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Gianpiero Vincenzo – New Ritual Society

According to you what are the most popular places of the earth? The ones where every year he finds himself the greatest number of people? Think about it. Perhaps the temples of all religions? Or the museums of ancient art or those of contemporary art? Or instead the art cities distributed in different continents? If there are better ideas come, but I must warn you that in none of these areas, we will find the crowded place on the planet. In the contemporary world the primacy is of the shopping centers, which recorded tens of millions of visitors. 40 million will come every year in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota That is almost double the number of tourists every year in London. And five times those visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris. We are in a world characterized by consumerism and do not always realize it. The consumer does not necessarily imply consumerism. We can consume, and also very responsibly, without necessarily being consumerist. Through the book New Ritual Society I wanted to draw the character of consumerism, its dangers and possibilities of overcoming it I have shown how consumerism corresponds to a new religion that revolves around the omnipotence of money. The modern consumer styles embody rituals, not simple habits, but behaviors that express symbols and values. Consumerism is so deeply rooted in our lives because it leverages our need for rituals and forms of socialization. It also claims to have a therapeutic value, to be a kind of placebo against the frenzy of modern life. Although most of all actually promotes the wider use of psychoactive substances to reduce modern depression. And it’s hard to be responsible in this way. New Ritual Society is the first volume of the series searchinacademy, developed in collaboration with students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania and published by Fausto Lupetti.

Jean Kelley



  1. Salvo Brando Posted on January 27, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    Egregio professore, ma per curiosità perché fa finta di parlare in certe scene?