early Chester. Uh, unfortunately that is not the type of component that I prepared for the journey. That’s it. I have this stuff that we got way back in. I don’t know it was the dash Reckson term. I have no idea where we got this, this bag of green glass dust stuff. I mean does that do, does that do something? It’s not diamond dust though. I know. It doesn’t take the place of that. How much do you have? Cause you use 800 gold worth of residual residuum by its nature can be used to replace any amount of money’s worth of a material component. That’s part of the reason why it’s, it’s also so sought after and so rare. Can I get a hundred gold? I mean sure. Yeah. I don’t know this, this is this a role? [inaudible] he’s going to do it. You’ve done a lot tonight. I would recommend, I would recommend [inaudible] holding his hand. This may hurt or his abs are holding my hand for just a second. What should we do? We’re good. We’ll just go something. Have you ever gotten a tooth Pote yes. It’s like that. That didn’t feel very good. Well then hold my hand. You can squeeze it as hard as you want. Do you want to bite down on something? You can use my Bose desks. It’s making me, it’s a little bit, do you want me to tell you a joke to lighten the mood? Take a swig from the flask. Okay. You’ll be fine. Just, just for added bonus. I’m going to cast this at like six levels. Fuck you. I can cast Tashas hideous laughter on board. Yeah. Just so he’s Dave laughing. While this happens, role, wisdom, savings or forward, I’ll still tell you the joke. Anyway. Why did captain tusk to start smoking cigarettes at the dock? Why? Peer pressure? Sorry. Um, yeah. I’m just gonna. It’s gonna take the, take the residuum and then I’m just gonna pulse it through you and see what happens and give it a Mark. 100 Gold’s worth of residuum off my level six for the day. As you concentrate conduces and reach out towards towards chest, you find your vision darken and your instinct immediately is, is that fight or flight that that fear impulse kick in, but you find yourself surrounded in warmth like you, you’re dropped into a warm bath. [inaudible] has you concentrate the same lichen that grows upon your armor begins to grow from your fingertips and find its way. Gathering at the center of Ford’s chest, this kind of bright pink plume of fungus begins to just grow and generate around the sternum and you in this moment with your eyes closed, that warmth. You feel this twinge of pain right there that begins to grow and grow and burn and sear, and you feel him. His hand squeeze tightly. Nausea begins to kick in. Wave after wave as this horrible pain begins to just burn from the inside. It is awful. It begins to come in such heavy waves that you find yourself falling to your knees and that nausea is burning heavily within the depths of your chest and belly conditions. As you hold tightly, you’ve watched this produces falls to his knees and begins to just shutter. All of you begin to grow nervous with what is happening, especially with how now barely recovering from the edge of death. He seems to be to be convulsing in the way that he is. You’re hurting him. I’m going to link my arm and his arm just to keep him there and to keep them a frightens and safe. Okay? The pain begins to entirely consume your perspective. The warmth isn’t there. The darkness is barely something you can concentrate on. It is just the pain and it feels like a burning white hot poker right in the center of your chest, moving up towards your sternum, up to your clavicle, and as the nausea kicks in, you find yourself retching you watch as Ford suddenly doubles over and vomits what seems to be gallons of frothy seawater onto the deck of the ship. This horrible, guttural, all muscles tensing vomit, uh, and as the seawater splashes onto it with a heavy, Oh, you see a singular clove and crystal, don’t touch it. Somebody pick it up with an object and let’s put it in the bag as quickly as possible. Vision returns off my sash and scoop it up and tie it off. Let’s put it back. Is TD man. Holy shit. I think as soon as possible in this, it will be gone. Perfect. Gone. What does that mean? Going out, gone. [inaudible] and see me. Perfect. Let’s do it right now. Have to wipe a board’s face and mouth care. Hope starts placing out the pieces of Amber and around it on the deck and as a ritual casts the vault of Amber and it just goes, no gas. The smell cannot just fall down, but you don’t have to say the widow can spot every time. Most of the time would suffice, but occasionally you can just dial it back to the actual function span. WGPA and then I take all those, I collect them and I put, I keep the, uh, one piece of Ambar. Now, uh, on a, on that chain. Okay. Um, a few gallons lies the best. So I mean, I feel fine. I mean, given the circumstances you don’t sense any physical difference before or after, beyond just a, a sense of wellbeing that washes over you and knowing that that thing is out of you. Can I make myself look like just a certainly. Does it work? Yeah. Okay. Sure. Well, what was that about? Just making sure I could still, you know, do things I hadn’t realized that was a, he’s not the source of your power for not anymore. That’s good. What does it look like? Oh, you racy. So strangely. Like an eye, like an eyeball to do the move. No, it just rolled and stopped and you throw up that much like eyes and the nose just go and just like being in a car wash, couldn’t see anything. Speaking of Merez, he survived. Hey, get a bucket and a mop. Clean up this pure cocaine swab. The deck swab. The deck. Marius stopped raining at the wrong time. Actually, it’s still raining, but he’s just Marius. Did you kill a guy? Did you kill that guy? I grievously wounded them. Oh my God. How bad is grievous? All right, well done. Yeah, no good work. I’ll get them up. Get rid of the three fish people keep the useless. He’s better at cleaning. Then he has a counselor. Want to help with that? Do you think that Mary should cast that spell on all of us just in case we all have strange curses or things inside of us around swallowing weird bowls too. All right. My teenage years. Yeah. She and I are going to go down stairs and start gathering up the fish people. Okay. I’m going to cast decompose on them too just to actually, if you wouldn’t mind bringing them up here first just to see them. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I need to make a weird sound as they hit the deck. Like Donald duck hiccuping. I know people did some passes of them thanks to blue. Can I strip them down and turn them around and it’s like, see if we have any BD tattoos like look in the back of their neck. The people, people, those people are, we have all of them up here now. It could be a bike, could be established for any markings on their body. Check. Smart. That’s what I do. Good on my good days. Oh K 1919. Okay. How’d you get it? Uh, on the, the seat spawn creatures, the, the ones that maintain their fish form, um, you don’t see in particular tattoos. Um, you do notice they have heavy gills. They are very physically altered and they’re, they’re mutations. The ones that have like the heavy quills themselves, that project from the body. Um, and they are far from human. Um, and in particular marking this beyond just their physical alterations. Um, the tentacle arms are quite disgusting and have their own kind of, uh, almost like a shark skin where from one direction it’s smooth in the other hand and it kind of pricks up into a very grading texture. The humanoid bodies that have reverted from the three there. Um, you do notice on the leader the lead one, uh, in the middle of the chest there is a familiar single yellow tattoo of an eye. Is this the one we cut into a yes. See what I’ve already noticed it, but it didn’t come up earlier. Right. But yeah. Well it’s half. It’s this half of the tier. Yeah. You’d have to kind of put it back together. And these ones that have been brought up, have they been transformed back into the original States? Yes. That’s the elephant. The Goliath. Oh, sorry. There’s no others. Right. What is it look like? The Avantica is tattoo. It’s similar but like the designs different, but it’s a similar type of, you know, very much a, um, a tattoo scarring experience that is part of a, a warship or symbolism for a familiar entity. Did you have one of those tattoos? I did, but you don’t want to see where it is. It’s very painful, right? Yup. Right on the in between us. Just hold my ankles and rise the light actually. Oh. Oh, that’s right. No machines came up five years. Everybody come out of that has all, um, so it’s not wanting to bite down on it. [inaudible] two minute detour guys. We need the data. We needed a good laugh. It is still raining. It is still freezing. It is still a M hours. Yes. I’m going to keep the heat. Let’s keep the humans and toss the fish. I’m going to, I’m going to decompose the fish and drop them. Uh, they don’t grow fungus, but you watch as elements. The body begin to grow a little more translucent and bits of foam begin to gather at the joints before you throw them overboard. Smoke alarm off. I’m going to wash my arm off. Yeah, you’re like halfway to the bicep. Where’d you like to come to the captain’s quarters? Or should I join you in the zone or if we’re in the captain’s quarters and want to be alone while he shouldn’t be seven for all of us now it’s time I woke up, there was a blade sticking out of my chest. I don’t know. Is there enough room for him? I mean it’s cozy. It’ll be super cozy because you have a desk and a bed in that chamber. We can go downstairs and was for the dome I guess. So it’s rid of the desk and the bed. That’s why we’ll go with that. Okay. Okay. So do the mid level, not the bottom. Okay. So you guys headed the gun deck. Uh, there is a chamber that is definitive large enough to fit all you comfortable. Yeah. Okay. And I did cast underwater breathing at two in the morning. Okay. You guys ready? Yourselves for an evening’s arrest? Eventually going to complete the rest of your night’s sleep. So go ahead and take your long rest. Uh, I’m also, uh, anytime we do this, um, Caleb will go down to the bottom level of the ship and use his silver wire to make an X, uh, across the ceiling for where he believes we have a stationed at the dome so that there is an alarm set beneath the dome. Okay, fair enough. That will be part of the bedtime ritual. Okay. Sleep doesn’t come all that easy as there is the sound of gallon. Wow. Two 30, God told him to go fix stuff and it was, it was there like they’re, they’re sleeping during the day when you guys are running the ship. So the guys are running odd hours, so there’s always some crew Manning it as you, as you continue. Um, but you manage it. The, the gun deck does have a bit of damage both from the, the fight, the scuffle and a lot of the, you can see about three of the canons themselves and a lot of just hundreds of hundreds of tiny gash marks across the iron. Not enough to damage them or make them a nonfunctional, but, but they definitely textured and weathered. Some of the wood around them is splintered. Um, the wood in the ceiling itself has a couple of moments or a couple locations that look a bit damaged, but that’s what’s counts currently. Working on repairing and getting some, some patching elements. What can all these lovely smells in the back. That’s what the next day comes to you without issue. The rain does, however greet you in the morning as you awaken. Um, so at this point you guys have a few more days to continue. The next day progresses, which I believe is the sixth day I’m going to interrogate. Okay. One to interrogate the bodies. Do you eat breakfast first or, or while we’re interrogating, we should eat breakfast first. Okay. The view magic is so impressively sometimes take it for granted. Where does that go? Just to another dimension or is it just [inaudible]? Um, yeah, well it just with me. Uh, but it is not, um, on this plane it is anchored to a point within, uh, this one specific, uh, hunk of ammo. Uh, so anchor to that and whenever I bring set anchor, uh, that pockets travels with, so if someone were to trace to try to locate it, it, it wouldn’t point to your Hunka van. But well, I also have this and I pull out the necklace I’ve had since the beginning of our story. This keeps me and all my possessions hidden. Not you or any of the rest of you, but this, uh, your, your, your cat sigh marble is now erased. Very well. Really useful. When we had the beacon on your, Oh, I hadn’t figured out how to do it yet. I prefer that. I just didn’t want to all of a sudden the attention of this thing to be pointed. Did you know what you look like? Attention is still probably pointed at you. You know people have tried to find [inaudible] that says we have tried to find other people and us still the last one who had it. So they would come with questions. Perhaps they were tracking the ball directly. It might just killed five or six of his men. So maybe, Oh man, I’ll go to his. So I have a feeling we could tell is not the sentimental type. Yeah, but he’s a ragey type feel like you can get more fish people. There are more fish people in the sea. Plenty of fish. We should see if these are just Divo teas or if they were taken. Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering. What do we do with the ball now that we have haven’t, what do you mean it’s in his hidden dimension of nowhere? Possibly find a way to destroy it or I don’t know if it can be described. At the very least we could take it to the happy fun ball at some point. Put a ball on the ball and the ball and the ball. We actually put the ball into the lava. We are going to volcano. I was about to say, maybe it’ll have as in cool effect that you could use to in throw the guests. This is a good idea. Maybe we can turn all of the other people that worship the traveler into fish people. Wow. No. You know, you throw those pine cones into the fire, they burn like blue and green versus those ones like yellow. Yeah. Yeah. What anger are taken at the bottom of the sea in crude, the title as it’s hard to predict. Let’s ask some questions. Think about what you want to know. Oh, me. I mean, yeah. Okay. I have a thought about it at all. Let’s do this. Which one do you want to start with? Yeah, tattoo McFuck ribs. I want to work up to it. We can ask all of them. I think only comes every once in a while, but let’s ask one at a time and only once. Yeah, let’s start with the female. Okay, then. All right. It helps if they see a friendly face. So, uh, hold on. I’m going to look like Avantica. Oh, okay. This is weird. It will she be able to see all of us or just you? I sound like me. I’m really, I can, I can, I can try and I’ll do it. I’ll do it, but they’re not really that smart. So, uh, I think that they only really pay attention to the person who cast the spell. I think everything else is just kind of not there. This is so, this is not life. This is, I’m really glad that I can’t see what this looks like right now. Whoa. Oh yeah. I’m also so short on Sunday mornings. All right. I’m going to put one of them up. Which one? Which one do you want the half for? Female to female. Split the off. Okay. Once they start burning some of the fungus underneath, it’s getting the spores out and I’m going to cast, speak with dead. Okay. The, a dull, lifeless look in the eyes is maintained. The eyes do role to look towards you. Just looking at you [inaudible] who gave you your mission to find the alarm to dry? [inaudible] Oh God. Probably do it. Back to your gut. I would ask them. I would ask was she a a willing follower and the other one would be, does she know how she came to take that previous shape? Where are you willing follower of who could TOA for how she took, did the power to take your previous shape come from you or something else? Twice. Righty. That’s probably the end of that. Yeah. Two more questions. I know that’s three five Oh five or something for the org. Where were they coming from? Mood. A reward for what? [inaudible] were you following the orb or the one who carried it? 10. Well that’s no help. She kind of stumbles out of the mouth. Decompose. Use it as we’re going to talk to the hand. Yeah, I’ll toss that one over in a minute. Those fish people were like fiends or do you think they were just like just regular old creatures? Like do they have a headquarters? Do they, where do they come from? Hungry. Uh, what? Where did they go to commune with? I’m not going to say the name. I’ll find out. Also, I think we’ll ask also if they know who you were. If that makes sense? Or if they just say yes cause I had it. But maybe you can ask like if, if he didn’t have it anymore, would you still want, where are you still going to need him? It’s a little complicated. I can say the Goliath and the uh, via human. Uh, which one’s the leader? Is it the only would be the human man. So let’s start with the Goliath then. All right. Be thin but very tall. Half giant figures brought into the center place. We had previously set the ritual and sits there. Lifeless jaw open, open up the open mouth. Pop the head up in my hand. Terrible tongue. Kind of like Lowes out a bit. Where do the disciples of KUKA TOA congregate? SWAT. Do you know the name of the bearer of the orb? [inaudible] maybe he can lie. Oh, Catawba. Okay. Okay. Demands honesty. Tell me the name of the orb bearer. I say, yeah. Do you still? Yeah. Ask. Ask what color the fire would be if we threw the orbit lava. How long have you been a follower? Who could talk about guy sucks. This guy sucks. What happens it were TOA can’t retrieve to your [inaudible] been released. It was the worst like talking to Shelda. Ugh. Oh yeah, I’m right here. Oh, Oh Hey. Shallow. Sorry. Last one. If you want it. Do you want to change your appearance to make you yourself more imposing? Make yourself look like Ford. You won’t talk to Ford like as a follower you could try and make herself look like Mandarin. I could, if I could do this more than once a day, I could do it. Uh, yeah. Um, sure, sure. If someone wants to do that, then I’m okay with that, but I don’t think I should look like you. I think that would be a very bad idea whether we just looked like I’m in the self and woman. If you could, and I don’t have any objections to looking like me way with everybody. If I were a follower who could tell her, why would I tell you anything? Because you could lie to them and say, it worked. You killed me. I’m now following them. Follower also, I don’t know. You can just lie. If I said that to you, would you believe any of it convincing? I’m not that convincing. You’d roll up deception. Check against a dead. You can if there’s grounds for deceiving. Yeah. Usually finding it from a friendly face is the best word. Deception is not a face. Recognize nothing individual. What about if you show them the orb? I think that would be an mind bendingly bad idea. That’d be like, I’ll give this to you if you answer my question. Well you know they ran with this crew. Why not just make yourself look like the other woman than a woman and brainstorm with this last one about what to do next. Maybe. Maybe pretend to be him. I have someone wants to do that. That’s fine. I just can’t do that again. Sure. Is there ever a moment, Oh you need to make me cause they won’t talk to you. Oh, then you’re doing it. Go ahead. I pull out the pole and place it against justice forehead and spend a moment making geometric shapes around tie head so you know for lying to the dead. Okay. Okay. That’s a good question. Let’s talk it out. They came and took it forward. You are talking to your, presumably your leader. Um, we don’t know if they came to get forward or the orb. If they know who both, we don’t know. They’re still haven’t gotten the question answered on if they needed for to live. Okay. Are more coming maybe. Okay. So I’m going to be like, Oh man, everyone got killed. Um, except for me to talk. It goes away. What should we do next? Do we have the reinforcements coming? Should I go after him or should they go after the orb? They threw the orb away. Should they go after now? What’d you have to do next? Feel as leader. The dead can’t really, they’re not that bright either. So they’re, they’re making, making them think complex thoughts doesn’t often go very well. So I should just be like, I don’t know what to do without you. Slash should I go to what? What is our next move? Yeah, they used to, I can’t remember anything. Tell me where I’m supposed to go now. Okay, cool. All right. I’m going to this guy. So group as the Elvin woman. Okay. It makes me wonder, I’m already the Elvin woman. I wonder if how long they were the creatures Patty been like that for a long time or did they change that? Well, that’s a good question. I bet they were a long time, probably for a long time. So I probably should look like, yeah, yeah, you probably should have liked a blah, blah, blah. This is probably an easier voice. They, they made a lot of, I feel like they were, they were they talking [inaudible] I don’t know. I was doing a video cause fuck it, I already did it right there. They were kind of, they were saying commands for each other, weren’t they? Do I remember them saying commands to each other or they were communicating, but they were they speaking in Coleman? [inaudible] speak with them on the, what is it? The Goliath guy? The one on the lead know the human. That’s the one we haven’t talked to yet. The one that we chopped, the one we chopped up. Yeah. Okay. The thing I’m not looking at myself. Okay. Test is pick one. Wow. Okay. Wow. So the, the final to be the human man as you reach forward and kind of like finish the completion of the spell on it. You can see one of the eyes cause one of the eyes is kind of damaged and ruined from the battle. The other one kind of like, she’s definitely like be away from, would you sit in the hall? Okay. Oh my gosh. They really fucked up your body. Whoa. That basil did not go well. Huh? Um, looks like we got defeated and they got away. But what do we do now? [inaudible] rolling ahead. It’s too late for that. Hello. That’s very Stanley’s Podolsky reaction. Have you found the marble in the [inaudible]? Okay, that’s a good idea. I told her why I didn’t think of that karst. Uh, so I got hit in the head pretty hard enough light. Ah, I can’t remember if where’s most of follow the orb now or I was supposed to follow that green guy. This SI, but not if the orb can get out of the guy. Huh? Which is what happened. Where should I go? What should I do? [inaudible] okay. Okay, good. Yes. Uh, and then once I get him, we’re gonna, I’m gonna take him back to the temple. Maybe. I see one question. You might as well, are you pooping? Tell if you’re the most, um, yeah. So our, our, our God man, he’s bred scared of that green guy has, he’s super scared of him. What is he scared of him? Strong bed wants to know. So that’s the truth. Then we have to play dumb dead people real. That’s okay. They’re just not real. They also want him to open up the last seal. Wow. I get the distinct impression. This is probably gonna happen every time we get on a boat. This was a success. I feel rejuvenated. Yep, no problem. We know that they’re searching for you still and do we need to protect you at all calls? I feel like if we just tied a little flag and a bell to the sphere and just like threw it over the side of the boat, we could just fish with it. You know, wouldn’t really worry about me so much. They come and get it and then you could tell it’d be released and then we’d all have the distinct impression that yeah, [inaudible] really wants to find you too. Okay. Good triggers. Not a, not a nickname. You guessed it. It’s bad to have a fight every single night before we go to sleep. No, we just have to string up the string up the ship and uh, I wouldn’t be prepared for it, you know, should we try and ally ourselves with one of the other ships just, well, what would we say we should tell ESIC ready to be attacked every night by a bunch of fish people. We might not be attacked every night. I mean, it’s going to take, we killed all of those, so it’ll take time for word to get back right from the [inaudible]. Uh, this is the fifth day you guys, I mean, depending on how long the storm lasts, it can be anywhere between another four to six days. The wild mother to, to, to end the storm. Are you going to try again? I mean, SNU day 70 fours now. I don’t think that, sorry. That’s okay. Has the hail Mary, the other ships going full steam ahead, full mass. I mean they’re all going as quickly as the slowest ship, so it’s not extremely quickly because they’re all, they’re traveling, but they’re also traveling in a formation to be ready for any sort of attack or assault that were to transpire on a mass scale towards the ships that are in the center of the Armada, which are the, uh, [inaudible] and the blue heaven. Those that are transporting the artifact and the, uh, prisoner before this negotiation, it’s all those, the ships kind of encircled them and they all travel at a continued pace. You guys are kind of on the outskirts in the back, right? We don’t know who the prisoner, is it prisoner or prisoners? The prisoners events. Sorry. As long as the two of us stay before he should be re uploading from the cloud. Your phone, your phone during this time are pretty, pretty solid. We need to be ready every single night. It won’t be every single night. It might not be at all, but we need to be ready. And I think it is likely that if they come back it will be more than the first time. That’s true. They will learn from the mistakes and see that we were able to handle ourselves well. That might be it for awhile. Maybe we should try and more next to the other ships. Hope for the best, especially the last. Continue to pass on the ship and just to keep piling ahead as fast as we can. Oh, for crystal. Okay. Alright. Caleb, are you gonna take this up? The dresser. Agnes, did you just roll dice? Are you gonna take her up on wanting to talk with her or is that something we’re actually going to do right now? Uh, well she asked us if we wanted to work in the North. We are far too busy at the moment to accept any work beyond us accepting work out of being too busy. What do we want to avoid working for Vesta? Ragnar, we are not working for mr Rovner. I know, I’m asking. Yeah. [inaudible] visibility. Sure. The orbs fluctuation. Check [inaudible] okay. At the moment. You did not see any orbs, any sort of scrying beacons around you? I think it, I think it’s not insane to at least tell this to run what we know now. I mean, we know it. I don’t see what the harm of just letting them know that we know what’s up. That is complicated. Super complicated. Yeah. How do you mean? No? Let’s let them know what that it was a call to the sea God that’s got a got a grudge against the Raj against one of our people that benefit us though. They’ll just be like, Oh great, well then don’t follow us anymore in formation. You go away. That’s unsafe. I mean, I can’t imagine that half the people in this group don’t have weird stuff like that. Exactly. I mean [inaudible] everyone’s got their shit and you keep it on lockdown, man. Right. You’re not worried that no one’s talking to anybody else. I am worried could do says, but we are gambling a bit here. If we let them know that there is an [inaudible] well powerful monstrosity under the ocean that is going to stop at nothing to unleash itself by muttering us. Probably the peace talks will be called off. I’m just going to point out they were, they were surprisingly chill about the last time this was happening to them. Actively repairing the boat. Just one. I’ll go with what the group, uh, you have gallon. Is the carpenter assigned? The other carpenter is gesture. I understand what you’re saying. I’m going to go out with someone with you and also someone go help gallons. I just had a horrible thought that maybe since these humanoids could turn into those things, I just don’t want to make sure we’d have some black Pearl thing happen in some fucking ship comes up out of here. Like a black pro. You never seen a black Pearl shot? Yeah. It comes up out of the ocean. Turns into a ship and then we’re fighting like an undead sea person ships this a real thing. I don’t know. I just vomited a ball. What do you want from me? Just start working on the ship. Just in case we’re all healed. I don’t know if all the ball eateries. Well we’re going to fix the ship. Alright. Gallons done quite a bit. Gallons curly sleeping’s gallon was up all night doing repairs. Start where he left off. Okay, so you continue going. I’m the cabin master. I’m an equal with you, but I’m in charge of the cabins and you look at your cannons while I look at this wood scraped up. I might add. Yeah, I’ll pause those cabinets. Somebody fucked them up. Oh, I like Polish sand Polish. The Kennan metal. Let me tell you standing iron. That’s crazy. Your time. I’ll stop over in five minutes. Start working on all this stuff you feel accomplished. I’m sure. Sure. My point was why would we even want to go talk to Vesta, Rog now beyond us being too busy. She’s like one of the prime murderous candidates from the server’s assembly. Yeah, we are on the same page. I was just asking if you were going to take her up on her offer and you’re like, well we’re really busy. And I was like, that’s not the point though. Yeah. But for regard, we want to at least create the semblance of cooperation. I mean we don’t trust them. They know that they don’t trust us. We know that. But if there is even a hair of doubt in their minds that perhaps their empire, uh, citizens feel the need to cooperate. Yeah, no, I’m with him and him. Yeah. I was just chicken in with you man. Ah, just wanted to know what the greater plan was on it, how we were going to do with this, how they’re going to turn these peace talks into actual peace. No, you know what, never mind. I think we’re on the same page. Yeah. Do you want to go talk to Vesta Augman today or no, cause she was like, Oh, we’re going to be here on this boat and we got time. If you want to like come and talk to me, I’ll be here. So it was just wondering if that was a plan, but if not then like fucker. Um, no, I think sometime in the next few days it would make sense to try to again put out a show of good faith that we are trying to coordinate and also not wait until the day and see what happens, you know? So I went tomorrow. You want to do this shit tomorrow? Let’s go tomorrow. All right. Okay. If you wanted add escort over to the suburb ship, you could have just asked outright. I was just looping you in on a potential plan, man. All right man. And I walk away confused. Okay. Um, the rest of the day goes by without issues in the storm. Still maintaining though not as thunderous as the night before the rain. It’s stealth itself, not relenting. Um, evening comes to when you guys are sleeping below deck with the same arrangement, I assume. Ooh, we should put a, um, a floor dummy in the captain’s bed. Oh, what a for dummy. Oh look, a decoy before dummy. I will also send, uh, from the, um, the monkey to hang from the ribbon of the ship within a hundred feet so that he can tell me if anything is climbing onto deck. Okay. Easy enough. Pardon me? Okay. The rest of the day we’ll take some shirts and pants and stuff. Then withdraw. Yeah. I’m going to paint mass amount of straw that you guys keep horses. [inaudible] rags. We can find some rags. Okay. I’m going to just the head Dawn’s like, I don’t need this bed sheets anyway. It’s fine. I’m going to use my paint to paint a Ford head. That looks like for Ted [inaudible]. Yeah. It’s going to be come a Ford. Hey, it’s going to be, it’s not going to be, it’s not going to come alive, but it’s going to look like, okay. You finish, you finish it, and it looks creepily realistic for his face going. Oh yeah. You’re gonna practice making out with him. Now he’s sleeping. It’s weird. The head. Yeah. I put it on the decoy body. No, it’s good. It’s good. Mark to use paint on him. She has this justice face. [inaudible] goes back. Yeah. Okay. Okay. The decoys set, you guys complete the sixth [inaudible] arrest actually before everyone, before everyone beds down, uh, Kayla finds a moment to wander off to a Yasha as she’s just staring out at the ocean, two square feet with a mag as well. Hey, you’re awfully quiet for the last day. I think so out there just watching the storm, I guess. Keeping keeping tabs, making sure nothing else climbs a board. You’ll come to bed in a day. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Very good. You don’t have, Ford said he had, uh, a dream that he swallowed that ball and then it was there. Yes. Does that make sense to you? That, that T dreamed and, and it became, so, yeah, that has never happened for me, but there are a great many things in this world are they’re not. Yes. I seem to find that to be true every day. You haven’t colorful dreams lately. Yeah. Well I’m usually, you know, not very colorful. Just strange, I guess. Yeah. I guess we should get some sleep dream again. So you’re, um, for what it’s worth, you seem a little, a little more, uh, study. I feel a little more steady, which is weird because we’re on a boat. Sorry. That was a bad joke. Pretty good. Yeah. I feel like I’m, this group is pretty special. I know you and I both have gone through some things and we carry a lot of weight with us. Boy, do I feel lucky to be with these people? It’s all about who you choose to surround yourself with. I think that makes all the difference. I think it does. I feel safe with these people. We feel very safe with you helps. So, yeah. Kayla patter. Um, I’m going to go get, uh, things already down below. Join us when you’re ready. Continue to look out for, but when I head downstairs, okay. Because he will find rest for the night. [inaudible] the boldface that you’ve grown to carry, it gives wave when consciousness does, as being captain of the ship requires a certain amount of strength and face. But in those solitary moments of sleep, the memory of what it felt to give way to darkness, the finality of it, experience and memory of the life leaving you, it’s cold and scary, especially knowing that that thing was still inside you in that quiet, cold, [inaudible] isolating memories. You close your eyes and given to sleep. There is that bloom of green, that warm blossom that helps wash away the anxiety. And while you didn’t say don’t see the face can feel her there with her comforting. What was one say? Recurring nightmare of dark lightless abyssal depths. It’s nice to have a warm, motherly embraced to greet you on the other side and even in the [inaudible] cold moment of loss, there’s a party to believe shooting. She would’ve caught you. That’s comforting. Day seven comes to you all in the morning. As the storm subsides, the clouds break the rain Holts and you all are getting closer and closer to your destination. Is there anything, do you wanna accomplish today or do we move on to the next day? You look like you maybe have with the weather, clearing up all things going according to plan, maybe two, two and a half days to your destination. Oh yeah. Um, can we see the stubbornness ship within view? You can’t. Yes. It’s, it’s kind of clustered in the center next to the blue heaven. How far off is it about, um, let’s say it’s maybe about 350, 400 feet off approximately. Right. Okay. Do you want to go for a walk? Yeah, I can’t fly on the both of us. Okay, awesome. Come on. I think of [inaudible] breaking faces people, um, you guys coast through the sales amongst all the dwindling ships in the handful of shore warden clock. Uh, my brain Short’s actually there for a second. The Concord ships as part of this Armada as well. It’s a beautiful sight now with the sun in the sky. The clouds mostly broken to reveal blue above. Um, it’s synergetic and as you coast your way through and over the water towards the maroon colored stylized ship, that is the wind. If [inaudible] as you draw closer, you can see the crew on deck. And the process of keeping eyes out. Someone looks up and points, you can see what the Spyglass in your direction and behind them you can see the Martin, that end of knock knock, don’t shoot us. The arcane anti air gun swivels into place. Um, and it’s, they’re flying through the Erik. Caleb just gives a half grin to bog because flying is dope. Yeah, this is great. You guys touched down air back flip and then gracefully land kind of silver circle shit. Hell yeah. I just find normally, right. Of course as you guys land the Mark’s net cost into looking goes, there was nothing so by what do we owe this pleasure of the visits? I think we just want a bit of a check in as we draw near to the, uh, our attend. Yeah. So far so well, things have been prepared. God isn’t good. It has been no anomalies besides what I’ve heard is the apparent attack upon your shit. Yeah. We met a lady to Ragnor the other evening. Is she here traveling with you? She is. Huh? He looks generally surprised to hear that you met with her then. Huh? She was very kind to check in on us after the attack and dude, she’s quite kind. Yeah. Would you like me to fetch her for you? Yeah, please. What? No, I thought I heard something on the ship breaking but I was mistaken. Um, yes. Yes. I think it’d be good if we all spoke together, including anyone. Uh, who is here, who would be involved, um, in, in deliberations. Hmm. Did you see him do a familiar hand motion is the one you’ve seen gesture produce many a time. When I do this, you are being requested to the deck please. If you don’t mind, you have guests, you’ve got like five more words, maybe 10. No, he’d succinct. I forget. Yes. Yup. She just operates next to him. He’s very nice to see you both sooner than anticipated as they were just a saying that you had mentioned checked in on. So what does it you would like to discuss with us? Is it something that requires privacy in time with the lady, but until we get to that point, I think just a general sync up on what we’re going to be doing. I think the expulsive trove would like to know what your plans are for the moment. Um, and how do you see us functioning into these? Yes. The bride queen very specifically requested that we be that to ensure that not no funny business and you are, this is why you’re a part of the sound monitor. The discussion needs to transpire between both our lead ship and theirs. They will be in come together and do this deliberation is to be helmed by the Emissary, loads it on draft himself. I will be present for this uh, as well as a few designated actress, brand lead soldiers and they will have the dignitary as well as protectors as well. Master Pickathon and any of his protege is be present. No, he is not part of this discussion. You see sailing with us? No. All right. But during that time if he sees holder Dom may join Israel, which would be interesting having to keep him and they’re dumb. Cebu is already taken quite a bit of my attention. [inaudible] as a, how do we say ancillary for us? Much like you are, she will not be part of the discussions that we’ll be keeping an eye on the perimeter as whether you, that’s easier purpose. Yeah. Are you expecting any interference? I’m always expecting interference. What have you done to prepare? I have my means and the key to preparing for interference is not meeting all of your plans now about trust and be assured. I’ve taken precautions. Trust comes slow and if at all, very true. Uh, I, I think perhaps something that would, uh, assuage our nerves, uh, in this endeavor is, is inspecting the beacon as discussed, uh, medieval speaks up and knows that these of kill spit and Martin puts his hand up and says, and you would wish to inspect right now, no time. Like the present, ready to run. It looks to make the best vessels come. Turns around and the two of them began to walk towards the stairway that leads beneath into the ship. You follow? Yes. All right. Are we alone? Are we being followed a, make a perception check. Okay. 2020. There are two righteous brain soldiers that kind of just keep perimeter on the deck. They come together behind you guys and step to the top of the stairs following you and then, uh, stopping at the top to just play vigil. Okay. You’re letting below to a center deck, which is where the gun deck would be. Um, and you’ve seen some of the weaponry before as opposed to Kennan’s. Here they have these, they looked like cannons, but there are a number of arcane runes burned into the sides of them. They’re beautifully made a very Elvin and construct and they have almost like a, the Nebraska coil towards the edge of it. It’s a yes. Um, yes. You recognize those actually immediately and there’s four of them below two on each side. Um, you pass down. This is, this is the deck where you, uh, had previously seen the discussion within the margin that you had down to a lower deck, which has a very, very heavy and closed door with no handle as you approached to it. You can see the margin net and vest look at each other. They both mirror an incantation silently. You can not hear what they say and they face away from you. So it does not have lips red, but they both placed their hands in the doors simultaneously. There’s a brief flash of energy and the door just disappears like flickers and then vanishes and they’re inside a chamber. You can see there are some tables, there is a T set on one of the tables in there. It’s beautifully decorated. The interior here, it doesn’t feel like it’s the middle of a ship. It feels like it’s a center of a, a, a guest pavilion or some sort of a, uh, a meeting space for high end political figures. It’s a beautiful rug on the floor, tapestries and paintings on the walls. It seems very out of place. Um, but as he steps in, you see, you kind of lifts a finger and tea is poured into a couple of cups. Are you Festy sure. Yeah. Thank you. The vest goes ahead and lifts up in a secondary company. They both lift them over to you before pouring some of their own truly aid deck of many things well played. Well, sweatshop, I just kind of like nudge Caleb. He like drinking hand and I take a sip first. Do I taste anything off about the tea? Anything weird? Oh yeah. Yeah. Okay. Uh, you tasted it is, it’s quite delicious. It has a bit of a fruity, almost mango S uh, flavor to it, but not overwhelming to the point where it, it feels like it’s a juice. Um, it’s just enough to make it pleasant but still light. It’s nice and does not seem to carry any sort of toxin that you would recognize or dessert. Okay. It’s delicious for, yeah. All right. Both campaigns. Got you. Um, eventually they both sit down and, uh, lady vis mentions for you guys to take a seat [inaudible] to receive the beacon in this room with this aura though you did not. Hmm. So, uh, how was it you will be a help to the negotiations in a few days like to terracotta? I had been brought here as a, uh, an associate to the mouth, the net to ensure the transition of this artifact, uh, continues without issue to answer any questions that are brought up. And to, uh, assure and hopefully discuss possible future alignment between interests of various arcane projects between the dynasty and the empire. We are not confident, but at the very least every beginning conversation is challenging, but it is the beginning of a conversation. So Martin out here in the room because the two of them are sitting at the table next to you that will open that door for us. So, so now if he left or not, you have hopes then not just to end the war, but to create agreement and collaboration between the two nations that it would be far, much more effective series of programs to have together than against. I agree. Is that something to do with the potential work offerings that you mentioned to us before you see the button that kind of gives her a look? Yeah. Uh, possibly. Uh, of course, which is why I was saying after this negotiation that would greatly set the stage of what was possible. So if it is possible in things go well, then maybe that is work for you to do at the behest of the assembly or law accounting department. Martin, our calendar is a little full in the short term. Yeah. Got a few stops to make going to be on the sea for a little bit. There was no pressure at the moment. Of course. Um, there was always time. Let me lie on that and I are very curious what you are, um, proclivities are what you are, um, trying to achieve or discovering the North. Well, uh, those would be on a need to know basis and we’re looking at the Martin at does he like, is he pissed? Is he checked? Natural 20 whispers spurs clues. Who’s bringing these whispers to us? There’s no sponsor for the whispers, but I’ll just say, Nope, this isn’t a page. If this was a combat cam it would be from dwarven forge, but it’s not, it’s just a whisper. So I’ll just say that it’s sponsored, sponsored by the 50th anniversary of critical role. Cheers. And it says, Oh, bug. Nevertheless, you are here for a reason and he goes ahead and snaps his fingers and on the floor next to him, you watch as a, a kind of, uh, iridescent chest, kind of appears in the space there. This slight drifting smoke around it. Chitty bang bang. Yep. As soon as it appears he here and opens the lid and they’re inside with a faint familiar ondulating gray glow. You see a beacon. Can I tell from this distance if it’s the one that we saw at prides call, make a perception check. One that we know is lost. What is it? Did you say perception balls, titties and balls? Five. Five total. Yes. I rolled a two. You die. Uh, he can’t tell. Do I recognize it? I know it’s making a perception check as much as you guys can both take us. Sometimes players just run off and do shit on their own. She wouldn’t know about that. Now where’d she go? She’s painting Dixon a church somewhere. I don’t know. Um, she’s fixing your ship right now. Not my ship. 1515. I’m glancing over. It’s not too far from