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Give for Me ﷻ

Dastur Ya Sayyidi madad. La ilaha ill’Allah La ilaha ill’Allah La ilaha ill’Allah Sayyiduna wa nabiyuna Muhammadun
habibullah wa Rasulullah zidhu Ya Rabbi izzan wa sharafa, nuran wa
surura, ridwana wa sultana. Give your blessings, O our Lord,
on his Nation to his ummah bi fadlika wa karamika Ya Akrama l-Akramin Ya Arhama r-Rahimin. Thumma s-salamu alaykum holy ones that you are looking perfectly for your Lord’s servanthood. Tuba lakum, good tidings for you. And particularly, who, he is responsible for the Nation of Sayyidina Muhammad,
sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Qutb az-Zaman and representative for last and most honoured and glorified and majestic one in Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad,
sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. O People, Assalamu alaykum. Say: wa alaykum salam, so that the honour and blessings that granted by the Lord of Heavens coming on you, covering you, giving new life to you, say: wa alaykum assalam
wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Say all mankind, audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim.
O our Lord, protect your weak servants from shaytan’s trips and traps. Not to fall in it, if anyone falling in it, it is so difficult to save himself. Say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. That gives you honour to speak His holy name, holy names of your Lord, Allah Almighty. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Grant us what is necessary
for Your servanthood, O our Lord. O People, try to be humble. Don’t be mutakabbir, proud. Shaytan making people to be proud. No, servants must be humble. As much as you are going to be humble on Earth, our levels getting up through heavens. But people are preferring to be here a proud one and they are forgetting that to be humble here, giving to them in Divine Presence, an honour and glory. Humbleness dresses you in a glorious dress. What are you going to reach through this life from being proud? Yes, nothing. Assalamu alaykum O People O servants, be happy that your Lord created you human nature, not creating you animal’s nature. Qaddir (appreciate). You must try to give rights to your Lord as you are humble servants. Humbleness is grants from mankind to their Creator. What can we grant? Everything for Himself, Almighty Allah. What are we going to grant to our Lord? Yes, what we have is, humbleness. You must not say “I am here”, and you are forgetting who is bringing you from unknown worlds into existence. Say: I am nothing! And You only are in existence,
O our Lord. And I like to make a grant to You, O my Lord. O the Lord of Creation, what can I give to You? Heavenly announcement coming O People, O our Lord’s servants, you can give to Him your humbleness. And humbleness makes people not prove [except] that He is in existence by Himself. Can’t. Therefore humbleness yushir signs that servant accepting that he is nothing. Nothing. But from nothing you may give your Creator your humbleness. All creation in front of their
Creator making sajdah. “O our Lord, O our Lord, O our Lord You created us, we are nothing. All Greatness, all Glory all Praise, all Mightiness all Majesty only for You. We are nothing”. And the Lord of Heavens saying: You are declaring Real Truth, O My servant. I am the only One who has full rights to be proud. You, you are bowing in front of Me, putting your heads on earth, bowing for me and saying ‘we are nothing, only You are in existence O our Lord grant us more glory that You are granting to Your creation’. Everything in existence, they have a grant from their Lord, from their Creator. The Lord of Heavens, the Creator, not leaving anything in existence
without granting to them something. Can’t be. Therefore they are – O Salafi ulama what is your opinion when
Allah Almighty is saying: wa in min shayin illa
yusabbihu bihamdihi (17:44) That is ayatu l-karima:
wa in min shayin illa yusabbihu bihamdihi Subhanallah. Because heavenly grant reaching to everything, every small part of creation. wa in min shayin illa yusabbihu bihamdihi. The Lord of Heavens is giving them that to be in existence and they are saying: Subhanallah! Subhanallah, Subhanallah, Sultanallah. Allah Almighty never leaving anything in existence without granting to them according to their beings. wa in min shayin – can’t be anything coming into existence and
not say, Subhanallah! Subhanallah, Subhanallah, wa lakin
la tafqahuna tasbihahum (17:44). But you are not understanding because because your ears just locked,
and your hearts just locked, and your understanding just locked,
and your mentality just locked down, therefore, you are with your ego and its area, claiming, “I am the only one”. Only your egos not going
to say “Subhanallah”. N’audhu Billah, n’audhi Billah. And, yes, Allah Almighty
Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, creating and giving granting what He created some divine grants. Is it not so, O our Salafi ulama? What do you think on that holy verse:
