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Hamza Explains Why Islam Is A Locked Box | Pt 3 of 3

when I say I Andrews to be honest it’s because I have my philosophy other than their philosophy because I’m independent I’m independent there is this application and in this prayer yeah by the way I will complete my issue also is I’m completely against answer oh I’m sorry I’m not going to pull up success so let’s just talk about the what way hates took back okay but the point is I had a clear mind you know what I mean I’m here well not it you told you about clear minds I do I know my mind how do you know it’s true because it’s stable are you sure yep I’m not in the air believing I was told story this guy said that wasn’t the question I asked you a simple question is Hamza Jenks of hamsa right country to the Quran the Quran yes this country yes is it supporting it or aggregating it not against it but there’s which they have that is evolution for example did you bacon or don’t be bacon it now eats meat your diet but I’m giving you face information to us understanding the information what I’m telling you is we can have daily profits come every single day you are closing it listen what I’m trying to tell you is there no information that comes our game and there’s other people maybe like human it will never change your beliefs I would he mentions I will ask you is the teachings of Hamza Kouri to the Quran I think you missed me so I asked you because Allah is the teachings of Hamza opposed to a Quran teaches a lot yes right and we’ve already agreed from your judgments the woman example so that means you don’t believe the Quran would have a lot first of all I know is that you guys I know there’s a philosophy tell me about it it’s basically we the rules said we yes you are truce no my mind is a different issue don’t don’t play with it so the philosophies difference in the blood my friend I could be criticizing the Queen and I could say we as a British citizen to do with anything don’t play with words right let’s focus on the idea he talks about the world he talks about the soul he talks about cause and he talks about defensive he talks about five principles the mind the world the soul the cause and the sovereign commanders truthful pound because the first commandments in the picture of the brother in the identification of policies fallacies identification of fallacies rejection of the villain love God’s spontaneous a second there is a book books and this book no no book that’s the major book yeah but there’s nobody high exposure and a very very again is one book then dude okay you them though it’s what I’m trying to tell you this I believe okay is one thing and I know as another what’s gonna happen to you when you die I don’t die this body will die this soul dozen times we do I know this is a different you know green grace on my information I’m a more into the path of reincarnation nobody knows he doesn’t know and then he keeps agree with everything they believe because you keep using the world believe you stop using the word belief belief is what you believe something else will never change I just happen to you just admitted it a belief doesn’t need proof to be true we got that the first thing you and I agreed on so once you agree with our principle you can’t this time walking up early I’m not mocking anything yeah no I’m not you say you believe this you believe that remember today what we found out from you which are very important things the whole evolution of religion from Jesus to to Muhammad which is very important the whole idea of a closed book yeah even based on evidence emulation you know the path from Jesus to Muhammad being the same what evolution the same the same evolution religious evolution what’s even if not in any way would they contradict what one charge was higher information being what evolution that Jesus evolution into Mohammed no he’s correct in that sense more knowledge in a second knowledge well he’s why he’s been what he’s saying he’s basically saying when Jesus came What did he say there are many things to know you kind of bear them now said he didn’t teach but you didn’t bring laws he didn’t do nothing when Mohammad saw someone came he brought laws he brought there so it’s like a evolving of God’s messenger because what you got to understand all the previous prophets when he went to the children of Israel and wine was the first and only prophet said to the whole world when I say hi and grew to be honest because I have my philosophy other than their philosophy because I’m independent I’m independent to me my mind isn’t to this universal consciousness my heart is the dial okay this is information how do phones work I swear to you I swear to you for years ago my issue right now is that I want you I want honesty okay I want to make this world you want I think this this earth is heaven okay I mean forget about Christians try and get along between shiahs and sunnis right going down there okay you get your information about how to lead your life yes I’ve been in nearly five years now smoking or drinking above the holes as a Bandhan links I had all of that the doctor took it thirteen kids spread the rhombus was in Nigeria the holes are the tiger I lost about my wife doesn’t like it works Nigeria Africa you had a 13 animals in my dog the Rottweiler who married is got 13 puppies that should be 13 I know my drop Euler married this brother where everybody