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Heroes of Terrinoth A Foul Ritual part 1

greetings i’m Behrendt and welcome to meet me at the table we are going to begin a playthrough of Heroes of T Ranaut’s now this is a game by Fantasy Flight Games that is designed by Adam and Brady Sadler I did an unboxing of this on my channel it wasn’t a I didn’t spoil a lot of stuff but I did go through at least some of the components I’ve got ahead and set up a adventure for us and I’ll go through what exactly I did during the setup but be it bear in mind that the setup is already complete now I’ve had a few comments about this game based on my unboxing video some people would like me to do the actual first scenario that a lot of the other places are doing just to see the difference between how different characters reacted how it may come out for different people I’ve also had people asking me to do a completely different scenario from what other people are doing so they can see what another scenario in this game looks like well you’re in luck I’m gonna pee as both of those requests so we’re gonna do two playthroughs of this one of the goblin quest and one of a new quest and we’re gonna start first off by doing a new quest and it’s called a foul ritual so I’ve gone ahead and set it up but I’m gonna show you the back of our car to show you exactly what to expect while we’re playing through this so these are gonna be all the special setup instructions we’re gonna have to do to create the scenario now if you’re looking for a full setup video there’s a few of them out on the internet I know that Colin over at one cast op co-op shop he has already done like a great set up video of this so if you want to see a full setup of how to get this game going go check out his channel there’s also a couple more on the internet that I’m gonna link in the description below now for our setup we’re gonna go through it says enemies special instructions there’s no special enemies I’m only allowed to use ruin locations and the exploration there’s none now in our first deck of enemies we have a dark priest and then we have to pick one trivial set and two challenging sets I’ll kind of explain what those are in a second in our second set of cards we also have one trivial set three challenging sets and a formidable set now our location of course is going to be just one trivial one one challenging one and then we do have to end with the cultists sanctum and our exploration deck over here is based on base dungeon and darkness now the way these are set up is based on keywords so for example these are three different keywords found in the exploration deck so while building our enemy deck it asks for trivial challenging and formidable you’re gonna note that these icons is what they’re talking about this is trivial challenging and formidable so those are just three of the different types are we using these in our playthrough ah you’ll find out as we play so before we begin our adventure I thought I’d read the story so far it says everyone you speak to and haverford knows someone who has gone missing count Osric Cunningham has offered a handsome reward for a solution to this spat of disappearances and no or Zurich is not known for his reliability countess Elena Cunningham is more responsible your investigation quickly turns up a name Rita Wallace once a curator of oz Rick’s extensive collection of eclectic curiosities and as of late obsessed with the legends of the blood Guard a cryptic and dangerous order the last people who saw her insist that she was acting strangely and keeping ill company with no better lead you head into the ruins that pepper the landscape near Haverford following Wallace’s last-known trail your Gamble is soon rewarded hiding away from prying eyes you find men and women in dark robes with arcane implements arrayed around them what’s more you spot the missing town folk bound and arranged just so you shudder to think what awaits them as the ritual proceeds in the distance you see other fires burning marking more cultists sites you must hurry if you want to save them now that we’ve read the story so far there is some text up here underneath a foul ritual that I want to read it says at the start of the peril phase your party may discard to success tokens to place a success token on one of the colored spaces on the peril track they may place the success token the green space if the party is at a trivial location a blue space if the party is at a challenging location and the red space if the party is at the cultists sanctum the party may do this more than once per round this is going to be evident once we start finding out what happens during the peril track now that we’ve read through the scenario know what we have to do and we know what monsters are fighting what locations were going to the exploration deck and who are fighting which maybe we should look at let’s take a look at this this is Rita she has 14 health and 2 resilience she does 2 damage and she’s got a ability here it says behead the party leader either exhaust one activation or card or suffer 2 damage and then if you ever roll this in the dice it says the party leader saw exhaust one activation Carter suffers one damage it’s not to be good all right this is me a lot of exhausting is what’s about to happen but who’s gonna go on our brave adventure let’s find out there’s gonna be two and the first person I’d like to introduce you to is somebody I’m probably not gonna pronounce correctly it’s Hart Scout her name is Tetris she has an ability here that says during your attack action apply negative one to the resilience of each enemy targets that’ll