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GOD/MAGE/WARLOCK Is Still INSANE After Nerf! | Claytano Auto Chess Mobile 63

screw all of your spots wait he has got a thunder no bugnah has god of thunder already hey guys this month I'm giving away a PlayStation 4 all you have to do is comment on this video to enter but be sure to subscribe and hit the bell so you're notified whenever I post a video because to pick the winner I'll be randomly selecting one comment from each video I post throughout the month then selecting one of those people at random to win the console so the more videos to comment on the higher your chances are to win good luck also my good friend ex-con Joe is giving away an Xbox this month so be sure to head over to his channel for more details on that saundra stop for five seconds is it off now what can you hear you can you can still here okay because right now it's completely off for me gosh it's so nice oh I can stream with because like typically with my other headset its blaring in my ears it's just the way that like the volumes are working out oh man I could just I could streaming such peace now Oh face oh what is going on everything kind of got messed up from from yesterday's stream hey be nice there we go avoid streamer now the boy streamer would be just this it'd be basically how can I do this new boy streamer oh my god guys look at this gameplay isn't it I don't know how everything's moving and doing stuff by itself without me been touching the screen yeah audio game is played a bit yeah it is I don't think it's my fault do we win this we win this yeah whoa strange egg like that I obviously buy it mr. Kyle hey GaN God of War eget true alright fine done worth it haha you know it's actually worth it though it really is it's actually worth it because God of War two star is a very strong early game so technically it could it could win me five rounds just by having two star god of war yeah it could actually win me five rounds and be worth it loader lucky powerspike with that god of water yeah it's uh it's pretty good pretty crazy I think I want to myself something now and go up to the next level there we go hey go get this money worth surprisingly I would never typically use an egg on a one-star but this guy's is super strong I think it's looking got a poor Oh God for one this for me for sure restart god of war look at that got its money worth that's two games now that I want because that is and that gives you God's energy if you lose the demons yeah no it's been doing that all along here Oh what rank do you stop gonna heal oh for fifth place do you stop getting a low for good place I think I don't know I haven't gotten a low for fifth place in a really long time do the same thing on hourly phantom4 yesterday let you 100% around fifteen exactly exactly if Vince can do it think it's worth it how did you I sent you a message on Twitter of it I don't know if you got it yet but how did you turn it ago last night I was pretty tired after my stream and just kind of kind of ate and passed out I'm just gonna sit on ten gold here yeah I'm just gonna sit on tangle here so that star summit in the back I'll just keep like a bishop or a fifth plate gives or it takes depending on the rest of lobby okay so still a little random I guess at Bishop or so maybe like around maybe you're I guess right around Bishop I guess is a good good spot files are awesome I responded the initial routes were rough due to my lack of press but the files were also nice did you do kind of like similar to the layout that we do on Fridays where you do two rounds and then you add in another person basically I think more people wanted to get in yeah well I think that's that's how it always is but you can't you know you have to school with a DD you have to keep in a timely manner I try to remember that one time I tried to do more games it was too long you were you were the one commentating with me on that it's too long more on their surroundings and have talked to you yeah I I can't I don't think you do that for me anyway that's better yeah I think I like argali night I'll put this on see winter injured for now this is just rockin stuff not too worried about it what's up opal good morning imagine egg being a true it also kudrinsky our next unit even more insanely valuable it was it druid oh yeah cuz then you can use it as like a fourth druid if you needed to instead of razor claw day so far has been good I got my new headset all set up its fancy shiny new and sounds good feels good plays good so I'm happy for happy for that and in my first game of the day now actually see didn't miss much oops is it is it just me or is the the games been kind of a little laggy lately huh hon that guy has so many to stars there's lost to Jenny's there's three people that went a hundred percent to round 11 yeah I'm just thinking of it rip it rip to you yeah yes you did is there a reason to make egg 2 star yeah I mean if you already have like two to star so you have two to star to to Star Dragon Knights easy is there something that I want to do here now I think this is fine I think this said I'm still fine all right all unite with God buff is actually really nice unless he's getting tabby richer than it's not not so nice anymore overpowered thank you for the fallout welcome loss that was bum them that's the the other is the only 100% players