you, but kind of giving it a once over and then you guys have a moment. There was a pregnant pause it. It’s reveal and they’re kind of allowing you to inspect. There isn’t any sort of haste to break the purpose that you’re here for, but its size is larger than the one you saw at the Ferguson sanatorium. The handles and inlay match those of the ones the assembly had or the assembly the dynasty had constructed. This is not the one that was recovered from prides call. This appears in deed to be one of the stolen ones. Not the one that we towed it around for awhile. No, that one you gave to Brian, but this one is neither identical to that one. Envy the structure around it. May I? Of course. Nothing yet. Okay, let’s do it. I lifted up and set it down. Little tables, tea tables. There is a table and that’s as you look for a space, the Martin that kind of wipes his hand and you watch the tea set shift over and float there in the air. [inaudible] who you have a look at this with me. Same. Yeah. Same Zs. Yeah. Um, I would like to, uh, slowly take time to, um, check it for anything hidden or, um, affixed to it. Make an investigation check. Okay. Uh, Paul’s Peter of ball’s 15, 15, you take some time, you inspect it, look over, look at the, uh, the casing, looking at the handles, looking within it is unmoored. There are no cracks or imperfections in the deck. A huge one itself that be can seem solid. The, um, the golden materials and the inlay that kind of holds it there and fixes the handles to it seemed pristine, doesn’t appear to be altered in any way. It’s different than the one it’s, you know, it’s different because it is a unique beacon, but it is familiar to the one that you had around for quite some time. Uh, I’m going to inspect it further. Don’t mind me and begin to go through the process of casting. Detect magic opponent. Okay. They do not flinch. You cast the spell and, uh, very, very strong magical aura emanates from it. And is it all doona? Mancy it’s all very heavily duty minutes and like while while all the schools and magic are contained within Duda Manson, that sense, uh, it’d be the doona mantic essence from it is so strong and so esoteric. Uh, and, and much like when you had first inspected the beacons upon arriving and it is, it is almost overwhelming. It’s like looking into the sun [inaudible] and finally I will place both my hands on it and stare into it. I’m going to step in front and just not take my eyes off of the two of them while he takes a minute. Okay, let’s take a dive. All right. You continue to focus and lean towards it. As you do, you feel your essence extend and the interior, the chamber fades away as you feel your consciousness drawn into a nexus of possibility, infinite and endless around you. Star escapes, stars may people are they points in time, historical moments, future moments to happen. It is so much information at once and you feel a part of yourself pulled in and a part of it comes into you. And in that space of endless possibility, you can see the threads of fate and the bodies that walk in the world around you. You feel like you have an outside of looking Xander and beyond the tapestry, the Korean Koreans, but yet it’s so small and in this one infant TESL moment, and to have both at the same time overlapping, it’s starting to pull at the edges of your sanity from a moment. And you withdrawal as the mode itself is carried with you and you have a fragment of possibility within yourself. You keep an eye, they don’t flinch. Basically. One Western patient, I don’t say anything or just look at them like those tough ass bodyguards. See [inaudible] it was tough for us, but we go there, this dope Passover, just this, just this right now. I’ve seen her getting a dude’s face before that. Look, it’s not pretty, Oh, that’s a story for another time. We’re doing sand Kings. Never mind. Sorry. So he’s given this instinctive as a, as a guy to, to, you know, intervene when, uh, somebody else’s bothering her girlfriend or wife, but I haven’t needed to. I just destroyed them every time. Anyway. Kayla, I see why these is of such value. Two nations are at odds over it. I commend you on letting go of it. It is important to keep things under control and hopefully not disrupting society too late. Ragnor so much to learn and surprised you already go to let it go. Right. It is not easy by any means, but it’s just how things have to be. Seems like a missed opportunity for a home. Right? If these talks go well, maybe there would be opportunities to share without bloodshed. Does she seem bullshit? Well that’s our chart. Can she see that she’s seen bullshit. She is. She made it up. Sure. So, um, so the guy turned to jelly and airplane to 10, 10 total cause all the to whisper. I mean she’s generally pretty garden. Hard to read. Um, you’re not sure if she’s telling the truth. She’s lying. She’s putting a statement forward and sticking to it. I hope you have a very understanding contact on the side of the dynasty. I hope so. It’s weird. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed. Yes sir. This all seems to be an order. I felt confident this will go very well. I just do a high, we have all the pieces in things. We’ll keep our ship very close by on the day the negotiations lowers the beacon to the same chest and the closes and vanishes. We’ll make sure we’re stationed on the other side. Where are the prisoners? Where you keeping them? Uh, those are being maintained by the a load graph in the blue Heffernan we set out to do here. I have no further questions. No prosecution rests. It was a pleasure to see you and uh, to our victorious peace talks. Yes. Thank you so much. Both of you for your time. Both stand up, guide you back to the day, your later derog now looking forward to it. A full regards. Yup. And I pulled out the Ravens feather again and I cast the fly on the tool if I lasted for Helen. 10 minutes minutes. Yes, it wouldn’t, I wouldn’t write it. Yeah, Mary Poppins away. All right. As you guys glide your way back towards the ship, we’re going to ahead and take a break. Is nine 15 a serpent comes up out of the water snatches return. Man, can you do the noise? Which one made me feel so bad? That sound particular? Iran’s me via the poor like Wolf coyote from sword in the stone. Oh Jeff. In that moment where you see paternity, he’s like I love it so much. Anyway, anyway, we’re taking a break here, back here in a few minutes. Before we get to that we do have our form would give away. We have this fantastic black Walnut table trade with leather for one lucky winner in the chat. Tonight’s chat keyword is punish, punish once and only once. More than once. We’d qualified once again a us and Canada only excluding callback. Maybe only for a little while longer cause I saw the article that Quebec is trying to loosen their giveaway so fingers crossed. We would love to get deeper into this chill. Anyway, we’ll be back here in just a little bit with the second half of today’s session. We’ll see you shortly. You got the perfect wall. I love her weapons and supplies. You need a place to check your stuff cause you’re so disorganized, you get hurt, a better critical road. And now you’re ready to kick some butt in a mine shaft. D D a D beyond. You’ve got your snaps, you’ve got your swords, you got your stuffs and you got your own visible wall. It’s D, ed, D D and D dandy pitch. Hello everyone. Uh, not here. Just wanted to say happy five year anniversary to critical role. This is, it’s insane. I have no other way to express it. We uh, we’re here on our fifth year of telling these stories in the internet and building the greatest community and fandom around the property on the internet in my opinion. Um, I’m just so thankful. I’m thankful. I have no other word to describe it. You’ve all been absolutely incredible. Your support for the show and what we’re doing, your support for each other. Um, and we’re just super excited to continue to tell these stories with you to make fun content with you and be silly on the internet and hope you guys still continue to come along with us. So have you five year anniversary, uh, love you guys very much. And uh, I guess to the next five, I guess we’ll see writers happy five year anniversary. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s been five years. And to all the OJI critters that were with us from day one to the creditors who have joined us in campaign two, we are so beyond grateful for all the love and support that you have shown us and for coming along this journey with us, you all have absolutely changed our lives and we can’t thank you enough. And for those times where I was in New York and I wasn’t able to be there and all your love and wishes and your amazing character art, uh, pulled me through a lot. So thank you so much and thank you for being there for us and to another five years. Love you. Hey, beautiful people. Uh, I can’t believe it’s been five years since we first started streaming our show. What, uh, I do distinctly remember early in that spring of 2015 Matt Mercer coming over to our game and telling us that we were going to take a shot at putting it on the internet, whatever that means, and just not knowing how to feel about that. I mean, it was, it was hours and it was private and who’s going to want to watch a bunch of voice actors play D and D for a few hours every week? Turns out the last five years have been just evidence to the contrary of that shows what we know. But uh, we’re so insanely grateful for you guys. Thank you for sharing your, your hearts and your minds and your energy and your, your, your art and your talent and your compassion with us. It’s been so insanely rewarding and we feel like we’re the luckiest group of people in the world. Um, then even though it’s been five years, it really feels like it’s just the beginning. We have so much cool stuff to share with you guys coming up and so many more adventures to go on and we just can’t wait for you to see it. So here’s the next five years. Uh, we love you guys and I really hope that I’m not dead. Hi. So I just put Rowan into bed. It’s our son that we’ve had since doing the show five years, five years. You realize that’s longer than most relationships. I mean longer than any relationship I had before Travis, that’s for damn sure. Uh, wow. I mean, I can’t, I can’t believe how much we’ve all, you know, grown and changed since we started doing the show. And I feel like you guys have been there with us every step of the way. I feel like you guys know us better than some of our best friends because you see us in our best moments, in our worst moments in our ups and our downs. And I, God, I have so much love for you guys. I have so much love. Thank you for, um, God. I’m not going to cry. Thank you for your continued support and your excitement and your imagination and your creativity and everything that you guys put. Yeah, put forth to us. Oh God, I just love you so much. I mean five years. It’s nothing in the long run. We’re going to be doing this for at least another hundred. I mean Talison will for sure. I’ll see you guys in another, another five. I’m not going to cry then either cause I’m really tough. So dear critter, community the world around. Thank you. Thank you for journeying with us for five years of this show. I remember sitting down for the very first game on the very first episode and somehow it’s five years later. Um, this has been an adventure born out of friendship and love and it still is. And even now, after everything that’s happened, we, none of us can fathom how far down this road we’ve come together. Um, and I just feel like expressing some gratitude for it. Really. Thank you. Getting to to tell stories together the way we have for all this time, every week has been one of the greatest gifts in our lives. Certainly in mine, uh, and your support and enthusiasm has meant the world. So how lucky we’ve been to have had all of you with us. How lucky. Indeed. Thank you. Hey everybody. Uh, it’s been five. It’s been five years of this strange show and thank you so much for joining us every Thursday for our ridiculousness and I cannot wait to show you all what we’ve been working on for this year. It’s going to be pretty cool. Thank you all so much and uh, see you next Thursday, this Thursday as many Thursdays as we can manage. Thank you. Hello and happy five year anniversary. All the critters all over the world. I can’t believe it’s already been five years. I’m doing this show. I think if someone would’ve come to me five years ago and told me that my D and D game was going to be a part of a global nerdy phenomenon, I probably would have punched them in the face and then asked to borrow five bucks for gas money. Um, so every day is just a wild ride. And I think what I am most grateful for is the way that this entire experience has really given my faith back in humanity. And that’s because of you all also Dagon thanks you for making her a bird. Liberty. I don’t think she could ever go back to the lifestyle that she lived before being a famous bird. Um, so that’s, that’s on you all. Thank you. Happy anniversary. Love you all so much. I’ll see you next Thursday. Happy fifth anniversary, everybody. Wow. I can’t believe that we’re really here five years into this crazy experiment called critical role. We’re so grateful for you guys. The critters, um, who’ve been with us this entire wild ride. Um, I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t know what our next adventure will be, but I’m so excited to explore it with you guys and to share it with you. Um, I’m looking forward to five more years of role playing and shows and, uh, adventures and excitement and five more years of shirts. Cause I mean, look at these guys. There’s so many and they’ve, there’s so there’s, they’re ridiculous and I get to make them for maybe another five years. So Hey, watch out Matt cause I’m coming for ya. I’m coming for ya and the shirts. Malt. Stop. Hello everyone. It’s me Maricia reign creative director for critical role content. And I want to take a moment to speak from the heart about how much we appreciate your support. No frills, no crazy gags. Just honesty. Over the past five years, we’ve made a lot of ridiculous promos in an attempt to earn your subscription here on Twitch, we’ve leaned on juvenile prop humor, cheap costumes, and putting our loyal employees in slightly embarrassing situations, eagerly hoping that we’ve captured your attention today. I am not resorting to edge more jokes written by Brian W. Foster or dressing Sam as a celebrity to recreate an obscure commercial most people haven’t seen. To remind you that subscribing with a Twitch prime account requires you to resubscribe each month. We don’t always need an elaborate green-screen gag or have to put Matt in cosplay to tell you that you can easily give subscriptions to fellow critters if you’re feeling generous. I mean, hell, I’ve consumed entire production days shooting complicated parody promos featuring Talison Jaffe is a vintage, spooky boy and full monochromatic glory. All in the hope that your smile may turn into a sub, but not today. No weird graphics. No puppet murder. No Sam Regal. It’s just me here to say thank you. I love you all. [inaudible] [inaudible] Christina. Hey, should we do another inhaler? [inaudible] last time on talk to Mokena. Did Ford have any trepidation about being on the sea where you as a player expecting this or did Matt blindside, you know, I’m a fucking moron. Yeah, we kind of know the answer to that one. I didn’t think about it at all. People are like, how the fuck did you not think that first five you were back on the scene? Her toe is covered, correct? I, we went to Disneyland the next morning, right? It was the next morning, the next morning. I was like, Hey man, uh, Nope, Nope. I was like, Oh no. I thought like, you know, we’ll, there’ll be some RP and we’ll get out there and there’ll be this, this deal that happens and I don’t really know what’s going to happen next. Tim, maybe I’ll have to check on some elements from my back story and thought for sure he’d be able to see it coming. I mean, I don’t have anything that they’ll sneeze snake once in a blue. I didn’t know that. Read your [inaudible] I didn’t know I had a Griz brewed my chest anymore. Is DMV beyond have a inner body inventory part? They should add it. Adam, if you’re watching Pashley Yasha is continuing to play her harp more and prioritize it as a method of self self care at the end of her day outward. Can you share a little bit about how it feels for her to have this gentle and safe outlet for some of her pain and emotion? I’m using the harp as yes for self care for her, but also I think music can be a form of therapy. So, um, you know, and there was a moment where I was like, man, it’d be so fun to multi-class as a Bard, but then I remembered my wisdom is so low, so it just, I wouldn’t be able to, to, to, it wouldn’t work. And I actually, I talked to Matt about it and he’s like, ah, it would just, there’s more that I want to explore with that and I don’t quite know what it is yet, but I think where it sits right now, I think it’s just, it’s, it’s a form of therapy for her. I would like to thank Travis. I would like to thank Claudia Schiffer from the film. Oh dog. She is in one scene. Three minutes on camera. Oh my God. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] welcome back everyone. Uh, let me see if I have the information on our winner tonight. Hasn’t come yet. Strangely. It’s suspenseful. It is, but when it arrives I will answer it. Um, but that’s okay. Until then, let’s go to jump into some of this story. Y’all jump now into the episode. Totally fine. Alrighty. So you both returned flying through the air, landing back on your ship where the rest of your crew weights on day seven. [inaudible] um, hello. Hey. Where were you guys? You know, did you find that anything over there? Yeah, it appears to be the beacon that was stolen, not the beacon we saw in France called [inaudible]. It’s the one that was stolen from in when we saw it be stolen. No, we thought we recovered that one. Yep. This one was stolen from where God’s called dynasty when we’re around the same time. Okay. Okay. You want to price call? We saw with smaller what and what and so they still have an extra one that they, no one’s accounted for. I found that they found buried, I believe. Correct. Okay. That’s good. Right. It doesn’t get complicated, but um, they seem as best Beauregard and I can tell to be a and couldn’t find anything wrong with it and a good, I mean, as long as they didn’t give you anything to drink, I think we’ll be okay. Oh yeah, that’d be bad. Yeah, it went great. Cool. Yeah. We were attacked while you were away. Yep. Fish people, more fish and fish. People prepared this style. We were only gone for like 40 minutes. It’s crazy. For three minutes you guys like in and out. Wow. Some of them weren’t even balled. The right triangle number is 22 like a great ride. Joe too. There you go. I think he’s laying eggs. You know. Too much. Honestly, I want to go and do this also. There were some pretty interesting interactions and glances between investor Ragnar and the Martinet. The boning. I think he definitely hates her, so yes. Yeah. Yeah. They might be hate fucking, I mean it’s a good time if I do say something, but that’s not the point. My point is good color. Yeah. Um, it seems like she’s kind of running her own show separate from Lunesta that Lou nit and the Marinette [inaudible]. There is a friction amongst all of them. It seems like they are all vying for power for the assembly, but then within the assembly they’re all vying for power. Kind of threw her under the bus by mentioning the job offer that she gave us the other night. Ooh. Uh, the Martin net did not look too stoked. Oh, nice. Nice. Just sewing a little, you know, in party sighting. Yeah. You look at a writer was a complete and total victory. Is it normal? I mean, didn’t, who was it that said that was it? YUSA that said, wizards have a hard time working with each other because they’re very powerful. There was that loss. No, it was YUSA. Uh, and uh, ego plays a great part in it as well. Do you think as you get more and more powerful, you’ll be come like egotistical Caleb instead of nice like you are now? Oh no, he’s, he’s getting more and more warm every day. He’s nice. Of course. He’s nice. He’s very nice and respectful again. That’s fine. I don’t know. I think you should stay like you are [inaudible] but get incrementally more powerful until you can achieve your goals. And if we recruited like another wizard, would you guys butt heads? Uh, why don’t you know a second. I get along fairly well. That’s true. And what sorts I’ve known in the past we did not, but uh, uh, heads, but the other things, are you saying butt heads or buttheads yeah. Speaking of wizards, I would love your help. I’ve been working on a new spell. Oh yes, yes. And I would love, love your help. Uh, alarm bells going off telling me more. No, I just, I just started tinkering with it. So maybe when we have a quiet moment we can, I’m curious to, to hear and to see. Oh, that’s all I want to talk about now. I mean, yeah, but then if we, everyone’s here and we have, we have a work to do on the ship, so let’s tally ho yeah, yeah. I’m gonna go keep working on the boson. I guess I’m gonna wander off and stop working on the repairs cause it’s boring. I’m going to wander up and sit up in the crow’s nest. Okay. There are still told us possibly some blood. Most likely. Yeah. Pull pillows. Moms the rest of the day goes on. Send a message. Okay. Send a mess. The rest of the day continues with gesture. I messaged to the messenger, I summoned, Oh, bringing the cupcakes and 90 miles an hour. Hey, it’s just there. Did you deliver the cupcakes? I’m just wondering cause I haven’t heard from you and then I realized we’re at the sea so you probably can’t find me. Okay. So spell that you cast was [inaudible]. Can I go fast? Cleaner ally, right? Yeah. Alright. Entrants cleaner allies such a, there isn’t a response. Okay, so they’ll probably either dead or they did it. I’m going to send a message to the hag. Okay, sure, sure. I sent you some cupcakes. Did you get them? Oh my gosh. They are black. Most just like, I promise you. Are you thinking about your mom passes before you here? Oh, Hey T yay. SI. SI. Okay. [inaudible] like I could feel a breath on my neck. She was sending me a message. That’s very bad. Um, yeah. Six more messages. Yeah. One last thing. Okay. I want to scribe on the traveler shit. Okay. Okay. As you sit down and set up your ritual and begin concentrating on the divine gifts kind of hard because that are granted to you by the traveler. You beseech him to take your vision, to show you the traveler, and as you sit there and complete your incantation, all you hear in your ear is [inaudible]. Oh shit, I wasn’t really thinking about that one. No. Okay. You just hung up. I just lay down on the crow’s nest and take a nap. Well, I’ve got to flip ’em over the bloody side down. There you go. Unlocked his phone. Purple with a sunburn on you. Wake up. All right, so the rest of the day progressed, uneventful to the night. The same preparations are made to rest safely. I’m going to add one more to actually, this is something that I, I’ve seen before what I’ve never tried, but I thought it might help you sleep a little better. I take my staff and concentrate for a second, say a couple words, tap it on the ground and cast guardian of faith, which is the spectral suit of armor with a shield with the [inaudible]. I’m limb of the earth, uh, of, of, of uh, of the mother here and then an a giant sword and it just crystal for where the head should be. Just a big amethyst crystal appears right by your bed. Well that’s it. It’ll stay there till the morning and if anything comes within, it’s very impressive reach. It’ll just start dealing with it. That’s very powerful. Thank you. Could do some intrusive [inaudible]. Yeah, I haven’t seen this done in quite awhile. That’s cool. Okay. Thank you. Just for, for now while we’re on the boat. All righty. You’ll be able to sleep. Oh yeah, that’s fine. Just stay there. Strange. Okay. So we’ve got dome, we’ve got alarm, we’ve got a crystal head. We’ve got monkey in the rigging. Yeah, no, just cause I’m still asleep in the crow’s nest. Yeah, just it was the only one that’s unprotected. Oh yeah. Fun. And just like look up and the ground check. See if I see her. Yeah, I mean eventually you discerned that gesture gestures missing some everywhere else in this show. Curling and uncurling. Yeah, just Jesse, are you asleep? Whoa. How long was I? What time is it? Ah, Caleb would know he’s not here. Oh, we’re getting ready to go to bed. Do you want to go to bed or you want to stay up there? Well, I just was sleeping. Oh, you’re super awakened now. No, I’m still tired. I’m going to come down and go to bed. Okay. Be careful. Stark dog trip on your tail. Oh my skin hurts. Sunburn. Oh wow. It’s weird. You get like a little purple-ish when you get a sunburn. [inaudible] Oh, it’s super cute. I mean it’s deadly. You could get sick from that. It’s bad for you, right? Yeah. You know most people can’t get sunburns cause we’re resistant to fire. Interesting. But then not because you’re blue, not red. I think it’s cause my dad [inaudible] water. Sweaty. Yeah. Well you look good with little purple. It’s nice. Look healthy. Oh, thank you. Okay, we should go to bed. Okay. First off, I do have the winter. Oh, little delayed there when it was called the whole winter. It’s all me. I had it on airplane mode and figured the text would come through via the internet wifi and it’d be not a, but the winter is lady Lucara. Congratulations. Hmm. Yeah. Um, all right. So coming in to the eighth day of your journey, you’re not too far from your destination. Uh, the wind is picking up. However, in the morning it is colder a bit. A Marine layer has curled in, but the wind is blowing in your favor, which does help you catch a little bit of ground throughout the day. Um, if less, there’s anything else you would want to attempt on this debut. We continue on to the next as not every day of this journey is eventful. Very well. Continue on to the ninth day. And on the 10th day on the horizon, you begin to see a number of small shadows appear as you grow closer, they are ships and is he ever closer. It’s pretty easy to tell. This here before you is the crane, the crane dynasty Armada, about a dozen or so vessels out there. You know the all made of a familiar purple wood with gold detailing, hoisting gray sails that carry the familiar symbol of the dynasty within a certain radius. You can see the sky suddenly takes a minute night. Hugh bring that shit with them. Cool. And as the Armata your with grows closer. At a certain point you felt under this veil and the sun vanishes though it may be, we’ll say two o’clock in the afternoon, it becomes pure midnight where you sail from on all sides of us. It’s on all sides of you. I mean you pass through and eventually just the sky was envelops. You hear gasps and whispers throughout the crew. You can see a mirrored formation of ships on their end and against a break at the front as the blue heaven and comes to the front line of the Armada. On the opposing side you can see what looks to be a main Korean ship begin to approach as well. What was once to kind of almost oval like Amato is as far as formation goes, break into two triangles, flat into flat end as they tend to merge and meet each other in a guarded kind of stalemate of military positioning. The two lead ships coming to contact you. Then watch as the lead Crean ship that has approached which uh, let’s see. Here are the pest perception here. This would probably be the one to notice that, uh, you do not know under common. Do you? Uh, I do not know. Under common though, you recognize that the ship has script on it but you cannot read it. Hm, no idea. Um, but approaches the blue heaven, they both drop anchor right against each other’s. They coast close now with them side to side plank walkways are set up between the two of them and the stage of the negotiation is being set. How far away are we? You guys are at this point? Probably 800 or so feet back. 800 [inaudible] closing in as the formation begins to tighten ice weekender. Common. You do, but I don’t see anything. You’re not quite close enough. You have to see the shoe. Okay, got to dust tooth catechins are loaded and aimed at the ships which, which ships because they’re right next to each other. Both you prepare to take out both vessels if need be. Sir, you are excellent Joe job stunned fast. Stay ready. Hi captain. No government trying to get him killed. Okay. Alright. Alright. You can see now between these two ships. Lord said in graph approaches and begins to meet with Korean dignitaries and the opposing side led on there and by the dust captain who you’ve recognized previously as the hand of the bright queen. Elite soldiers lead both sides, the wind of aliens approaches, but it does not get immediately close. It doesn’t meet. You can see the conversations begin to ensue and an eventually flag goes up on the mass of each ship signifying the beginning of these negotiations looking glass on our ship. I have a looking glass looking at what they’re doing is looking glass on glass. I can make it even more powerful in your retina and eclipse. You don’t want to do that. I pull it out and I pass it around to everybody do the, do the binoculars or the stadium thing. Okay. He has one as well, so I’ll share his. Okay. Um, with that and the proximities, you all kind of the remodel Titans in, you do recognize the name of the ship that is uh, fixed to the blue heaven, uh, is the oven, uh, rather FAQ, which is under common for the every storm ever store. That’s cool. That’s dope in a row. Um, at this point you can see all the ships. The righteous brain soldiers are now coming to the decks as a show of power. On the opposite end you can see, uh, Aurora watch soldiers are coming to the decks as well. And there’s very much a, just a display of Mike tents might on both sides holding the line as the two center ships kind of become the core of what is transpire. How close are we in, in terms of like, is there a rough, when the ship comes to a stop, you’re about 500 feet from them and there’s no way we can get closer. You could, you could. If you want to tell orally or the captain wants to push ahead? I think we do captain, what do you say? You get closer? We just, the circle of the ships doing or they keep is there like, um, there was a formation, like a