be pretty good to get through armor and stuff she starts with 12 health and since we’re playing a two-player game we’re gonna get the extra 10 health herb eight basic cards are pretty much similar to everybody else’s and as we use them I’ll go ahead and read them from top to bottom to show you what they do and let’s introduce you to our next brave adventurer and yes you guessed it it’s a healer if you’ve ever seen any of my other playthroughs you know I will play with the healer and whenever I get a chance so we’ve got a healer here her name is Ashe Rijn she has a power that says at the start of the enemy phase you may exhaust one minion or Master engaged with you she starts with thirteen health and like the other character has +10 because we’re playing a two-player game I’ve decided to make her the party leader and she has her starting cards now do our brave adventurers have what takes to rid this land of the foul ritual or will they themselves become part of the ritual to find out I need you to meet me at the table [Music] you can’t say all right let’s start our adventure by going ahead and flipping over our first location it is the ancient temple it’s a ruin and it’s also trivia like it’s supposed to be now I need five progress tokens to go forward in this during the travel phase and I do have two different spawn ones two are gonna appear in the shadows and two monsters are gonna be engaged with us now there is a little bit of text here and it says at the start of the travel face the party leader chooses one hero that hero may exhaust one activation card to claim two successes now that’s a meso you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to now let’s go ahead and spawn our enemies Ashe Rijn is our party leader so she’s gonna take the first spawned enemy and our first spawned enemy is a zombie now he’s got one health or one health sorry does one damage but he doesn’t have one resilience as well so we’re gonna go ahead and put this over next to a shrine our second enemy we’re going to spawn is going to go over to our Scout it’s another zombie all right that’s awesome I don’t have to read this card we can just put this right on er our location also tells us to spawn two enemies into the shadows so there’s our shadows with that done let’s move on to our hero turn starting with our party leader now we’re going to move into the hero phase and we’re gonna start with our party leader and I believe her action first is gonna be clobber and it’s gonna say that I may be engaged with one enemy well I’m gonna go ahead and do that I think we’re gonna go ahead and grab one enemy out of the shadows and it is oh it’s a wraith an undead minion it does have one damage it takes three health and has one result so you take me after you for damage to this thing in one shot alright it does say what’s this if this enemy is in the shadows when the party travels it may not be discarded and it says my father says and race are left behind when someone dies badly my mother says they probably just left a kettle on bright caverns bestiary it’s kind of funny alright so this is our new enemy that we’re engaged with we also have a zombie I should probably read his card to you well he has a power that activates when he activates different the minion or monster face it says if this enemy is engaged with you exhaust one activation card okay we don’t want that to happen it does say of all undead in Tirin auth zombies are the most unpleasant not as smart as a remnant reanimate sorry but they smell much worse bright Clay’s bestiary those are pretty cool so now we’re gonna since we’ve done our first part of our clobber card we’re gonna go ahead and roll our two dice to see if we can take out any of these monsters so she’s gonna get two white dice but then our enemies are gonna get two black dice so we’re go ahead and roll these up all right we got two successes but we do also have to take advantage of our nemesis threat all right so we got two successes and that’s enough to take care of this zombie it gets one resilience in one health so with two damage we’ve destroyed the zombie now continuing on with our clobber card there is another thing at the bottom here it says claim one success so we’re gonna do that and also it’s got some flavor tests it says oak you and bone work well for channeling magic plus it hurts when you hit somebody with them that’s true so we’re gonna go ahead and exhaust our card and we’re gonna gain a success token now this is a pool that’s going to go up there with our character the most we can have is five and the most we can do during an action is two now we have our Wraith engaged with us we’re gonna keep him right there now essentially rolled our threat dice we’re gonna go ahead and take advantage of this thing it says the party leader either exhaust one activation Carter suffers one wound oh that’s no good either one of those is not good we’re gonna go ahead and take one wound and we’re gonna give it to our healer so we’re gonna go ahead and take our one health and put it right up here with ash Rijn now our scouts can activate and she gets to activate and then we’re gonna go back to our healer the reason why is because I forgot to mention this sorry about it we have two people playing this game so we get this card and it says during the hero phase each hero activates twice heroes must alternate activations with each each other so that means we both get to take two actions but they have to go back and forth so her first action is actually we draw attention we’re gonna see if it’s a good plan I hope it’s a good plan so she’s gonna aid she’s a roll two dice and then that result is the amount