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Guided Meditation For Greater Intuition and More Spiritual Awareness

hi this is your Tracy and welcome to this guided meditation on connecting to your intuition now before we get started it's important to know that in the state of hypnosis you're not asleep or unconscious you're actually very aware of your surroundings and you can't be forced to do anything anything that's against your will and don't worry about outside sounds or distractions because you'll soon be able to relax completely and you can use those sounds to actually deepen your trance and you're always the one in control and you can accept or reject the suggestions as you wish so just allow yourself to absorb the suggestions without evaluating or analyzing and don't worry if your mind drifts off because you'll still gain the benefits from the suggestions and when you find yourself focused on other thoughts just gently remind yourself to focus on the voice and the suggestions and please don't worry about getting it or doing it right just allow yourself to feel comfortable and relaxed so without further ado let's start the relaxation process so allow yourself to get in a comfortable chair or in bed and taking a nice big deep breath and as you release it imagine the tension beginning and to leave your body and now with your eyes closed focus your attention at the bottoms of your feet and imagine that there are cords going from the soles of your feet down into the earth grounding you and connecting you and imagine that there's now a stream of liquid relaxation now flowing through the center of those cords and to the soles of your feet and imagine that liquid relaxation is now spreading throughout the bottoms of your feet relaxing you feeling very calm and peaceful and any outside noises that you may become aware of will simply help you to relax more and more and now they put relaxation is now spreading to the tops of your feet down to your ankles relaxing you even more and as you sink deeper and deeper down continuing to focus on this pleasant feeling the liquid relaxation now spreads through your shins your calves your knees and your thighs and your legs are feeling very relaxed now as you're sinking deeper and deeper down now liquid relaxation is now flowing through your hips your pelvis your stomach feeling very relaxed and it feels so good to just let go and to allow this liquid relaxation to spread throughout your body there every nerve CEL organ and muscle and their liquid relaxation is now flowing into your chest filling your heart and lungs allow you to breathe deeper and even more relaxed and now that liquid relaxation spreading into your shoulders softening all the muscles there in your shoulders and it might even feel like a great weight has just been lifted from your shoulders relaxing you even more sinking deeper down and the liquid relaxation now spreads from your shoulders down to your back softening each and every muscle and you're back and now that liquid relaxation sprouts from your shoulders down through each arm down through your elbows your forearms and your wrists and now your hands all the way down to your fingertips and it's so calm so peaceful and the illiquid relaxation is now spreading your neck and throat through your chin and jaw and through your cheeks behind your eyes through your forehead and the top of your head and every part of your face this completely relaxed now in fact your entire body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head is filled with this wonderful liquid relaxation you're now feeling so calm and so peaceful now in just a moment I will begin to countdown and with each descending number your level relaxation will double want that to happen and allow that to happen five sinking deeper and deeper down for so calm so peaceful and so relaxed three letting go and it feels so good to just let go to getting even closer now one now peacefully and comfortably relaxed and now that you're in a state of relaxation take a moment to enjoy this private place and feel the peace and serenity of this place terminate your very essence in a moment we will begin your journey and the purpose of this journey is to enhance your intuition you see each of us has an inner wisdom which guides you throughout life an inner voice which has the best answers for you and you know that when you listen to your inner wisdom life flows effortlessly and when you listen to the voices of others you're plagued with War II and self-doubt just let go of any judgments about this process and open completely to experiencing your inner wisdom and leave this place now and see your sense yourself walking along a path through a forest moving forward with both purpose and direction and appreciate and take in the beauty around you and breathe in the clean clear air but know that you're headed for a specific destination and really feel your sense of purpose and direction and as you move forward to your right and left see your sense people calling you perhaps even criticizing and correcting you they may be saying that's the wrong way or you're going too fast or maybe you're not going fast enough or you'll never be able to do it and even though there may be several people around you you easily hear one comment at a time now take a moment to listen to the comments around you and now let those comments and opinions fall away from you notice how they slide right off and if you've accidentally absorbed any of these opinions take a moment to give them back or to let them go and feel yourself completely free of all these opinions and continue on and as you move further down