wa in min shayin illa yusabbihu bi hamdihi. Why? Why they are giving their glorifying to their Lord? Don’t say “That is a small one”. All creation is unknown, a smallness area – all of it. Nothing. You may collect everything that you are saying ‘that is big
one, that is small one’, you can collect them and bring them in their Lord’s,
their Creator’s Divine Presence. What are they going to be? No one can say “I am here”. Only You are the Creator, Allah Almighty saying “I am here and nothing else”. O People, come and listen,
come and understand. Today here, tomorrow in His Divine Presence. Eh, what can they give O Salafi ulama what are you giving to your Creator, say? Ulamas, doctors of Sharia, Azhar ulama, other ulama
through Christianity, and Judaism, what are you giving? We are (?), say, ‘we are giving treasure, we are giving gold’, Say! Kings and sultans what are you giving to your Lord,
to your Creator, what you are giving, say? Hmm? And you are so proud, what you are giving? He is not in need of anything. He is the Lord of Heavens,
the Creator, Allahu Akbaru l-Akbar. You must learn something, as you are not thinking on it. Yes, what He is asking from you? O People, your Creator, Allah Almighty what is He asking from you, say? You are going to give to your Lord gold, or diamond, or jewels, or treasures? What do you think to give, say? You are ulama, say, you are learned people? In Christianity, or in Judaism, what you can give to your Lord? Asking some material, what do you think? Nothing! Nothing! But He is saying, Almighty: give for Me, not to Me. Give for Me to those ones, that are in need. Needy. Give to them. Don’t make treasures, Arabic? Khaza’in. He is not saying to you ‘make treasures and fill them’. No, He is saying “Give for those people. Give, I am not asking to give to Me. Give not to Me but, for Me!” O muluk ul arab, O sheikhs of naft (petrol), O sultans, hear and obey! Your Lord saying: Give for Me not saying, give to Me, no. Yes, yes, He is not asking for Himself, but His servants,
He is ordering, asking, ‘Give’. Your Lord, what is He saying,
O Salafi ulama? khudh min amwalihim sadaqa (9:103) Yes. O My most beloved one, ask from them to give, to give to those servants they are in need, not to give to
Me but, to give them. Give them. Don’t keep your treasures, don’t make treasures no, I am ordering you to give I am not ordering you to keep. No. I am giving and I am asking
from you, give for Me, not to Me. From Me. That is Islam. O People, you are asking about Islam,
that is Islam. Only one Lord and only
His commands and rules. Saying: O My servants, don’t make treasures, don’t keep your riches through cases, but give for Me,
not to Me. I am your Lord, I am not in need,
I am giving to you. For what? To give for Me. If you are not giving, your last day will be like last moment of Qarun. Allah Almighty never likes
His servants to be like Qarun. He, himself and his treasures going down, going down, going down,
never giving any benefit to Qarun or his (servants). Around himself, (community). Yes, you must understand. You must understand and those who
are not giving should be nadman, regretting when they are passing away from
this life to real life. Therefore, His, your Lord’s heavenly command is to give for Me, not to Me. And, He is saying: O My servant because you are seeing your
treasures and becoming proud ones, be in front of Me, humble ones. You may give to Me only your humbleness, nothing else. I am accepting your humbleness, I am not asking anything else from you. Humbleness. Allahu Akbar. And that is the teaching of the Seal of Prophets, that says, ajlisu kama yajlisu l-abd,
wa yakul kama yakulu l-abd. That is the level of humbleness no one can be reaching to that point that the Seal of Prophets saying to,
and teaching his nation and nations of all prophets. Where is our understanding?
Where are doctors of Sharia? Where are Salafi ulama? where are our muluk? Muluk are not understanding? One day you may understand,
but it is going to be too late. Too late. O People now, people are most needy, give to them and take from your Lord never-ending treasures,
up to Eternity, eternal. Allah Allah. May Allah forgive us and
grant us some understanding,
we are needy of that. What we can do? Yes, even a dharra, an atom is giving its respect, all of its respect to its Creator and saying ‘Subhanallah, Glory to my Creator, that brought me into existence,
Glory for Him!’ Subhanallah, Subhanallah, Subhanallah,
how many times you are saying daily? Even so many no-mind ones saying for tasabih, glorification, that ‘It is sunnah, doesn’t matter’.
They are becoming so lazy to say 33 Subhanallah, 33 times Alhamdulillah,
33 times Allahu Akbar. O our Lord, you know our position. Grant us from Your Divine Presence for the honour of the most honoured one
in Your Divine Presence, for his honour [send] someone to teach us, to teach how we can be His servants, what is servanthood. May Allah forgive us.
O People, Assalamu alaykum. Fatiha Don’t be angry with me, anger will burn your faith because that anger, if coming
from your egos, burns your faith. Anger only for the sake of Allah
gives you honour but if you are getting angry for your ego making you down, and down, and down,
through darkness worlds. Astaghfirullah. Fatiha.

Jean Kelley