of success tokens we can give to our other character now it says the target here on may ready one activation card so we’re gonna ready a card over there on our here on our hero the healer and then this character gets to claim one success token so let’s go ahead and roll those dice now she’s engaged that zombie so she has to roll one brought black die but she gets two rolled her two wife die as well oh so she did take one damage but that’s okay we got one success here and we got one defense so he blocked it so we’re able to pass one success token over to our healer and we also gained a success token from the draw attention card so we’re gonna take our success token put it there we’re gonna go ahead and exhaust our draw tension card we’re then going to ready her clobber card and she is also going to gain one success token as well so she’s up the to success tokens with our Scout done we’re just gonna move right into our healers turn and our healer is gonna head go ahead and use clobber yet again it says you may become engaged with one enemy yes please we’re gonna take the enemy from our shadows area and go ahead and reveal it it’s a dark priest it’s a human minion and it has a power that says dark chant if this enemy is in the shadows become weakened oh I’m glad I grabbed him oh that says tearin’ auth has law a long history of dark cults forming in the shadows though insular and misguided they often wield deadly powers well guess what I think this guy’s about to be clobbered that’s right we’re gonna use clobber it’s so good we’re gonna roll our two attack dice and then claim another success token hmm I’m kind of wondering what to do I could potentially use one of these success tokens to potentially maybe get enough to attack that Wraith oh I think we’re just gonna go ahead with what we have I think I’ve got a plan I have decided to use one of my success Ekans and we are engaged with two enemies and we get to roll two dice with this attack so let’s see how we do oh we did pretty good this is okay we did three oh it’s not gonna be enough to take out them we can do a lot of damage to the Wraith but it’s not gonna be enough to take it out all that makes me sad now we did three damage which I could give to this monster right here and it would take three but it would absorb one from its resilience leaving it with one health I’d only do two damage to it and what this monster does is it is going to retreat and then inflict which is going to do one damage that’s only one damage now this dark priest on the other hand is going to be able to weaken people if it’s in the shadows I actually think it’s better to kill off this character because this one’s special power from the shadows isn’t really that big of a deal I just have to kill it before we move on and since we’re going to lose our clobber card and probably not get it back not unless we go ahead and rest with our heal thyself action I think it’s best to leave this monster to go ahead and go right back into the shadows and we’re gonna kill off the dark priest the bottom of her clobber card states that she gains success tokens we’re gonna go ahead and give her another one our scout is now going to activate and she’s gonna use her purse ice strike it says you may engage become engaged with one enemy and I can use to attack dice and it says quick nimble fighters favor lightweight weapons of good teareth steel or even better the silver of moon stone weapons of the elven make sadly she does not get a success token when she uses her precise strike but that’s okay she’s gonna roll two white dice and she’s gonna he’s gonna she’s gonna have to roll one black dice for our monster that’s engaged I’m not gonna use our success token so we’re gonna go ahead and roll one black dice and two white dice all right come on let’s kill this guy off oh my goodness we got a lot of awesome stuff all right so we got one hit and this also got a hit now this is also a success and you get to roll it again how about that so instead of rolling that dice again I just got another white dice we’re gonna roll this one up oh we got our block look at that oh this is perfect oh all right so our scout is awesome she took out that zombie and didn’t have to worry about it hitting her because defense alright so with her to damage she’s gonna go ahead and rock this zombie one resilience soaks up one of the damage and he also takes one damage now if I would have only rolled one hit I still would have killed it because of her special power allowing her during an attack action to apply negative one to the resilience of each enemy I target so this technically doesn’t even exist when she fights for this character so he really only had one health to begin with super impressed with her good job all right now we’re gonna go into the enemy face and I got tricks during the enemy phase because I’m awesome it says at the start of the enemy phase you may exhaust one minion or master engaged with you well this character is engaged with us so I’m gonna go ahead and exhaust him haha no hitting me and since I exhausted him that really means that’s the end of the enemy face and we’re just gonna go ahead and he’s gonna become unexhausted now I’m going into the peril phase and it says at the start of the peril phase the party may discard to success tokens to place one of them on one of the colored spaces and I’m gonna choose that one because we’re at a trivial location so we can only place it on the Green Square we’re going to go ahead and move our time marker up and now that the peril phase is over we’re gonna go ahead into the travel phase which again we’ve got more to deal with here it says at the start of