distance that they’re keeping a distance from the ship and there is kind of a, a network, like they’re there, they’ve all hit a formation around it, which is what your ship is currently maintaining is the following, the formation of the ships around. You can break it if you want to just for a visual idea. If they’re in the middle or the ships maintaining a clockwork pattern around it or, uh, partially there. They’re almost two sides of you if you’re seeing it as a, it is a, a, a loop around the two ships in the center. Um, it’s two halves of the circle or where the tour armadas kind of came together on their center? Correct. Okay. Yeah. They’re all stopping and currently holding their puzzles? No. How far out are we from their ship? No, 500 feet. Our range. So you know, is about four 80. So we would have to pick up and move if we wanted to fire from a distance, but if we move so well, they really shouldn’t do anything unless we have to get me 20 feet closer. That just so you know, um, if shit goes down, I want you to pack the good powder are be clear. Yes. That is a thing that you can do as the master got good powder. Yep. Do you remember what that means? Right. It means I don’t have a job when the shit y’all show you, like, I know what it means. I feel like you should maybe stick with Beth and just, you know, oversee back the good powder. Yeah. Yeah. I’ll help you. I’m the powder monkey though. So what’s yours? You can teach y’all show what that means. Co monkeys. Yup. Yup. Cool. Alright. It’s fucking still a monkey. A trio of monkeys. Yep. Can you actually teach a monkey to be a powder monkey or is that, we’ll find out. [inaudible] okay, well everyone’s talking. All right. Ooh. Um, as you watch, you can see, uh, other fingers that appear to be members of higher Noval station, kind of joining and flunking the sides of the desk. Captain. You can see lewdness is now joining the right hand shoulder of Lord said in graph live in as is that, I’m just letting everyone know my Spyglass uh, of that circle too. Knowing that they’re in the middle of that right here. Let’s say it’s a clock. Are we at three o’clock, six, nine o’clock over on the left or right of that meeting area? Uh, if you’re looking, if the division line between them is the three o’clock to nine o’clock, upper part is the cream dynasty and we’ll say the bottom half is the empire and the Clovis Concorde. You guys would be at the five o’clock. We are fucking back there Harley. Okay. Um, at the nine o’clock and three o’clock positions, can I just check to see what the dynasty side ships look like they’re doing? Can I check their portholes can I check the decks? Are they armed? Are they more for show? They’re all armed. I mean they, you can see they all have a much like all your ships, the weapons are on display, the gun, the holds are in town. There was definitely a, this is a peace talk, but everyone’s also making sure that the other side knows that they’re ready to defend if anything goes poorly. Very much. That’s kind of tense, neutral ground with the outside threat of any families. We’ll attack. Last question, are there any ships and just to scan across knowing that the vision is limited, are there any ships that are empty of crew on top of the deck? Currently? No. Okay. Uh, they all have crew or they all have, uh, almost every deck has soldiers on it except for yours. Um, everyone else approved and model and it has a military presence on the deck as well as crew members. Okay. That brings out for show right now. Um, weirdly enough, I figure steps up from below your deck. You see a, uh, Oh, it looks to be an Elvin figure with blonde hair. Says Lord desert and this is ESIC usury form. Ah, approaches. Yeah. Steps up from below your deck. I arrived, but a few moments ago when people keep vamping onto our ship without permission, we do that a lot to other people. It’s fair. I think it was rather, it is best the time. Nowhere near these negotiations and then the testy Beacon’s transference handled. I’m just here to be watchful. Well, they know it’s you, like will the people on the other side, there are many wards placed around the proximity of this negotiation. I’m certain, so I would not wish to put myself in a precarious situation. I think if this was the safest place to be, if you don’t mind, well that Spyglass for a little bit. I’m going to keep an eye. I want to slowly pan through the other ships, not the two main ones. And I just want to look for anything unusual or anybody. Okay. Well such as check for me, just in general. Uh, 2121. Okay. Looking around, you can see there are all forms of, uh, deck side Lista that are armed but not aimed yet. Um, you can see at the front of some ships, there are figures that appear to be at least, uh, magic practitioners and display. Um, everyone is fully armored and just kind of at the ready, right? You do not see any sort of funny business at the moment. No funny business, but everyone is tense as you’d expect given the circumstances. May I know. Yeah. Yeah. Um, I want to see who is standing and representing for the empire on that ship. Okay. You see the dusk captain. These are the primary kommersant. Um, the two figures to the right and left of her. You do not recognize, uh, but they are, uh, they’re both drought and they’re conversing back and forth. You can now see at this point, soldiers are bringing up from two opposite sides. Uh, it looks like a large metallic boards and then you realize that mirrors, um, he replaced on one ship and a mirror on the other upon this center space between the two where this kind of heavy gangplank has been assembled slowly over a period of an hour or so, there is now a, an open walkway like a 20 by 20 foot portion of solid deck between these two ships and mirrors are placed there along with the chairs. And this is where the discussion has to happen, right chairs. This form is from Canon right now at the assistance you can begin to see now the mirrors begin to shimmer. And from the perspective that you have, you can not quite see the, the one that’s facing away from your ship. But when it’s facing this direction, you’ve gathered with a couple of glances and the angle that you’re at, you can see the bright queen, her Vistage appearing on the other ear. Like we should be there. I know, do a few of us need to get closer? We’ve got water breathing. I don’t know if we should. You’ve got lots of water. If we get, yeah, and if we get, if we even rabble, that the whole thing falls apart. Let’s just see if it grows on its own to know, think you are the only ship keeping a very close eye on every other ship on this Armada. Plus it’s 500 feet. You’d be trapped in the middle, take you too long to get there. And if something happened, you’d be stuck in the water. I can just walk over there. Yeah. That, that would go well. I believe visible. The only problem we’re really not looking at, they wouldn’t know that there was nothing really, you know, but they will, they’ll see him. I think the only thing that’s not being watched is beneath us. That’s it. I don’t know how to remedy that. I think we’re here for the show. By the way, captain Yasha reminded me what pack the good powder means. We’re all, Sam reminded Yasha she reminded me. So we’re all good. Is the good powder pact master gunner, did you call funky reports? A find packing of the good powder, the good powder. Each of the, the, the wads had been prepped. Wow. Yeah. What the fuck vest. She’s a natural, she’s a killing machine over there. Gotcha. Do you have extensive experience on the water? No, I do not. She didn’t have harp experience either. And she’s a fast learner. She picks things up. Should I do it? Because I have experienced packing do pack senior here. Very good at packing. She learned how to knit while we’ve been sailing in the last three days. Any other languages? Not yet, but we’ll see. Alright. Pig common about what time is it at this point? It’s, well it’s hard to tell. Um, it is perpetual. Midnight where you currently stand. But remember every hour of the day leading up to this moment. Correct you keeping tabs on at this point I’d say as time progresses into the afternoon, these negotiation talks go on for a few hours. Uh, lanterns are lit across the decks and the ships to give this kind of still slightly swing with the waves, almost Firefly lights type look across both our moderates as they need on that edge just for color. If a sun was in the sky and the dynasty fleet came forward, does the sun appear in the night sky but just without light or does it disappear? I’m currently looking up a, you can see the outline of where the sun would be but it, but it appears to look like a very dull moon. That’s so cool. I wish I had that. I mean, sorry. She did not call you that mixed company would not be preferred. Yes, please on them. Uh, I would probably say I would prefer not to. Would they know that your scrying they would know the are being described upon. Uh, they have the right words, which I have to assume they have every sort of word present on this for that reason. Hello here. I don’t, don’t be stressed without knowing what they’re saying. Justin, welcome to politics. Oh Hey mr. boring is good. Also not boring is with this many people. Probably not. That’s actually really a point. Yeah. There’s progress until what would probably be early evening and then at a point people leave their chairs. The mirrors are taken and it looks like the negotiations for the day have ended for the day. There’s no signs of completion. There’s no movement of many ships. There’s no handoff of beacons or prisoners. Not yet. No one’s said this isn’t a one day thing. There’s only so much traveler con, um, you have somewhere from this point in time, I’d say uh, details here. Huh? Roughly two weeks. Oh, camp. A little bit tweaks away from mumble cusp. From your current meeting here, you’re about a six to nine day journey. If you go above the InterCall reef for about an eight to 10 day journey on this and inside of the inCloud reef. Okay. Six to nine or eight to 10. Yeah. All right. Okay. All right, so you’ve got over two weeks before it happens. You have, you have time. We’ll go to wait for this to conclude until this runs into that time, but yeah. Well, how would you like to send a message to the bright queen? Oh my God. I was thinking about doing that, but she’s in the middle of a negotiating. What should I ask? Like how’s it going? How’s it going? Is the first thing to ask her, does she feel it’s going well? Does she trust that it is going to reach completion smoothly? Just an update. Yeah. I’m sure she totally wants to talk to. I know she doesn’t know I this idea. Okay, sure. Well, we took a long rest the night before you, well, we took a long read. Okay. I’m going to send a message to the bright queen. [inaudible] see you in the mirror. You look so beautiful. What were you guys saying? Did it go well? Are you happy? I am in the middle of a discussion, but I will respond. Things are progressing as expected. Not poorly yet. She thinks they’re going decent, not poorly. Yeah. And she says, okay, don’t, I do not think she wants me to send another man. I don’t think she won’t push. Push it. Okay. Maybe one day at a time. So they send a message to King dwindle and find out what the hell dude negotiations have this good relationship. I feel it’s my internet. Yeah. I’m going to send a message to my, yeah, yeah. Hey, so you were there. Oh my gosh. What happened? What did they say? We’re just so curious. I really want to know how it seems. Things are open to progression in the Moro. The ice has been broken. Nobody’s killing each other. I call that a win. He used the good amount of words in the response and he says it was going really? Where’s a not ESIC? Is he still on the boat with us? He’s still with you guys. He’s kind of nervously watching and kind of checking in for your responses and stuff. Like are you going to stay on the road with us tonight? Cause you can’t go any closer. Huh? Are you going to sleep here? You going to sleep on our boats? I can probably a sense to not to worry. Where are you going to slip? I can return to my tower. Oh and then just come here tomorrow. Yes. I mean that’s pretty cool. That was pretty cool. Technically speaking, nobody’s sleeping in the captain’s quarters. Well we have our 40 coy. That’s fair. If there is a dummy in there. Oh yeah. Nobody’s lunch. Okay. What? Nevermind. Good. Now know about that yet. That’s one problem at a time. Have a lot of irons in the fire. I can only imagine. Hey, when you come here tomorrow, will you bring some like pastries? Cause you’ll be, you’ll like something God’s will you bring as a present? Make your persuasion. Oh, it looks like an eight. But you’re me. I think. Come on, let’s talk about things out a bit. Tense for me to head to the bakery. But should all things go well? Maybe another time nonetheless. Uh, I will take my leave for the night. Thank you for not throwing me into Tata and keeping it together. It’s what is expected and tomorrow I see the state for being closer to the information. Just not close enough. Yeah, that tracks. Anyway, it’s really funny. But yeah, fading evenings. Rest comes to you guys. Did anything you wanna discuss you can. Otherwise we will continue on for the next morning. Go into better. Okay. All the protections, all the protections, all the same setup over these guardians and such crystal heads. Crystal. This boat has got everything. I’m going to send a message to USAA. Jesus. Okay. Like assistance and then just have them come back and then you can have it in the morning for us. What a good breakfast that would be. Yep. I’m trying to sleep just out. There is no bakery open at the moment. My sincerest apologies being on the water’s lane. That’ll let us seaside bakeries out there. Photo. Sorry. He’s a war criminal. You know what are we going to do with them after then? After we fix the war, then we’ll punish him. Usually. Of course not. That’s why I won’t punish him. Could bring baked goods. I angry. Maybe if he brings some baked goods then we will punish him one year off his sentence or share with people in your own nation to be furious. Sure. Yeah. We should get them to, what are you talking about? You’re trying to, what are you saying? I I’m saying she has a lot of vitriol for ESEC and that is understandable, but there is just as much fault in our own country. Oh yes. No, I think the order should be punishing everyone in the empire first because we’re going to become a team of ninjas that just does that for awhile and it’s not a pissing contest of evil or who’s the bigger war criminal and then after all of the empire folks have been punished and killed by us team of ninjas, then we will punish Yassic or at least see that he gets some sort of, I dunno, he has to, there has to be some sort of, we can’t just let it go justice. Yeah. I’ll add him to the list. It can be at the end. We will be at the end. [inaudible] I’m going down [inaudible] below decks. Sure, sure. Actually I get the deck late. My own. I’ll let you sleep. Alright. Everyone’s going to sleep. The night goes on quietly in the morning. Comes as dark as it left to you. Does he all come to consciousness having a morning meal as flavorful as it possibly can be. He was trying to bake Reykjavik. Okay. I am back. Waking back