your path you come to a fork in the road and the roads are not marked so you need to determine which work to take several people from your current life share their opinions with you on the best paths to choose and listen to their voices as they call out their opinions you may hear go left or no that's crazy and you may wish to nod to let them know that you've heard them however this choice belongs to you remember these voices are coming from others so just let them go just turn down their volume and focus inward and wait now for that deep sense of inner peace and wait now for that deep inner sense that tells you which way to go and look at one path then at the other and trust that you'll receive internal confirmation subtle but genuine to take one bath or the other and move down the path chosen to your inner with soon and you're on this path because you followed your heart and notice how you feel emotionally and physically as you move down your life path and continue forward and see where this path leads you as you learn to trust your intuition you and you may wish to apply this new awareness to healing a former problem perhaps with insecurity or self-doubt or maybe even the lack of internal harmony see yourself now and in situation concerning one of these problems or any problem that comes to your mind perhaps you've been struggling recently with an issue which would be resolved simply by applying your intuition imagine yourself now in a troublesome situation you may be indoors or outdoors you may be alone or someone may be with you see yourself struggling to resolve this situation perhaps even listening to the opinions of others now with your new finely tuned and tuition become quiet and center yourself and focus inward and listen for your answers from within Oh what information has your intuition shared with you take note of the answer and notice how this information resonates within your body sometimes our intuition simply says wait it's not time to take action if that's your answer trust that the answer will come when the time is right it will come as you awaken in the morning or perhaps during a quiet moment of reflection but it will come now imagine your intuition as a light or an object and let it take on a color or shame listen for its voice get to know what it looks feels and sounds like and may feel like an old trusted friend or it may feel new and untried become friends with this part of you notice how it presents itself and let your intuition know that you appreciate its presence and that from now on you will listen to your own answers rather than the opinions of others allow yourself to deepen your relaxation now and open your heart and mind to accepting this heightened awareness of your intuitive gift and you now use your intuition to direct live energy and you use your intuition to seek internal harmony and you possess a deep well of intuitive spiritual wisdom and as you learn to trust your intuition you easily identify how you feel and learn who you are you guide with authority and compassion and you easily find your comfort zone and define your boundaries and you recognize your inner gifts of sensitivity strength expression and intuition and you now easily identify and express what you really feel in need you're easily releasing any insecurities self-doubt and perfection you're learning to live in and enjoy each moment as it comes trusting that you have all the tools and resources you need to live your life in a way that's perfect for you accepting all suggestions which are positive and beneficial for you and releasing anything that does not fit into your life at this time now in just a moment I will invite you to return from your experience and as you return you will bring back your experience with you feeling calm and refreshed one feeling returning to your fingers and toes to all energies and complete balance a third body closed three feeling more confident and in control realizing things I used to bother in the past have now been released for feeling as if your eyes have been bathed in cool clear water five realizing you're now connected to your intuition eyes open and fully aware you

Jean Kelley



  1. Dhiman Parikh Posted on May 19, 2019 at 3:11 pm

    Great meditation. I could feel lots of energy flowing throughout my body. Very relaxing and made me feel light.

  2. Patricia Posted on May 19, 2019 at 3:11 pm

    Joe, you are a blessing and a positive impact to more people than you know and on many more levels than you could dream! Love & prayers.

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    Wow it was wierd, i started to hear in my room someones or something present. I was relaxed but i felt strong fear and like something was heavy on my chest, but i still listened to your voice like grabing to savior , that im strong im here. Like my mission was to go trought this meditation. So wierd, hard to explain full spectrum of emotions that i felt. But in the end i felt more sensitive than before, like veil got off my eyes, all my senses. Thank you for that. Maybe i needed to go trought these emotions of fears for some higher reason. I dont know, time will show.

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    On the fork road I saw a big white light, like what I assume heaven is like, and inside there were angels, children, parents, and animals all playing in a park. I felt at home, happy, peaceful, and greatful. But the best thing I saw was my inner child jump down from my and run into the light ready to play with the other people as if they were my true family and I was finally home.

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