asking that question because they feed their animals meat obviously but my asks I was in as year 16 years ago what I was in Nigeria 16 years ago my father a grandfather reminder how could you ask is if you some you know or mummies be cool and be real action I can ask many questions about you I make you go crazy about the cycle I loved animals in my life alright now luckily I’m not even eating them anymore okay but the point is I have a clear mind you know what I mean I’m here for knowledge you talk to you got clean hands I do I know my mind how do you know it’s true because it’s stable are you sure yep 100% watch this video honestly speaking when when we run a video being attacked or question or played yeah cuz you’re giving me an English literature job honest ever since games I know I know because I lost because why would God send the last mesh explain to you exactly good question what a realist you and you want why you limiting it okay so the reason why is so let me just get finished so I’m at occupy I’m the last that’ll be a body there would not be any profit off to me if if if imagine a house where the brick is missing I am the lost break this award visa these are words of the messenger peace be upon him he was told us there is a last messenger so we have as much simply have good reasons to accept the fact that this person is saying that he is the lost and people have asked what is the reason and there is the reason and the reason is because I have come listen I’m giving you so paraphrase the words of the beautiful outcome and and the day of judgment is like this we’re this close so we are told we are near the end yeah and this is why there are messengers speaking our going to that we’re near the end now now this Tower of Babel and to uniting again the the end of the world as we know it the end up this is what’s coming now big now there’s gonna come a point we were going to enter into heaven no problem whatever that believe me so look we’re talking about what we accept yeah so we have reason to accept the message beautiful his loss specially because the Quran says so the properties that himself said so the other reason that the reason we’re given for the missive this is near the end of times so there’s no need for anything additional and one way we can reckon see is if you look at all of the messages they’ve come specific groups of people yeah jesus said in the if you read the New Testament I have only come to Kashi for the house of Israel twice he says this in fact do not go into the ways of the Samaritans or the Gentiles very clear that canes pursue people reason profit upon him would it become o mankind he sent emissaries to different nations with letters inviting them to the religion so we have somebody who knows that his best is missing whether you accept that mission or not is not limited to eight people the black is not superior to the wife in the life I go here to the black that Arabic Monsieur my issue is me myself spiritual and the role of I want to know I look how difficult it is for me imagine what’s happening for Christians or the widows or the news when they confront Islam by fabergé understand him he was you need to find a common ground I’m gonna tell when I try find a common ground so we have all these Saints so the properties when I knew that his mission wasn’t beyond human beings okay he said cross the different nations he sent people to deformations it’s an emissary to different nations invite them to the religion he said that people are in front of crater we’re all the same God created all of the human beings from the from one soul and we are different tribes today we can come to know each other we’re not sure no one is prepared to the other except in God’s eyes so this is how this is our philosophy if you like yeah now what we’re saying to you is not accept blindly or if you’re saying that I believe is something else no problem but if you’re going to come and give information then give us this information let us talk about analyze it so what I’ve understood from you today is you don’t you’re your background is to ruse but you don’t you’re a philosopher and you tell us a little bit about the Jews there was this person for Hamza yeah he’s got a research day and you’re gonna find lots of passing point the point is his research named after you the point is they are you’re named after him the point is this if if there is somebody who you think that we should know about because we’re here to give information to people because we think that there’s a way of being in the world that would help you here and I’ve known is done for 40 years of my life okay so now you’re coming with something I learned a lot from you oh no I’m great with my voice are you haven’t heard anything from me cheeky and unstable my next visit here would be a lot of information about hamza evidence-based summation of for example and then other structures listen and then my book is your point where all our books my views there’s no believe there’s information if anybody think I apologize I see what I’m saying to you is when you are coming it’s really good to bring information that we can look that wrong because what’s happening here is we’re trying to grapple with or try to come to understanding what you understand what you’re saying but are you not giving any information so you’re saying next time okay no problem so now given your a position we have we we believe in Allah we believe