on the ship. There is a mess. I’m going to do my best. Okay, go ahead. Go ahead and roll intelligence. Check for me. Awesome. That’s the best because I’m so intelligent. That’s a 14. I bet. Uh, with the sort of spell craft do you have at your disposal the materials that you’ve already bought along with you, you managed to pull out some, they’re technically baked. Um, what do you make? Well, I’m attempting to make like a cake, but a healthy cake. I mean with what, you know, I, we’re not crazy people. It’s not a mushroom cake gum to do. It’s more of a attempting a truffle cake, but you know, we’ll see how it comes together. Okay. Apples or mushrooms. I know. I don’t think I have chocolate, so I’m making do, I’m finding what I can and throwing something together. It’s going to be okay. This is the end use. You succeed in creating what you set out to create and as you all come to, you are met with the curious smell of something baked on the sea by conduces for producers and the rest of you. Is it good? Do you feel? Yeah. Do I feel poisoned? Do I? You do not. You are immune to poison. Oh, can I recognize it’s stuff? Where isn’t this, uh, to you remember that lasts of that? It’s like a Tropic fruit that I’ve just been holding onto instant diarrhea. We’re all gonna be great. Um, it’s a bit dry. It’s a bit crumbling. Um, it’s sweet enough that compared to a lot of the rest of the high seas flavor lists, food you’ve gotten used to, it has something to it that is different and unique and a little sweet. Perfect. Thank you. [inaudible] no problem. I’ll get better at this. I mean, I’m excited to learn. This is good. Of course. A lot of water to drink with it though. Yeah. Real dry and negotiate. [inaudible] begin once more. The deck is filled with all the figures. The ships are once again populated with a show of power as the two sides continue conversations and hour and a half continues as they can. His illusory self appears once more on the deck. I hope I hadn’t, hadn’t missed anything. Literally nothing has happened on the top a moment passes as you’re having this conversation where you see it as a mild flash at the location of this discussion. Oh [inaudible]. All right. Any last looking glass? You look, you look over and you can see a lot of the ships suddenly grow tents and people begin doing [inaudible]. Everyone’s looking over and you see illusionists opening a chest. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. It’s good. This is it. This is that. You see the beacon is removed from it. Okay. This ended over two Lords. That in graph who takes it steps forward and presents it to the dusk captain. She steps forward and takes it and does a moment where they both hold the handles together looking directly into each other’s eyes where Leslie Lord graphs expression is smiles, confident, charismatic and does crap. Captain is cold and reading. Eventually he lets go. She takes two steps back and hands it to one of the other cream her side and they begin to do a thorough investigation of it while she does not break eyes with the Lord graph cause you’re ready. Okay. Tense moments. Continue until eventually it seems they finish their investigation and they begin walking the beacon below the deck of the effort story. More conversations continues. They sit back down in their chairs and the mirrors are having this conversation. Then you watch as two figures are brought to the decks in chains. You see one of them familiar visage of the task cam Adeen [inaudible] yeah. Yes. Get it right. Get the wrong name right and coming up on the blue heaven in chains as well. Events see alias two figures in Brock to the center and they’re both traded off the chains given to the other and they are then brought to the opposing ships and brought below deck. Did you ever talk to him? Did you hang out with him? We ones knew each other for a while. That is over it? Yes. Okay. [inaudible] how does it feel seeing him in chains and not you? Honestly, three looks like things are going well. You hear a horn go off [inaudible] everything. Yeah, it’s all about growth. Slow, guttural, and Spotify. Just give us two minutes. A little past. That was a good one though. I don’t want to fight. Okay. As the horn blares, everyone stands to attention at the edge of the bunk decks and you watch as the initial flags that were placed at the beginning of this negotiation at signified. It start come down, never placed the new flax. These you can see hold a deep blue color and on a political nautical standpoint you’re told by orally as looks over and turns back, [inaudible] seems they all gone where you can see a skiffs beginning to make their way away from the blue heaven and people on those ships are shouting up to decks as they pass by. You can see the mirrors bring bought, brought away and below deck and that platform between the two ships is being deconstructed there. As a skiff comes closer, you could hear the voice chatting out. Negotiations have completed and King dwindle has declared the law come to a close. All amount of ships on time to Nickens Ranez get semesters offering to do some bark and traveled as they please. Thank you. Do we tip? I don’t think we tell. We wait. Waiting and watching this too. Time passes. As the remnants of that platform are finally disassembled, the anchors are pulled up and you can see the two tense groups on each deck. Just looking towards each other, get a 10 snob. The horns blessed. Once more, the Armada’s begin to break and separate their signs. The sails begin to unfurl once more and pick up the wind and it seems the negotiations are over, huh? No. I figured there would be some sort of fireworks or something to signify, but I guess that’s it. We won. Yeah. Good job. Doesn’t really feel that way though. It doesn’t really expect it. Yeah. Something to go wrong at the last minute thought I look. No. Yeah. Sometimes no matter how hard everybody tries, everything quiets down for awhile. [inaudible] for a moment I go up at her. Do you think it’ll really end? Nothing like this ends. It just calms down. I think this would help pull eyes away from what’s ever next tense and endeavor. Both sides is attempting to beat the other torts. The war may have come to a close, but their business continues on task for a long time. Where were you going now, Ben, I have to take care of a few loose ends and ensure that all of this community of tourist, what are their names? It’s not to their names and our people. Let me just have some business to attend to. Maybe I could take a breath for the first time in months and if you’re interested, we can still do good things together. Very interested. Yeah. Just, you know, send the message. I think we need to let this settle as we do. Just hope everyone travels home safe. Oh, what are they? Two volcanoes. What does that mean? What did that mean? Inside check insight check and make an inside check. Go for it. But he’s made up chairs, chairs, all the way through [inaudible] burger and 1818 Oh, it’s you whisper. It’s like a half Westborough cheers. Remember to cover your mouth if you see these. I’ve been so bad about that. No, they abused me. Try to avoid the handshaking and hugging gotta. Do the elbow or any personal contact that’s unneeded or necessary. Don’t enjoy each other’s company. Oh, fun. I don’t think if you have a wife for 11 do one or a husband or don’t kiss them or touch them. That’s what they recommend. Read. Don’t do any of that. Whenever you finish what you’re doing, just let me know. We can talk in a more safe environment about the tangled web, the fed. All of these people have built, he’s like, you’ve spun out for, don’t tell yourself, Oh, humdinger you did. I do not exclude myself from these statements. Well, we have our piece, so happy days. Happy days until then. Okay. Oh shit. I have some cupcakes which need them before they go bad. You’ve had them for like weeks now. I mean, they’re probably already bad. That’s okay. We’ll still eat the cupcakes. The Mark A. Little. They still taste good. They look good. Do they look like they’re not moldy yet? Old rules to apply. They look quite stale. Okay, and starting to show a little bit of white dust on the edges and cut it off. I know that white dust can I or can’t. It’s on the castle. You don’t cut away and go for it. Just around the desert. Very dry, very stale, but functionally edible. I cast decompose on the trunk with a dust. It is immediately covered. That’s really cool. Yeah. You just want that, like keep trying to, thank you. Wow. That was like, I didn’t expect it to really happen. What do we do now? Let’s go talk keto and party to large. We’re lots of drinks. We got to make sure it’s, you know, clear the area. Make sure it’s secure. You know the way today, the sign, the landing area prep. I mean, can we even see any of the ships anymore? Yeah, there are. They all left. Yeah. They all sailing away. Are they, are they gone out of see over the horizon? Are we, what is the occasion? They’re leaving a war. Why start people? Maybe for a time being maybe. Do I need an occasion to hug you? No. No. Alright, go on and again, do it again. Yeah. With this one, I want him to like reciprocate though. He’s not gonna to do it. He’s gonna do it. Put that on. It’s like when he’s dancing, he’s frowning quite as much. It sticks. Yeah, me too. All the coronavirus that you just spread with me. We’ve been doing that for a week and a half. If you can hear the stubble grinding the flesh off of you. I used to do that. Burn the Maricia off of me. Careful fire top and Alrighty. Just to weed setting sail for the volcano. I believe so. I mean time is on our side. We don’t know what the weather will be. A master gunna, I believe. I think North of the enclosure reef is probably the fastest way. Is that more dangerous to go that way or is there any advantage to going to the South side of the Rukeyser area? Followers are on a stair and the only real benefit is avoiding main sailing loans. [inaudible] maybe trying to not stick so close to dangerous coastal denizens book. We are wrong. That’s true. And we do need a little bit of excitement after that political soiree. Take yourself of Uber. Okays will and of the enclosure reef and let’s make our way towards rumble. Cush make our way towards Robocop. Okay. Wow. Well that’s a cloud. Let’s see. Mary’s the positive in this. Uh, [inaudible] pulling a banker sales, pick up the wind and you’re going heading southward from the meeting location you watch as the midnight begins to subside as it travels with the Armada and the bright noon day sun blares down upon you. It takes a moment to adjust, but the warmth is welcome. They just, you know, I mean, do you think they just teleported the way with the beacon went straight back home? They wouldn’t take it on the ship, right? I don’t think, to me down there would be risking it. Etsy. Hmm. As the Armada between the joined interests of the twin DeLeon empire and Menasha Ricos to make their way westward. You break away from both factions as you see them finish on the horizon along with the Southern tip of the continent of wild Mount, you can just barely see westward elements of the Island, of UDL castle, this distant little bump and you continue South ward for the day for a second day, for a third day, making your way around the Southern end of the ink Clough reef. Making sure carefully with the aid of Orly and the map that you have there to avoid any of the, uh, dangerous elements of the reefs tops. And you can see there are areas where it breaks the surface and you use those to guide yourself and not get too close to what would be a very damaging experience across the razor. Like reef. It’s about the fourth day or so that [inaudible] who’s keeping a watch on this one? I usually do. Okay. I think perception check for me. All right. Yeah, a 2121. Okay. And so the fourth day or so of traveling here as you’re crossing around the reef and starting to head upward in a Northern swing towards rumble cusp, uh, that you kind of keeping a watch towards where the back of the ship is, you can see there’s a small, like a, it looks almost like a, like a piece of land, but that’s kind of breaching the surface of the water and you’re like, Oh, it’s like a small part of the roof behind, but it’s keeping pace. Oh, his side of a piece were were being followed by a tiny Island. I’m sorry, could you say that again, Sam? We’re being followed by a tiny Island. Would I have any recollection of I go back and look at it. Okay. You can see it now that cabooses points it out. Tiny Island. Yeah, it’s moving. Yeah. I’ve heard any stories about moving tiny islands. How make far, Oh wait, make a tiny Island. Ah, yes, exactly. You’re proficient in that, right? I would say go ahead and make a, make a history check with disadvantage Ford. You can make a history check. Okay. How is Cox? Oh, one’s real good though. One’s really good too. And then you roll the tune in 1919 okay. Well, mine was a disadvantage. So a 10 [inaudible]. Okay. Nothing comes to mind and you both watch this. This tiny Island is gaining on the water around it, starting to rise as it cuts a swath through the waters. As you kind of look over in your call to the edge and you glance over and you can see it and you’ve, you’ve heard, you’ve heard tales of certain certain entities, uh, various types that are spoken of in mythology of people that traverse the waters of the city and ocean and seas beyond. Um, this looks indeed like an Island, but just below the surface you can see limbs pushing through the waves. And as it continues to go closer and closer and you meet these thoughts, these myths, these tails that you’ve heard across the lucid in the ocean and the Sylvain islands, you see the snout rise pointed the nostrils flare as you realize you are being chased by a dragon. Oh, Oh dragon turtle. [inaudible] a picture of a dragon. Giant dragon turtle. Like what? It sounds like a dragon or is it a turtle? Yes, it is awful. We are big. They’re big guys. Shin side of it on it. Oh, it’s like an Island. It’s an Island. The Island is the tip of the iceberg that Bay got there. It is. I love you. On the five year anniversary. I feel like this was a gift. You say that now wait till next week. We would have not fucked around so much. We would have fought that today potentially. Or we didn’t fuck around. We just hung around at all. We just washed up. This was a normal, I mean, yeah, that was a perfectly reasonable, we’ll pick up from there next week. They’re happy. Five year anniversary. Yay. Yay. Continuous piece has been found and nobody fucked it up and I’m really proud of you guys were the best. You said you sent some write pieces in motion for boats to go like this mushroom clap. Both sides would be like based on a lot of decisions and things that had happened in the past. Everything was kind of coming to this moment and it seemed to go okay. Wow. Wow. Are the best of D and D. let’s go team. Uh, would that, we’ll see you guys next week. Thank you for coming with us for these crazy five years. Super excited to see where it goes from here. Um, take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Be safe. Do your research, wash your hands, all this stuff, you know? Um, we’re going to get through this together guys. We love you very much. And is it Thursday at goodnight guys?