okay so these guys grab this and I think this is probably the most valuable I saw this maybe I should have it actually sold my night if I wanted to go tonight still works out okay Heelys a 2-star egg once nose for a 3-star shadow color that's almost dying I never got a two-story yeah I want to though I think I'm doing I'm doing may just God may just if that's what I'm doing cuz already have an early storm shaman desperate dr. yeah I think I'm just doing gob ages I think if I kept my storm shaman out there I could have won that because I didn't realize that he had so many spawns so many spawns I tried oh I got to show you guys this is history from one of my games yesterday oh my gosh it was insane I did a full beast composition full beast nothing else but beast it was pretty that's pretty cool I think am i King yet yep I got King last night finally home nah can't watch me closely nice Chris feed you didn't miss much this is the first game though finally I don't think they can do this I don't think they got this do that just to do you play fast after this or just grind ranks just crying ranks today yeah I think we're I think we're settling into our build here just settling into the build this guy's going to double demons without God's why is everybody's building bees or it feels like it anyway storm spirits tanky as hell Thunder spirit yeah there this guard have multiple targets corroded I think so if you if you have a low enough cooldown yeah pretty sure you can I haven't put this on dude put one on you one on you this on you this on you and I think I'm gonna put this on too like if you last long enough yeah you can have two I feel like everybody's fielding werewolf now it's wrong only one night's player – nice players and then everybody else is building half werewolves all right I think I should have done that a while ago you don't even care about the tourney anywhere you want to win the live games they're kind of addicting hobbits hey why is this guy's so overpowered with mages lot up with storm shaman back in so much I just want me to games yeah yeah yeah so we found dopey that's mr. kooky is it better for all to start better first and three started multiple in my opinion better for all to star my opinion better for all to start so I want to get to level 8 and then I want to start taking out the heaven bomber in the sky Freaker so I can put in doom shadow devil and desperate doctor and then obviously role is to get to start Thunder spirit and shining dragon and then look for a Soul Reaper I should be in good shape oh yeah storm Solomon is literally carrying me right now I don't if you guys see this Napa's storm trama actually just carrying me don't forget it Seuss and Devastator like yesterday yeah that's true that's actually true got three star Dragonite two games in a row with the Dragon Knight build three star dragon at two games in a row I really get it once you got it twice in a row guess what grab this probably kid has saved on a level up there but you ever going to say hi hi I always get like a notification that I have a message when I'm playing come on kill it oh-ho least we got one least we got one well hey fly sorry how can you click bits just by hanging out and stream and watching you guys understand how good a to start storm shaman at round 21 is does that does that make sense to you how strong that is actually still even after the nerd screw all of your spots wait he has got a thunder no bugnah has god of thunder already you're not even good no you don't have God at that you do have a stone this is too many people I see you d-roc the one time you're in chat hallo hi welcome back good to have you here again sorry I haven't played summoners war in a while I know it's your that's your absolute favorite ah hold you okay let's be rid of this and that's oh my god double star shamans okay not okay enough lock the venomancer do i watch you I know I'd rather not lock it and then get that extra role possibly at a 2-star better max oh no I have to put him in I can't do I do this yeah this is what I have to do we need to level up yeah I'll start working towards it I think round 25 kind of want to level a little bit more see if I can pick up god of war 3 star real quick or roll I could pick up Godward 3 star that would be that would be great got it would three star and then level around 26 ish I also need to get a 2 star Thunder spirit as well instead the night sky I'm losing to like every cop right now nice X in GC GC okay mages right now or warlocks you have a mage's for warlocks and then should be okay what do you do with clay flops I just have more than other people mainly ginger thanks for that 20 months man appreciate it whose idea huijeong cecilia time still fine oh I'm against law so I didn't know law so it's in here – dude it's cool all right I need a hit smoothies three stars so I can gain some room table Oh save me there we go nice there's one all right my team's uh it's okay of course I get put up against the Dragonite though taboo gave you divinity buff back oh did it I didn't even realize do you realize Jenny's okay I think I'm fine against everybody else except for the nice player yeah the two knights players let's try to protect it a little bit more yeah all right that's good it's good Buncombe doesn't have a store shopping he's got one comment but doesn't necessarily have it try