the travel phase the party leader chooses one hero that hero may exhaust one activation card to claim to success tokens I don’t think we’re gonna do that I think we’re doing just fine and that completes our first full turn I hope everything went well I hope you were able to follow everything I did if I did make any mistakes please put them in the comments below I hope I did it alright I’m pretty sure I did I’m not an expert at this game by any means so please if I do do anything wrong during the playthrough please let me know so I can correct it so others that watch the video are able to understand and learn from this video as I go ahead and play it Ashe Rijn is now gonna take her second turn her second turn is gonna start by using field medic her field medic states aid I roll two dice and it says the target here I’m a ready one activation card and the target hero recovers to health actually I don’t think that’s a good one to start with I lied I think radius forger I think that’s a better plan we’re gonna explore it says roll two dice and then draw and resolve one exploration card alright let’s go ahead and do that now she still is engaged with that Wraith so he’s gift oh I hope he doesn’t all that alright we’re gonna roll our dice oh we did roll that that’s terrible alright so we’re gonna go ahead and resolve this we got three successes but we also got that threat die alright so again that threat die allows us the party leader either has to take one damage which she’s going to do or exhaust the card I don’t think I want to do that now we did get three successes so we’re gonna go ahead and put three uh tokens on our location now that we’ve done that I’m gonna go ahead and exhaust this card but before I do that we do have to resolve draw and resolve one exploration card so I’m gonna give myself a little room there there we go and we’re gonna go ahead and draw our exploration card all right we have to draw and resolve an exploration card and it says Wanderers stone it’s an item that says you may discard this card when a hero is resolving his or her explore action if you do apply one success to the result Oh that’ll be really good so we’re gonna go ahead and put our wander stone over here somewhere move that first person token there we go moving on to our scout she’s gonna blaze a trail she’s gonna use her exploration card access role to exploration dice it says draw to exploration cards choose one to resolve them place the other on top or bottom of the exploration deck oh that’s really good it says we still have some daylight left and much work to do caryl wraiths Tucker alright so she’s gonna go ahead and do that alright so we’re gonna roll our two white dice because there are no no enemies engaged with her oh this is me awesome he got two all right she gets to roll another one oh look at that she got one two three four exploration tokens go on that board alright we’re going to go ahead and grab another for exploration tokens this is going we’re going to be traveling out of here pretty quick now we have to go ahead and draw two of these and choose one the other on the bottom alright our first one is a book of stars and the second one is rallying cry alright let’s read both of these rallying cry says digging deep to find untapped reserves of courage you cry out to embolden your allies choose one hero that hero may discard a success token to recover one health and ready one activation that doesn’t seem too bad we also have book of stars that says you may discard this card after a hero’s activation if you do choose two heroes to each ready one activation card wow that one seems a little bit better I think we’re gonna take the book of the stars we’re gonna move on to her second activation we’re going to use field medic here field medic says aid roll two dice it also says the target here I’m a ready one activation card it also says the target here recovers to health sadly I can’t and I’m not she can’t do it I’d like to heal her too but that ain’t gonna happen alright so we’re gonna go ahead and do all those things roll two dice and the person then we’re gonna reactivate one card from our scout all right that Wraith is still there so we’re gonna go ahead and roll up some dice oh wow look at that three successes so she’s able to pass off three success tokens over to our scout so we’re gonna pass off three success tokens and then we also get to ready a card we’re gonna go ahead and ready our precise strike I’ve got a plan all right with their second action we’re gonna choose to use our precise strike it says you may become engaged with one enemy yes please we’re gonna go ahead and take the Wraith over to our side now now the reason I’m doing that is remember we can remove this resilience when she attacks so we really gonna need three successes to take this Wraith out and then we’re gonna attack with two dice and I’m gonna go ahead and use one of our success tokens as well all right so we got one success token and then we do have to roll two white dice and one of the black dice for our rates all right see how we do oh look at that we got one two oh no we got to pick up the thread thing again we got overkill here we are she got four successes but we got our threat die again Wow we’re just a master rolling this threat die so we’re gonna go ahead and exhaust this and since we did enough damage to take out our race we’re gonna put him into the discard pile with our hero phase complete we’re gonna go ahead in the monster phase and there’s no monsters I did forget to mention I forgot to put this next door where I left it on this down the table so I’m gonna put that next to our Scout and I forget to also