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    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing

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    13:20 Recap Ends

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    17:40 Orly

    22:50 Vess Derogna

    24:05 Sword’s old Fjord

    27:25 Non-accented Caleb

    31:50 Autopsy

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    39:30 Fjord gets tested, even without symptoms

    42:40 Jester tries to feel Fjord’s balls

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    2:16:40 Travis’s 5 year thank you

    2:17:45 Laura’s 5 year thank you (tears)

    2:19:50 Liam’s 5 year thank you

    2:20:45 Taliesin’s 5 year thank you

    2:21:20 Marisha’s 5 year thank you (also Dagon’s 5 year thank you)

    2:22:35 Sam’s 5 year thank you (and warning to Matt)

    2:23:25 Marisha thanks you for your support

    2:29:40 Art Montage

    2:42:35 Break Ends

    2:44:00 Lots went wrong when you were away

    2:46:55 Butting heads

    2:48:05 Jester has a short attention span

    2:49:15 Messaging the hag

    2:50:25 Scrying on the Traveler

    2:53:35 Beau asks Jester to go to bed with her

    2:58:50 Veth is an elite gunner

    2:59:55 Negotiations begin

    3:02:40 The good powder

    3:10:30 Yasha packs the good wads

    3:12:35 Should I blow your cover?

    3:15:30 Messaging the Bright Queen

    3:16:35 Messaging the Martinet

    3:18:25 Ordering pastries delivered

    3:19:25 Counterspell

    3:20:15 Essik is making powerful enemies

    3:23:10 Wake and bake

    3:29:00 Matt does a good horn

    3:30:25 Peace

    3:34:15 Insight checks (avoid loved ones)

    3:36:10 Send cupcakes

    3:37:50 Hugs

    3:40:20 Sailing voice

    3:43:15 Island in pursuit

    3:45:10 Dragon Turtle

    3:48:00 Episode Ends

    The in-game start date for the episode was the 4th of Unndilar 836. Sam’s flask says “Sam Riegal” with, what appears to be, a picture of Sam as a child in a top hat and suit.

    Let’s be safe, let’s be smart, let’s come together, let’s move apart.

    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. ChevaliersEmeraude Posted on March 17, 2020 at 1:33 am

    1:36:30 to 1:37:40 You know, Beau, if you have the hots for Vess, you can just go see her yourself, don't need Caleb to wingman you! (I'll be honest: that's basically what I was thinking when that scene was happening! That was a weird behavior on Beau's part, but easily explainable through her usual horniness! lol)

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    Calling it now, Uk'atoa is an ancient Aboleth, one that grew for eons and became gargantuan. That explains the sea serpent-like appearance, and the ability to permanently change its servants into forms that better suit underwater life, such as transparent skin and lungs that can breathe underwater. Aboleths also were knocked from grace by the gods, so there is an interesting Uk'atoa vs Wildmother conflict.

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    Ps. 1:33:45 Atta boy, Caduesis

    – 2:34:32 Nice!🤩 My favorite Pirates movie. Wasn't very popular, but I loved everything about Davey Jones as a character

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    If you have ever read “All Quiet on the Western Front” you know exactly what I’m talking about, but a quick history lesson for y’all, during world war 2, young adults were pressured into joining the military by the adults in their lives. They were promised glory and fame and many graduates immediately turned around and joined the war with their friends. Those who joined soon realized that war was nothing to how they envisioned it to be. Many were shell shocked or disturbed by the horrors they saw.

    But those who returned home, simply could not fathom the idea of a world without the war. It was the only life they knew and many had no idea what to do with their lives. Dreams or plans they had previously kept so close to their hearts were gone. There is a reason why they are called the “lost generation”.

    And then look at these actors! Without even realizing it they all showed this historically accurate reaction. A “The war has been a central part to our lives for so long and know it’s just over?” look and they were able to display the same feeling that people in ACTUAL WARS FEEL.

    I just… they are amazing.💙

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