snobbish quest night ends in three hours you still have days six seven eight I have seven eight to complete still so Adam in the same boat guts thanks for the fall welcome Shama Carrie's hard I know I know it does it also has a nice little man item on it plus a 3 star source it's actually not too bad I can land a god of war at some point I think I should be okay also if I can hopefully hopefully just last out 2/3 in this one and stop fighting against these Knights except there's only two nights left so it's just two nights and two mages unfortunate for for myself and I have venomancer instead of Soul Reaper got a thunder yeah and you've got a thunder I need God of War as well I also need to do the two nights guys are lined up left side I'm gonna kid also probably spread out after Thunder head spreading out would be good too I think how I'm not getting absolutely just demolished by the I get out of two stars nice spreading out definitely help definitely helps quite a gala for do nothing is buy silence idiot by the human silencers Devastator I think Davis here is gonna help me against the Knights actually he doesn't okay so he's going for mages actually this might be my 10 this is my 10th yeah I could do that as my 10 so that helps come on joy okay third words okay I don't think I'm getting to ten the venomancer I know I'm almost like one star Soul Reaper better than venomancer I don't even know oh jeez this guy about taking this guy's as long as I can protect my god of war I gotta thunder enough everything's fine you just gotta start saving people I could use flight sorcerer as well actually I swear sir over thunders gray ants black dragon maybe I don't think I'm gonna have a problem against it but since I'm not using Soul Reaper I guess I could put in this kind of scares doing a lot of damage that god of thunder damage right there wasn't seen though I don't think I need shiny dragon anymore one has to start up light yeah but I have but I have I'm the only one with a storm shaman I think since they have storm shamans I'm okay like ideas you should think I'm gonna get rid of slowly for now that I have those two and then 8 16 24 32 I need 40 gold to get to level 10 so that's basically 2 more rounds maybe even 3 more rounds so now I got a son who's dead yeah I need to protect my god of thunder this is Danny's so he has his you ever check my god of thunder so if you jumps to the back right I haven't done to the back right and actually give my storm shaman more more man all right so he just gave my god of thunder mana with his shining dragon and he gave my storm shaman mana as well okay so I can add in I get rid of Devastator good level here guess I didn't need to get her Devastator whatever thought I thought I needed to give it a Devastator I guess I went enough yeah as long as I protect god of thunder I think I'm fine because he's the one that can zap these these nights and we went here okay now but I think we're fighting against glacier grant I don't think he's flying against glacier plant I think we're fighting ass glacier it doesn't kill them all actually to kill a couple but we have enough life Jen and stuff I don't think he's got it all right God's mages still a thing I guess if you get lucky enough to to rule nicely like that [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Claytano Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    A lot less people playing gods after the nerf so it freed up a lot of opportunities to play gods more! So here's a clip of how they perform now and its pretty good. See you on twitch! https://twitch.tv/claytano and #sub2excoundrel 🙂

  2. QQ Wonder Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    can ps4 be sent to Indonesia😆😁

  3. bruww Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Does Warlock really necessary in Gods build?

  4. Rob V Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Another Comment for the PS4… sorry

  5. joram gebieden Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Keep it up Clay 👍

  6. Paulnere Paule Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Insane pa sa insane.

  7. Nataniel Magsino Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Still OP

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  9. Johnny Tomboc Jr. Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Is it just me or the game audio is slightly delayed? Your face cam looks good. Its just the game audio

  10. Вадим Свирин Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    I win this PS 4 😀

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    I have never won against that glacier clan.

  12. Jin Lim Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Nooooooo! Haha

  13. badwolf 31 Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Gods always has a chance to comeback!

  14. Dmkz Kamagong Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    god synergy don't like me

  15. John dave Robles Posted on July 15, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Is gods/mages still good if i build lina as my dmg instead of zues? Haven't tried gods/mages before

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    I always learn something new when watching your videos. Thank you!

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    such a hard comp to get but so good

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