April 4, 2020
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  • 2:58 am Jesus Culture – Love Has A Name ft. Kim Walker-Smith (Acoustic)
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  • 1:59 am The Terror of Islam
  • 1:58 am How I Changed My Life with Daily Self-Care Rituals

after you became a Muslim did you change
your mind about Muslims and Islam that’s how I became a Muslim no I was first I
was baptized the bathroom once I come to Islam
I came under on lies Muhammad then the son took over in 1972 that’s when I came
in 1975 I came into his mom in 1972 and I heard about it first on the large
Muhammad I heard about it but then I says well I want that kosis you had to
take some kind of a job to keep them drinking no at that time I drinking and
distant Lu Union just and the job that I could do ya old nasty job do you know
what he wouldn’t want it and what I was praying without the Duke who was cooking
I couldn’t get them gum job not out here these officers just to be
fair would be awful pretty so I was looking for some I love my
mother I don’t remember mother oh just come up
just just number god blessed me to be here today
that’s all I can say it was hard back I can’t tell you all the world happened in
Texas but I couldn’t get the job that I want so you had click great jobs and
anytime job didn’t get well my father he was always talking
about Abraham Moses Nullah and all of them yeah I was baptized with not seven
years old and he was a couple in my father died that’s his horse but there’s
nobody left but me and I hear the alarm you drink it
putting all that old crap on the people and I said to God I just like arrow to
get out this teach the people wanna put just gone on your name you know see what
I mean but and that’s when I when I heard the mutiny his mom oh you might
knew it when the arm like son come in though God they quickly
Zod but it turns it around he said Judy on Congress maybe once a dog who you
turn to the widow so I was born the Baptist Abraham god bless and then
that’s my father now I’m not coming a hard way I can’t
kill you all the stuff the age I am now oh but I shouldn’t be licensed Gillian’s
the God in heaven somewhere so the people shooting you right there teachers
other way and I wonder if I says well what about done to people and my father
possibility he could all we could do cut yard and at that time they get in
self-service 25 cents I’ve got big money there oh I got the job 25 cents out of
grapes you had know somebody at there there are
hammers out dunk instructions work I don’t know all I would I have done since
then in my life none fool you but I know one thing it was hard so they put wine
on you good thing they try to make your bill up quick with my father’s always by
me being the Christmas in fact listen to my father I learned more I learned more
what Islam is now the same Abraham and Moses there yesterday did here now God
is he remembers my father’s awful Disney I said Papa what you need he said they
call him son because he wouldn’t shine shoes on son what they call you so you
know achieve that with power and man magic come up hole in the job you could
get to eat only you take a cutting grade cooking
drunken washing dishes oh just Oh if you regardless what you know you had
to take the motown job you couldn’t get a decent job didn’t get no education
cause you had the word I didn’t get no educate our education was a good
education in fact I don’t know more than you say I don’t know do you understand
but God just had to so that you go and move on so he is a god somewhere
I have been ages King James I heard amount and it’s nothing wrong with the
babbling what they injected and talk to you what they want to know but World War one the cute mouth I’m hot it’s all coming to me now but uh I
thought them people was giving me a medicine to help me they give me
thousand now come in they’re just like you I don’t know if you know me but but
ma’am a stuff Billy Messier that doesn’t tell you to wear I come up I just until
we find Gordon stuff I do go long work they wouldn’t bet on that first thing
you learn in there in fact ask what you want to do it farm labor Oh
people don’t know that but I come from the ground I’m going back here I’m very
well educated now I’m educated God as he came but they put all that stuff on the
pillow but blight on your name drinking young Stan I said God and God bless me
not to take a break you couldn’t give me enough you couldn’t give me nothing
Allah the tell you really just like realize
you got a little something I’m a magician
then quartet oh I done some level thing but I quite hear people my history of my
life they couldn’t believe you come up with
ten cents hour at that time born 1918 and in the end I made in 94 years old
now but I’ve done 30 so just to think about I got to cry it all those songs
the law just came across some time did my heart’s full of sorrow my eyes full
of tears I just came you wonder what did I do to the people they were that like
though but it is some good people in my family regarding what you know you
couldn’t use it then you come out here you want to put wine on you know all
that stuff Oh God he’ll sent you all up in the field sent to Whitcomb all down
to that Sacramento pulling up Oh weird weather comes with poor dog and
sacramental Yakko Yakko Wapato I found good old town but where I mean I worked
and I thought about God all the time every time and my father raised us he
was awful really and I hate is the God somewhere I can’t
help the other song says Lord I’ve just
kidding here but crap sometimes they might would put aside my Bellucci
daughter just came here grab some that i think i tenkan yo what I went to but
what do we there was the devil never minded people humans or human humans are
human you got a hard I got hard you guys so like that though you want to know
thought out here the woman you pretty see I don’t know my mother I’ve seen the pity but one day one day
ma’am I will would take it with you I’m real weird I was just moved behind my
father since we’re coming in love and we listen to my problem now Abraham and
Moses and Isaac and Jacob I come on in to the thing and God bless me I said god
bless me I wouldn’t care what these people does you couldn’t make me go girl
god man I live pretty good work I don’t care what we could I have fun you
looking at the manners and found his heart God Allah I love God and it was
born I was born me when I’m dead I try to give you much of my background much
of the camp I had to go way back 1890 I’m 94 now yeah oh I could weigh
back and kill you oh god best and that’s all lots of things and I heard about
Islam in a window on the lights I’m the Sun come in 1975 and you know he turned
God name over you would be in the Bible but he turned that baby wonder luck let
me take the GED so there’s armed Elijah Muhammad you
could call the dog so you just put Jillian but Allah that’s what we call
the man Allah so that’s all I can tell you what I mean I know more than that
but I’m giving you the message much as I can and I’m the last one out of eight
year eight ball is why boys know no three girls and five boys and I’m the
last one home all my people have gone through by the name yes ma’am all of
them did with me and I got a diamond necklace
oh nothing upon fell with

Jean Kelley