mention we did leave rally and cry on top of the stack because that seemed pretty awesome too so now we’re gonna move into the peril stage and it does stay at the beach start of the peril phase the party may discard to success tokens we are gonna do that each hero is going to discard two of these to put one down all right we’re gonna go ahead and move our timer up one and it hits the green one now we do have to success token so let’s see what happens I’m gonna zoom in you it does say you won’t interfere with our great work we to Wallace bellows as you free a few villagers it says for each success token on this space less than the number of heroes the party leader chooses one hero to suffer two health then spawn Rita Willis engaged with the party leader for each success token on this space the party leader chooses one hero that hero upgrades an activation card alright that’s a lot of stuff hopefully I do this right I’m really hoping I do all right so we’ve got two of these so that means we appease the first part that says for each success token on this space less than the number of heroes we have two and there’s two heroes so we’re good nobody suffers any damage now we have to spawn Rita engage with the party leader so we’re going to go ahead and put that with Austrian next for each success token on this space the party leader chooses one hero that hero upgrades an activation card I’m gonna have each one of them go ahead and upgrade an activation card alright for a healer the card we’ve I’ve decided to take his bless strike she’s gonna remain she’s gonna go down the path of disciple now when you do actually take your first card you have to choose which path you want to go down so for example the other path we could have taken was was this spirit speaker and the attack cards are different this one says you may become engaged with an enemy you may exhaust one minion roll three dice and claim one success token where our disciple can engage with an enemy roll three dice then claim to success tokens and recover one health I really like this bottom part especially if we need success tokens to be put on our scenario card I can do that every time with this I think this is gonna be really good now when it comes in though it comes in the exact same way your original card is so it sadly comes in like that and we are of course engaged with Rita and she’s gonna follow us all the way the end of the scenario it’s gonna do lots of damage as she goes now our Scout was a little bit trickier I wasn’t exactly sure to take because there there’s a lot of really good cards I’ve decided to take him down the thief path we’re going to reveal the role 3 Explorer dice and when we do we roll one fewer enemy dice when we’re making our Explorer action I still really like this draw to exploration cards choose one resolve to resolve them place the other on top or bottom the exploration deck I think that’s really good so that again is going to come in exhaust it as well and this gets put back in the box we’re now going to go on to the travel phase and it says at the start of the travel phase the party leader chooses one hero the hero may exhaust one activation card to claim to success tokens not happening we’re gonna go ahead and just forget the x6 s talking’s we’re not doing any of that we are going to discard all of our successes here we can’t carry these over and we’re gonna go ahead discard the temple and we’re gonna move on to our next location our next location is the decrepit monument it’s also a ruin now this one’s more challenging I need 8 to get through this I’m sure glad I picked up that new Explorer action or it says at the end of the travel phase each hero with at least one exhausted activation card either exhausts one activation Carter suffers one damage wow this is just brutal I just keep taking damage now we’re gonna go ahead and take two monsters onto our characters but we’re gonna put three in the shadows all right we entered the decrepit monument two months is gonna spawn engage with our enemies here’s the one that goes on to our healer Oh another Wraith we don’t really need to read this we already know what it is so that means she’s gonna gain the Wraith our disciple our thief is gonna gain Oh a hybrid Sentinel what’s this oh it’s an a it’s challenging monster it’s a dragon minion it does two damage oh look at that resilience two and two health that’s kind of tough all right it has a pray action here it says this enemy becomes engaged with the hero with the most health we’re luck that’s actually the one that’s gonna be engaged with all right it says some flavor text on the bottom says during the dragon wars the Dragon Lord saw it fit to create a creature that combined the best parts of humans and Dragons the resulting hybrid are deadly vicious flows even long after the conflict oh wow so we’re gonna go ahead and give this to our thief with our new location out and enemies spawned this is a great place to stop for now we’ve made it through the first location our heroes are doing pretty good read has come out she’s ready to start beheading people apparently but other than that I think everything’s going okay thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video please go ahead and give it a like a subscribe hit the little bell symbol because there is gonna be a part two coming very soon please leave anything in the comments below any errors I made or other things that you really liked about it or some things you think I should have done differently does our disciple and our thief have what it takes to make it through the rest of the foul ritual to find out I need you to meet me at the table [Music]

