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Have faith, but tie up your camels!

Hello, Amira Alvarez here, Founder and CEO
of The Unstoppable Woman and we have a series on getting ahead of the curve
with regards to the economic outlook for the coronavirus and today I want to
share with you a saying that I love which is have faith but tie up your
camels or other people have said it as stress God but tie up your camels and
this means like, yes focus have faith really know that everything’s going to work
out, be clear about where your energy is and trust it. Trust the universe, God,
spirit, source, all of that infinite intelligence but do the right thing for
yourself, tie up your camels. There are people who steal camels okay so tie-up
your camels that means in this case, plan do a little thinking about well what
might happen, what are the possible effects that I need to adjust for and
think through and plan for so I wanted to share a few things that we’re
doing in our business and hopefully that will help you in your business as well.
So here are some of the things that we are looking at, we’re looking at the
economic outlook and really trying to find data on that and right now you know
it’s anyone’s game but I did read recently an interesting evaluation from
the McKinsey Group that’s saying that it’s anywhere between q2 and q3 that
this, that the economics of this will resolve. So again, I’m not an economist
but I have been digging into the research and so that tells you end
of q2 would be June end of q3 would be September so as a business owner and
entrepreneur are you looking at what’s going to be required of you to get
through that time period, what adjustments
do you need to make in terms of your business model. Are you, do you need to
adjust to how people are going to be spending money, how people are going to
be in turn interacting with you, what kinds of services and products do they
actually need. Can you make those adjustments, can you be agile, can you be
thinking a few steps ahead so you don’t want to panic about this, right? Have
faith but tie your camels, right? Like no need to panic, the country and the
world have gone through many, many economic downshifts and have
always recovered in fact, I did again more research on this and economic
downturns on average have lasted fifteen months while expansions have lasted
forty-eight months so that we have a three to one ratio there pretty much and
so this might be a little bit of a downturn but it’s not going to be you
know, horrendous and well I can’t guarantee that to be honest but all
signs look at this will, this too shall pass right but you do have to be
prepared. So if it is fifteen months rather than the q2 q3 that McKinsey is
putting out, what is your game plan? Okay you need a game plan,
you don’t need to panic you don’t need to be in fear, you don’t need to be in
scarcity, people will always need other people in other services and their
problems solved, in fact in certain economies you can make even more money
because you’re solving bigger problems for people and people will pay
for their problems to be solved so you want to be looking at this from the
perspective of opportunity for service, like how can I serve my clients at a
higher-level, better level and solve their problems at a much bigger level
this could be a huge opportunity for you, so what are you focusing on
but do and do you have a plan so some of the things we’re doing in our business
are looking at our cash flow in different scenarios for the next
you know, two to three months short-term three to six months a little bit of long
longer-term and what happens if it’s 15 months, right? I don’t think it’s going
there. I think this will be a quick resolution but you want it, adjust and
you want to be planning for that, so what’s your cash flow, what’s going to
happen to your clients? Will they need the same things, are you set up
with additional sources of capital to get you through a short term down shift,
we’re looking you know, I’d recommend people looking at small business
association loans the government just were funded released billions of dollars
to this end, I think don’t quote me on this should have it written down but I
think it was like 50 billion dollars to small business association. I’ll go back
and fact check that on myself, so that I’m not saying the wrong thing there but
the Small Business Association has an easy way to do loans, so go look at
that if that’s something that you need for the short term interim, look at your
credit card companies um Amex has great small business service. I’m a huge
proponent of them and how they show up for their clientele, they’re just they
train their people in such a different way and they’re really about helping
small businesses and entrepreneurs through challenging times, so they have a
lot of really great things to look at there. So I would definitely talk to them.
You’re going to want to look at you know are you are you going to make payroll,
are you going, do you have enough for your team, how do you need to support the
people on your team, people come first. Okay so team, clients
that’s the order right. I need to make sure that that the people in my business
are taking care of so I’m looking at what is that going to require, now
I’ve also been hearing from different businesses that they’re enacting changes
like reducing payroll by 25% trying to keep
everyone on the payroll but reducing payrolls so these are little shifts that
you can start thinking about making, we’re not making any of those changes
right now I just want you to know that this is not a quick trigger kind of
thing, some of those changes have been in industries where it’s immediately
impacted their bottom line like the travel industry or the restaurant
industry things like that so know that this isn’t necessarily an
across-the-board shift that you want to make but you want to start thinking this
through, what is your business plan? Are you recession-proof, if you’re not
recession-proof we need to be talking okay? So feel free to ping me, direct message
me, I’m happy to help, let me know if you need to talk through what’s going on for
you and like okay well this is my scenario and this is what I would do.
Okay, I’m happy to spend five-ten minutes working that through with you, don’t
hesitate to ask, okay? So this is super important, so in summary, today’s
concept, focus on the growth, focus on the opportunity, focus on that you know that
this is a short-term thing and that you are going to come out stronger and that
there’s huge opportunities to serve and add value and solve problems here and
that your business can actually thrive, you can be recession-proof if you have
the right mindset the other side that you need to have both working
together is do you have a plan? Are you looking at cash flow, are you
looking at what’s going to happen to your clientele, are you looking at your
databases? Are you looking at you know, payroll all these these things
and do you have enough cash to get you through and I gave you a few places to
look to help you with that, you can also look at taking loans from you know your
retirement and things like that to fund your business short term. You want to be
strategic about that, you want to look at interest rates, all that good stuff but
those are a few ideas off the top and again make yourself recession-proof and
feel free to DM me or post in the comments thread here and I would
happy to spend five or ten minutes walking you through what I think your
opportunities are. So rock it out, be unstoppable, have the right mindset. Go
for it, now is the time to raise your level and raise your capacity and do more and
do it with a frickin fantastic attitude like this is, I know it’s kind of crazy
but this is fun. It’s like put your creative mind at work here, make it
something that is engaging and like this is just a problem to be solved, can-do
attitude figure-out-able, right? All of that so let me know if you need my help
and keep watching, we’re going to be doing daily videos here and we are going to be
adding more posts and content in the group that I have linked, that’s the be
unstoppable group for women, small business owners and entrepreneurs who
are really ready to scale want to get out of their own way, want to have that
courage to scale and go for more so that they can have freedom. Now is a huge
opportunity, so let’s do it together. Okay, rock it out, have a good day. Bye-bye!

Jean Kelley