in the messenger he the Quran states and the Prophet under state that he’s the last it gives the reason for its poor it if someone wants to come and say and there are many people who again it’s a belief I understand we both understand okay and we both remember a gang or a mafia or a religion or whatever is also about what I resonate I mean a gang in a spoken start let’s kick mr. Hackett AR Arkansas tree teachers ass I’m gonna join that gang for that so what you should have reason okay so now I don’t people join it for the good reasons some people join it for the batteries and some people represent it well some people don’t represent about what I’m trying to say is there should be a common ground in this earth where all of us can actually get but don’t get fat not not believe 10 you smell drugs quality or belief can you smoke drugs according to my my philosophy yeah my philosophy I think everybody should try everything in life I think everybody should experience everything in life to a limit obviously the limit you want this okay this is everybody’s journey okay now if we go for a man’s law versus government’s law we’d be on a much better frequency because according to government slower liquor was illegal for six years now it is according to government no marijuana was eager for two hundred years now it isn’t but now it’s gonna go back to it is okay according to you know I did in my life I did everything in my life I drank I smoked I mean I traveled the world I live everything twice when you’re gonna come when you’re gonna come and give this information very I like to give you it with scriptures information books scientific evidence names so that you can research them tell you I would never ever join Islam there’s nothing for me to ever do because I will get the best out of Islam we pray is amazing it’s an act of Pilates latitude for me to go back into Islam okay I wanna go around twice so if you think if you think that the physical nature of our prayer is what’s beneficial in it you’ve missed the boat completely miss the boat you know because you know it’s actually a really good exercise there is this application and in this prayer by the way I will complete my issue also is I’m completely against also I’m not into politics here so let’s let’s talk about there what way hates took them so it’s ultimately you can ask God for things anytime what you say Salah or what we call prayer in Islam is not that thing we don’t wish this is not we’re not praying because we’re asking what’s the things that’s application that’s bill are we can do that anytime the purpose of the prayer is something different we feed our bodies we feed our minds but you need to feel your spirit your soul this is what this connection to the greater is are we align ourselves five times a day the dude filling every pilot okay so this is this is what simple so it’s not this is a psycho-spiritual program to make a space for that crater but to remember it’s not word where you can actually I mean I’m practicing now you know secretion of melatonin serotonin being in bliss as much as we can obviously today I wasn’t the bliss at all because I had that little boy come out with questions but end of the day what frequency or vibration can you be on at all times where you talk about spiritual Muslims they’re the ones that are saying alhamdulillah where it says am i down the road now they’re picking out the fight and it also resents himself as a Muslim so we have different situations I’m trying to watch my I think your spirituality is overtaking your rationality this is a vitamin was a pleasure and an honor why do you believe anybody in life why do you yourself believe anybody in life that is if I believe remember I told you I don’t believe ya I remember I’m the same guy with Christians and Jews is my job information because I want to today you didn’t convince me on anything other than give me information on certain issues which I respect and I love now what do you think we were trying to convince you off and that’s what Islam does if you could I believe I know there’s a lot of the we know there’s a space in the nutshell all right you are correct I love the formula say it again this salon is a locked box right right and I’ll say it again yeah the key to a lock in that box how you gonna find peace with the Christians listen there’s a lot of hate the most listen okay the key to a lock in that box is what how do you unlock the box information no no no no what did I tell you the key is to unlock in the box of Islam your heart no what no I told you the key Mohammed like all they need to do focus all your efforts yeah should convince me and I wanting to convince me that Mohammed Salim is not who he claimed to be and if you can do that you’re locked the box I don’t live with them exceed what Hamza was I know but if I say there’s unicorns flying in the air convince me that there isn’t no if you tell me okay if you terms a very difficult okay face yeah I think there was a minute let me tell you a damaging but there’s another one let let me let me kill your analogy let me kill your analogy all right lose unicorns flying yeah you believe in Eagles I’m asking you to prove that there are unicorns bono you talk whoa boom you tell me the Unicode flying yeah all right give me cons well no you could talk with you Nicole even I watch your videos I know how you play around you believe you know Serena there’s you believe in unicorns I