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  1. Essej Nosreme Posted on November 24, 2018 at 2:44 am

    One mistake you made, you must declare the target of your attack before rolling dice. Early in the video you were rolling then deciding who to kill after seeing your number of successes.

  2. Bram Warrens Posted on November 24, 2018 at 9:33 am

    Like your playthrough. Just two little things:
    – what is the winning / loosing condition?
    – just to be sure you interpret the counterattack and defence well.

    Counterattacks () trigger enemy counterattacks. For

    each counterattack () result, the active hero chooses

    one readied enemy engaged with them with which to

    counterattack. The active hero must choose the readied

    enemy with the highest attack value that has not already

    been chosen to counterattack.

    The hero suffers a number of wounds equal to the

    enemy attack values of all counterattacking enemies.

    However, for each defense () in the action’s results,

    they can reduce the amount of wounds they suffer by

    one. Wounds are described in detail later

    So you subtract wounds instead of blocking a die.

  3. Glen Posted on November 24, 2018 at 10:26 am

    Remember to put out those three enemies in the shadows at the end.

  4. Kentchangar Nimoghtony Posted on November 24, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    Great playthrough! The only thing that bothers me personally is that the enemies are out of frame. Can you place slide the player character card to the right and place the enemies to the left of it? Or vice-versa?
    And one correction (that hasn't been mentioned yet): Hybrid Sentinel engages the hero with the most wounds not most health (when she does her prey ability).

  5. MSRLE63 Posted on November 26, 2018 at 7:44 am

    Impossible not to notice the identical format and styling from the co op shop videos. (sigh)… better to be "inspired by" than just copy someone else. Decent job on the vid..!

  6. The Greek Safliakis Posted on November 26, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    Very good gameplay!!

  7. The Greek Safliakis Posted on November 26, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    Want part 2!! When will you upload it?

  8. lemonhead94133 Posted on December 27, 2018 at 5:21 am

    Thanks for the great video. I love this game.

    It looks like you made a small error when setting up your Exploration deck. According to the rules, you need to sort the cards into separate stacks (for this scenario it would be one Base stack, one Dungeon stack, and one Darkness stack). Shuffle each stack separately and then place them on top of each other in the order shown on the setup sheet. This means that during the game you would go through the 12 Base cards before you got to the Dungeon cards and then the Darkness cards.

    I made the same error the first few times I played.

    Thanks again for the video. I hope you do more scenarios.