don’t believe right now so if you don’t believe in unicorns you telling me the unicorns flying tells me I am a [Laughter] space race I’m the race you guys have a stupid argument it’s an argument that exposes stupidity that’s the difference yep again I will give me today I did an exception to actually do forms before I am you have no idea about what I find very surprising is you have some very firm beliefs not believe first of all I never said I believe me ask you have to go anyw’ere just like you knocked up prove anything to me other than googling listen to me and opening the Koran I’m telling if I’m gonna get a mess you know even hate them is do you know even – it’s kuvira do you know who Ibrahim is who knows where Ava Nathan is every night that was one of the best scientists of all time he was a Muslim scientists here’s a book called book of optics he’s the one that created something called the camera and a modern-day single camera this is information point in one of his books he writes about all the Hakim unless I go in circles by Hamza that blue thing and he gives you information so that’s prove to you that the Muslim scientists in his information on science talks about what was happening in those days I brings up hundred to me this is proof a guy is one of the groups of a situation where in Egypt there was a hijack five-year-old things okay Melissa I said she can I listen again so the point is this is proof like that I’m gonna give you ten are you saying that story of your Muslim sorry to me alright resonates more than having all right we’re not gonna call it unicorn just show everybody a beautiful story are you saying that story the Muslim scientists proves to you a guy called Hamza existed like that by many obvious indications through an idea that there was a man thumbs up in these so remember I told you that I’m gonna because when you read when you start reading indicators and you’re getting several evidence-based are you gonna say understand do you think proven to me Joseph Smith existed makes movement isn’t true give me another example know example principle it’s not just go somebody exists it and they taught something doesn’t mean that thing they taught true but there’s the same thing it’s the same idea you guys what does he make it true if you are preaching profits one for anything and they’re appreciating a profit called hamsa then you say cruising anything then you successively just like you have to believe so proof of anything just understand that they have I believe they’re not approaching no proof of any specific gurus don’t even want um all right you have to fight to get people [Music] and then we talk to Christians and Jews okay that’s madness alright that’s a guy call face first approach when I arrived in the park asking me about it seen and evolved from being animals into a Muslim and would I be willing to evolve again to some other belief system which he holds I think it’s Druze or something along those lines and the reality is simple it doesn’t matter who came to me a seeker come to me a Hindu girl come to me at the rules could come to me anyone can come to me if you want to present something alternate to what I have because whatever you bring contrary to what I’ve already believe as far as I’m concerned is false without even investigating it if you want to challenge what I believe first challenge what I believe now the irony is this the brother here I told you you kept going on about o slum not reformed always slum doesn’t evolve it’s a lockbox you’re all mafia dislike the other the reality is this is correct its slum is a locked box but it’s locked for a reason now I gave phase the key to unlock the box and I give this key to any one atheist Christian commit a heap ebrill whatever you like whoever you like it’s very simple just convince me Muhammad SAW selling isn’t who he claimed to be convinced me Muhammad isn’t a Messenger of God because if you can convince me of that then that will convince me the Quran is not the Word of God and if you convince me of that that means that I don’t leave Islam is true anymore but here’s your problem or his face is problem he police Mohammed is a Messenger of God so the box is not for him but this challenge before anyone and all every Muslim needs to do is very very simple even if you were born Muslim from a Muslim country from a Muslim family know why you’re a Muslim know why what you believe is the truth don’t just accept it through heritage study learn research who this man missile Salim was because it’s a very simple conundrum if Mohammed is who he claimed to be he’s a Messenger of God and if he’s a Messenger of God and the Quran is the word of God and if the Quran is word of God Islam is true and every other religion is false standard Salim Ali

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  51. Jack Stone Posted on November 23, 2019 at 5:22 am


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  57. Big City Posted on November 23, 2019 at 11:10 am

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    You can make available your all videos in form of PODCAST in muslim central app which is available for both ANDROID as well as in APPLE podcast.

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    Hamza: "No. It is not a stupid argument. It is an argument that exposes stupidity"
    Then there was silence .. LOL
    Hamza is the Man.

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